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Shoulder to Shoulder: 

Queen Lizzy & The BNP

Described as "no Tinkerbell" when she played the Fairy Godmother in the Oxford University Pantomime. Toffee-nosed old tart the Hon. Dame Elizabeth Lydia Manningham-Buller became the Queen's chief spook.
Buller's daddy, Lord Dilhorne, served two toffee-nosed Tory Prime Ministers. Macmillan and Douglas-Home as Attorney General and Lord Chancellor.

MI5 old hands and some two thousand newbie's did not take to calling the Queen's chief spook 'M.' They refered to her as 'The Bull.'  

In November 2006 The Bull was following her royal brief to spread the notion every second Muslim wears Semtex corsets. In a presentation Hitler's Dr. Gobbels would have been proud of. The Bull said her spooks are busy babysitting 1,800 active terrorists hatching "30 active terrorist plots." www.bbc.com  NEWS 10 Nov 2006
The same day, celebrations broke-out in the fast-growing ranks of the British Nationalist Party (BNP) as the party leader, Nick Griffin, was rightly acquitted of doing The Bull's job - inciting race hatred to keep the feeble minded busy with the phony war on terror.
  News 10 Nov 

BNP Leader, Nick Griffin. Often portrayed as a closet Adolf Hitler, Griffin comes across as a well mannered and well educated royalist. He has an irritating habit of praising Prince Charles! Had he joined the Tory Party he could have been at the Dispatch Box by now. If Griffin really is hoping to build a Nazi State, as the multi-culturists would have you believe, he must have been over the moon watching the Queen's chief spook openly recruiting for his British Nationalist Party.

All The Queen's "Men"


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George Bush:  bush-boogies.jpg

Dancing Buffoon

April  2007

 Bush Boogies as Iraq burns and a British court sees Top Secret Whitehall memo
"He's a madman."

http://www.waynemadsenreport.com /

Old Bailey: April 25, 2007.  Senior British civil servant David Keogh, is charged with violating Her Majesty's
Official Secrets Act by leaking a classified memo on a  meeting between President George W. Bush and Her Majesty's
Prime Mouthpiece Tony Blair in April 2004.
The four page memo referred to Bush as a "madman." Keough is accused of slipping the memo to assistant Leo O'Connor, who passed it on to MP Anthony Clarke.

The Blair government accuses Keough of leaking the memo to influence the 2004 presidential elections, a clear indication that Blair was interested in seeing the Queen's cousin, Bush, defeat his Democratic challenger John Kerry. The trial is shrouded in secrecy as not to embarrass the other buffoon Blair...  

May 6 2007. Civil servants Keough & O'Conner who leaked the above memo got six months jail!
Keough had earlier stated the Fallujah Massacre had motivated him to do 'anything he could to stop the occupation.' Mad Bush and his cousin Queen Lizzy, who started the illegal slaughter of over 600,000 Iraqis so far, are still at large.

May 13 2007.  Following the above injustice the Queen's judge, Mr Justice Aikens, issued gagging orders on the British media preventing the reporting of the above memo that records how the madman Bush told Blair, it would be a good idea to murder non embedded journalists by bombing the Al-Jazeera TV station.
One hundred and three journalists have now died in the illegal war on Iraq.  
 more The Guardian  

                            The Fallujah Massacre
Featuring interviews with U.S. soldiers, Iraqi doctors and international journalists. Italian documentary accusing U.S. warplanes of illegally dropping white phosphorus incendiary bombs on civilians. Fallujah is but one of many massacres the British media and the American media have never truthfully reported.   Italian TV    and check out the media lies about Georgia


                                  Liz's Spooks & 7\7

As on the morning 9\11 the spooks were Wargaming.
No less than 1,000 military, secret service, police and tube management personnel were in place for a terrorist exercise on the London Underground system on the morning of 7/7. Some passengers say the bombs were under the tube trains - unbeknown, of course, to the rucksack patsies who had their instructions where to stand - on top of the mothers.  The passengers who believe there was more bombs than the rucksack bombs were told their claims had been filed. As in binned.

The July 7th London Bombings.  By Karin Brothers

Christophe Chaboud, the French anti-terrorist expert brought in to advise Scotland Yard, noted that an unusual type of American military explosive C4, which was not obtainable over the internet, had been found in traces at all four blast sites (Times)   Taking Your Civil Rights


The Blair
Which Lie?

Claire Short will tell you.  
Gordon Brown will you. Tony Blair can look you in the eye and lie and lie. And lie and lie and lie.

    Education. Education. Education. Joke. Joke. Joke.
An educated public would hang Toady Blair by the bollocks and shove his boss, Snotty Liz, through the  shredder.
     The Establishment




Thatcher/Major/Blair Legacy: No Progress

 Tory Spivs Tebbit and Parkinson Flogging Off Public Assets for private profit.   

Satan's Daughter proved you can steal public assets and get away with it as long as the Head of State gets the biggest cut. Every country with a government of spivs followed Thatcher's lead. Everywhere privatization has been forced on the population Heads of State and government ministers are immensely richer and the poor are poorer.




Caligula, Surrender Monkey,
Fagan & The Spy Plane

April 2001. A Chinese fighter was lost and a US Awac spy plane damaged and forced to land after a high-altitude game of chicken over the Sea of China. 
 EU and commercial intelligence agencies later reported, in secret deals brokered by Caligula and America's answer to Fagan, Alan Greenspan, President George W. Bush caved-in to all commie demands for the return of the spy-plane. Commie leaders in Beijing received  $40 BILLION TAX DOLLARS courtesy President Surrender Monkey Bush!

Before the hand-over President Surrender Monkey had to promise the Capitalist lackey media would drop the frequently used term, "Red Chinese Secret Police." (This cosy little caveat confirms 20 years of reports tracking Jackie Chan style axe murders across America by the, now unmentionable, Commie Secret Police).  President Surrender Monkey Dubya Bush banned all USA mass media publishing or broadcasting any details of his commie butt-kissing deal. His ban included the threat to jam satellite broadcasting. 
Fagan Greenspan used the US Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs & Co. J.P. Morgan & Co. The Bank of England and other iffy Establishment banks to guarantee the hand-over of $40 BILLION on release of the 24 crew. The super-secret Awac spy plane, capable of jamming  radar and controlling US made aircraft, was stripped bollock naked by the commies then shipped home in bamboo creates.
Overseeing the secret pay-out of $40 BILLION TAX DOLLARS was President Surrender Monkey's uncle, Prescott Bush Jr., known on Wall Street as the richest of all dirty money laundry men. Before the Spy Plane episode Prescott Bush was already washing dirty money for the commies through Chicago Mercantile Exchange & The Chicago Board of Trade.
Prescott was named after his traitor father who ignored the Trading With The Enemy Act
and continued his family's dirty business of supplying weapons to Hitler's Nazi hordes. Weapons that killed American and British troops until the bitter end of WW2.

President Surrender Monkey's cousin, Queen Lizzy (who would later invite top commie goon Jiang Zemin to stay at Buckingham Palace) invoked Her Majesty's
Official Secrets Act to stop the British media revealing the $40 BILLION bung to Beijing. Violating this particular paragraph, of Lizzy's many Secret Acts, means jail and the confiscation of all premises and vehicles, audio and video equipment involved in banned (i.e. truthful) broadcasts.

All Pals Together
Rummy Rumsfeld greeting Saddam. When Bush Senior was Vice President, Rummy was Defence Secretary.


December 19 - 20, 1983. Defense Secretary Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld arriving for a palace-piss-up in Iraq.  Rummy gave Saddam a pair of solid gold spurs - a present from the Cowboy President, Ronnie Regan. Rummy was in Iraq to cut an arms for cheap oil deal. The arms he supplied to Saddam included poison gas. Her Majesty's
passing Defence Minister, Michael Heseltine, gave Saddam arms & ammo worth £M6, which Saddam never paid for, the bill was paid by the British taxpayer.

What Dad Never Knew


above (enlarged ten billion times) two atoms of Uranium
                 U235 has 92 Protons and
143 Neutrons
                 U238 has 92 Protons and
146 Neutrons
Imagine the Protons as red snooker balls and the
Neutrons as black snooker balls

When a U235 atom re-acts the Protons & Neutrons fly apart at 8,000 miles-per-second!

Imagine a snooker ball moving at 8,000 miles-per-second smacking you in the chest. Warm. Innit.
These re-actions make uranium fuel rods white hot - which boils tons of water into steam in seconds.
When a U235 atom re-acts (splits) it usually regroups into two smaller atoms, Strontium 90 and Xenon 143.
If you add 90 and 143 you can see we have lost two parts of the 235 atom. These are two Neutrons (the black ones) One of which will smash into another 235 atom and split it - producing more heat, and two more flying Neutrons to carry on the (chain) re-action. 

Incredible as it may seem, a Neutron hitting the slightly larger atom U238 at 8,000 miles-per-second doesn't always spilt it. It sticks to it.
When this happens we call this atom
Plutonium 239.
While these chain reactions are smacking into each-other Neutrons and Protons will stick together in many different combinations.
Strontium 90, Xenon 143, Caesium 137 & Plutonium 239 are just four of thousands of fatally poisonous atoms made by Chernobyl type risks like Sizewell B.
When these invisible nuclear atoms leak out into our environment they are called Contamination, or Fall-out. People who promote nuclear power stations are called Fucking Certifiable. Every other type of power station is cheaper, infinitely cleaner and a million times safer.

Ten years after Three Mile Island and three years after Chernobyl poisoned an area the size of Wales.,
Her Majesty's
Government ordered Sizewell B.
By this time British reactors had already produced enough nuclear weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next three centuries.
By which times ‘nukes’ will be antiques.
So, why would anyone order another needless bomb factory at Sizewell B? If not for base financial gain?

    The Way Forward
Safe Energy: Blocked


Study the offshore site map at the Crown Estates Offshore Wind Farms  For thirty years these sites were been denied development on the direct orders of the oil & nuclear vested Queen. Had Her Majesty's
Government built offshore wind farms thirty years ago, as advocated by every clean environment movement in Britain, Sizewell B would not have been built and Britain's electricity would now be half the price it is.
Safe cheap power is not what the Queen wants. 

The royal family will of course deny they profit from nuclear outfits like Bechtel and Halliburton. If that were true, the Queen would have closed down British reactors after Chernobyl permanently poisoned an area the size of Wales. Wouldn't She?   
Anyone who thinks the royal family could give a toss what happens to the British have yet to read the evidence. The royals have been ready to abandon a nuclear poisoned Britain at a moments notice since 1949 - when the Russian's exploded their first nuclear bomb. Nothing would please the royals more than the opportunity to disappear to their private pacific islands where they could really enjoy their ill-gotten billions.

From the start of the Atomic Age the main beneficiary of Britain’s nuclear industry is the Crown. To be precise forty-seven members of Lizzy's family, who, through the royal maze of banker \ nominee’s, own or part-own every nuclear company operating in Britain. As all land reverts to the Crown, in whatever the Crown decides is an emergency, who do you think will profit most if Sellafield's plutonium hits-the-fan and Britain becomes an International Nuclear Waste Dump? 

              Slave Labour Profits

1949-89, South Africa illegally occupied, and plundered, mineral rich Namibia. Sadistic Apartheid troops protected the interests of the mining conglomerates. Nobody protected Namibian miners. Uranium miners were forced to work illegal 15 hour shifts. Over-exposure meant they rarely reached the age of 28! 

1988-89. The South West African Peoples Organization (SWAPO) accused Queen Lizzy of financing illegal uranium mining through Bank of England Nominees,
(BoEN also known as Ben) Buckingham Palace, Margaret Thatcher and Chief Treasury Secretary John Major refused to comment on the Queen's illegal bank or the matter of obscene profits from Namibian slave labour.  Lizzy would have you forget she ordered her government to give billions of British taxpayers money to support Apartheid. No-one in her cabinets of 1979-90 wanted Nelson Mandela released from jail. Along with their boss, Ministers of the Crown had no desire to lose their profits from illegally mined uranium.



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