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                                        right, A Typical Royal Servant

Unelected EU Scrounger Baroness Ashton

"I’m sure you could find 22-year old interns in the House of Commons who are far more knowledgeable on foreign policy than Baroness Ashton". Nile Gardiner, Telegraph Nov. 20, 2009.

Pantomime leader of Her Majesty's House of Lords, Ashton is massively unqualified to look after the interest of the British people. She has never held elected office.

Having been in Brussels for just one year, as the Queen's European Commissioner for Trade, she will then be addressed as "High Representative".  Her rise to the ridiculous unelected office of EU Foreign Minister is a damning indictment of EU dinner party politics and shows the Queen's utter contempt for the British. 

Ashton's experience of fixing votes in the Lords endeared her to the EU President, the Portuguese crook José Manuel Barroso. The Queen's Passing Prime Mouthpiece Gordon Brown put her on the list of candidates because Barroso had demanded that a woman should have one of the top Brussels jobs. Ashton's annual pay of  £270,000 before expenses is the just the latest piss-take in the criminal history of the Common Market cum EU European Landowners Club


 The new EU Commissioner

Baroness Catherine Ashton of Upholland, left, the Queen's new mouthpiece in Brussels will receive £3.5 MILLION taxpayers money - for one year's service! 
After a year in office, she will receive almost three quarters of a million pounds in 'financial benefits.'
Her single year of service will also entitle her to an annual pension for life of approximately £8,000 per year - more than twice the yearly amount a British pensioner gets from Her Majesty's Government after giving the country a lifetime of real work. Baroness Ashton will also be able to claim relocation costs, a 'residence allowance' and other perks.
 ( Mail, 18 October 2008)  
As Leader of Her Majesty's House of Lords (and Lord President of the Queen's Privy Council) Baroness Ashton got the EU job by following her royal orders to STOP any meaningful discussion in the Lords about the promised Referendum over the Lisbon Treaty aka EU Constitution.
Baroness Ashton does not represent the British who Her Majesty's Government/Corporation cheated out of the promised Referendum.

 Article 1.1.1 of The European Commission' Code of Conduct', states; "commissioners may not hold any public office of whatever kind". As a member of Her Majesty's House of Lords Baroness Ashton cannot resign. Which means: She will take paid leave of absence to receive the outrageous "wages" above for representing the interests of filthy rich and greedy Globalists - like the "royal family". How's that for taking the royal piss out of pensioners living in poverty and clinically depressed by the fear of their next council tax, water and electricity bills?   

 As did the Maastricht Treaty; the EU Constitution, with it's corrigendum's, addendum's and annex's will breed another generation of legalized thieves who feed off top-down-corruption and the fraudulent legislation it spawns. 

The EU organized crime Mr Blair & Co are so good at ignoring will eventually bankrupt the EU. Along the way, state education, health care and pensions will be phased out altogether by the almighty EU on the grounds that it is too expensive to give every country so nobody shall have it.   Hutch July 2004.

Globalists Gravy Train


To attract the lowest scum in politics the EU are paying Members of the European Parliament £630,000 per year. The EU now employs more people than all the staff working in Her Majesty's Department for Work and Pensions (107,998). Her Majesty's Home Office (25,299). Her Majesty's Foreign Office (16,169). Her Majesty's Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (7,854).  Her Majesty's Department for Health (3,467). Her Majesty's Treasury (1,451) and Her Majesty's Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (809).  Why? You may ponder. Do we need to pay more people in Brussels to do the same job we are paying our own civil servants to do? And why are we paying the Brussels replicants more than our own overpaid civil servants?
And did you know? Members of the European Parliament like Neil Kinnock pick up
£630,000 Per Year for not doing the job they never did in their own Parliaments? 



M.E.P Thieves: update Feb. 2009

March 15, 2009. The EU has spent almost £20 million of taxpayers' money building swimming pools in the Caribbean!  Telegraph, &  Top 100 EU frauds 

    EU Globalist's Staff Outnumber The British Army!


Whenever the British Army, of 107,000 troops and staff need new equipment they are given the cheapest available or simply told NO. The ever growing army of 170,000 EU yes-men want for nothing. They recently used your money to buy themselves a brand new high-speed-train to ferry their worthless carcasses between Brussels and Strasbourg, travelling expenses which the taxpayers has to pay, includes the best hotel accommodation at either end , of course.

The object of having two EU Parliaments, one in Brussels and one in Strasbourg is to delay, confuse, frustrate and inevitably destroy any sensible proposals for better government, or honest accounting, put forward by the taxpayers who pay for this pernicious "common thieves market" -  which no honest Head of State would have joined in the first place.  
Taxpayers are now paying ridiculously high salaries and blatantly fiddled expenses for the Globalist's
army of 170,000 arse-licking-yes-men running the EU through The Council Of Muggers.   
 Gravy Train       EU Goat Worship


EU: Trebles The Price Of Food
The Common Agriculture Program (CAP) costs the average British household approximately £322 a year. Even the EU Budget Commissioner, Dalia Grybauskaite, has said the CAP forces consumers to pay "two to three times more for food than we would pay without this policy". 
The Telegraph November 25, 2008 

The Queen's Ministers intend to pursue this policy at YOUR cost.

Told You So...

Britain's EU payments set to treble under failed CAP reform. Britain's net contributions in 2008/9 are expected to be £2 BILLION, but this is set to rise in to £6 BILLION. The Telegraph, December 3, 2008

EU regulation has cost the UK £107 BILLION since 1998 
Feb.13, 2009. House Magazine  & Con Home & S. Express

New Rules

EU: Rules U

If you live in Britain, or any of the other 26 EU countries, any EU police officer can now request a copy of your e-mails & instant messages and a record of the web sites you visit; and a record of the time spent at those web sites. Be prepared for Mr Plod drive-by-hacking your wireless connection. It gets worse; if you are hooked-up to British Telecom the courts have already decreed BT users have given implied consent to be monitored at all times


The Queen's Queen

Twice sacked old queen returns on royal orders

In 1998 the British public demanded Peter “Mandy” Mandelson’s removal from Her Majesty's
Government after the Guardian reported Mandy had broken all Parliamentary rules by receiving an undeclared loan of £373,000 from another Blair insider
Geoffrey Robinson.
Two years later, not surprisingly, the despicable Mandy was back in Queen Lizzy's cabinet. 
2001. Mandy was then accused of fiddling passport applications to favour foreign billionaires. Before the true extent of his involvement was uncovered Mandy “resigned.”

Monsanto's EU Scumbag 2004. Ignoring the fact that decent people hate this conniving old creep the Queen gave Mandy the top job in Europe. As EU Commissioner Mandy did a great job for the Queen and her Globalist banker friends. By centering power in Brussels, thanks to her spin doctors - like Mandy - the Queen no longer needs British Members of Parliament.
If British MP's dare to object to nuclear power stations the Queen will get the EU Council Of Ministers to impose nuclear power on the British. 
(The main profiteers from all things nuclear in Britain are the "royal family" who just happen to own a lot of uranium mines. As Head of State the Queen orders all uranium weapons, nukes and DU ammo, from companies mostly owned by the "royals" via their principle bankers Rothschilds.)

The same gang of Globalist Muggers known as the EU Council Of Ministers will also use the latest Globalization Charter, The Lisbon Treaty, to abolish the minimum wage and state pensions if and when the Rothschilds engineered Depression takes its final dive.))

October 3, 2008. The Queen ordered her passing Prime Mouthpiece, Gordon Brown, who hates Mandy, to bring Mandy back into Her Majesty's cabinet yet again. Brown, a busted flush if ever their was one, will spend his last days in Her Majesty's Service closely monitored by Mandy - who's real job is preserving the pathetic myth that Britain needs a "royal family." see Royal Deceit 

October 14, 2008.             Mandy's Royal Reward

The Queen's Favourite Queen            Arise The Baron of Slime
For his part in imposing The EU Constitution aka The Lisbon Treaty on the ill-informed European public Her Majesty has made her creepy Privy Councilor-cum-cabinet-spy a Baron. Mandy will get a £1 MILLION handout from the pool of taxpayers money stolen in the name of the EU.
On top of this outrageous waste of public money; the Queen has decreed Mandy will receive
£104,000 tax-payers money per year for whatever skulduggery he gets-up to in Her Majesty's cabinet.

Irish farmers protest Peter "Monsanto Mandy" Mandelson, left, the outgoing EU Commissioner who followed his royal (Globalist) orders and sold them down the river.
Come the Revolution it will be nice to see Mandy in his House of Lords robes -
swinging from a Whitehall lamppost.


Irish MEP Confirms:
80% of Irish Laws are made in Brussels

Nov. 6, 2008. Addressing a conference in Rome, Mrs. Katherine Sinnott, MEP (Member of the European Parliament) for Ireland South said. 'Eighty percent of the laws going through the Dublin Parliament were written by non-Irish lawmaker's in Brussels.'
Mrs. Sinnot reminded the conference. Irish lawmakers have NO RIGHT to vote to reject these foreign laws.
The Irish Parliament, like the British Parliament, gave their country's rights away by serial signing weasel worded EU Treaties. The EU Court of Justice, she said, will use international agreements and treaties to 'promote the European Project.' [ for European Project read Globalization, One World Government. ] also see 
Brussels Journal


  Lisbon Treaty Rejected:

But Not by Globalist Lackey’s

                   The Attitude of a Spanish MEP say's it all.
After the Irish rejected the latest move towards the Globalists aim of a one world government. Spanish MEP Íñigo Méndez de Vigo stated.
"You're not going to stop us. We'll go ahead [with The Lisbon Treaty-EU Constitution]. There are ways to do it. This is the history of the EU. If compromise is not possible, the others will go ahead. To me, it is shocking that the Irish government that held a referendum and failed is still in office. A government that puts a question to a referendum and loses has to resign: that's democracy."
So. While we were sleeping. Democracy has been boiled down to a money-grubbing Spanish peon telling the Irish Government what to do.
Express Oct. 16, 2008.


Europe: How The BBC Lies

Mr Churchill saw the start of the EU (The European Coal and Steel Community) as a sordid gravy train for parasitic merchant bankers and their arse-licking-politicians on-the-make-and-on-the-take.
Mr Churchill and his wartime buddy Charles de Gaulle saw "European Integration" as a political necessity. Europe had nothing to do with Britain.
(Churchill & de Gaulle were educated men. They knew Europe begins at Callas NOT fucking Blackpool. The hand-wringing merchant bankers who mutter the mantra "we are all European" are also responsible for "globalization" both of which mean cheap labour for the bankers alliance that financed 9/11).

    Winston Churchill actually said.
"Given the choice of taking Britain into a European Government and going to hell. I would rather go to hell." 

The BBC are in the despicable habit of showing clips of Churchill talking about Europe and omitting to say Churchill never for one moment thought of Britain as anything other than totally independent of Europe.
Churchill refused to join the European Coal and Steel Community which would become the Common Market. Unfortunately he was far to old to stop what happened next.

1961. Queen Lizzy decided to join her cousin's in the European landowners club. The wheels were sedately set in motion with the usual promises of percentage’s, blackmail from the Whips Office and for the really terminally stupid, ten-a-penny-knighthoods & similar pathetic palace ribbons.
Farmers who understood Lizzy's endgame were aghast at the idea of subsidized-farming dictated by Europe’s largest landowners. However. Lizzy's placeman, as always, eventually got their way. In 1971. MP’s voted 356 to 244 to join the so-called Common Market...   
Amazingly after thirty years of blatant EU theft of the taxpayers money some people have STILL to realize it was the Queen who signed Britain into Europe not her passing Prime Mouthpiece.


How We Was Conned
"In 1975, we had the Referendum on the Common Market.
There was no question of having a European Army.,
Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) or even a European Parliament.

                                                    Lord Willoughby de Broke   Hansard May 20, 2008


Queen Lizzy's Banana Republic

The first Sunday Times Rich List equates the Queen’s Realm with a banana republic.
"Under 1% of the population own 70% of the land, something you expect from a third world dictatorship - an absolute disgrace…"

The Peasants Reward For Not Revolting   

Sixty million British subjects live in twenty-four-million dwellings. 
These twenty-four-million dwelling's sit on 7.7% of UK land.
The Queen and her pals - own around two thirds of the UK.
This means around 70% of the land is owned by 1% of the population.
Every British home pays £550 per year on average in council taxes while each landowning home receives £12,169 per year in criminally contrived EU hand-outs!
By signing Britain into the Common Market (EU) the Queen made sure her subjects would always be systematically robbed by the obscenely rich.

2009. Reservations of land have been placed by builders to a value of £37 Billion. The land reserved is almost wholly owned by “aristocrats” which means none of it on the land registry! This land is a small part of EU subsidized rural estates held by offshore “trusts” and “companies.” These outfits pay no tax due to Her Majesty's maze of tax loopholes for rich and worthless, totally pointless people - like herself and the rest of the so-called "royals". 

Sixty-six of the Queen’s placemen (hereditary peers) were recently removed from the House of Lords Gravy Train by public demand. The total wealth of these sixty-six born parasites is estimated at £16 Billion.
Britain's top twenty landowning families own an area big enough to swallow up the entire counties of Bedfordshire, Essex  and Kent - and then some. The royals and their pals measure their land by the square mile whereas the Queen’s subjects survive in an average of around 360 square yards per family. All the repulsive facts about the Queen's Banana Republic are referenced up to the hilt at 


                    EU: End of cheap drink and cigarettes?

 November 19, 2008

The current limit is 3,200 cigarettes, 10 litres of spirits, 90 of wine and 110 of beer to be brought in from another EU country.  The EU Council of Muggers are discussing plans to slash the allowance to 400 cigarettes five litres of spirits, 45 litres of wine and 55 litres of beer. Daily Express 



Total Waste Of Public Money


To give you some idea of how the Globalist (EU) agenda has covered every aspect of diverting taxpayers money away from your public transport, your hospitals, your schools ect.. Here's a report from Copenhagen -
The European Union has allocated €100,000 to a Danish businessman to build a ski slope on an island where snow rarely falls and no hill rises above 3
70 feet!
"I never thought they (the EU experts) were going to back something so crazy," Mr Ole Harild told the Ekstra Bladet newspaper. Nagged by his wife after cancelling their annual skiing holiday because of his business commitments Mr Harild jokingly applied for, and was amazingly granted, €100,000 (£79,000) to build a ski slope on a snow-less island. A similar grant of your money was used to build a golf course at a monastery!   October 14, 2008. 



Why the EU was Created

Instead of having to bribe leading politicians in 27 different countries. Monsanto, Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Bechtel, Blackwater, Halliburton et al now have the much easier task of back-handing just one gang of crooks based in Brussels. These crooks are unelected bankers puppets who call themselves The Council Of Ministers. Best described as the Council Of Muggers these thugs work for the Royals, the Rothchilds and the Rockefeller's. They were set-up to rob YOU.

If 15 Ministers, of the 27 Council of Ministers, decide that 65% of 337 million EU voters want GMO's. The fact that nobody in Britain wants GMO's doesn't count! 
You will still get GMO's polluting your local farms and food supply! 
This is obviously
organized Grand Larceny by the landowners.
The banker's thugs running the EU call it 'Qualified Majority Voting.' 

Between them; the EU Commission, the European Court of Justice and the EU Council of Ministers now have the final say in National Parliaments. Members of all 27 EU Parliaments have been reduced to mere window dressing - anything they say in their daily "sound bites" has as much relevance as Neville Chamberlain's infamous  "piece of paper" speech.
(Waving an agreement between himself and Hitler; Chamberlain told the British public they had nothing to worry about - even though he knew Hitler was planning to invade and occupy France & Britain.)



Barking Mad

EU Ban's Dogs from the Kitchen

June 12, 2008

There are some ten-thousand registered Bed & Breakfast guest houses in Gt. Britain. All of which now fall foul of every EU Directive. The latest being as barking mad as the EU Directive that all but ended the British fishing Industry.

Under EU rules Maisie the Labrador pictured here is breaking the law by being in her owners kitchen! Guest House owners are faced with the choice of getting rid of the dog or going out of business! Maisie's owner, Tish Bowditch, would love to take part in the promised Referendum on the EU Constitution, also known as The Lisbon Treaty. But Her Majesty's "government" have no intention of holding the promised Referendum - which would be a small step towards kerbing the evil powers of the EU. 



 June 13, 2008

Lisbon Treaty Receives Resounding No!

The result of the Irish Referendum means the Lisbon Treaty is dead in the water, it is un-ratified and therefore has no legal right to survive. It should now be shredded. Five gets you ten that won't happen. The bankers cartel running the EU are way beyond anything the Irish people may or may not want. These thugs will continue consolidating power in Brussels aided and abetted by corrupt Heads of State - not least the Queen. It was Her Majesty's
 "government" who promised the British people a Referendum on further EU integration and then reneged on that promise.


How to Mug Every Taxpayer
An unbelievable 2.4 BILLION of the taxpayers money
is wasted every year on EU (Globalist) propaganda!



Winston Churchill stated.
“Given the choice of taking Britain into a European Government and going to hell.
I would rather go to hell.” 

Churchill saw the start of what we call the European Union (the then European Coal and Steel Community) as a necessary evil for French-German cooperation but an obvious gravy train for merchant bankers and their lackey's on-the-make-and-on-the-take.
Churchill and his wartime buddy Charles de Gaulle saw "European Integration" as a political necessity. It had nothing to do with Great Britain. REPEAT. It had nothing to do with Great Britain.
Unlike EU spokesmen in today's excuse for a Parliament Churchill knew Europe begins at Callas NOT fucking Blackpool.
Unfortunately Mr Churchill was not the Head of State.
Amazingly after thirty years of blatant EU theft of the taxpayers money some people have STILL to realize it was the Queen who took Britain into Europe - not her passing Prime Mouthpiece - Edwina Heath.


House Of Lords: April 29, 2008

EU: Hell In A Hand Cart

"Compared with the United States Supreme Court, the European Court of Justice has a short history. Neither the United States Constitution nor the Treaty of Rome contained any clause about the primacy of community law over national law, and yet within a very short time, in 1803 in the case of the United States, with the famous case of Marbury v Madison; and in 1964 in the case of the European Community, in the equally well known case of Van Gend en Loos the US Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice both declared that Federal Law, and European law in the case of the European Community, did indeed have primacy over domestic law."  Lord Kingsland  Hansard

In short; the Lisbon Treaty the Queen is so anxious to hoist on her subjects will give ALL British Law Making and Law Enforcement to The European Court of Justice which is controlled by a gang of known criminals called the Council of Ministers who are only answerable to the bankers chief thug who will be known as The High Representative.
The Lisbon Treaty is the latest part of the
Queen's Great British Sell Out. 

The Royal Agenda

Since 1979, when the brand new reactor at Three Mile Island proved a nuclear accident would wipe-out a small country like Britain, Privatization (selling-off public assets for private profit) has been the only visible policy pursued by Her Majesty's Tory and Labour Governments.
The Queen gave her favourite "creative accountant" John Major and the Enron director Lord John Wakeham the job of privatizing nuclear power. This particular privatizing
rip-off sold nuclear stations, that cost the taxpayer £25 Billion to build, to city spiv’s for £1.2 Billion!
Having shed the nuclear millstone Her Majesty's Government could have built safe, cheap, clean power systems. But no. Ministers of the Crown were ordered to continue giving billions of the taxpayers money to "privatized" potential Chernobyl's!?
From a royal point of view. Safe-power-systems means the end of obscene profits from oil, gas and nuclear pollution. Costing one millions of unearned income per day! And one wouldn't want that! Would one?


Hands Up If Your In The Globalist's Pocket

EU Parliament: Parasites Paradise

  The Lisbon Treaty is The EU Constitution  

Who do You Think you Are kidding Mr Brown  


Nuclear Power?

 No Thanks Nuclear Lizzy

The object of having two EU Parliaments, one in Brussels and one in Strasbourg is to delay, confuse, frustrate and inevitably destroy any sensible proposals for better government, or honest accounting, put forward by the taxpayers who pay for this pernicious "common thieves market" -  which no honest Head of State would have joined in the first place.  

In case the lid comes off Sellafield or Sizewell B.
The royal family have escape-planes standing-by 24/7 - 365.  
Have you?
below, Part of Chernobyl's back-yard - the size of Wales.

         above, Abandoned equipment used in the attempted clean-up of the Chernobyl nuclear power accident. The plan was to "bury everything including all the contaminated equipment" but the clean-up itself had to be abandoned when the clean-up workers became to sick to work. Hundred's of nuclear poisoned collective farms, 2,000 towns & villages had to be abandoned forever. One-hundred-and-thirty-people-per-square-mile used to live around Chernobyl, mostly farmers. Now there is nothing but 800 shallow nuclear waste dumps containing everything from, contaminated buses, to contaminated library books to contaminated spare back axles. Half of these dumps were never properly covered.
Above ground you'll find radioactive
boats, trucks, earthmovers, tractors & trailers and helicopters, used in the attempted clean-up; and scores of Moscow & Kiev city buses used in the evacuation. Anything that grows here now grows mutated.



Chernobyl: "radiation on the rise."

Professor Hrodzynskyy, who heads the Ukrainian Government's commission on radiation security, told the Izvestia newspaper. 'Twenty-four percent
of babies now born near Chernobyl have birth defects. Thyroid cancer in local children is now a million times more likely than before the disaster.'

Unlike cyclones and tidal waves, which come and go. Nuclear power stations never stop killing people. Fallout in the water table means most of Chernobyl's victims have yet to be born!  

Kiev, Ukraine,
 President Viktor Yushchenko and his Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, at the annual Chernobyl memorial service.


Similar services are held every year in hundreds of towns and city's where hundreds of thousands of families affected by fall-out were evacuated to. The health of millions is still blighted by fallout in the local water supply.
Her Majesty's Government will continue to ignore millions of Russians suffering from nuclear power.
The Queen has every intention of building ten potential Chernobyl's. One of which could be in your backyard. Her Majesty's idiot cousin Mr Bush wants to build One Hundred potential Chernobyl's! Leaving the Japan G8 the sniggering Mr Bush told world leaders. "
Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter ...



Safe Power: Under-Sea-Power

Proposed Vickers Under-Sea-Power-System. (Rejected by the Thatcher cabinet in favour of Sizewell B)

Vickers also make the Trident Nuclear Sub.

Vickers under-sea-power-system. One of many near-shore under-sea, safe-power-systems rejected and criminally suppressed by the oil & nuclear-vested Queen and her cousin's Bush Senior and Bush Junior.




May 14, 2007  
Jail or $50,000 Fine
for producing Clean Energy!

Out of every 100,000 birds roosting near US Windfarms. Just three birds per year are likely to fly into the turbines. This has led the 'powers that be' to write an energy bill (H.R. 2337) to close down all US Windfarms on the pretext that wind farms are an unacceptable threat to wildlife! Baring in mind that the second most powerful person in America, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has stated she will allow Bush to get away with the mass murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11 and the President’s needless slaughter fests in Afghanistan and Iraq, this proposal has every chance of becoming law.  Wind Power To Successful For Bush    
Jail Or $50,000 Fine For Producing Clean Energy!    

                                Needless INSANE Waste

The Queen ignored six years of protests against the building of Torness nuclear power station. In 1985 she sent Mrs Thatcher up to Scotland to open Torness. The following paragraph and figures from British Energy.

 Nuclear Waste: Torness. The figures below do not include the used fuel but show the amounts of Intermediate Level Waste & Low Level Waste. These figures are from the UK Radioactive Waste Inventory 1994 and assume that the station is taken out of service in 2024. The figures are in cubic metres of waste as stored. Conditioning of waste will increase these amounts. (Conditioning:  nuke-speak for quadruple)  


pre 1999




post 2060























No Honest Head Of State would have made the above waste. When Mrs Thatcher was sent up to Scotland to open Torness. British reactors had already produced enough nuclear waste to make enough nuclear weapons to suit our Defence Requirements for 400 years. 

However, the Queen's cabal had grown used to their obscene profits from their nuclear companies, funded by the stroke of the royal pen with endless billions of the taxpayers (your) money - cosily covered by Her Majesty's Official Secret Act(s). Any student of modern history will tell you: The only reason the royals cabal exists is to divert public money into their Swiss accounts. Public money spent on improving the housing and education of mere subjects is an abomination to so-called "royals." Nobody would curtsey, bow scrape and grovel to
so-called "royals" if the public had a decent education. And One Wouldn't Want That Would One!

Had the money wasted on Torness been spent on wind, sun, or sea power. Your electricity bill would now be half the price it is now. Safe power-systems would of course reduce the "royals" oil & nuclear profits.


 1949. Shortly after the Soviets tested their first Atom Bomb. It was agreed, in the event of a nuclear disaster, American armed forces will implement the immediate evacuation of the royal family. British forces will not be involved because they would realise their families are being abandoned to die of fall-out. So-called "royals" would then become bullet riddled toast. "The Royals" couldn't care less if the lid comes-off Sellafield. They have always been ready to abandon Britain at a moment's notice. When you choose to live surrounded by armed bodyguards and a flock of fawning servants. It really doesn't matter what part of the planet one happens to be killing dumb animals to pass the time of day. Do's it? 


The next potential British Head of State is saying nothing about mummy building potential Chernobyl's. Obviously Charlie like his Mummy couldn't care less what happens to Britain and the British. Before you pay your next electricity bill remember the Queen's war in Iraq has tripled the profits from the Queen's £Trillions-pound stake in Arabian oil wells and more than tripled the Queen's profits from her uranium (dirty) ammo sales.

The first Sunday Times Rich List equates the Queen’s Realm with a banana republic.
"Under 1% of the population own 70% of the land, something you expect from a third world dictatorship - an absolute disgrace…" 
People who support the so-called royal family belong in rooms with mattress wallpaper

  also see The Queen's Gratitude   & Army Life  & The truth about chips


Doris Reneges On EU Referendum

 “Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee. No treaty should be ratified without consulting the British people in a referendum.”
Her Majesty's next Prime Mouthpiece, Doris Cameron, Sept. 2007.

November 2, 2009. Mr Cameron will announce the next Conservative government will not give voters a referendum on the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty. Telegraph  

UKIP made Doris do a double U-turn and allow a Referendum this is proof the ordinary voter still has the power. If we stick together.



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