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Smoke & Mirror's
Nuclear Charlie


         Charlie's Big Apple Piss-up

The Prince of Charlie's receives an award for his after-freebie-dinner-waffles. As the would-be Head of State, he would be better thought of if he wrote an open letter to Gordon Brown and Doris Campbell inviting them to accompany him on a weekend fact finding tour visiting Chernobyl's younger victims - born twenty years after the accident. Only to live a short life of pain - dying from nuclear waste poisoning. Until he grows-up and speaks out against nuclear power it will remain obvious this insidious Prince has his claws in the nuclear till.

January 26th 2007. BBC News 24 reported:
When Prince Charlie heard he'd been given an American award he decided to collect it himself. Charlie could easily have sent one his American Foundation staff to pick up the trinket. But no. He dropped his weekend fox- ripping to fly to a sumptuous self serving piss-up. After Mummy vetoed the very idea of using the Royal Airforce he bought all 62 Business and First Class seats on a British Airways scheduled flight.
He took his surrogate granny, four secretaries, four dressers and a dozen beefy bodyguards, leaving the other 40 seats empty for "security reasons."
Ex Vice President Al Gore arranged extra security for the royal entourage in New York.
If Charlie cared about anything other than himself he would admit the danger from nuclear power plants; join Greenpeace and campaign for the closure of all nuclear waste stations before we have Nuclear 9/11.  Only a born spineless hypocrite could bleat about McDonald's & GMO’s and stay silent on nuclear power in the certain knowledge that a nasty accident at one of mummy’s nuclear waste stations will end British food production. Period.   

Mummy's Establishment (Britain's oldest landowners) have always known Sellafield can permanently poison Britain. If that happens. Mummy has long-standing plans to lease-out Britain as the Pentagon's nuclear dump. In 2002 the Queen saw fit to hand over the job of monitoring the British atmosphere for nuclear poison to Halliburton! 

The royals nuclear escape plan has been updated and rehearsed every year since the start of the Cold War. There never will be any plans to evacuate the public. Survivors of a nuclear 9/11, no matter how pig ignorant they are now, would soon see the "royals" for the piss-take they really are. And one would not want that!  Would one?  Far better the bloody peasants choke to death on fall-out.  see The truth about chips


 Water is Free

The Wavegen Sea Power Station

  2001. The Wavegen "Limpet" Shoreline Power Station. Wavegen’s oscillating water column (OWC) system uses the perpetual tide to supply the Grid.
Her Majesty's
Government want nothing to do with virtually free power. One must think of one's oil, gas, and nuclear investments. Mustn't one? 
In 2002, Her Majesty's
Government gave £2.3 million for wave energy development.
 The same year Camden Council earmarked £2.9 million for refurbishing my local swimming pool, the lido on Parliament Hill Fields. Giving £2.3 million to develop a safe power system is typical of the insulting sums given to harnessing the perpetual power of the sea. Which we all know we must do for the safety of the planet. Especially now we have a village idiot installed as the President of America.

The Islay Bus
The World's First Wave Powered Bus

The world's first electric motor minibus powered by wave energy. The Islay Bus re-charges overnight with cheap, clean power from the sea provided by the Limpet shoreline power system above.
The Islay Bus produces no pollution no engine rattle and less road noise. Running costs have been slashed from 23p per mile (for a diesel engine bus) to just 8p per mile. 
Needless to say it was Greenpeace who put the Islay Sea Bus on the road.
Not Her Majesty's
Government of Licensed Thieves.
Her Majesty's
"government" gives “privatised” bus companies, 80% discount on diesel!And one mustn’t question Her Majesty's
oil well investments must one? One mustn't even think of the profit the royals are making with oil presently at $60 a barrel.
From the day she was crowned in 1953, Her Majesty's
Government(s) have a disgraceful history of ignoring, obstructing and rejecting safe, cheap, clean power-systems. 
Just think of all those dreadful public services running for next to nothing. All those awful State schools and NHS hospitals not having to pay massive electricity bills! One's oil and nuclear investments would be worthless. Costing one millions of unearned income per day! One wouldn't want that! Would one?  

Insane Waste

 As of May 2007: £74 BILLION taxpayers money had been allocated to cleaning up the mess nuclear power has already made in this green and pleasant land. Every nuclear clean up in the history of the nuclear industry has cost ten times the original estimate. Its important to remember the nuclear outfits receiving this endless supply of taxpayers £billions for nuclear clean-ups are owned or part-owned by the royals, through their nominees Rothschilds who control the uranium market.

 Man of the People

Norman Baker Lib Dem, Lewes. To ask the  Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if he will make it his policy to seek to realise capital receipts from the disposal of BNFL assets in (a) Westinghouse and (b) Urenco.
Barry Gardiner (Department of Trade and Industry)
Holding answer 20 June 2005.
Under the strategy of delivering shareholder value the BNFL board continues to discuss strategic options with its long-term adviser,
N M Rothschild.   Hansard


Man Of The People. Harry Cohen. Labour MP.

"It would not be right to switch to building new nuclear power stations. The cost to the British taxpayer of its debts and of clean-up is counted in billions of pounds. There is the risk of a Chernobyl-type disaster, and there is still no safe disposal option for nuclear waste. It is not the solution. We must press ahead more insistently on wind, wave and sun power, and not be fooled by the allegedly easy nuclear option.  I echo a point that someone once made we govern best when we are Labour. We should now govern as Labour, not New Labour."  HHansard


Sizewell B aka Nagasaki-on-Sea

When the Head of State ordered Sizewell B, left, 1989, we were told it would cost £M950.
It actually cost the taxpayer £2.9 BILLION!  
Sizewell B continues feasting off the taxpayer as one of eight  “privatized” nuclear waste stations under the banner of British Energy. Unlike the spin doctor's Weapons of Mass Destruction, Queen Lizzy's
Targets Of Mass Destruction are very easy to find.


  Suppressed By The Nuclear Waste Queen

The latest un-corrodible Under Sea Power Systems
carbon fibre generators that are making wind
& sea-power-systems virtually maintenance-free.
When the sun go's down and the wind don't blow the m
oving weight of the tides around our coast can produce ten times more electricity than we can possibly use.  Seabed Power Systems like the Snail, recently developed by Edinburgh University would drastically reduce Lizzy's profits from oil & nuclear pollution.  Safe power is not what Lizzy wants. The £7 bn taxpayers money recently wasted on BNFL & British Energy will lead to more fatal nuclear waste for the taxpayer to pay for. The same billions invested in sea-power would have saved billions (simply by not making nuclear waste) and given Britain much cheaper electricity. 


Under Sea Power Systems.
Suppressed By The Queen

 Following paragraph [sans italics] from www.Crown Estates.co.uk

The Crown Estate, as landowner of the seabed out to the 12 nautical mile territorial limit plays an important role in the development of the offshore wind industry by leasing areas of seabed for the placing of turbines. Only when all the necessary statutory consents are obtained will The Crown Estate grant a Lease.  
( In Truth. The Crown Estate has blocked offshore wind farms, wave-power and submarine and shoreline power stations for the last 30 years. In favour of Lizzy's oil and nuclear profits. )         

The Vickers under-sea-power-system.  One of many safe, cheap, power-systems rejected by Lizzy's cabinet in favour of the hideous Sizewell B.

 In Switzerland where the government foumd the money to build nuclear shelters for the entire population they generate sixty-one-percent of their electricity from water power stations. Water is free. Britain surrounded by water, but ruled by oil and nuclear-vested Lizzy, generates just two-percent of it’s electricity from water (2%)!

 Her Majesty's
Government Spending Plan 2009


Wind Power: $Billion Bonus

Danish wind saved consumers DDK 1 Billion last year. “The main part of the savings has been made in November and December of 2005."  
The results from the 2005 Danish investigation agree with the
2006 study by the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI). Wind power is proving far cheaper than government forecasts.  

Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, is set to position Denmark as the worlds leading example of safe energy producers. "This will happen at Energy Camp where pioneering projects will bring the Danish Energy Vision into action," says Hanne Jersild, chief consultant at the Danish Wind Industry Association.

 News overview    Newsletter

Payday At The Palace

 1980 - 1982. Mrs. Thatcher spent £M3 (taxpayers money) employing criminal accountants to alter the figures proving sea-power-systems produce electricity infinitely cheaper than nuclear waste stations.  Marine Power: An Open University Technical Report. 1992. [available from the OU] Shows the figures submitted to Thatcher’s cabinet by Professor Steven Salter (Edinburgh University) and Professor Trevor Whittaker (Queens Belfast) In both case's Thatcher’s "creative" accountants illegally altered the submissions to increase the price of building sea-power-systems by 1,000% to bring marine power in-line with the hideous cost of nuclear power.  Had the billions wasted on Sizewell B been spent on sea-power-systems British industry would now have the cheapest power in Europe. For no other reason than making a handful of billionaire thugs richer, Queen Lizzy's "governments" have criminally suppressed sea power systems for the last thirty years. 

                             Sellafield's Zombie Centre

below BNFL’s mile-long nuclear poison making plant. Pigeons that hung around the Sellafield canteens and roosted in a local garden were found to be "highly radioactive."  BNFL had the birds shot and took away the garden’s top soil - which was also “buzzing.”  Most local people have no time for Sellafield.   Were it not for Lizzy's policy of creating unemployment no-one would work there.  www.lakestay.co.uk  offer many splendid holidays in the Lake District without ever going near the Zombie Centre. Or the Sellafield Visitor Centre as BNFL call it. Every year the Queen directs her passing Minister of Trade and Industry to give Sellafield's propaganda department £M4 - taxpayers money.
The money is spent on stupefying false adverts claiming Britain's needs nuclear power! And bussing-in Senior Citizens from Conservative Clubs all over the country. No, they are not all ga-ga. They make the trip wholly and solely for the free meals on the motorway and free wine, cakes & ale at the Zombie Centre. All paid for by the taxpayer.

Sellafield BNFL’s mile-long reprocessing plant: Britain's To-die-for-Target for the Suicide Club.
Sellafield is also wide-open to any passing loony with a grudge and a shoulder-launched-missile.


Nuclear Power?

No Thanks

     Enron Accounting:

The nuclear waste station called Sizewell B cost the taxpayer £2.9 bn. In 1992 it was flogged-off to British Energy as part of a job lot of nuclear stations that cost the UK taxpayer £25 bn to build. Establishment spiv's picked up the job lot for £1.2 bn!  Adding insult to theft and injury British Energy is now running on even more billions of the taxpayers money. In due course British Energy reactors will be given appox £50 bn taxpayers money to dismantle them.  This is of course assuming Bush made terrorists do not pay a visit to British Energy and send Britain back to the Stone Age. “So.” I hear the children say. “What kind of imbecile could speak in favour of building more reactors?”  The answer to that, boy’s and girls, is Dirty Money. Even congenitally stupid politicians, who speak in favour of nuclear power, need a steady supply of fat brown envelops to promote the insane idea of building more Chernobyl’s. The Dirty Money comes from the stroke of the royal pen sending endless billions of taxpayers money to the nuclear waste industry.
An industry that would have been closed down by an honest Head of State after Three Mile Island (1979)proved a serious nuclear accident will turn a small country like Britain into a nuclear desert.

Chernobyl's Are Forever 

Chernobyl: 21 Years On

This is What Nuclear Power Really Means  Natasha (12) and Vadim (8). Natasha was born with microcephaly, Vadim has a bone disease and is mentally retarded.


  One-hundred-and-thirty people per-square-mile used to live around Chernobyl. The children above were born outside the official contaminated zones a decade after the accident. Seven-hundred-and-eighty people per-square-mile live in the fall-out zones of Britain's Targets Of Mass Destruction, Sellafield, Hartlepool, Heysham, Sizewell B, Torness, Hinkley Point, Hunterston and Dungeness.
 If Her Majesty's
Government had been listening to its own "Terror Warnings" over the last five years it would have closed down our Targets of Mass Destruction.
As of April 2009. Her Majesty's
Government is hell bent on building ten more. Proof as if we needed proof the Queen sees Britain's future as a lucrative nuclear waste dump leased out to her cousin George or Jeb Bush.


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