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Traitor Brown Say's "Don't Panic Nothing Will Change"

# Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Brown? #


What is this EU Constitution?

It was a Frenchman who first suggested one Parliament should make the laws for everyone living in Europe. Only teenage romantics and criminal lunatics running the thieving banks and tax-avoiding Globalist multinational corporations welcomed the idea.
Instead of having to bribe leading politicians in
different European countries. Tax avoiding global corporations like Monsanto, Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Bechtel, Blackwater, Halliburton et. al now have the much easier task of bribing just one gang of crooks based in Brussels. These crooks are unelected bankers puppets who call themselves The Council of Ministers.
If The Council of Ministers, decide that 65% of 337 million EU voters want Gmo's. The fact that nobody in Britain wants Gmo's doesn't count!!! 
You will still get Gmo's polluting your local farms and food supply!!! 
This is obviously
blatantly organized Grand Larceny.
The bankers running the EU call it 'Qualified Majority Voting' or 'QMV'.

   Payday at the Palace
Some people think the French Referendum said goodbye to the New EU Constitution.  Don't you believe it.
The Euro Landowners Club are bringing it in by the back door. 
Troops are deployed in the Congo, working under the articles set out in the New un-ratified EU Constitution!  And new office blocks for the new obscenely over-paid officials that were to be created by the New EU Constitution are still being built in Brussels! 

Added: These notes are just as important now in 2018 as when they were written.

 EU Constitution Debate House of Lords May 11. 2004.
Speaking against the EU Constitution Lord Waddington explained.
 'Article 1-1. The Constitution having been established as a result of ratification by the 25 member states will then establish the European Union. As one cannot establish something that already exists, legally the European Union re-established by the Constitution will be a completely new body, a legal entity in its own right.'  (Column 185 House of Lords Hansard 11 May 2004).

Lord Waddington did not say the emerging 'entity' would be a half Kafka half Orwellian Super State run by the banker's Mafia. He didn’t need to. Everyday the EU takes £M30 British taxpayers money. £M30 per day is our current EU membership fee!  When you consider what the Boys in Brussels do with our money you can appreciate the insanity of "Super State Economics."

Everyday Brussels spends £M10 of our money subsidizing our competitors! 
£M16 is spent on criminally contrived EU 'schemes' that benefit nobody but the super-rich and £M4 per day completely 'disappears' in 'administration!'

Politicians who are not on the EU administration-gravy-train demanded a Referendum on this Mother Of All Dodgy Dossier’s – the EU Constitution.
Tory MP Bob Spinks wasted no time telling Her Majesty's Government where to stick it. Spinks, who represents the good people of Castle Point, Essex, informed the Table Office and the media.
'The British Parliament is here to protect Britain's liberties, not sell them down the river.
That is why we in Castle Point compiled a Petition to force the Government to listen to the people. People of all political persuasions, and of none, queued up in all weathers to sign it.' 
The Petition states:  
We the undersigned declare. The new Constitution, with which Her Majesty's Government have agreed in principle, affects democracy in the United Kingdom, self-government and the national interest. The Petitioners therefore demand a Referendum on the new Constitution at the conclusion of the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC Brussels - June 2004)

While collecting signatures Bob Spinks informed the public how the very Law itself would be made in Brussels. 'The new Constitution criminal justice agreement, [Chapter 4 Section 4] gives the EU the right to set Rules of Evidence and states - The Council of Ministers can add to the list of judicial area’s they wish to control! '   This means the end of Trial by Jury! A State appointed Judge will decide who goes to jail or not. Anyone who speaks out against the State will be banged-up for sure.

The history of the EU illustrates why the EU 'management ' need to control arrest warrants.  Aided by the first Treaties of Rome, the Single European Act, Maastricht, Amsterdam and Nice Treaties  the Council of Ministers have 'disappeared' twenty-pence out of every single pound paid into the Common Market the EEC and the EU!  They are by their own rule immune from prosecution. 


Were the EU a private company the managers (so-called Commissioners) would be doing life for stealing £200 bn of the taxpayers money. Last April, Parliament’s own National Audit Office confirmed EU Commissioner Neil Kinnock's 'administration reforms' did worse than nothing to reduce rampant corruption. Under Kinnock; whistleblowers are still being ignored, ridiculed, threatened or bought-off; and harmonized-cross-border-frauds have blossomed anew. 

The New EU Constitution consigns Maastricht etcetera to the Brussels dustbin. The stink of highly organized crime, however, will never go away. By signing The Single European Act, Maastricht, Amsterdam and Nice Treaties the Queen locked Britain into a powerless position. Britain has just 11.5% of the vote in the Council of Ministers.  50% of the legislation presently going through Parliament came from; or had to be approved by the EU. The Constitution is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. By agreeing to sign the new Constitution Mr Blair signalled the Queen's intention to surrender British policy making to a gang of foreign fat cats using a voting system in which Britain can not win!  

Annex 2: Article 1 of the new Constitution explains 'Qualified Majority Voting.'  
A qualified majority shall be defined as 55% of the Council of Ministers (read Muggers) representing 65% of the population of the EU.

Which means:  If the Council of Muggers decide that 65% of 337 million EU voters want Gmo's. The fact that nobody in Britain wants Gmo's doesn't count!  You will still get Gmo's polluting your local food supply!Qualified Majority Voting will be manipulated to apply to everything from nuclear power to government pensions and hunting with dogs. As Lord Hurd stated in the House of Lords, 'every nook and cranny' of Parliamentary business will be taken over by Brussels. 

  A month before the Intergovernmental Conference in Brussels
The House of Lords debate sorted the wheat from the chaff.

Baroness Noakes told the House.  'The most important threat to our taxation autonomy is the ECJ (European Court of Justice) ECJ Article 43 is used as a Trojan horse to attack national tax laws forcing a change in our law. It started with a case of consortium relief, brought by ICI, that cost British taxpayers a lot of money. The Chancellor had to devote his valuable time and a great chunk of this year's Finance Bill to introducing a raft of bureaucratic and costly intra-UK transfer pricing rules following the German case of Lankhorst Hohorst. There are many other [time & £millions wasting] cases in the pipeline. If the Government are serious about our taxation remaining a prerogative of our Parliament it actually requires a change to the Constitution to ensure that the ECJ cannot interfere.'  (Column 208 House of Lords Hansard 11 May 2004).

Lord Monsoon detected a sea change in our attitude towards the EU.  'Even publications such as the Financial Times and the Economist have changed their tunes, only the other day the Economist described the EU's policy of subsidizing sugar producers as both economically stupid and morally indefensible. That is just one example. It is not only the EU's actual policies but the disgraceful chronic tolerance of widespread fraud and fiddling, coupled with shameful attempts to intimidate and suppress whistle-blowers, that have generated disillusionment.'  (column 185 House of Lords Hansard 11 May 2004).

Listing the reason's why Prime Minister Blair's Red Line's are the usual Red Herrings. Lord Willoughby de Broke told the House.  'I shall borrow the Prime Minister's brand of would-be cool rhetoric.'  It is kind ‘o’ dumb to pretend the Constitution returns any power to member states. It ain't gonna happen baby. It will all be done in Brussels under Article 17. The Boy's in Brussels will have the absolute right to legislate when and where they like!  'One-hundred-thousand EU Regulations have already been imported into UK Law yet we are expected to allow the EU to make things even worse. My Lords. Give me a break!'  (Columns 222-223 House of Lords Hansard 11 May 2004).

Baroness Noakes, Baroness Park, Lord Blackwell, Lord Pearson, Lord Monsoon, Lord Willoughby and Lord Stoddart all spoke in scathing terms against selling-out to the Boy's in Brussels. Unfortunately they were talking to themselves. The House was all but empty. This is because most members of the Lords benefit from the EU. Europhiles (Lord Heseltine et al) are only interested is stuffing their off-shore accounts with fraudulent profits from totally needless EU 'schemes.'3  The BBC and British newspapers hardly reported the debate. 4 To print-out the full debate; see below.   

June  18th  2004.  The Queen's Prime Mouthpiece, Mr Blair, attended the IGC in Brussels with his legal team to discuss the Constitution. They had 275 concessions that Members of Her Majesty's
Parliament were demanding - mostly concerning the awesome powers and procedures of the European Court (ECJ),  248 were summarily rejected! The other 27 were modified so the Boy's in Brussels could reject them later!?

Mr Blair, did not say. "How dare you dismiss our demands? On behalf of the British people I'm ending these negations now and retuning to London."  Blair did what his boss, the Queen, had told him to do and agreed that Britain would sign the Constitution. 

Britain has the highest income per head in Europe. We are the richest country in Europe and the fourth largest economy in the world. We trade with 172 non EU countries without the need for gangs of goose-stepping little Hitler’s dictating how we should name, pack, price and present the fruits of British labour. Yet we are forced to give £11 bn per year to the EU!
Complying to EU imposed schemes, laws and regulations costs Britain another £19 bn per year!

Further integration is not only totally unnecessary it is a recipe for disaster. Every able-bodied worker in the 'New Europe' is presently earning far less than our school-leavers earn at the local supermarket. Where do you think these 'New European's' are heading?

Mr Blair said he would stop illegal immigration through the Channel Tunnel. He chose to ignore Polish buses full of 'holidaying' youngsters arriving at Victoria Coach Station, London and returning to Poland half empty.

Immigration whistleblower Steve Moxson remains suspended for revealing how one-legged Bulgarian "roofers" and fingerless Romanian "sparks" are waved through our ports with ferry-loads of their mates. Everyday we read the people traffickers have devised some new method of defeating British entry procedures. Cheap foreign labour means less jobs and lower pay for British born workers - not to mention the inevitable ethnic conflict. Which of course the royal family thrive on. Divide and Rule being their only purpose in life. While the poor are fighting each other the royals continue looting the Treasury unnoticed. The case of twenty-one drowned Chinese cockle-pickers proved Her Majesty's Government couldn't care less. While the media circus concentrate their clowns on illegal immigration the Queen and her ministers are quietly filling their off-shore accounts by selling Britain down the river.

June 19th 2004. After the IGC in Brussels Mr Blair stated.
'The EU can not interfere with Parliament. We have got all the concessions we asked for.'
Even for the pernicious Mr Blair this was a ground breaking lie.
As stated above, of 275 specific objections, raised in six months of Select Committee meetings, 248 went straight into the Brussels shredder. The remaining 27 clauses, giving total control to the EU, were re-worded to allow the ECJ to replace the ECJ's original intentions, at some later date, with irreversible EU Law.
Britain will be instantly out-voted in anything the EU Parliament proposes and the EU Court approves.
British MP’s may seem powerless now. Under the Constitution Parliament itself can shut up shop.
Every authority - from Chief Constable's to your local hospital will come under order's from the EU Reichstag.
Those who think Mr Blair's ludicrous 'red lines emergency brake' will stop truckloads of unwarranted EU Legislation will be flattened by the convoy. Hedgehogs crossing the M1 come to mind.

As a young man, TV chef Keith Floyd described the EU as 'a Cordon Bléu thieves kitchen.' Fellow chef Rick Stein use’s much stronger language in his campaign against the EU's immoral fishing and farming policies. Ex Labour MP  Robert Kilroy Silk is another 30-year-critic of criminally contrived Common Market, EEC and EU deals designed to fool the uninformed and empty the public purse. In the coming months Floyd, Stein and Kilroy Silk will explain why any further integration fly’s in the face of common sense. Unfortunately the knee-bending media will make certain voter’s see and hear far more back-handed ministers of the crown than any honest and truthful EU critics.

If the gullible are conned into voting 'Yes.' As they were in the 1975 Common Market Referendum. The Queen will gleefully sign away Parliament’s remaining rights. A process she started in 1972.5  Placemen committee's in Brussels will then dictate how Great Britain earns and spends it’s income. Nobody in the British Parliament will be able to stop the all powerful EU abolishing pensions and the minimum wage.

In the final analysis confidence creates jobs. There is no confidence in the EU. Unemployment is rife. This is not the first time enlargement has been used to distract the media from the fundamental failings of EU  'policies' cooked-up in Luxembourg and Brussels by the bankers placemen. Proper investor’s will not spend money in any country run by thieving fat cats. The only investor's who arrived in Tory Britain 1979-97, came because they were bunged with billions of the taxpayers money, by the likes of Board Of Trade President, Michael, (now Lord) Heseltine. Having received their bungs, the Tory’s pals upped-sticks and relocated in some other country with a bent government, adding thousands to the Tories (traditional) dole queues. After a few years of New EU Constitution Rule, by fat cats based in Brussels, Thatcherism will return with a vengeance. Thatcher's sink estates will be replaced by sink Cities. Crime and the benefit's culture Thatcher's mass unemployment created will quadruple.
Whoever becomes the Queen's next Prime Mouthpiece, will then rightfully say. 'Nuffing to do with me guv. This is what the peasants voted for.'

Between now and the Referendum - remember we are legally bound to pay the EU membership fee of £M30 every 24 hours because we were conned into voting to stay in the Common Market 1975. And don't forget. EU Super State 'economics' demand unemployment is used to balance the books! 
In the run-up to the Maastricht stitch-up EU accountants demanded Chancellor Cole sack 50,000 miners to meet the insane Maastricht Criteria! Not only did this 'economic necessity' fail to reduce government liabilities, Germany became so weak it reneged on the myopic Stability Pact, cobbled together to shore-up the Euro. German unemployment remains at Thatcherite levels!  Proving, as if proof were needed, Super State 'economics' are a sick joke.

As you listen to Mr Blair following his orders from the Queen. Remember his words from 1983.
 "We will negotiate a withdrawal from Europe which has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs."    Sedgefield Election Address,1983.

And bear in mind Lord Stoddard's truthful words. 
 "Last weekend, the BBC wheeled out its resident Europhile, Lord Heseltine, who I do not see in his place today to debate this matter. As usual, the BBC gave him twice as much coverage as it did to Mr Davidson who was putting the other point of view. Of course, last Friday, Heseltine, was also on the BBC's Question Time. As usual, there were three Europhiles and only one person from the United Kingdom Independent Party.
That is the attitude of the BBC all along. It simply does not understand that there is a large body of opinion in this country that is not only opposed to this constitution, but would also like to withdraw from the European Union altogether. There should be no more BBC breakfasts with the Europhiles, as in the 1975 referendum, so that it could sort out what lies it would tell during a particular day. Everyone knows my view of the European Union. We should never have got in. It is about time that we got out."
Column 225 House of Lords Hansard 11 May 2004).


BBC’s 'Breakfast with Frost.'  Had this been an unscripted interview. Frost could have reminded viewers. Before he took the Queen's shilling Mr Blair used to tell political meetings he 'wouldn't hesitate to pull Britain of Europe.' 

20th June 2004.
As Lord Stoddart predicted the Establishment started it’s brainwashing campaign with the chief myth maker telling a fellow multi-millionaire we are not entering a Super State run by the super-rich strictly for the convenience of the super-rich.  Blair said "political debate over the EU Constitution will be a battle between reality and myth."  
The reality is; the EU costs Britain at least £30 BILLION PER YEAR.
The myth is; this is good for Britain!? 

Finger wagging Mr Blair told his pal Frosty he would not be rushed into a referendum on the Constitution. As with making the spurious case for war on Iraq Blair needs time to muddy the waters. Apart from the Campbell scripted Frost show the BBC consistently fail in their duty as a public service by ignoring organized crime in the EU. This is the third time EU enlargement has acted as a smokescreen to hide the scandal of 30 years of unfettered thuggery and wholesale corruption.
The BBC should be asking why Her Majesty's Government ignores the taxpayers billions disappearing down the EU drain? Not how best to make the situation worse! 
And should not the British Broadcasting Corporation be asking the Labour Prime Minister. ‘When is Britain leaving the manifestly criminal EU where unemployment has remained at Thatcherite levels since 1989?’
Surely BBC so-called 'reporters' should be asking. 'Who? Other than despot's, who create unemployment to reduce wages, would want Britain to join the EU dole queue? WHO? Mr Blair? WHO?

June 21st 2004. House of Commons EU Constitution Debate.  
Tory MP, Richard Shepard and Ulster Union MP David Trimble, managed to catch the speakers eye to remind the House; Blair’s visit to Brussels merely confirmed the European Court Of Justice will have "supreme jurisdiction."
Regardless of anything any MP may say. The EU will over-rule the British Parliament. Period.

The Hutton Whitewash proved how much we can trust the Establishment. Bunged judges and a foreign “supreme court” will turn Great Britain into a forgotten province of the Fourth Reich, where the peasants work for food in GM paddy fields.
Britain’s interests would be best served by leaving the EU.

1 & 4   Details of how the Queen's ministers paved the way for the Brussels version of the Doomsday Book are given in House of Lords Written Answers, Hansard JJuly 10 2003, at columns 50 - 51 & April 26 2004, at columns. 72 -73. Lords Hansard Home Page.   If you don't know why the Queen is more than happy to sign away Britain’s right to rule Britain. Read the real history of her family. Who are no more royal than they were ever British.    Pocket Guide.  

2   Neil Kinnock, a typical coin-operated fat cat better known as “Kinnochio The Worthless Welsh Windbag.” In 1984 a whistleblower in Tory Central Office gave him the plan to decimate the coalfields (177 of our 223 pits were to be closed-down to suit the Queen's oil and nuclear-vested cabal).  Kinnock, refused to use the information!? His reward was a phony baloney job in Brussels paying over £300,000 per year for doing sweet  F.A.  

3 & 5     56_Set Aside.  

4  & 1   EU Debate May 11 2004.   EU Debate June  27 2003.  

And  Written Answers July 10 2003 & April 26 2004. Lords Hansard Home Page.  


July 8th 2004. Vice President of the European Commission Neil Kinnock is said to be 'bloodywell hopping mad' at an ex EU auditor-cum-whistleblower, Paul van Buitenen, who is now investigating Kinnock's non existent 'administrative reforms.'  In 1999 Paul van Buitenen exposed fraud in every  EU institution. His facts and figures ousted the Santer gang. All of who should have been asset stripped and jailed for life.  Only those in receipt of million pound bungs advocate staying in the inherently corrupt EU.

  For corrupt practices mincing Mandy Mandelson was sacked. And sacked again from the Queen's cabinet by public demand. Not surprisingly the Queen has made Mandy her new EU Commissioner. Need I say more?

cartoon The Sun 27 July 2004. 

Added Oct. 30 2004. For his part his in EU Cover-ups Queen Lizzy made her corrupt EU Commissioner, Neil Kinnock a Life Peer.

Single Currency

Lizzy & Co have long been itching to repeat the Grand Larceny perpetrated in the name of "Decimalization Harmonization," when the retail price of everything you can think of was  "rounded-up for accounting purpose's."  The public were robbed of £Billions. The New EU Constitution objective of 15% VAT will be the next gravy train for the ungodly;  15% will be strapped-onto everything you need, including holiday travel!
No one who isn't steeped in criminal intent could advocate an army of Brussels' based creative accountants shuffling £Billions of VAT around on a hourly basis. But that is what Lizzy wants. Why else would her "government" be even contemplating dumping the pound? Why else did Lizzy take Britain into the Common Market in the first place? If not to increase her own fortune. Our trade with Europe has doubled naturally every twenty years since the end of the Napoleonic Wars. So why the hell should we have to join Europe!? 

Since Lizzy signed Britain into Europe British taxpayers have been surcharged billions of pounds per year for totally needless trade agreements no honest Head Of State would have even dreamt of signing. Every one of these "agreements" i.e. Maastricht, were hoisted on the public by bent government ministers in the pay of the world's largest corporations. The main shareholders in these same corporations (Lizzy & Co) may hide behind a maze of nominees but common sense should tell you GMO (read food control) outfits, like Monsanto, would be outlawed by an honest Head Of State.


June 12, 2008. EU Ban's Dogs from the Kitchen!


March 15, 2009. The EU has spent almost £20 million of taxpayers' money building swimming pools in the Caribbean!    Telegraph

also see    Top 100 EU frauds   



The Danish Way. Safe, Clean & Cheap

How the Queen blocks cheap power

Off-Shore Wind. Power Unlimited.

 Half the American wind farms that ‘sprang-up like sunflower’s’ after Three Mile Island (1979) Were built with Danish made turbines. Surprisingly Danish offshore wind farms and turbine factories have created thousands of ancillary jobs by becoming popular tourist attractions. The Japanese are fascinated by these "new age windmills." The Danish government long-term energy plan, 1995, set a target of 20% of electricity consumption (6.8 TWh) from safe-clean-power-systems by 2003. This target was easily surpassed. Denmark now has 9.2 TWh of it’s electricity coming from safe renewable sources.   Danish private investments in safe-power-systems are now 38% above the government suggested targets. By then the Danes will have 50% of their electricity from safe-clean-power-systems.
Her Majesty's "government" will have less than 5%Always providing Lizzy hasn't provoked a couple of Iraqi suicide squads to opened-up Sellafield and Sizewell B and turned this green and pleasant land into a radioactive NO GO AREA.

When she ordered the totally needless Sizewell B in 1989 the Queen proved she couldn't care less if Britain is written-off in a nuclear accident. Keeping privatized nuclear reactors running on public money proves yet again how the Queen puts her nuclear profits before her subjects - who she will abandon to die of nuclear cancer the moment the lid comes-off one of her nuclear investments.   

Her Majesties Transmission Charges

Bonnie Scotland has wind and water power in perpetual abundance. HMG has no intention of using them. The Pentland Firth, described as the "Saudi Arabia of tidal power." Has been left gagging for development funds despite numerous appeals to Thatcher, Major and Blair.  A proposed hydro station with a 100 year design life could be up running at Loch Ness. And more important could be the first of many in Scotland, were it not for HMG's contrived transmission charges, likewise, the Beatrice marine wind farm, out of sight in the Moray firth, will pay up to £20 million per year more in charges than a wind farm in the blue-belled fields of Merry England.

This is how Her Majesty's transmission charges stop our greatest natural resources being developed: Scots power stations now have to pay the government  £18 - £12 for every single kilowatt connected. The price drops to £5 in the North of England. But if you build a wind farm in scenic Devon you will be given £5 per kilowatt! 
Her Majesty's transmission charges (Energy Act 2004) were designed to stop safe, cheap power-systems being developed.  
It is government policy to promote the building of Wind Farms in beauty spots to goad the gullible into accepting potential Chernobyl's -  tastefully landscaped with rows of conifers - of course. 
Denmark’s development of safe, renewable energy has led to a £4 billion a year export market employing 15,000 people. Scotland could do the same if we had an honest Head Of State.


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