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New War's for Old

Tskhinvali, a non-existant city


Tskhinvali, a non-existant city. © REUTERS/Denis Sinyakov .    Tskhinvali

The city has been destroyed, there’s no water, utility gas or electricity.
REUTERS/Denis Sinyakov

 Refugees from Tskhinvali. © RIA Novosti, Mikhail Fomichev.  





 Refugees from the destroyed city of Tskhinvali in South Ossetia. 


YouTuber Grabs The Truth Most Missed!  8)

Schoolgirl thanks Russia for saving her from Georgian troops.
The girls aunt calls on Georgia to sack President
This Youtube video is real history - It has been viewed over 900,000 times in the last six days! Copy it!


Georgian troops burn refugees alive!

August 10, 2008. An Ossetian woman informed Russian Prime Minister Putin of this hideous crime during his visit to a refugee camp. 'The Georgian military men locked them in a house and set the house on fire, burning all the people inside alive.'
Battles in South Ossetia continued throughout the night. Russian sources said that about 2,000 people had been killed in South Ossetia. Ossetian journalists reported Georgian troops had captured a group of refugees from one of the regions of S. Ossetia.

August 14th. "We were bombed for three days and nights. If Russia had not helped, we would have disappeared." Tskhinvali resident.
below, Tskhinvali. Capital of the Independent Republic of South Ossetia

  Russian soldiers walk in a street in Tskhinvali
The purpose of the US led Georgian night attack on the South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali was to kill South Ossetian government members and destroy their Parliament. The attack devastated the city’s infrastructure leaving the survivors without clean water or power supplies.

Many survivors blame Georgia’s Harvard educated "psychotic" President Mikhail Saakashvilli. Witnesses speak of American and Israeli troops leading the Georgian attacks. The Russians took at least one American troop prisoner and two black American troops were found among the dead.

President Saakashvilli’s long stated intention is to takeover the independent states of Abkhazia and Ossetia. His sneak attack as the Olympics Games opened failed miserably, pushing the disputed territories further under Kremlin influence.  (At least 10,000 "reporters," 2,000 from NBC alone, are presently covering the 16, 000 athletes and fake fireworks in the commie capital Beijing)     

Map of Georgia

US made truck-mounted-missile-launchers, supplied free of charge courtesy of the US taxpayer, devastated Tskhinvali Photo's of the damage

Georgia invades South Ossetia
But according to CNN and the BBC
 Russia invaded Georgia!

Tuesday 12, August. The BBC and CNN are presently using footage of Georgian forces attacking the city of Tskhinvali, South Ossetia and reporting it shows Russian forces attacking the Georgian town of Gori!

A Russia Today cameraman has shown how CNN and the BBC are deliberately misleading viewers with footage of the war between Georgia and Russia. 
Aleksandr Zhukov, from the Russiya Al-Yaum channel, said: "When we arrived and news came that Gori was being shelled, I saw my footage.
I said: that’s not Gori! That’s Tskhinvali. Having crawled through the length and breadth of Tskhinvali, I don’t need much to tell from which point this or that footage was recorded. I can swear in front of any tribunal. I can point at this location on the map of the town, because I and the cameraman of the Rossiya channel videotaped that."

South Ossetia colored in pink bordering on Russia.

Heavily backed by the Bush CIA and the Mossad, Georgia started the conflict by invading the tiny independent republic of South Ossetia.

South Ossetia, population 70,000, was devastated by a massive surprise attack in which hundreds were murdered in their beds in the night of 8 - 9 August 2008.
Russia responded immediately to kick the Israeli and US led Georgian troops out of South Ossetia. The Russians took at least one American troop prisoner and two black American troops were found among the dead. ABC, BBC, CNN and Sky would have you believe Russia was the aggressor.

Typical media lies

Maps  and more info 



Gela Bezhuashvili
 ex Mossad agent and Georgia's Foreign Minister

  Just another Bankers oil war

At least 1,600 South Ossetian civilians and 18 Russian peacemakers died in the Georgian attack.




President Saakashvili, right, has also obliged Mr Bush with Georgian prisons for the Bush Torture - Rendition - Program

Goaded by the Bush White House Georgia attacked the military contingent of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. These Russian troops were deployed in accordance with international agreements. The Georgian attack is classified as an act of aggression as per Resolution of the UN General Assembly of December 14, 1974.

Early this morning, 12 Aug. 2008, Interfax reported the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had ordered a ceasefire saying. "The purpose of the operation has been achieved."   more

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