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Real Records:
 A Product of Dope & Whiskey

1972, after three years part time reserve pilot training with the Texas Air Guard. George Bush Junior was never going to pass any flying test. He was excused flying instruction to work on Red Blount's Alabama election campaign.
Junior spent most of his time in Alabama enjoying sour mash whiskey and Executive Fartburgers at the Cloverdale Grill - where he never once said no to a Lebanese joint, heroin or Colombian coke.
Campaign workers recall how Junior parked his $500 hi-lift-hand-made-boots on the office desk and told everyone how important he was and how he could get away with anything.
Red Blount's nephew, C. Murphy Archibald, recalls.
"He would laugh uproariously as if there was something funny about drunk driving."
Female campaign workers dismissed the drunken Junior as  "a Texan soufflé." 
Campaign hands who had son's in the military resented how his father’s connections had ensured Junior stayed out of Vietnam by having him trained on the F-102. A plane that was coming out of military service. Even if he had the intelligence to acquire any flying skills Junior would not have been posted to Vietnam. Junior's campaign job, as the son of a US Ambassador, was canvassing voters. Unofficially he was distributing totally false information about Red Blount's opponent. A typical Bush dirty trick that backfired. The Democrat opponent, John Sparkman, won easily.

Before Junior ran for Governor of Texas his daddy had his military record "sanitized." What we do know is Junior was mentally unable to take the written Flight Exam. He was later posted as a Deserter months after he failed to turn-up for a mandatory drug test.
The fact that he was given an Honorable Discharge is irrelevant. Even the Washington Sniper, who had faced two Court Martial's for slugging officers, was given an Honorable Discharge. The Vietnam slaughterfest  (orchestrated by the same moneygrubbing swine who gave us 9/11 and the present carnage in Afghanistan and Iraq) led to Honorable Discharges for Deserters. There were far too many Deserters for the Pentagon to want to record.
The few pages left in Junior's Service File show he was unable to comprehend flight instruments and refused further training in August 1972.


Real Records


February, 1966:
Kerry commits to enlist in the Navy.

December, 1967:
Kerry is assigned as an Ensign to the guided-missile frigate USS Gridley. After five-months aboard, he returns to San Diego to undergo training to command a Swift boat, used by the Navy for patrols in Vietnam.

November 17, 1968:
Kerry arrives in Vietnam, where he is given command of Swift boat No. 44, operating in the Mekong Delta.

December 2, 1968:
Kerry gets his first taste of intense combat, and is wounded in the arm. He is awarded a Purple Heart.

January, 1969:
Kerry takes command of a new Swift boat, completing 18 missions over 48 days, almost all in the Mekong Delta area.

February 20, 1969:
Kerry is wounded again, taking shrapnel in the left thigh, after a gunboat battle. He is awarded a second Purple Heart.

February 28, 1969:
Kerry and his boat crew, coming under attack while patrolling in the Mekong Delta, decide to counterattack.  Kerry leaves his boat, pursues a Viet Cong fighter into a small hut, kills him, and retrieves a rocket launcher. He is awarded a Silver Star.

March 13, 1969:
A mine detonates near Kerry's boat, wounding him in the right arm. He is awarded a third Purple Heart. He is also awarded a Bronze Star for pulling a crew member, who had fallen overboard, back on the boat amidst a firefight.

April, 1969:
After being wounded three times in combat Kerry is transferred to desk duty in Brooklyn, NY.

January, 1970:
Kerry requests that he be discharged early from the Navy so that he can run for Congress in Massachusetts' Third District. The request is granted, and Kerry begins his first political campaign.

February 1970:
Kerry drops his bid for the Democratic nomination and supports Robert F. Drinan an opponent of the Vietnam war, Drinan goes on to serve ten years in Congress.

June 1970:
Kerry joins Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and becomes one of the group's unofficial spokespeople

April 23, 1971:
Kerry is loudly applauded when he testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He tells lawmakers: "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" 

John F. Kerry.

November 2nd 2004.

Many believe Dubya's gang hacked the election computers to rob Kerry of the White House. Tony Blair was the first to wag his tail over the pond to congratulate Dubya on his second chance to bankrupt America.    www.airamerica.com 

also see 

Crossing The Rubicon     











May, 1968:
To avoid going to Vietnam. Bush commits to six-years in the National Guard. Aided by his father's pal, Texas House Speaker Ben Barnes,
he jumps a two year waiting list of similar cowardly little rich boys applying for this funk-hole safe billet.

September 1968:
After sporadic basic pilot training, Bush pulls inactive duty to act as gopher on Florida Senator Edward J. Gurney's campaign.

November 1969:
Bush is flown to the White House by President Nixon for a date with daughter Tricia.

December 1969:
Bush transfers to Houston and moves into the exclusive Chateaux Dijon complex - where Laura lives.

May, 1972:
Bush transfers to Alabama Guard unit so he can work on "Red" Blount's senate election campaign. Bush never shows up for Guard Duty while in Alabama.

August 1972:
Listed as AWOL Bush is automatically grounded for missing a mandatory drugs medical.

November 1972:
Bush returns to Houston, but never reports for Guard Duty.

October, 1973:
By now Bush is a Deserter. However; the National Guard simply "relieves" Bush from his commitment. 
Daddy will sanitize his Service File.

While Kerry was serving his country. Dubya was snorting coke. He was prosecuted and ordered to do Community Service in a re-hab project set-up  by his Daddy.

Bush says he has "not touched illegal drugs since 1974." He has yet to admit he was arrested in 1972 for cocaine possession.

Track Bush Live Air America Radio  

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 $10,000 REWARD.

In 2001 after claiming he served in the Air Guard throughout 1972 the media began offering rewards up to $10,000 for any serviceman, or civilian, who can prove Junior did a single six-hour duty in 1972.

 Still no Takers


 Jan. 2001. Harold Brooks-Baker, of Burke’s Peerage, confirmed Dubya Bush is a blood relative of Queen Lizzy. It would be naive to think the cousin’s have no mutual interest in commerce. Money talks. Those with the most money dictate the political agenda i.e. Iraq. The fact that the Queen's arse-licking puppet's Blair & Brown became Dubya's arse-licking puppets should not surprise anyone.

( Note. Dubya's opium doped role model, the original "Mad King George," caused the War of Independence by demanding exorbitant taxes. In Britain he ordered the death sentence for anyone who organized a public meeting to discuss his  "business." Dubya has passed Laws giving himself exactly the same powers.
King George 3)

& The Truth with Jokes,
Al Franken  (Election pages 16-22
















                  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnvVEDWgb98&NR=1   The Real Bush Record                 




 9/11 Lies Smoked In Spain

 2004. As it burned for 18 hours this skyscraper fire illuminated the city of Madrid. Over the next six months the burnt-out shell was dismantled. According to ABC FOX, CNN and the BBC the Twin Towers exploded into dust because smaller fires had burned for 102 minutes and 57 minutes.   Go Figure!


          Go Figure!      also see  Madrid Skyscraper Fire

Cheap Energy

"I want an America that relies on its ingenuity and innovation, not the Saudi royal family."  John Kerry
Nov. 2004.

      "Sixty-two years ago, we brought together America’s best minds and most innovative technologies to develop nuclear weapons before they could be developed and deployed by our enemies. Our energy plan will Martial the same concentration of brainpower, willpower, and innovation to create new energy sources and technologies and put us on a path toward energy independence. This plan will generate 500,000 new jobs within a decade."  

Instead of John Kerry's Safe, Cheap &,Clean Energy Plan. The Bush Gang will use their personal cash-machines, Bechtel, Halliburton and the Carlyle Group to waste Trillions of Tax-Dollars needlessly draining the oilfields and insanely building more Chernobyl's. 

A proper President would introduce a Clean Energy Bill and bring the troops home tomorrow.


Nuclear Power Stations:
"Too dangerous and expensive"

April 2001. The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Conference dismissed the idiotic claim nuclear power is a "sustainable technology."

December 2001. Mr Blair's Performance & Innovation  reported.  "The best way to cut carbon pollution is to replace oil and coal-fired power stations with renewable energy sources," says a draft British government review leaked to The New Scientist. "Nuclear power is simply too dangerous and expensive.''

Following similar inquiries which signalled the welcome end of nuclear power in German and Sweden. The Performance & Innovation Unit (PIU) reported "the very high illness rates for children and young adults" in the locality of nuclear power stations made nuclear power unacceptable.


The report considered growing public hostility to the needless production of cancer causing radioactive waste, the risk of accidents like Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, the terrorism threat that nuclear power stations invite and the fact that nuclear power is now recognized by the UN as patently unsustainable, i.e. a complete waste of money.

The report, which made headline news Dec. 13, 2001, pointed-out that eighteen offshore wind farms would reverse Her Majesty's
policy of relying on her oil and nuclear investments to supply Britain's over-priced-electricity. Queen Lizzy was not amused. She told her whipping boy Blair to get Mandy Mandleson and Alley Cat Campbell to find some way to nuclear power to the public...

Three years went by and even the Queen's foulest pair of born liars couldn't spin nuclear power to the public. The whipping boy was then told to announce the Queen's intention to build "a fleet of new reactors" and ignore any public protests the same way he ignored the one million British people who turned-out to march and protest the illegal war on Iraq the week before it was illegally started. The whipping boy did as he was told.

 Greenpeace had expected this royal move. They took the case to court. The judge ruled that the whipping boy's ridiculous statement,  that nuclear power "has a role to play ..." was unlawful.
(HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE  London WC2 . 15th February 2007)

Can this judgement stop the nuclear-gravy-train the royals have been riding-on since Lizzy opened Britain's first reactor fifty-odd-years ago?
No. Not when you consider the royals multi-billion-investment in uranium mines and uranium prices have been on the up-and-up since the globalist bastards started using it as Dirty Ammo


Oil & Nuclear Gangsters
Waging War On Planet Earth

Every country runs on its energy the cheaper that energy the richer (and happier) that country is.
Dirt c
heap electricity from sun, sea and wind power-systems creates employment and reduces crime. Queen Lizzy and her comatose cousin Dubya could easily build these systems.
They prefer their "percentages" from Big Oil and government controlled nuclear outfits funded by the hapless taxpayer.

Andy Pandy's Travels Bulgaria
Hanover  2003

The Duke of York and his cousin the Bulgarian Prime Minister, Simeon Saxe-Coburg, visited British companies involved with the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum. Another royal cousin, President Bush, is presently trying to sell Halliburton Nuclear Services (Doomsday Machines) to Bulgaria.

In the 1980's IRA leaders shopping for cheap Bulgarian made arms & ammo liked the country so much they bought property and plots of land...
December 2004, after the £M23 Northern Bank robbery in Belfast, it was rumoured the bulk of the money had arrived in Bulgaria by private jet...
April 24 2005. The Irish Sunday Independent reported the IRA could be buying a Bulgarian Bank!
Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg is also the ex King of Bulgaria. "New Europe" promoters in the Bush White House are said to be Simeon's best buddies. Lack of Bulgarian money laundering laws is no doubt as attractive to the Bush Gang as any other gang of thugs.


 Bush's Brain:
Running On Empty

 George  Bush never learned how the tide of WW2 turned against America when some lunatic invented suicide (Kamikaze) pilots. Kamikaze squads sank troop & warships faster than the mighty US shipyards could build them. To end the conflict President Truman dropped the Atomic Bomb. Bush has done utterly nothing for the strategic safety or the economic strength of America. For no other reason than stuffing his family's offshore accounts Bush spends his time and billions your money recruiting Kamikaze squads who hate the West. One of these Bush made Kamikaze squads could be targeting a nuclear plant near YOU.



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