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Lizzy Bowes Lyons: The Brains Of The Outfit

Married at a time when most British people lived in extreme poverty. The Queen Mum chose to spend her 'extended' honeymoon, on the taxpayers money, shooting dumb animals in Africa. August. 2003. Her great grandson Prince William was reported as 'really enjoying himself' stalking and killing dumb animals, on the taxpayers money of course, on one of the family's African estates.

Royal Wedding 1923

 Elizabeth & Albert with their parents.  Left to Right. The Earl and Countess of Strathmore. The future Queen Mum, the future King George 6, Queen Mary and King George 5.  Elizabeth became known as the Dowdy Duchess. Later photographs would be doctored. Photographer Cecil Beaton 'fiddled about in the dark room' to give the dumpy Dowdy Duchess a new image.


    Lizzy Bowes Lyons

Elizabeth Bowes Lyons set-out to marry Edward Prince of Wales . Edward kicked her out of bed. She become Duchess of York in 1923, when she married Albert, the eldest and the dimmest of Edward’s three brothers. Elizabeth, who hated the name Lizzy, was known for her "charm." Which made most people's skin crawl.  
Edward's girlfriend, Wallis Simpson, was an excellent mimic. One day at Fort Belvedere, in Royal Windsor Park, Wallis had the houseguests in hysterics with her impression of Elizabeth giving chocolate biscuits to subjugated servants. Unfortunately Elizabeth was listening at the drawing room door. 
The famous "Wallis incident at the fort" is blamed for Elizabeth’s lifelong hatred of Wallis. The real cause was much deeper and much, much, greener.  Elizabeth would never forgive Edward for kicking her out of bed years earlier.  Edward’s equerry, Sir Dudley Forwood, became convinced Elizabeth wanted MI5 to arrange a fatal for Wallis.

December 1935. Wallis was one of many house-guests at Trent Park. Home of one of Edward’s bankers - Sir Phillip Sassoon. While staying with the Sassoon’s Wallis was unexpectedly invited  to Denhem Place. Sir Robert Vinsittart’s country home. In her book, The Heart Has Its Reasons. Wallis recalls the Sassoon’s treated her like a Queen-in-Waiting. At Denhem Place she was sure she was being interrogated. She would later learn Sir Robert was the acting head of MI6. It was his job to inform King George & Queen Mary how the foreign press reported the royal family. The US press had predicted Wallis would be Queen. Sir Robert could have told Wallis, Queen Mary had vowed she never would be.

Family Affairs

January 1936. Edward was not overcome with remorse when his mother put his father to sleep. Queen Mary had Lord Dawson murder George 5 (with a "whizzbang" an overdose of cocaine and morphine) for two reasons. Firstly the old man was in pain. Secondly. Had he died in daylight the London daily newspapers, The Star, Standard and Evening News would have been first on the streets with his obituary recalling his palace-pampered 'life.' Eating, drinking, shooting and sailing - on other peoples money. Queen Mary insisted the Palace paid Times announced his death. George was bumped off at 11 pm, 20 Jan. 1936. An hour later the Times was churning out the Palace scripted 'glowing' obituary.

Edward’s favourite cousin, Duke Charles of Saxe-Coburg, an old Etonian and founder member of the Nazi Party, attended the funeral in his Nazi uniform. Over the ham sandwiches Duke Charles asked the new King Edward if his prime minister, Baldwin, wanted to arrange a private meeting with Adolf Hitler.  Edward replied. ‘I am the King here. I will let you know when I want to meet Hitler.’

In his first few months as Head Of State, Edward returned State Papers to Whitehall, smelling of expensive perfume and malt whiskey. Leading to malicious, but probably true, rumours he opened his Red Boxes with Wallis naked on his knee and a bottle on the desk. As his affair with Wallis became public knowledge he failed to understand why most MP's and most housewives were complaining they did not want an American divorcee as their Sovereign Queen.

October. 27. 1936. Shopping stopped in Ipswich.
All the townswomen were surrounding the Assizes hoping to catch a glance of Mrs. Wallis Simpson. Ninety burly police officers formed a ring-of-steel round the courthouse. French and American pressmen mingled with the crowd. Le Monde reported. ‘Police officers man-handled people from the court entrance. Two press cameras were deliberately smashed by violent officers.'
 The Judge, Sir John Hawke was angry. Very angry. He had never seen so many policemen bused-in to protect participants in a child murder case - let alone a sordid little divorce case. The staff of the Hotel de Paris, Bray, established beyond reasonable doubt, Ernest Simpson had stayed at the hotel with a lady calling herself ‘Buttercup’ Kennedy.1  To the Judge, it was obvious ‘Buttercup’, Ernest & Wallis Simpson were working together. This was no eternal triangle. This was a charade.  Sir John could do no more than grant Wallis her decree nisi and award costs against Ernest Simpson. Costs, which Sir John knew would be paid by King Edward, out of taxpayer’s money. The public knew enough about Edward to guess he had paid Ernest Simpson - to leave Wallis free to marry. After the court case, crowds gathered outside Buckingham Palace. Oswald Mosley’s men came to shout their support for ‘Good King Edward.’ Other’s vocalised their belief. ‘Mrs Simpson. American Gold-digger.’ Police and the Palace Guard had to intervene as temper’s flared. Prime Minister Baldwin requested an unscheduled audience with the King. He told him the cabinet and the shadow cabinet were against his ‘continuing with Mrs. Simpson.’  Embarrassing sex partners of the royal family were usually dealt with on the platform of Victoria station - as the boat train got up steam. Edward made it clear, Wallis would not be accepting a nice house in the south of France and a Treasury pension, Wallis was different. Edward then shocked his Prime Minister by saying he would abdicate if he could not choose his own wife.  Baldwin's diary notes. ‘I returned to No 10 in need of an early night.’  

Day’s later Edward started his first royal-walk-about as King.  Movietone News had always portrayed him as Prince Charming. Edward was looking forward to the usual crowds of organised flag wavers being shown in every British Cinema. He believed he was popular enough to stop Parliament interfering with his marriage plans. The people of Wales, however, had listened to Edward’s promises of jobs and slum clearance in his younger days. No jobs had been created and the slums were worse than ever. On this occasion many chose to ignore the royal visit. And many came to jeer.
The surviving doctored Movietone Newsreels show a frowning Edward looking at the stinking slums saying. ‘Something must be done.’ 2  They do not show his angry subjects shouting. ‘Bollocks, we’ve heard it all before.’ ‘Fuck-off back to your Palace.’ Edward was not suffering the pains of hunger. The Welsh were. Edward's subjects were not proving as compliant as he thought. Sir Oswald Mosley took it upon himself to march his Blackshirts through the East End. ‘To enlist support for the King.’ Most Eastenders didn’t feel like enlisting. They painted road, rail and river bridges with the message. American Whore Go Home.
The rejection of Edward's of wedding plans up-set his old pal Winston Churchill. On Dec. 7 1936 Churchill took it upon himself to address the House of Commons on ‘the King's right to choose his own wife.’ Churchill was hooted and viciously shouted down. ‘Relentless baying from both sides of the House.’ ‘A football crowd crying foul.’

Churchill at this time was seen as just another old, cantankerous backbencher. Out of office and at loggerheads with his party leader Baldwin he had not been told the Cabinet had decided Edward had too many skeletons rattling in the cupboard. Churchill would have kept his mouth shut had he known Baldwin and Edward's mother Queen Mary were plotting Edward's demise. Hours after Churchill’s drubbing in the Commons Baldwin told Edward, either Wallis went, or the King did.  Edward’s ego, as Baldwin knew, would not bow to Parliament. Baldwin called the Privy Council into session. Wallis, her nerves shattered by the 'East End Messages,’ had left for France. As she arrived in Cannes, arguments commenced in the Privy Council. The Council’s problem, was the next in line, the Duke of York.
The Queen Mum never forgave those who argued her husband was unfit to rule. York was only happy surrounded by fawning servants who only spoke when spoken to. Real life gave him stage fright. British newspapers called him ‘backward’ and ‘stuttering shy.’ The French and American press saw him as ‘a well dressed imbecile, and ‘an inbred idiot.’
From 1924 onwards, the Queen Mum had employed the world's finest speech therapists to improve his stammer. But the Council knew the business of State was beyond 'stuttering Albie.' 
Edward’s younger brothers, the Dukes’ of Gloucester & Kent, had to be considered.
Gloucester excelled in the royal love of the bottle.
Many argued Gloucester, drunk, would make a better King than York, sober. Council members who argued in favour of Kent, the youngest brother, pointed to his outgoing personality. Painfully lacking in York and Gloucester. Kent also had a stately wife, Marina of Greece, and a male heir. Regrettably, Kent was a busy bisexual with a passion for hard drugs. Kent was happiest in the company of society dope-pushers and black chorus-boys. It was no secret he had slept with ‘The Master’ - Noel Coward.  After days of grim deliberation the Privy Council decided on York.  

 December 11 1936. Edward broadcast his decision to abdicate to marry Wallis. His speech, written by Winston Churchill, left the public feeling sorry for him. Loving a divorcee was, seemingly, his only ‘crime.’  
Edward accepted a Dukedom (of the phony House of Windsor) and £21,000 per year. He would live abroad and only visit Britain with Crown permission. Two days before signing the Instrument Of Abdication, Edward summoned Sir Edward Peacock, Governor Bank of England, to Fort Belvedere. Less than a week later Edward arrived at Schloss Enzesfeld, near Vienna, home of Baron Eugene de Rothschild. Edward’s first priority was sorting-out his personal maze of British and foreign bank accounts from the family’s mega-maze.  While Edward had access to the Jewel Rooms he had given Wallis jewellery worth untold £Millions. Queen Mary now sent a lawyer to Cannes where he immediately called-on Wallis. He asked her to hand back the jewels. He was politely told to piss-off.  

1 Mary Kirk Raffrey, an old friend of Wallis’s.  
What he actually said was. ‘Something must be done to keep them in work.’ However; Edward was genetically programmed to hit the grave without ever doing anything for anyone - except his 'royal' self.

Baldwin's Decision

Had Edward been worth keeping. Stanley Baldwin would have kept him as King. Simply by arranging the kind of secret pension Ernest Simpson could not refuse - to prevent Wallis ever getting a divorce. Baldwin had over a year to buy Ernest Simpson’s co-operation. In which time he could easily have set Wallis up in one the dozen’s of Grace & Favour apartments a short drive from Harrods and Fortum & Mason's. But Baldwin preferred to let Edward go his own way.
Many had predicted Edward’s dim-witted stuttering brother would fail as King. Had that happened, the Establishment may have invited Edward back. Seventy-year-old Stanley Baldwin had past caring. No doubt he had not forgotten his own financial appeal to the German royals to help Britain create jobs after WW1. Which they refused to do. In May 1937 Baldwin was succeeded by the royals chief Nazi appeaser Neville Chamberlain.

June 3 1937. Only 16 people from Britain attended Edward’s marriage in France. The new Queen (later Queen Mum) had warned the landed gentry. "Anyone seen at the ex-King's wedding would be permanently ostracized from the Royal Court."
The Queen Mum made sure her backward husband denied Wallis HRH status. Legally, no King has the right to deny his brother’s wife HRH status. But the phony Windsors were never legal, moral, honest, or anything like decent. Three weeks after the abdication Edward was told to stop phoning his brother. As 'the King was too busy to talk to him.' At this point Edward finally realised he had been a bloody fool to hand over the Crown. In the following month the Queen Mum used her pals in the press to report the true character of 'Prince Charming.'  The public were surprised to learn Edward's first official action as King had been to transfer the cash reserve of the Duchy Of Lancaster (£38,000) into his pocket. They were even more surprised to see the facts in print.  'Anyone who dies in the Duchy without leaving a will forfeits all assets to the Crown.' 'Taking this money was literally robbing the dead...'  Edward had also sacked spare hall-boys under-gardeners, under-maids, under-footmen and spare page-boys - in order to pocket their wages. In his brief reign, 11 months, he pocketed £7,500 in 'saved' wages. Those dismissed had tied cottages, or they lived below stairs, Edward made them jobless & homeless in a time of mass unemployment. From 1910, Edward had received an annuity of public money of £50,000. Thanks to the Queen Mum, the public learned he had stolen £M1 from his annual grants from Parliament (£M1 then is equivalent to stealing £M30 now (A figure she would dwarf in her own over-long long-prolonged free ride on the royal gravy-train).)

 France. 1937. Edward weds Wallis. The new Queen (later Queen Mum) had warned the Establishment anyone attending the wedding would be insulting the new King. Edward’s old pal Winston Churchill declined to attend. Edward was more offended by his own brother’s refusing his invite.

The new Queen also made it known she would not tolerate any mention of Edward or Wallis in any of the Royal Households. The  "Household Directive" below circulated three days after the abdication tells you all you will ever need to know about "life" in the Royal Household.   

Household Directive

"Household Staff Will Be Dismissed And Houseguests Asked To Leave If They Make Any Mention Of The Ex King Or His Associates".


see   http://www.sxolsout.org.uk/8a.html


 1935.  Royal Windsor Great Park. The present Queen aged 10 with Albert, Duke of York, soon to be King George 6. Forty percent of British children at this time lived in crumbling slums in constant hunger.  Preserving the royal way of life – at the taxpayer's expense - is the royals sole reason for living.   





Young Queen At Play 


 "Lilibet never missed her morning ride"




Old Queen At Play 
Too old for any more boyfriends & having nothing better to do with her time Lizzy gets her kicks these days strangling half-shot grouse, pheasants and ducks. On this occasion she is seen bashing a pheasants head in with a stick. All Lizzy's shoots are paid for by the TAXPAYER.
Another little earner for Lizzy is the Balmoral ponies that carry the deer she shoots in the season. The ponies are put to work out of the killing season.
carrying rich kids: Trekking at Balmoral 10 am – 4 pm £130.00 per child.                  

                                            Book by e-mail.  trekking@balmoralcastle.com


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