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Royal Intentions

When the Queen signed Britain into the Common Thieves Market she signalled her intention to sell all her governmental responsibility to criminal bankers. Privatization and the EU are all about cutting wages and keeping the poor poor. It is in their nature that super-rich-slobs want to see people living in poverty while super-rich-tax-avoiding-slobs live in palaces paid for by the honest taxpayer.
At the moment 90% of British Laws are still made by the Queen's bankers in Brussels. In a few years time Parliament may as well close down. Some would argue, for all the good it does, it has already has 
The Queen's latest Parliamentary Pantomime "Britex" will eventually fizzle out. Nothing will change the Queen's Master Plan of flogging Britain to the bankers building the New World Order.

                             Foreign firm's backhand "Lords for Hire"

Lord for Hire Taylor, right, told the House of Lords he saw nothing wrong with demanding backhanders of up to £1,000,000 for altering tax laws in favour of foreign outfits coming here to take advantage of Her Majesty's privatising and cheap labour policies.

 January 2009. Cabinet minister Jack Straw ignored questions over "a small election donation" from the Saudi's. The Electoral Commission may yet investigate the £2,000 gift to Straw's 2005 general election campaign. The money came from the Saudi outfit Westminster International Consultants on the same day as Straw received another "small election donation" of £3,000 from Lord Taylor of Blackburn. Taylor is one of the "Lords for Hire" who offered to help reporters (posing as bent lobbyists) for a foreign firm that wanted to amend a forthcoming law on business taxes before setting up in the UK.

   Peers Of The Realm attitude to Britain: Flog It!  This video shows a Crown Servant offering to table an amendment in Her Majesty's Parliament for a mere one-hundred-grand

2003. Lord Archer leaves jail to return to Her Majesties House Of Criminal Lords

There will be no inquiry into Her Majesty's many "Lords For Hire." 
There will be no inquiry into big bank spivs who stole
£300 BILLION from British banks. On the contrary; the honest taxpayer has been made to pay-back the £300 BILLION the spivs stole!!! One of these despicable banking crooks, 50 year-old Sir Fred Goodwin, is now in receipt of a pension paid by the honest taxpayer of over £13,000 per week for life (that's over £1,900 per day for life)  - while Her Majesty's old age pensioners have to live on £91 per week. In short. It will be the Queen's dirty business as usual

March 6, 2009

Lord Lady Mandy of Sleaze 

Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust Slime To Slime

Minutes after Leila Deen threw a pint or so of green custard into the face of the Queen’s Business Secretary, a man e-mailed BBC News with a marriage proposal for her.
Likewise over at Sky News members of the public had e-mailed their admiration and support for the girl who said what needs to be said about this mega-slimy-criminal-creep who should have no part to play in government.  Lady Mandy should be cruising with his billionaire boyfriends not promoting more Chernobyl's while flogging off the Post Office. This creep would never be employed by a decent Head of State. 

Mandy earned her place in Her Majesty's House-of-Lords-For-Hire
by imposing the EU Constitution aka Lisbon Treaty
on the public after Her Majesty's "government" reneged
on their promise of a Referendum. 

Crown Servants: Pigs at the Trough

 Kenneth Clarke has been in bed Her Majesty's  Business Secretary, Mandy Mandelson,
since the couple met at a Bilderberg piss-up thirty years ago 


 Clarke Backs Stealing The Post Office

Feb. 25, 2009. Drunken Tory slag-heap Kenneth Clarke, who’s main business is flogging cigarettes to third world children, has pledged to support Her Majesty's Government over the "part" sale of Royal Mail to money-grubbing-ghouls like himself and the Queen's favourite Queen Mandy Mandelson. Flogging-off the Post Office was first proposed by another Crown Servant - and ardent Europhile - Lord Heseltine in 1992. The record shows; it may take time but what the Queen wants to flog - gets flogged.


Michael Heseltine (now Lord) gets pelted with eggs in Liverpool. These were the days when he was posing as Environment Minister.
Heseltine's "novel answer" to the unemployment riots in Liverpool's Toxteh district was to open a massive Garden Center! Half of which now lies derelict; the other half fell into the money grubbing hands of Michael's property developing pals - for
Yuppie homes.



How The Queen Puts Foreigner's First



Crown Servants: Pigs at the Trough




The Nuclear Nutters Club

Titanic 2

The French nuclear giant Areva say they will complete the nuclear reactor, at Olkiluoto in Finland, above, despite Health and Safety inspectors finding 2,200 construction faults - including fatal flaws in the welding - thus far... 

Ordered in December 2003, for "the final price of EUR 3.2 Billion Euro" the Finnish nuclear folly has suffered the usual setbacks associated with building doomsday machines. Jouni Silvennoinen, the construction manager stated. "The basic design can be planned in advance but details have to be tailored to the individual project, and it takes a tremendous amount of work." Speaking of the Finnish nuclear power program in general, Oras Tynkynnen, of the Prime Minister’s office, stated. "Nuclear power has failed to deliver. It has turned out to be a costly gamble for Finland and for the planet." Last year the Finnish Parliament reported the Olkiluoto reactor would be three to four years late and would cost at least twice the original "final price." February 26, 2009, the latest estimate is EUR 6.6 Billion. In the construction industry the project has become known as Titanic 2.
As far back as 1985 Forbes magazine described the failed nuclear power industry as "the greatest managerial disaster in business history."  Managers blame the workers but managers and workers have no part to play in the nuclear charade. Nuclear reactors are built on the direct orders of the person in charge of the government.

Only Heads of State can access the horrendous amounts of money needed to finance the insane production of fatal nuclear waste - that no decent Head of State would sanction in the first place.


Nuclear Power: Update

Deformed nature has taken over Chernobyl's Nuclear Ghost Towns.
Plants, trees and grass are growing radioactive and mutated by uranium fallout.

right. Pripyat, one of the nuclear ghost towns around Chernobyl. This town is still too radioactive to demolish. The uranium dust would kill the demolition crews. Everything that grows here will be riddled with fatal uranium poison for thousands of years.

The Nuclear Nutters Club


Two old Queen's bent on building ten more
Chernobyl's in Great Britain... 


Chernobyl Today

Nuff Said





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