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The Real Oscars 

  Adi Roche Hails Oscar Win for 'Chernobyl Heart'  

Oscar Winning documentary 'Chernobyl Heart' features work of Chernobyl Children's Project.

Staff, friends and associates of Adi Roche's Chernobyl Children's Project were today celebrating following the announcement that the documentary 'Chernobyl Heart' had won a coveted Oscar at the 2004 Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. 'Chernobyl Heart' won the Oscar in the Best Short Documentary category. This film, which was produced and directed by independent US filmmaker features the work of the Chernobyl Children's Project. The documentary was shot over a two-year period in the Chernobyl-affected regions and documents the terrible effects of radiation, and the high levels of cancer, birth defects and heart conditions suffered by the region's children. Adi Roche was present at the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles and expressed her delight at the Oscar win: "It is a very great honour for our organisation to be associated with an Oscar-winning documentary. We hope that the exposure gained for this great win will help re-focus attention on the continuing desperate plight of the victims and survivors of the Chernobyl disaster."    'Chernobyl Heart'   www.chernobyl-ireland.com                      


The mechanical fault at Three Mile Island, (TMI) was actually more terrifying than Chernobyl. Mechanical failureís are, legally, An Act of God. You should not need a priest to tell you; building nuclear power stationís spitís in the face of all that is Holy. Nuclear power stationís poison the earth - and everything on it.
Wind, and sea-power-systemís are not only a million times safer. They produce much cheaper electricity.
The wind, and the sea, however, can not be classed as secret and thereby provide Heads of State with billions of taxpayers money under State Secret Acts.

The royal family will deny they profit from nuclear waste stations. But why else would this small island be running potential Chernobylís? If not to make money for the degenerate rich? The last Tory administration comprehensively  destroyed Britain's coalmining industry for no other reason increasing the royals oil, gas and nuclear profits.  Toady Blair wasted his time in Downing Street blocking any meaningful funding for safe energy and increasing the royals DU profits.

Royal Logic

From the start of the ĎAtomic Ageí the main financial beneficiaries of Britainís nuclear power (Bomb) industry has been the royal family. In the event of a British Nuclear 9/11 American armed forces will implement the immediate evacuation of the royal family. British forces will not be involved because they would realise their families are being abandoned to die of fall-out. The "royals" would then become bullet riddled toast.

               Nuclear Ghost Towns 2009
 Chernobyl power station stands at the end of this road, where the grass now grows mutated. The town above is one of 2000 towns and villages now abandoned forever around Chernobyl nuclear power station.
130 people per-square-mile used to live around Chernobyl.

 Understanding Her Majesty's

'Flog It'  Policy

1979. The near-miss at Three Mile Island nearly wiped-out Pennsylvania. The British Head Of State had a very simple choice. She could direct her government to phase out nuclear waste stations. Or continue pouring taxpayers money into nuclear waste companies owned, albeit indirectly, by the royals and their cronies. Her Majesty's
Government continued pouring the taxpayers billions into nuclear waste.   

1986. The accident at Chernobyl permanently poisoned an area the size of Wales. Once again the Head Of State could direct her government to phase out nuclear waste stations. Or continue pouring taxpayers money into nuclear waste companies owned, albeit indirectly, by the royals and their cronies. Her Majesty's
Government continued pouring billions of public money into the most hideously dangerous, most expensive, type of power station on earth.

Readers should bare in mind
the royal family have escape planes standing by 24\7. If the lid comes-off one of the royals investments the royals will be enjoying the Pacific sunshine on one of their palm fringed private islands before the BBC are allowed to announce Britain has become unfit for Human Habitation.   

The Head Of State, and she alone, decided to flog-off Britain's Public Services to profiteers (Privatising)
Her decision, in 1979, followed the near miss at Three Mile Island. When only a drop in temperature averted a nuclear explosion that would have been far worse than Chernobyl.

The week after Three Mile Island, '60 Minutes' on CBS illustrated how the prevailing wind pattern would have dispersed over 200 tons of fatal nuclear atoms.
Joe Public was not pleased to learn the fall-out would have poisoned all the soil, and the water supply, in Pennsylvania and half of Ohio. Causing the permanent evacuation of fourteen million.
State Governors suddenly understood the stupidity of producing nuclear poison nobody wants, needs, or knows what to do with. Plans to build 40 nuclear reactors in 32 States were scrapped in favour of developing more efficient oil, coal, and gas-fired power stations. In States where people had rejected Windfarms - saying they spoiled the view - Windfarms Ďsprang up like sunflowers.í  As was pointed-out at the time, a small country like Britain would be wiped-out by a serious nuclear accident. Looting Britainís assets (Privatising) has been Her Majesty's
Governmentís sole policy since Three Mile Island. Lizzy did not need her new Prime Mouthpiece, Margaret Thatcher, to tell her.

Public services are not required in a nuclear desert.
The royals will never speak-out against nuclear power they have at least $6 BILLION invested in uranium mines. None of them are in any way concerned if the lid comes-off Sellafield. Since the Soviets exploded their first atom bomb, 1949, the entire royal family have been ready to abandon Britain at a moment's notice. And let's face it. When you chose to live in obscene luxury surrounded by armed bodyguards and a flock of fawning servants. It really doesnít matter what part of the planet one happens to be killing dumb animals to pass the time of day.  Doís it?   The Enemy Within Dr. Jay Gould

Safe Power: Ignored

Solar Generation festival Solar Tattoo

Solar power, marine-wind-farms and marine-rock-lagoons are the easiest and quickest way to rid Britain of Targets Of Mass Destruction - Sellafield, Hartlepool, Heysham, Sizewell B, Torness, Hinkley Point, Hunterston and Dungeness. While at the same time cutting carbon dioxide pollution and saving billions presently wasted per-month on imported oil & gas. Obviously Her Majesty selects her ministers by their ability to ignore the truth. http://www.greenpeace.org/international/photosvideos/photos/solar-generation-tatoo

Since 1979 when the reactor at Three Mile Island proved a nuclear accident would wipe-out a small country like Britain, Privatization (selling-off public assets for private profit) has been the only visible policy pursued by Her Majesty's
Tory and Labour Governments.
The Queen gave her favourite "creative accountant" John Major and the Enron director Lord John Wakeham the job of privatizing nuclear power. This particular privatizing
rip-off sold nuclear stations, that cost the taxpayer £25 bn to build, to city spivís for £1.2 bn
Having shed the nuclear millstone Her Majesty's
Government could have built safe, cheap, clean power systems. But no. Ministers of the Crown were ordered to continue giving billions of the taxpayers money to "privatized" potential Chernobyl's. From a royal point of view. Safe-power-systems means the end of obscene profits from oil, gas and nuclear pollution. Costing one millions of unearned income per day! And one wouldn't want that! Would one?

Pripyat. Home to the workers of Chernobyl and their families (approx 50,000 people) Abandoned - forever -  27, 4, 1986. The day after the nuclear leak.
Pripyat is one of 2,000 nuclear ghost towns surrounding Chernobyl nuclear power station. It's important to remember it was a steam explosion that breached Reactor No 4. A nuclear explosion would have taken the other three reactors up into a mushroom cloud bigger than Hiroshima & Nagasaki put together. The fall-out from which would have poisoned most of Russia.

Crown Planning

In the late 1970's,. Economists were predicting, profits from the North Sea oil fields would give Britain full employment by 1995. With full-employment-tax-revenue rolling into Her Majesty's
Treasury. The Bank Of England was set to become the Central Bank Of Europe, with reserves of over £200 bn, by 1995-7. However. Queen Lizzy had other plans for Gods Gift of the North Sea oil money. Half the oil revenues disappeared in the Ďcreative accounting' of her prime puppetís Thatcher & Major. The other half was used to create Dole Queues and Cardboard Cityís from Edinburgh down to Plymouth.
Widening the gap between rich and poor (Divide & Rule) is the only way Lizzy can preserve the parasitic monarchy.
Between 1979-1997 the usual multitude of Crown dues, income tax, road tax ect. ect, averaged £1,000 bn per year. At the same time Gods Gift of £310 bn North Sea oil profits rolled into Her Majesty's
The fact that Thatcher & Major left a mere £27 bn in the Bank Of England (Gold And Foreign Currency Reserve 1997) Can best be explained in one word.

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