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 below,   The Queen's uncle on a regular visit to Cartier, Paris.

The Queen's uncle on a regular visit to Cartier, Paris.

David Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick Saxe-Coburg-Gotha who became King Edward 8th in 1936. He reigned from January to December, before throwing a royal wobbler and abdicating.
King Edward 8th, (Davy to his mates) spoke fluent German. His childhood holidays were spent with the Kaiser on the family's German estates. Like his niece, the present Queen, Edward was an ardent racist. In a letter from a royal tour of Sierra Leone he tells his German mother, Queen Mary, he was “disgusted to be approached by a black priest.” As the cartoon shows royal groupies, surely the dregs of brain-dead-idiots followed him everywhere. The future Queen Mum was one of those debutante clamouring to climb into bi-sexual Edward’s bed. During the Depression Edward gave one London jeweller 2,920 precious stones to make a different ring, for each finger of one of his girlfriend’s, for every single day of the year!  (The precious stones came from the Royal Jewel Rooms, started by the Norman King's, known since 1917 as "The Windsor Mines") As Prince of Wales Edward "mined" millions of pounds worth of rare jewellery to adorn his American girlfriend Wallis Simpson. After the abdication Lizzy Bowes Lyons (later the Queen mum) who was kicked out of Edwards bed for being too fat)) demanded the jewels be returned. Her request was ignored.

As Prince Of Wales Edward had alienated Parliament by blaming ‘inadequate politicians’ for starting WW1 - not his uncle the Kaiser.
He felt the same way about  politicians in the two years before WW2. Like the rest of the royals he thought German occupation of Britain would be good for the British...
After WW2, Edward & Wallis as the Duke & Duchess of Windsor, became fashion icons in the mega-rich Jet Set.
In the autumn of 1946, Lord Dudley invited the couple to spend a few days by the river Thames at Ednam Lodge, Sunningdale. The early evening of October 16 was clammy cold and misty. Ideal conditions for the burglar(s) who, it is said, entered Ednam Lodge and stole Wallis’s jewel-case - the size of a standard suitcase. Unusually in a country-house robbery nothing else was taken. Scotland Yard were called to the scene. 

The following Stolen List was circulated within hours of the theft.
One diamond bird clip                                                     
One diamond and aquamarine brooch
One platinum and diamond bracelet with six large aquamarines
One aquamarine ring with solitaire aquamarine, stone-weight 58.2 carats
One gold ring with golden sapphire, stone-weight 41.4 carats

One solitaire square cut emerald ring, stone-weight 7.8 carats
One pair of diamond and sapphire earrings
One pair of diamond ball earrings
One pair of shell shaped earrings with blue and yellow sapphires
One double gold chain necklace with blue and yellow sapphires

et cetera.
The usual ten percent reward was offered for any information.
Apart from 18 earrings found near the empty jewel-case on the near-by golf course, the  ‘Sunningdale Jewels’ are still missing - 2018.  The unusual use of et cetera at the end of the Stolen List opened the door to unusual press speculation. 

‘Did the case also contain some of the royal jewels Wallis had refused to hand-over?’
‘Was it a real thief, or an Agent of the Crown sent to retrieve the jewels?’

The chances of a real thief accidentally dropping 18 designer earrings were put at 100,000 - 1.
This bizarre find, the following day, on a golf-course where Edwards’ few friends in England were members, only serves to deepen the mystery. Many believed the Queen Mum ordered MI5 to retrieve the jewels. Speaking on Radio Australia in 1989. Exiled spy and MI5 trained burglar, Peter Wright speculated: MI5 trained burglars work in teams of three. They would have studied photos and descriptions of jewels and jewellery Edward had taken from royal jewel rooms. The team would take only what they came for. The jewellery Wallis reported stolen, would not have been stolen. They would have been left in the jewel-case. Finding only the royal jewels missing Edward would soon guess who was responsible. He could hardly call the police to report stolen jewels stolen. He could however, hide Wallis’s own jewels and have a friend dump the empty jewel-case and scatter some earrings. To make it look like a real robbery. He could then claim insurance and stick two fingers up at his arch enemy the Queen Mum.  Considering how he sacked under-maids and pageboys - to pocket their wages - he would have no qualms fiddling Lloyd’s of London. Edwards life-long friends in Amsterdam’s diamond market could easily have re-cut, re-set and sold the jewels reported stolen. October 1948. The London Evening Star reported.  ‘Missing Gems: Lloyd’s Pay Duchess Of Fashion £20,000.’   Scotland Yard is still unable to explain the deafening silence following the reported robbery. Had it been a real burglar, a member of the criminal fraternity would surely have cashed-in on the ‘royal story’ long before now. 

  Edward & Wallis as the Duke & Duchess of Windsor, became fashion icons.  Tom Tierney.

The passage of time did nothing to dim the Queen Mum’s hatred of Wallis & Edward (right) Only when Edward was dying and family loot had to be discussed was it deemed necessary for Prince Charles and his legal team to pay him a call in Paris... 
Edward & Wallis died without heirs which meant most of their fortune reverted to the family. Their wardrobe and furniture was auctioned-off in New York for £M25. Only Queen Lizzy knows what cash, shares, land and property reverted to the family's Swiss Trusts. Queen Lizzy leased her uncle’s love-nest, Fort Belvedere, Windsor Park, to one of her horse racing billionaire pals, the Sultan of Dubai.  The Sultan agreed to allow the Prince of Parasites to stable some of his polo ponies at the Fort. The Sultan soon tired of playing host to "Big Ears, Po Face and the brain-dead polo set". He moved out when he realized the Prince of Parasites expected him to pay for the ponies feed! Big Ears then applied to Gordon Brown, saying the taxpayer should pay for feeding royal ponies because they were occasionally used in charity matches. Gordon Brown told him to fuck off. The Queen still rents out the Fort to billionaires and pockets the rent.

Dim Albert & and his bitch                          "The Backward King"
George 6
th with the self possessed debutant who perpetuated the phony monarchy by having herself artificially inseminated - twice.
izzy Bowes Lyons
was one of many totally self-centered-filthy-rich-debs who set out to marry the Prince Of Wales - who became King Edward 8th. She ended-up with one of his backward brothers - Albert, Duke of York.
She became known as the Dowdy Duchess. When Edward 8
th abdicated Albert changed his name to distance himself from Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert. Still despised by those who knew the true history of the royals as "that greedy German." Albert become King George 6th. His deb became Queen. When Albert died of drink she insisted on being known as "The Queen Mother."

Crown Immunity

Papers released in 1986, under the American Freedom of Information Act, prove the Queen's uncle ex King Edward, as Governor of the Bahamas during WW2, was involved in big-time money-laundering. Making himself a cool $2M. His accomplices were jailed. Edward, being a 'royal' had Crown Immunity From Prosecution. 

Memo. The Queen’s known fortune makes around £M50 Every 24 Hours. In interest alone. Compare her family's annual unearned income with your pay. You should see why this family of congenital thieves do not deserve your support - let alone your money


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