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Royal Family Planning

Long before WW2 started, the present Queenís uncle, ex King Edward 8th, did a deal with Hitler. If it did come to war - and Hitler won. Hitler would have returned Edward to the Throne. Hitler guaranteed the safety of the all the royals to make this acceptable to the British public. The stuttering King George 6th would have been more than happy to step down; taking his family to live abroad.




Berchtesgaden, Oct. 1937  
Edward and Wallis went to Germany to meet the leading Naziís, Goring, Himmler and Hitler himself.
The royal family had spent the previous four years ignoring Hitlerís ethnic cleansing. Edward's pal Rudolf Hesse was Hitler's right-hand-man (Deputy Fuhrer) German "royals" had been the first to join Hitler's new Luftwaffe, army and navy.




WW1: Hitler's Homecoming  

After WW1 the German Establishment like the British Establishment had returned to what they do best. Breeding dumb animals to kill - to pass the time of day - on their country estates.
Corporal Hitler, who won the Iron Cross twice, returned from the trenches to a wrecked economy where work was hard to find. He drifted into politics after learning Jewish agencies were importing train-loads of illegal immigrants from the Ukraine to use as dirt cheap labour in his native Austria and in Germany.
The German Establishment who profited most from dirt cheap labour, like their British cousins, ignored the poverty of unemployed ex-soldiers, War Heroís included.  

1921. Hitlerís National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party)  was born in the beer halls of Munich.
Hitler promised 'Nazi Germany' would be run by a pure German military elite committed to expelling all non-German influences from trade and industry and regaining the territory lost in WW1. 

Munich 1923

1923.  The 'Munich Putsch.' Hitlerís attempt to take-over what he saw as Ďa government of Jews and Marxists.í Landed him a five-year jail sentence. However, his promise of ĎGermany for the Germansí had made him a few friends in high places. He was released after just nine months. He now committed himself to gaining power legally - through the ballot box. His campaigns against Jewís, Capitalistís and the Communists, made for an uphill struggle. 

1928, the Nazi Party polled 800,000 votes. This put 12 Nazis MPís into the German Parliament (Reichstag) 

1929, the Wall Street Crash doubled unemployment and did wonders for Hitler. The German Establishment cut their stock market loses by closing shipyards, mines, mills and factories. Germany's disgruntled unemployed turned to the Communist Party. In the next six months the Establishment were mortified to see the communistís gained four million new members. Communist's had executed the despotic Russian royals and their landowning pals. German landowners who previously ignored the nauseating 'Austrian Corporal' now saw him as an nauseating necessity. Either the idle rich supported Hitler or a communist revolution would have wiped them out. The record shows. The German, French and British Establishment had come to fear their own downtrodden workforce far more than they ever feared Hitler. They could do a deal with Hitler. They could not do a deal with revolting peasants.




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