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The Gathering Storm

1932. Winston Churchill was visiting Bavarian battlefields of old. On his travels he noted the German Establishment ignoring the Nazi's ruthless persecution of the Jews.
One of his hosts delighted in telling him, over 90,000 school children had joined the paramilitary Hitler Youth Movement. Instinct told Churchill 'the war spirit, now sweeping the country, would be turned loose on France and Britain.'  The same year, one third of the German electorate, nearly fourteen million, voted Nazi. Giving Hitler 230 MP’s in Parliament (the Reichstag). 



 Sir Oswald Mosley

Sir Oswald Mosley MP, left the Tory Party to form his own political party, the British Fascist Party (Blackshirts) Mosley was a lifelong friend of the present Queen’s uncle, Edward 8th. Who gave up the Crown to marry a "commoner" leaving his throne to his backward brother who was crowned King George 6th.

As Hitler put Germany back to work and British dole queues were growing longer and longer. Oswald Mosley and Winston Churchill, from their very different points of view, accused the King's pals leading the Tory Party of fiddling while Rome burned. They were both royally ignored.               


1933. As leader of the largest political party Hitler became Chancellor. He banned all opposition.
The Communist Party, the Socialist Democrat Party and Trade Unions were now illegal. The same year saw the opening of concentration camps.

Hitler’s Brownshirts who became the secret police (Gestapo) made no secret of the fact these camps were for the state murder of all shades of political dissidents. Either you joined the Nazi Party or faced beheading for Treason! To discourage any would-be dissidents Guillotines were erected behind court houses!

1934. Hitler styled himself The Fuhrer. Head Of The Third Reich.
Which he assured the world 'would last a thousand years.'
By now his re-building program had halved unemployment and the paramilitary Hitler Youth numbered three-and-a-half million.

1935. Hitler announced he was violating the 1919 Treaty of Versailles and rearming Germany to 1914 levels.
The French and British who forced Germany to sign the
1918 Versailles (disarmament) Treaty, ignored its violation.
Hitler's Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935 were likewise ignored by the French and German
aristocracy and not least the backward German King of England and his pals running his Parliament.

All over Germany signs now warned.
Jews Not Allowed In This Town., This Village, This building. Jews were ‘officially no longer citizens.’ Those who could, left Germany.
Those who couldn’t were spat at in the street. Churchill had warned Parliament this would happen as early as March 1933. His Establishment pals said he was 'paranoid.'

Germany 1937 All school-kids were brainwashed with Nazi ideology. Parents who disagreed could kiss the kids goodbye.  
Nov. 29 1937,  A group of pacifist parents appeared before the Waldenberg court accused of 'raising enemies of the state.'  
The parents were sent to concentration camps. 
The kids were taken into care. The judge stated. 'The law entrusts German parents with the education of their children only under certain conditions.'


1938. Thanks to Nazi policies Germany now boasted full employment.
Hitler annexed Austria. At the Munich Conference, Britain, France and Italy agreed Hitler could annex the Sudetenland. In effect giving him Czechoslovakia.


1938. Sept. 30th The King's Appeaser, Neville Chamberlain returned from the Munich Conference where he sold-out the Czechoslovakian people and personally thanked Adolf Hitler on behalf of the King for banning the Communist Party. (Communists had executed the Russian branch of the so-called "royal family".

1938. Nov. 9th  Crystal Night.
Across Germany Hitler's Storm-troopers smashed the windows of Jewish shops and homes. Hundreds of Jews were battered to death in their own homes, 100 synagogues were burnt down, 30,000 Jews were rounded-up like cattle and transported to holding camps. The British Establishment ignored Crystal Night The British branch of the "royal family" had nothing against the Nazi’s. Hitler was only doing what the royals do. Divide & Rule. 

The Duke of Beaufort 1936.
The royals and their Establishment  chose to ignore Hitler's Gathering Storm. 

1929-39 Mass unemployment followed the Wall Street Crash. In the same decade, as the royals and their pals 'the landed gentry' grew richer on dirt cheap labour, Britain’s fox and stag hunts increased in number. Principle hunts, like the Royal Beaufort, had an average of 60-70 riders 6-days-a-week!    



Seven years into 'The Gathering Storm.' King George 6th, guided by the Queen, (who would later style herself 'the Queen Mother') was still resolute on Appeasement. Which meant doing nothing about German 'domestic affairs' i.e. State murder camps and Crystal Night. [ King George 6th was a retarded alcoholic. Imagine George W. Bush with a stammer and you have a fair idea of the King George 6th's  leadership qualities.] He was often drunk for days on end. The Queen had to explain the state papers delivered to him each day (Red Boxes) and tell him which to sign.

1936 cartoon.
Four’s Company"  Hitler, Daladier, [France] Mussolini,[Italy] and the King’s friend Mr. Chamberlain [UK].

The King's personal pals, Prime Minister Chamberlain, and Foreign Minister Lord Halifax, would have preserved their privileged way of life by signing an negotiated peace were it not for Winston Churchill.

Out of power, growing old and bellicose on the back benches Winston Churchill had been a lone voice ‘ranting on about the Nazi menace.’


The King's Establishment were able to ignore Churchill's warnings until August 1939 when Hitler's envoy, Von Ribbenthrob, flew to Moscow to sign the Nazi Soviet Pact. By now Churchill had enough support in Parliament to turn the public against Appeasement.  

 1939 cartoon. Churchill had friends in the Secret Service who gave him reports from agents in the field. His friends in high society told him the news from their cousins in Germany. He had friends in the navy high command who gave him Battle Plans and the strength of the German fleet. The messenger pigeon represents his civil service spies in Whitehall.

Sept. 1st 1939. The Soviet and Nazi armies invaded Poland. Thirty-six-hours later Labour MP Arthur Greenwood stood-up in a packed House of Commons to shouts of. 'Speak for Labour Arthur.'  'Speak for Labour.' Then out of the blue, a Tory MP, Leo Amery, cried.  'No. Speak for England Arthur!' Amery was expressing his disgust with his own party leaders cow-towing to Hitler.
Liberal and Labour MP’s cheered like mad and took-up the cry. 'Speak for England Arthur! Speak For England!' Most Tory MP’s squirmed in silence. Greenwood’s question to Chamberlain’s front bench.  'What are we waiting for?' Clarified the public’s growing fear of Hitler.
The public did not want another war, but Churchill’s warning’s had all come true. The Nazi’s had to be stopped. Chamberlain was forced by public and parliamentary opinion to issue the obligatory ultimatum. Either the invading forces pulled out of Poland or Britain would come to the aid of Poland. Hitler ignored the ultimatum.

Sept. 3rd  1939. Chamberlain declared war but he did nothing to help the Poles.
Over three million Poles would be murdered on the street, or at Auschwitz, Treblinka or Majdanek. Another two million were transported in cattle trucks to gulags in Kazakhstan, Siberia ect. Over 10,000 Polish officers were gathered at Katyn and massacred by Soviet secret police.
We now know. For twelve months after declaring war, the King’s men, Chamberlain and Halifax were still discussing a deal with Hitler
!  Which they undoubtedly would have done. Were it not for Churchill rallying the public against Hitler.
German occupation of Britain would not have inconvenienced the filthy rich - especially the German royals. Hitler's Panzer's would have goose-stepped into London the same way they did into Paris - without a shot being fired. The French Establishment Appeasers had signed a negotiated peace treaty which left two fifths (the south) of France unoccupied by Hitler's troops.
King George 6 would have left the Nazi's running the country while he and his family carried on as usual hunting 'n' shooting and entertaining their German cousins to the usual sumptuous banquets in an unoccupied Scotland.

May 1940. By now the British public were demanding Chamberlain’s resignation. Churchill replaced him as Prime Minister - which did not please the Establishment.

The leading Tory, King George 6th, wrote. 'I can’t think of Churchill as Prime Minister.'
The Queen Mum hated Churchill for trying to crown a "commoner" - Wallis Simpson. She hated the thought of losing her Civil List even more.
She knew the royals had to be seen to support Churchill. Or Parliament would suspend the Civil List and the public would demand the royals leave Britain. In short; the royals would be seen as the worthless parasites they really are.

When war was declared. Ex King Edward, now living in Paris, was given a none-job ‘liasing with the French.’  Edward did not move into his military billet as ordered, preferring to stay home with Wallis, on Boulevard Suchet. Handy for their favourite snack-bars the  Maurice and the Ritz. When Hitler marched into France, Edward disappeared. Choosing to take Wallis on holiday - to Spain and Portugal. Any other officer deserting his post in this way would have been shot for Treason. Edward being a "royal" was shipped-out of the way to be Governor of the Bahamas. Where, we now know, he was in constant contact with Hitler’s agents. At one point he told Hitler. ‘Saturation bombing [the Blitz] will bring them to their senses.’

September. 7th  1940. The codeword Cromwell was issued. Hitler’s invasion was expected at any time. On that day, French Chef René Roussin was told, escape planes were on stand-by to evacuate the royal family. The Queen (later Queen Mum) had chosen him, as one of forty chosen Household Staff, to accompany the family to America. The invasion didn't happen but the escape planes were kept in constant readiness throughout the war.' 'The family were always ready to abandon Britain at a moments notice.' 'The family pulled off all kinds of disgraceful publicity stunts [photo shoots] pretending to take part in the war effort. While all the time knowing their escape planes were only a car ride away.'  In one stunt, Movietone News show’s the present Queen 'Digging For Victory' in one of the kitchen gardens at Windsor Castle. According to the commentary 'the royals had to manage, like their subjects, on home grown potatoes, powdered eggs and that tiny ration-issue of meat and sugar that leaves everyone feeling hungry.' In truth, the war made little difference to the royal menu. Roast beef, spring lamb, fillet-steak, venison, grouse, partridge eggs, pheasant, trout, salmon, most things the family would normally order, in season, were served as per usual. They even insisted on their personal Royal Coats of Arms stamped on their individual butter pats, as per usual! Throughout WW2, wherever the family were hiding, deep beneath Buck House or Windsor Castle, or up at Balmoral, they were served the usual surfeit of the best of everything. Their favourite chocolate pudding was served on gold plate, as per usual.
The King, George 6, drank a decanter of 20-yr-old malt every night. The Queen Mum sipped Gordons & Dubonnet - day and night. While Londoner’s sheltered from Hitler’s bombs in foul-stinking Tube stations. The royals were waited-on hand & foot as per usual, in the 'Little Palace,' 100 feet beneath the 690 roomed Buckingham Palace.  (The Little Palace, only 24 rooms, was built, at the taxpayer’s expense, shortly after the first bombs to fall on London were hand-dropped from Zeppelins - 1915).  
They did of course sally forth from their halls of plenty to visit the latest bombsite and tut-tut. Then as now, photo shoots were essential, to fool the ignorant into thinking the royals care about Britain. Had they not put on the walk-about-pantomime even the least intelligent would have realised how needless royal parasites really are. Visiting East End bombsites they had to be surrounded by armed guards. Men who had fought for King & Country in WW1, only to be treated like vermin ever-since, had threatened to 'lynch the two-faced bastards.'  Throughout WW2 a company of Grenadier Guards and two Troops of Armoured Car shadowed the royals. Ready to speed them to their escape planes the moment an invasion was confirmed. Anyone who got in the way would have been shot.  
As you read this. Helicopters are standing by. Ready to lift the royals to the nearest  ‘clean’ airstrip in the event of a nuclear accident or a nuclear 9/11. USAF jets will fly the family to 'a safe location somewhere in the Indian Ocean.' Anyone who gets in the way will be shot.
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