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Mr Baldwin’s Scheme

  Royal Lip Service   

World War One left the British Treasury £8 Billion in debt. In June 1919 a landed Tory MP, Stanley Baldwin, started a fund to create jobs. He gave £100,000 - one fifth of his personal fortune - to the Treasury! He asked that every Establishment family to do the same.
As a Treasury Secretary, Stanley Baldwin knew the royals and the landed families had £Billions in investment portfolio's, sitting in Swiss banks, they would never need. Had the Establishment followed his lead, the Chancellor would have had more money to create employment than ever before. But. Instead of the £2 Billion plus Stanley Baldwin had expected. Just £470,000 was donated to the Treasury. Mainly from families with far less to spare than Stanley Baldwin. While paying lip service to Baldwin’s scheme, the obscenely rich German royals and their landed pals had no intention what-so-ever of doing anything for Britain and the British.
King George 5th was the first King to use the new tool of radio (
British Brainwashing Corporation) to tell the public all was well when most of his subjects lived and died in grinding poverty. 
After WW1 the King's landed Establishment, who promised 'A Land Fit For Hero’s,' were preoccupied breeding more animals to shoot to pass the time of day - than one’s neighbour. Britain's landed Establishment had gone straight back to fulltime foxhunting and/or awarding themselves The Triple Crown, for bagging a brace of grouse, shooting a stag and catching a salmon - on the same day. Promises to the ordinary man, who won the bloody war, were completely forgotten.

The Establishment: Lizzy Bowes Lyons (The Queen Mum)

Glamis Castle Scotland. The Bowes Lyons ancestral home. The Queen Mum was brought up, lived and died, surrounded by unctuous servants. Her father, the Earl of Strathmore, owned two castles and three hunting estates. Nobody really knows where the Queen Mum was born. Or indeed who she really was. After her first official appearance, on one of the Strathmore English estates, it was said, she was her father’s illegitimate child to a Glamis Castle housemaid – secretly adopted a month after the Countess of Strathmore lost the child she was carrying.
The Earl was fined seven-shilling-and-sixpence for not registering her birth (Not reporting a birth was a jailable offence but members of the Bar used to shoot on the Earl's estates). The Earl told the Court he was busy with the deer shoot when his wife went to London to have the child. He assumed his wife's staff had registered the birth. According to the Earl she was born on his Hertfordshire estate. Parish Records refute this. Likewise the local Hertfordshire press, carrying little else but local events, births, deaths and marriages makes no mention of the Countess’s happy event - which would have been front page news.

Friend’s of the Countess claimed the child was born in Bickerstaff Mansions, opposite Baker Street Station. Society gossips claimed she was born in a Harley Street Clinic. In both case’s it was alleged the Countess was holding the hand of the real mother - the housemaid - who signed the child over to the Countess a month later, days before the house maid and her husband sailed for America.
On one occasion the Queen Mum told a biographer she was born in a London ambulance. But that was reported as her way of saying she neither knew nor cared. Proving her actual birthplace is as unlikely now as proving her real mother. The royal family's re-writers have done their usual shredding-job of the Strathmore family correspondence. The truth was buried long before she was.  On the bright side. The truth about the real father's of Prince Andy Pandy and Princess Edwina can now be found in your local library.   
see. The Royal Marriages, Smyth Gryphon. Lady Colin Campbell  and Queen Elizabeth 2… not amused.  Carol Publishing Group.  Nicholas Davies and Prince Philip, a critical biography.  Sidgwick & Jackson.  John  Parker  &  Elizabeth, Mandarin Books. Sarah Bradford,.  and

The Highland Clearances

March 1814. Establishment family the Leveson-Gowers, led by the Duke of Sutherland, decided to clear their Sutherland estate. After serving eviction notices, the Duke ordered his agents to ‘burn the landscape.’ Effectively starving the tenants cattle - which forced the tenants to sell their only supply of milk for their children. While the men were at the cattle market the Duke’s agents demolished their homes. Scattering nursing mothers, weeping old women and screaming children onto the freezing moors. Cottage remains were then ‘oiled and fired.’  ‘April 7th we counted 250 smouldering pyres of hovels fired that day.’ By June, two large parishes, over one million acres, were completely cleared of people. Two years later the landscape was ‘white with sheep.’  ‘Highland Clearances’ continued throughout Victoria's reign.  
Anyone who did not bow and scrape to Victoria’s Establishment was termed a ‘non conformatist.’  December 1874. A non conformatist pamphlet, ‘
Rich Man Poor Man’  was distributed in Sutherland, listing the Leveson-Gower’s British assets.  
‘The Duke owns the following homes in Scotland; Dunrobin Castle, Loch Inver House, House of Tongue, Tarbet House and Castle Leod. 
In Staffordshire,  St. James’s Park, Trentham Hall and Stafford House.
In Shropshire, Lilleshall Hall.
In Buckinghamshire, Cliefden.
The Duke also owns. 1,176,454. Acres in Sutherland.
                                    17,495. Acres in Shropshire.
                                    12,744. Acres in Staffordshire.
                                      1,833. Acres in Yorkshire.

The Duchess has an estate of 149,879 acres in Ross. Making 1, 358, 425  Acres in total.
The Duke of Sutherland, who will never do an honest days work in his life, rents out most of his land which returns £140, 928 per year. The average land worker earns £29 per year. ’

   see Wage Control. Fourth Report of Commissioners Royal Commission on Employment in Agriculture. Parliamentary Papers H of Cms. Vol. X111. 1870, London 1870.  And. Returns of Agricultural Labourers’ Average Weekly Earnings. Parliamentary Papers H of Cms. Vol. L111. 1873, London 1873.
Also see. Modern Scotland: The Nation From 1870. J.G. Kellas. Pall Mall. London. 1968. And. Sunday Times Rich List.  

                                  Lady Rosemary 


Lady Rosemary Leveson-Gower.  When her uncle entered London night clubs the band struck-up,
 # The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo.

The Privy Council meeting that changed the "royals" German name to Windsor (1917) advised King George 5th to complete the deceit by changing the royal marriage policy - of marrying foreign cousins. In future, "royals"  would be allowed  to marry into landed British families. 
Six months later, 23 year-old Edward, Prince of Wales, fell in love with Lady Rosemary Leveson-Gower, 24 year-old daughter of the Duke of Sutherland.

The Duke had died the year before, leaving her a land based fortune. In her diary of February 1918. Lady Cynthia Asquith records. ‘Edward dances with her, and motors with her in the day.’ 

Rosemary just smiled when the handsome bi-sexual Prince proposed to her. She would later tell a trusted friend, Lady Victoria Paget, how, over six months, she gradually came round to the idea of  ‘Queenship.’ 
Fifty years later Lady Victoria Paget’s diary for 1918 was published. It revealed, Rosemary had told her.
 ‘He’s weak. Like a big child. But I think I can make something of him.’  
However, when the Prince told his parents he wanted to get engaged. The answer had been a resounding no. Rosemary’s uncle, the Earl of Rosslyn, was celebrated as one of the worlds big-time gamblers who inspired the song The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo. After being declared bankrupt for the second time the Earl had become a celebrated drunk. George 5
th knew all about the dangers of drink. His ‘Falstaff complexion’ was a constant worry to Queen Mary. But at least the King managed to stay up-right. Rosemary’s uncle, usually left London clubs and casino’s feet first
Through no fault of her own, the lovely blue-eyed Rosemary wasn’t given the opportunity to make something of the future King Edward 8
A few years later Edward was best man at
Rosemary's wedding. Rosemary moved in the same filthy-rich circle as the not-so-lovely Lady Lizzy Bowes Lyons.

(More than King George it was his stoutly German wife, Queen Mary, who vetoed the Leveson-Gower marriage. Mary lived to bitterly regret her decision).

St. Morizt 1915. Favourite venue of war profiteers and their agents\nominees.                                   
fat arse in moriztAfter WW1 the royals resumed their usual lifestyle. Entertaining German cousins with the usual gold plate banquets after hunting on their various estates. Racing their yachts at Cowes, their horses at Ascot. Fashion shopping in Paris in the spring. Cruising the sunspots in the summer and, of course, the usual winter bash in the Alps - paid for by their bankers.

                          The Usual Nominee’s

Mary's Brothers

 George 5th, centre, with Princess Mary, Queen Mary and four of Mary’s German born brothers who ferried royal loot abroad.


Labour MP’s called the creation of the phony House of Windsor.  ‘A German insult to the British people and a fine old castle.’ Newspaper owners were bribed never to mention the family’s real name, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, or their maze of investments. The British public soon forgot the phony royals are not even British. 

 ‘Thick-set’ Lizzy Bowes Lyons set out to marry the future King Edward 8th.

Press  reports speculated they were secretly engaged. Some gossip columns would later apologize for the speculation. Apparently Edward had kicked Lizzy out of bed in favour of another self-seeking Establishment filly. A process he repeated ad nauseam for twenty years. Lizzy ended up with one his lacklustre brothers - Albert, Duke of York.  


 The Queen Mum fishing in New Zealand

Queen Lizzy's Mum

Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon became Duchess of York in 1923, when she married Albert the dimmest of Edward’s three dismal brothers. She became Queen when Edward shocked the world and handed over the Crown to Albert.





Royal Wedding 1923

 Elizabeth & Albert with their parents.  Left to Right. The Earl and Countess of Strathmore.
The future Queen Mum, the future King George 6, Queen Mary and King George 5.  Elizabeth became known as the Dowdy Duchess. Later photographs would be doctored. Photographer Cecil Beaton 'fiddled about in the dark room' to give the dumpy Dowdy Duchess a new image.

Married at a time when most British people lived in extreme poverty. The Queen Mum chose to spend her 'extended' honeymoon, on the taxpayers money, shooting dumb animals in Africa. August. 2003. Her great grandson Prince William was reported as 'really enjoying himself' stalking and killing dumb animals, on the taxpayers money of course, on one of the family's African estates.


The "Sporting"
Royal Family


King Edward 8th tiger shooting,
below hunting with the Royal Beaufort
& in a royal carriage with little Lizzy







right King George 5 who doted on his granddaughter Lizzy was not the nice old man conjured-up by false historians constantly corrupting television screens. While visiting his troops in the trench's George was heard complaining 'Can't they do anything about all this bloody mud? I should be shooting at Sandringham.'
The spy Anthony Blunt was one of King George 5th’s bastard sons. He was, however, the soul of discretion compared to his bi-sexual son’s whose abuse of the servants matched his father Dirty Bertie. In common with his  ancestors George 5 did everything possible to increase his Civil List (money for nothing) while doing absolutely nothing for his subjects living in filthy slums and constant hunger. Following the criminal path of his father Dirty Bertie and his grandmother, Queen Victoria, he spent his reign stealing millions from the Civil List to invest abroad.

State Papers released in 1986 prove, on top of his wartime profits, George 5 stole a minimum of £22,000 from the Civil List every single year of his 20 year reign. Most of which would have ended-up in Swiss Trusts started by his grandparents Albert & Victoria.   

Like his grandmother Queen Victoria and his grand-daughter the present Queen, George 5 discussed royal investments with royal bankers Rothschilds et al while entertaining them at the taxpayers expense.
George only entertained the richest of the rich who provided the best investment advice.
George had been serving in the navy when his brother, Eddy, suddenly died. Making him Heir Apparent. Serving with older wiser officers George had a finger in every pie as oil-powered ships replaced coal-fired merchant and military fleets. Oil wells were always high on George's investment list. At the same time he was buying into American & Arabian oil wells with money stolen from the Civil List by his father and grandmother he was using his own Civil List (taxpayers money) to rear over one million birds for his shooting party’s at Sandringham - his favourite sporting estate.  
Sandringham workers were the lowest paid in England. They lived in fear of being sacked for not doffing their caps whenever a so-called "royal" appeared. 

1920-21. As Stanley Baldwin forecast, unemployment soared. Reaching 1.4 million. Employers used the growing dole queues to blackmail every type of worker into taking half pay!  1921. George 5 insisted he needed another £103,000 added to the Civil List - for entertaining!  Some MP’s found the King contemptible. But, then as now, Parliament contained far more spineless royalists than honest MP’s. George was granted another £100,000 money-for-nothing.

Men signing-up to fight in the trenches had been promised A Land Fit For Hero’s. After they won the war for their "lords and masters" the ordinary man was made to continue like Dark Age peasants tugging their forelocks to their ‘masters.’ The slums got worse. Unemployment, especially in Wales, became a way of life. Child abuse by fathers driven mad by boredom was rife but ignored. Straightjackets were issued to Police stations to restrain men trying to cut their own throats and ‘berserkers’ smashing-up public buildings. 
While his subjects were driven mad by starvation King George 5th spent his days entertaining his bankers while trying to beat his best score of 12,109 birds for one winters shooting!

1923-24 & 1924-29. Baldwin served George 5 as Prime Minister. He found himself responsible for covering-up royal scandals. Paying off drug dealers, rent-boys & disgruntled Camilla’s, with public money (now including his own £100,000) gave him no pleasure at all.

1935. Aged 70, Baldwin was a spent force when the mantle of Prime Minister fell to him for the third time. Months earlier Prince Edward up-set his family by saying he would marry his twice-married American girlfriend, Wallis Simpson below.

Divorcee’s were, rather bizarrely, barred from the Royal Court where buggery, adultery and incest is par for the course. One of Wallis’s forefathers, Pagan de Warfield, had fought alongside William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings. William gave Pagan de Warfield a plot of land - ironically in Windsor. Another Warfield ancestor had saved George Washington’s life, by shielding the future President from an English dragoon wielding a sabre. Again ironically, Washington was an ancestor of Elizabeth Bowes Lyons - the future Queen Mum.  Despite her royal connection’s most of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family (now fraudulently calling themselves the Windsor’s) took an acid dislike to Wallis. Wallis found herself being followed. She came to believe it was Edward’s German mother, Queen Mary, who suggested MI5 should ‘knobble’ her. Agents reported Wallis was in regular contact with Germany’s top envoy in London, Joachim Von Ribbenthrob. This could hardly be used against Wallis. In 1935 Britain’s German royal family had no quarrel with Germany’s rising star, Adolf Hitler. After all, Hitler was only doing what royals do. Divide & Rule. German royals had been the first to see the advantages of joining Hitler's Army. MI5 agents stooped to spreading the rumour Wallis had learned sex techniques from Chinese prostitutes.
The rumour was spread whenever the couple appeared in public, at places like Ascot. Edward was livid. His friends, Sir Oswald & Diana Mosley, and especially Wallis, found the suggestion that Wallis needed sex lessons quite hilarious. The smear campaign merely strengthened the petulant Edward’s resolve to marry Wallis.

   George 5 & Son


The future Edward 8 & his father George 5 

Prince Edward’s drunken lifestyle worried his father. He gave him Fort Belvedere, in the closely guarded ring of Royal Windsor Great Park, to keep his ‘entertaining’ out of Piccadilly hotels.






 London  1936

'Bright young thing.'  Watching the Jarrow March from a window of the Ritz, Piccadilly. ‘Something must be done.’ Said the new King, Edward 8th  Nothing ever was. Throughout the 1930’s the Establishment feasted on cheaper labour than ever before. As the dole queues grew longer the landed rich grew richer than ever. 'Bright young things' sacked any servant who did not agree to have their wages cut by half.  A live-in maid earning £12 per year was cut to £6. per year. Servants were told.  'You are lucky to have a roof over your head.'  King Edward 8th, was more concerned with his girlfriend, Wallis Simpson, than the plight of his subjects. He abdicated to marry Wallis. Handing over the Crown to his unfortunate brother Albert who quickly changed his name to distance himself from Prince Albert still despised as 'that greedy German.' Albert became King George 6th. George had all kinds of royal problems. His wife, the future Queen Mum, had to be artificially inseminated.  


Royal London

evicted460.jpg'Evicted' photo The London Jewish Museum
Landlords like the Duchy of Cornwall often evicted entire streets of "defaulters."

The American author Jack London was appalled by what he saw in the East End of London. For seven weeks in I902 he passed himself off as a seaman between ships, sleeping in dockland dosshouse’s while he observed the “Hub of the British Empire,”  he wrote. 
“The streets were filled with a new race of people, short of stature and of wretched or beer sodden appearance... From the slimy sidewalk, they were picking up bits of orange peel, apple skin, and grape stems, and they were eating them! In such conditions the outlook for the children is hopeless. They die like flies and those that survive survive because they possess excessive vitality and a capacity of adaptation to the degradation with which they are surrounded." 
London's best work see The Call of the Wild and  The Iron Heel.


Royal London

Duchy Of Cornwall Slums

Bethnal Green 1910 - 45
A child's death was seen as a blessed release from soul destroying poverty. Throughout the reigns of Victoria, Edward 7th George 5th and Edward 8th the worst of London’s rat-infested slums were owned, and left to stagnate, by the Duchy of Cornwall. Creating poverty by widening the gap between rich and poor remains the ‘royals’ only visible purpose in life. In the reign of the George 6th. Adolf Hitler’s Blitz (carpet bombing) demolished 50% of the royals London slums. The taxpayer would be made to pay compensation for loss of ‘royal’ property!


Ivory Towers

Since 1841 the royal family have spent a minimum of £50,000 every year, of their Household Expenses, (taxpayer's money) on rearing defenceless animals to kill for ‘pleasure’ at Sandringham right.  One of many Ivory Towers where the royals meet to decide which bent politicians best to bribe to maintain the royals parasitic lifestyle.

The Royal Mews Buckingham Palace. Her Majesties horses & dogs are better housed,
fed & thought of than
Her Majesties pensioners. 


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