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  "High Representative"


above, High as a kite. Baroness Ashton more of a junkie than George Osborne

Research by The Daily Telegraph has established that the Labour peer, having
left her EU job, as an unelected "High Representative", is being paid £133,500 per year, 55 per cent of her basic salary, until the end of 2017. 

The "transitional allowance" does not require her to do any work at all and she will be paid under reduced rates of EU "community" tax, rather than the standard British rates of taxation for high-income earners.   
The transitional allowance will not be reduced unless she earns over £134,000 in additional income, allowing Lady Ashton to take up her seat in the House of Lords, where she will be entitled to £300 in untaxed daily allowance for sittings of the unelected chamber, without loss of EU payments. In contrast to the EU allowance, ministers are entitled to severance pay equivalent to three months of their ministerial salary when they leave the Government.
In 2021 on reaching retirement age, Ashton will become eligible for her EU pension of around £61,000 a year, over three times the average in Britain and also covered by the reduced rates of "community tax" paid by European civil servants.  Ashton has been criticised by Labour MEP's for failing to honour a promise that her EU diplomatic service would be "budget neutral". Ashton made "ludicrous" demands for extra cash at a time of deep cuts to the Foreign Office.

Reports by MEPs attacked the EU's diplomatic service, created and run by Ashton. Ashton's grossly over-paid and inept EU staff were calling in sick at least once a week in most of the EU's 141 Embassies and Delegations placed under Ashton's feeble supervision.
Douglas Carswell, the Conservative MP for Clacton, said.  "If Baroness Ashton got proper performance related pay, she would be bankrupted by HM Revenue and Customs." 

Speaking to an invited audience in Brussels. Ashton admitted that her successor, rumoured to be Radek Sikorski, the Polish foreign minister, might be better suited for the job.
"I think it will have been a great privilege to have served in this role, but it's quite hard. There's a lot of travel and a lot of sitting on planes," she said "It is exhausting at times. And I think, in any event, it would be good to hand it over."

Baroness Ashton just goes to prove the EU Unelected Puppets pay scale. Unelected bankers puppets are paid obscene sums to do absolutely nothing for the working class - except make their lives a misery.



Nuclear I Power

Nadia. One of millions of Russian kids poisoned by one small nuclear accident.

Ignored:  Decades Of Evidence

 In 1986 Nadia was a happy healthy 5-year-old living on a farm near Vetka, 65 miles from Chernobyl. Fall-out from the ten-day nuclear fire stopped her growing...
A leaked in-house BNFL report forecast 30,000 deaths from nuclear poisoning within 48 hours of a large passenger jet hitting a British Nuclear Target of Mass Destruction i.e., Sellafield, Sizewell, Hartlepool, Heysham, Torness, Hinkley Point,  Hunterston, or Dungeness (
Observer & Independent On Sunday 16th Feb. 2003). The report fails to mention; such an attack will cause a least one million collateral victims like Nadia Lapitskaya (above) Nadia's family was one of thousands evacuated from Vetka see map below to Minsk after the accident. Like the thousands of families evacuated from Pripyat to Kiev they were not moved fast enough to save the children.  'The World Health Organization prognosis for Chernobyl's "dwarfed children" is bleak.'  (The Chernobyl Disaster, Paul Dowell. 2003).  Sizewell B, which the Queen ordered in 1989, is 66 miles from London.  
130 people-per-square-mile used to live around Chernobyl. 

 Fall-out-zones, see The  Chernobyl Disaster.  V. Haynes.  Hogarth  Press.  1988.

  After the Chernobyl accident the KGB took charge of all hospital and clinic medical records In June 1990 the medical records of 670,000 people living in the fall-out-zones of Belarus were stolen from a medical facility in Minsk. Only the KGB knew where those vital records were being held.  see The Bulletin Of Atomic The Scientists, Chernobyl Data Deleted Sept. 1990. Beware The Data Diddlers May 93,  &  Violating The Rules Of Research. Sept. 1993.

Bulletin  Online

The Globalists cover-up did not stop Chernobyl’s fall-out destroying the genetic pool, blighting and shortening the lives, of two million people - who are simply to poor to move from the poisoned land.

Chernobyl's Fall Out

  Natasha (12) and Vadim (8). Natasha was born with microcephaly, Vadim has a bone disease and is mentally retarded.   tp://www.greenpeace.org/international/  photosvideos/photos/




Chernobyl's are forever. These children were born a decade after the accident and outside the official Forbidden Zones.

One-hundred-and-thirty people per-square-mile used to live around Chernobyl.

Seven-hundred-and-eighty people per-square-mile live in the fall-out zones of Britain's Targets Of Mass Destruction, Sellafield, Hartlepool, Heysham 1, Heysham 2, Sizewell B, Torness, Hinkley Point, Hunterston and Dungeness.

The Safe Way Forward

Kyocera high efficiency solar modules

World’s biggest stadium with an integrated solar power plant.  11 April 2005 - Kyocera solar modules will exclusively form the new solar power plant on the roof of the newly created Swiss soccer stadium ’Stade de Suisse Wankdorf Bern’ when it opens in May.

Stade de Suisse Wankdorf Bern

Kyocera’s production know-how is based on long history and experience. The Japanese
technology company have celebrated their 30th anniversary in the field of utilization of solar energy and during this time have enjoyed an excellent reputation among industry experts. According to market observers, economy and ecology go hand-in-hand. The realisation of this project can only be described in superlatives – it will be the World’s biggest stadium with an integrated solar power plant, it will be the biggest Kyocera solar installation in Europe and the biggest single solar power plant in Switzerland. The first project development step will supply 850 kW of power which will result in an annual solar power generation of 700.000 kWh. This will be marketed to households, companies and authorities at breakeven. Due to favourable weather conditions and high work performance of all parties involved, the first solar roof with about 1.500 Kyocera modules were already completed.
in August 2004. Towards the end of 2004 two more of these gigantic roofs were successfully completed. In total more than 5.122 solar panels from Kyocera are currently in use on the Swiss National Stadium, with a module size of about 6.541sqm. Another innovative factor is the rail car which has been installed to enable maintenance of the roof. In addition a futuristic information centre will be built by BKM FMB Energie AG on the Roof, enabling visitors to see the solar power plant, discuss energy technologies and enjoy the unique view over the Alps and the city of Bern.


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