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The Long Debate

When a new law is proposed. A set amount of time is allocated for members of parliament discuss the law. Members who do not want the law can stop it by adding absurd amendments and talking about these amendments until the allocated time runs out. This is called 'wrecking the Bill' or 'talking out.'
For many years retarded members of parliament, who agree with organized cruelty to animals, consistently talked out a Law to stop gangs of mounted lunatics terrorizing and hounding to death deer and foxes with packs of specially trained attack dogs.

Parliamentary time costs around £200,000 per hour. Talking out the Hunting Bill cost you (the taxpayer)  £M12 (HoL Hansard 12 Oct 2004 : Column 223)  Not surprisingly Mr Speaker, Michael Martin, implemented the Parliament Act. Which put the law in place regardless of the present attempts to stop it by Countryside Alliance lawyers trying to unpick the Parliament Act and appealing to corrupt judges on the EU Court gravy-circuit. According to the landowners front office (The Countryside Alliance) "At least 30,000 jobs will be lost when the hunt is banned."  However, the three-year-long Government Inquiry by Lord Burns found only 7,000 jobs connected to the hunt. None of which would be lost if hunt owners converted their stables to Riding Schools, Nature Trail Centers, History Trail Centers, Summer Day's Out In The Saddle, Winter Gallops, Drag Hunt's, ect. ect..


True to form hunt owners are acting like spiteful five-year-olds. By defying the Ban.

  memo. The idiot's pastime of "hunting" the uneatable fox began in Georgian times, when one-hundred-horse-deer-hunts, led by pounces like Charles, Wills and Harry charged about the landscape until there were no deer left to hunt!  Idle rich imbecile's were left with nothing to do all day. One such imbecile, allegedly the Duke of Richmond, started the disgusting practice of breeding foxes for mindless destruction (note. Underneath the Georgian landscape children were being worked to death in Duchy coal mines). From Georgian times those born with a void between their ears made hunting the uneatable fox the centerpiece of their "lives."   


Artificial Lairs Artificial People

If the Royal Beaufort hounds fail to catch a fox, hunt servants dig a fox out of its lair - smash it's head in with a spade and throw it to the hounds - to be torn to bits. Pervert's hate going home without drooling over the destruction of at least one of Gods creatures. Hunt servants know exactly where to find a fox, they build the lairs.  Artificial lairs have always been necessary to supply perverts with their prey. After their dogs have ripped the fox open, perverts cut the heart & brain out and smear it on their children's forehead's. Charles has done this to Wills & Harry. Similar "bloodings" take place on private estates using vital organs of dog slaughtered deer. Any adult who takes part in this barbaric ritual can hardly be considered civilized. Let alone worthy of a Civil List - taken from the pockets of decent people. 

1988 - 1997.  Mad Cow disease (BSE) blighted the country. As sick cow's do not use flush toilets even Mrs Thatcher could understand how foxes could carry the infection from field to field and farm to farm. For a small fee per fox. Rentokil and dozens of similar pest control firms offered to eradicate the fox from any infected county within four-six months. Had the fox ever been any kind of problem Mrs. Thatcher or Mr Major would have gladly paid to cull the fox during the nine-year-long BSE crisis when the Tories were in daily need of brownie points. The Ministry Of Agriculture told pest control companies. 'The fox population is inconsequential and could not contribute to BSE.'
Hunting the uneatable fox takes place for one reason only. To satisfy perverts.
 Fox hounds that lose their enthusiasm for the kill run at the back of the pack. Perverts have a rota for the pleasure of shooting 'slow hounds' through the head. Racehorse owner  Clammy also owns a dozen hunters, so, if one brakes a leg she can blast it's brains out and climb on another. Clammy - who even vomit provoking 'royal correspondents' refer to as Po Face - now lives at the taxpayer's expense, surrounded by bodyguards and servants at Clarence House London. Where the un-consulted taxpayer paid the £M4.5 bill for refurbishing, after the Queen Mum died. Po Face 'supervised the decoration' before she moved in. She had been living at Highgrove where the servants dressed-her-up like a toy soldier most days of the week. Thus attired she rode-out with other morons. Most days, the Royal Beaufort. 


The Worthless Heir with an old boyfriend Michael Pansy Fawcett.

Ask Your Dad. 'Can you name one sane reason why the taxpayer should continue paying for seven Palaces & over 700 servants for this "royal" family  - who will abandon Britain the moment a nuclear accident or attack occurs?'

         The Fiji Option

The Squidygate & Camillagate tapes shed light on “life” in the Royal Household. Squidygate proved beyond reasonable doubt Princess Diana was up-to-here with the in-laws. In her own sweet words, to James Gilbey, ‘this fucking family.’
Camillagate was six nauseating minutes of Clammy Clammy playing with herself telling the excuse for a man in her life ‘I want you now. Now. Now.’ Charles tells her. ‘I want to live inside you like a Tampax.’
Nobody in Britain was surprised to hear Clammy tossing-herself-off. Or to hear Charles admitting he has all the ambition of a sanitary towel (Let's face it. What else is he fit for?)  However, unlike us blasé British, the good people of Fiji were deeply offended. The Fiji Education Minister issued a Public Press Statement.
‘The Dirty Prince is no longer in our school prayers.
His birthday has been struck-off the list of national holidays.’
Now that Diana has gone. Isn’t it time we struck the phony "royals" off Britain's payroll?   

Mounted Loonies out for blood. Any bloody blood.

  Hare’s often attract the attention of mounted loonies; with the above result.

Her Majesty's
"government" allowed a rabble of bloody loonies into town to protest the Hunting Bill. The police had their hands full keeping them away from civilized people.


More photo's, phone numbers ect, of bloody loonies at www.nwhsa.org.uk

More details of bloody loonies at www.nwhsa.org.uk

below. Born-brain-dead children of mounted loonies demonstrate what you already know.




"Where's there's no sense there's no feeling." 





It was Churchill who saved Britain from Nazi occupation. As Hitler rose to fame the German family masquerading as the British Royal Family advocated Appeasement (which meant ignoring Hitler's bloody ethnic cleansing)  When Churchill turned the public against the Nazi's the "royals" had to follow suit, or be kicked-out of Britain. 
Churchill's dad, Randolph, had been ostracized from the royal circle for criticizing the then Prince of Wales, Dirty Bertie, who like the present Prince of Wales was a criminal waste of space.


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