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Her Majesty's Energy Cabal & Enron

 In the 1980’s Enron directors learned a lot from Her Majesty's Government.
Mrs Thatcher’s royal brief was to increase oil, gas and nuclear profits for the royal family. In the process of closing 177 of our 223 coalmines the Queen's clever little plan turned British Policemen into Mindless Thugs.
During the year-long miners strike, miners had their phones tapped by the Queen's spooks. This illegal practice told the police exactly where the 'flying pickets' would be.
For the first time in living memory Policemen trebled their normal pay with overtime! The more they provoked and attacked the miners peaceful picket lines the richer they became. 
Enron directors hired the local Indian police to ape the Queen's methods to organise similar violence in Dhobai, India.
The Enron power plant in Dhobia had sucked the town’s water wells
dry and poisoned the towns fish stocks, with Enron's, illegal, effluent discharges. Townsfolk who organized protests had their homes trashed. When they complained at the police station they were arrested and beaten-up in custody. Enron trebled police pay with daily "performance bonuses". Enron’s brutality led to an Amnesty International Report. Her Majesty's Government ignored irrefutable evidence of Enron’s systematic violence and death threats - contained in that report. Officially, between 1997 – 2001 Enron donated over £30,000 to the Queen's New Labour Party. These obvious bribes from led to Enron's take-over of Wessex Water and the lifting of the British Ban on oil-gas stations!  2001, Ralph Hodge, chairman of Enron Europe, received a CBE from the Queen. Lizzy of course will deny she profits from the patent obstruction of safe, clean, cheap-power systems.   www.amnesty.org

14th Feb. 2003. Wall Street Journal Europe reports:

'On top of a whole new raft of dealer frauds Enron used Swiss banks in convoluted asset swapping deals to avoid paying hundreds of millions of US taxes.'  The same Swiss banks closed ranks to ensure Enron director Lord John Wakeham would walk - as per usual. Queen’s Privy Councillor and the Queen's passing Energy Minister, Lord John Wakeham is also a director of royal banker's Rothschilds. No surprise there then.



old stuff

The Prince's Trust & Foundation

The original idea was to attract donations from royal apologists. Mainly the chinless, hunting, shooting, polo playing idle rich. The money, they were told, was for "good works." i.e. creating jobs. In the 1980's the Queen's highly successful campaign to widen the gap between rich & poor gave Charles millions of unemployed to play with. A tiny percent were selected to receive a few thousand pounds to start small business's. The object of the exercise being to provide photo opps for the Prince Of Charlie's appearing to care about the unemployed. As if. 

Unlike genuine Registered Charities Charlie's so-called "Trust" gets away with keeping 60% of all funds collected for "administration." Profit from this particular royal rip-off led to the setting-up of another one in USA. The Prince Of Wales Foundation. The snake oil salesman selected to seek donations from oily Texas billionaire's is a pal of Mark Thatcher who also works for the equally immoral Thatcher Foundation. (Not surprisingly, but truly disgustingly, Charles did not return the $500,000 donation his "Trust" received from the Enron slush-fund. Mummy gave a palace ribbon to the Director of Enron Europe. Liz's Energy Cabal & Enron )
The Prince Of Wales Foundation is presently flogging $50,000 tickets to doshed-up-dummed-down-cowboy-buddies of Dubya Bush who wish to spend an evening with Chuck and his bitch at the obscenely opulent Clarence House. For $100,000 the irredeemable can join the repulsive couple on a Sandringham or Balmoral shoot. Royal creative accountants, i.e. Sir Michael Peat, make sure the big bucks disappear in administration. For administration read Chuck's Swiss accounts.
Anyone who thinks any so-called "royal" has any intention of helping anyone, other than ones-self, has lost one's plot.

Diana left Wills & Harry enough money to breakout of the perpetual nursery they were born into. At an age when most young men are fiercely proud of making their own way in life, Wills & Harry are depending on knee-bending-flunkies to guard, wash, dress & feed them. No less than nineteen Specialist Instructors were pulled off their proper jobs and sent to assist training officers at Sandhurst to make certain Harry-Half-Brain did not escape his army training as Prince Edwina did. Similar arrangements were necessary for Worthless Willy. Like Charles forty years ago the pampered Princes are settling down to a totally anodyne, totally pointless, chauffeur driven existence, surrounded by  ten armed bodyguards wherever they go. Apart from revolting photo-shoots nursing black baby's, which they will say they care about! They will spend their entire lives, surrounded by armed guards, telling their personal servants what they want doing next, shopping with their new mummy, playing dress-up as soldier boys, skiing, playing polo, hunting, shooting and attending Palace piss-ups. All on the taxpayers money - that should be spent on far better people.

Blah Blah Blair's Legacy

  Education  Education  Education
 Joke Joke Joke

An educated public would hang Toady Blair by the bollocks and shove his boss, snotty Liz through the shedder.  In order to maintain the medieval monarchy Lizzy need's pig-shit-thick-forelock-tugging peasants. Not people who can think for themselves.
Any seasoned teacher will tell you how Lizzy's puppets have been slashing state education for the last twenty-five-years (Margaret Thatcher began her crawl up Lizzy's arse by stopping school milk. As Prime Minister her brief was to cram 40 kids in every state classroom. Ensuring the slow to learn - never learned. The success of this programme can be seen in Britain's overcrowded jails where, as Lord Archer reported, seventy-percent of the inmates are illiterate, fit, young men.

Lizzy latest "pay-later" programme is clearly designed to create chaos when countless students, having got their degree, find they can't, or decide they won't, pay for it.
What happens then? Will they all be banged-up with
reporters who tap royal phones and single mums who can't pay their TV License? Whatever happens a few years from now; the kids are already getting the Queen's Message - education is for the rich.


Set Aside, Water Beds & Schoolgirl Nymphomaniacs

1952 - European politicians engaged in harmonizing the coal and steel industries of France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg became famous for their champagne-life-style. Before allocating the taxpayer’s billions to harmonizing schemes, French politician’s inspecting Italian mines and steelworks slept with nubile ‘researchers’ provided by enabling bankers and the mines and steelworks owners. Italian politicians received similar frilly-knicker’d-freebies in France. Harmonizing politicians sampled the finest hotels, cuisine, water-beds and schoolgirl nymphomaniacs in all six countries. 
Most Tory politicians promoted the European Coal and Steel Community
(ECSC) as a shining example of cross-border co-operation. Serious analyst’s agreed with the then Tory Prime Minister, Churchill, who saw the ECSC as a sordid gravy train for parasitic merchant bankers and their attendant politicians on-the-make-and-on-the-take. Churchill and his wartime buddy Charles de Gaulle saw "European Integration" as a political necessity. It had nothing to do with Britain.
(Churchill & de Gaulle were educated men. They knew Europe begins at Callas NOT fucking Blackpool. The hand-wringing merchant bankers who mutter the mantra “we are all European” are also responsible for “globalization” both of which mean cheap labour for the bankers alliance that financed 9/11).
Churchill refused to join the ECSC. Unfortunately he was far to old to stop what happened next.

1961. The Queen decided to join her cousin's in the European landowners club. The wheels were sedately set in motion with the usual promises of percentage’s, blackmail from the Whips Office and for the terminally stupid, ten-a-penny-knighthoods & similar palace ribbons.
Farmers who understood Lizzy's endgame were aghast at the idea of subsidized-farming dictated by Europe’s largest landowners. However. Lizzy's placeman, as always, eventually got their way. In 1971. MP’s voted 356 to 244 to join the Common Market...        

1992.  Tory MP and Privy Councillor, Sir Michael (now Lord) Joplin, introduced Set Aside. Set Aside is the benchmark for ten thousand similar EU frauds.

What Set-Aside really means:

(1) A grain field that would normally yield a crop worth £10,000 is left unplanted (Set-Aside) (2) The field-owner, then applies to Brussels for his £10,000 compensation. Not only is he paid £10,000 for doing absolutely nothing!
  He receives 20% bonus for taking part in the scheme!?  £2,000 ‘bonus’ for the average grain field in the above example.

Privy Councillor Joplin had told Parliament. ‘Set Aside would reduce grain mountains.’ Joplin failed to remind Parliament. Grain mountains were created by his greed stricken boss joining her cousins in the Land Owners Club. Honest MP’s (then as now shamefully few) urged John Major to pull-out of Europe all together. Like the Batty Baroness before him, Major did exactly what Queen Lizzy ordered.
1,294,000 acres, an area the size of Lincolnshire, is now Set Aside. Useless to the economy - but not to the Land Owners Club who bank their unearned £Billions, of stolen taxpayers money, in far away places. If the Queen had any intention of using British resources for the benefit of the British; anybody proposing Set Aside would have been taken to the deepest dungeon in the Tower of London and fed to the rats.    (Oct. 30 2004. For his part his part in EU Cover-ups Queen Lizzy made her EU Commissioner, Neil Kinnock a Life Peer. As Leader of Her Majesty's
Opposition Kinnock refused to use a leaked Tory document proving the Tories planned to close down the pits, throwing half-a-million out of work! His reward for doing nothing while the mining industry was destroyed was to become
Lizzy's man in Brussels. His starting pay was £200,000 and as much in expenses per year. Kinnock still claims to belong to the Labour Party. )

Years before Set Aside, as grain & butter mountains grew & grew honest MP’s were calling for alternative crops to stop needless over-production caused by Common Market Diktats. Honest MP’s, as you must have noticed, are royally ignored.

One alternative crop, constantly rejected by the Queen's cabinets, is fast growing trees. In April and March 1992, Greenpeace gave John Major’s cabinet irrefutable evidence proving Biogas power stations produce electricity ten times cheaper than nuclear stations. Three years before Sizewell B opened, in 1995, the Queen and every one of her Privy Councillors, were informed by various groups of environmentalists. Biogas, produced from poplar trees and miscanthus grass, is virtually pollution free. Ten Biogas turbines will produce more electricity than Sizewell B. Ten turbines take-up less space than Sizewell B without risking a British Chernobyl. And no fatal nuclear waste to pay for in the future.  As usual, the interests of Britain were royally ignored.  £Billions of taxpayers money was poured into building another totally needless nuclear waste station. Or to be more precise, into nuclear outfits owned by the royals shielded by nominees. 
If the Queen had been listening to her own government "Terror Warnings" over the last five years she would have closed down Britain's Targets of Mass Destruction in favour of much cheaper and infinitely safer power systems. Her Majesty's Government is hell bent on building ten more!!! Obviously the Queen sees Britain's future as a lucrative nuclear waste dump leased out to her fellow Satanists.


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