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                         The Queen's Grandfather
                       King George 5th


‘Georgie Boy’ &  ‘Motherdear’

The future King George 5th with Alex, his Danish mum who he always called ‘Motherdear.’ ‘Georgie Boy’ as his mum always called him, was enjoying life as a over-privileged naval officer, when the sudden death of his transgender brother, Eddy, put him next in line for the Throne. Eddy died weeks before his scheduled marriage.
His father 'Dirty Bertie' and
'mother-dear' decided Georgie Boy should marry his dead brother’s fiancée! The German Princess, May of Teck. Princess May changed her name to become Queen Mary.

Georgie Boy was only really happy shooting dumb animals or sticking rare stamps in his blue leather stamp albums. In 1904 he set a world record paying £1,450 for a single stamp. Equal to £150,000 today.  On his brother's death he received an extra £50,000 per year, plus the revenues from the Duchy of Cornwall, on top of his £50,000 annual gift of public money. Most of his unearned income joined the royals undeclared American, Swiss and German bank accounts - secretly inherited through his father from his granny, Queen Victoria who inherited a century of Georgian Loot

Like all "royals" Georgie Boy, left, spent his palace pampered "life" playing dress-up.

As Georgie Boy prepared for his coronation; MP’s of the emerging Labour Party called for the Civil List, which his father and grandmother had openly plundered, to be cut down. Parliamentary placemen made sure no significant cuts were made. Georgie Boy as King George 5th received an average of £817,000 per year, 1910-1936. As he grew richer, he spent more and more of his money for nothing on buying hunting guns and rare stamps. Civil List "surplus's" were ferried out to foreign banks in suitcases by Mary's brothers who had diplomatic immunity. 

Monarch’s let some of their land at low rents to their placemen.
In 1913 Sir William Carrington, retired Keeper Of The Privy Purse, was concerned about growing unrest on the King’s Norfolk farm. In a letter to his brother, Lord Lincolnshire, he describes Sandringham.

‘Two-thirds is let to 15 tenant farmers at very low rent.  All 15 have over 600 acres each. Yet, annual rents yield only £6,000. Since 1865. £200,000 has been spent.  (On two new mansions )Diana Spencer would be born in one of them))  In the face of all this extravagance, labourers are still paid 16s per week. Out of which is stopped 1s 8d per week hovel rent. If this gets out there will be a terrific scandal. The King has been advised to pay to at least £I. Per week and make Saturday a half holiday.’

After London newspapers reported. ‘Sandringham hovels house England's lowest paid.’ George 5th agree to pay 19s. per week (Dec 1913) At the same time he promised to spend money on improving Sandringham worker’s hovels. A promise that took him over sixteen years to keep. 

(WW1 reduced the value people place on rare postage stamps by half. While millions were dying in the trenches George 5 found the time to snap-up ten entire collections of the world’s rarest stamps. The royal stamp collection is now priced at £3bn. If and when the lid comes off Sellafield the stamps along with the Crown jewels will disappear with the "royal family". God save the Queen?).

   Stolen Fortune

 Queen Victoria with one of her sons, Dirty Bertie, the future King Edward 7th  One of her grandsons, the future King George 5th  on her left.  And one of her great-grandsons, the future King Edward 8th. 

Civil List Select Committee Papers, now at Kew, prove Queen Victoria stole the present day equivalent of £M34, from the Civil List. Select Committee Papers concerning Victoria’s descendants show similar discrepancies in public money received and never accounted for. Thus far, the present Queen has stolen £M30 from the Treasury by illegally avoiding tax prior to 1992.1  Like her thieving forefathers Lizzy only keeps petty cash in British banks. Foreign banks have always held this German family’s real fortune. The £M30 stolen between 1952 - 92, invested, even without Lizzy's unique insider knowledge, would have realised at least £M300 by now.  1 Royal Fortune. Bloomsbury. P. Hall. 1992.


                        David Lloyd George (L.G)  1863 – 1945

Those who live and die in public palace’s on other peoples money did not impress L.G.
As a young lawyer he chose to defend the uneducated. Victoria’s Establishment persecuted the starving poor with the same vile relish they tore foxes apart.
L.G believed poor people driven by hunger into taking game were more worthy than landlords who spend thousands on the pointless pastime of "hunting" the un-eatable fox, yet deny a starving family a bird worth a few pence. Dubbed the ‘Poachers Lawyer,’ L.G became a Liberal MP in 1890.

By 1898 the Transvaal was producing 30% of all the worlds gold. The royals and their pals determined to gain control of the new found wealth. From the start of the Boer War (1899-1902)  L.G spoke-out against ‘fighting a people who’s only crime was finding gold.’

As Dirty Bertie became King Edward 7th and settled his chronic piles on his family's stolen throne. L.G was speaking-out against the cost of the Boer War and the Royal Establishment policy of denying education to the poor. Tory MP’s, had their way. Education of the poor was given the usual pittance while no expense was spared shipping the largest task force ever (450,000 men and 300,000 horses) to South Africa. The main beneficiaries of the Boer War were the arms manufacturers / arms dealers; in short the royal family and their hand-wringing bankers. Sound familiar?
Recruiting for the Boer War revealed the appalling state of health of the poor. Half of Britain’s young men were found to be medically unfit to fight.  Mainly because they were forced to live, as their forefathers had been forced to live, in housing unfit for pigs.

1905. L.G joined the cabinet of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman. His commitment to social reform ‘electrified parliament.’ As president of the Board of Trade he increased both trade and wages. Making him popular at home and abroad.

1908. Liberal Prime Minister Asquith made him Chancellor of the Exchequer. L.G’s Old Age Pensions Act, 1908 (Asquith's idea) and his People’s Budget, 1909 enraged the idle rich Tories.

1911. L.G introduced the National Health Insurance Act. Gaining the respect of every decent person and the eternal hatred of the royals and their Tory Party. Then as now. State Pensions and Free Health Care were opposed tooth and nail by the born idle rich. 
L.G stated: ‘Un-elected Lords (heredity peers) have no right to participate in our government. They are the least important section of the unemployed.’  

1 see. Beatrice Webb: A Life,  Muggeridge & Ruth. 1967. Also see.  A Bounder from Wales.  D. Cregier. 1976.

Despite Toady Blair’s promises, descendants of those who opposed L.G’s social reforms are still in the House of Lords!  Many who voted for Blair believed he would take-out Lizzy's cabal by abolishing the Lords. Blair proved to be a spineless coward. Had Blair cared about Britain he would have ended the phony monarchy simply by exposing their oil and nuclear investments as the true reason why Britain has been robbed of cheap power for the last forty years. Blair could have easily jailed Tory Lizzy's gang of thieves who gave Britain; the Common Thieves Market, over-crowded classrooms, Care (read Psycho's) in the Community, student fees, fraudulent electricity, gas and water prices - but don't get me started.

                      The Young Mr Churchill

Born into the Tory Party, Winston Churchill became a Liberal.
He was Secretary of State for the Colonies 1921-22, under Prime Minister Lloyd George.

The young Churchill agreed with Lloyd George, the House of Lords should be abolished.

If you are wondering why we still waiting? Follow the money.  The Monarchy exists by manipulating the uneducated poor and Queen Elizabeth The Useless is the richest bitch on Earth. 

Oliver Cromwell abolished the House of Lords along with the Monarchy. Let us pray for another Cromwell.




General Douglas Haig.

In  WW1 Lloyd George said.  "General Douglas Haig was brilliant to the top of his Army boots".  General Haig and his Establishment pals were often portrayed as moustachioed "donkeys" sat in armchairs miles away from the Western Front drinking the finest French wine while ordering the "lions of the poor bloody infantry"  to certain death in needless battles.





Servants 1900-1930 


A Tweeny. Pay £12. Per year. Hours 5 am - 9 pm. Six-days a week. Saturday 5am to 1pm was classed a half-holiday!

Sexual abuse was part and parcel of living below stairs at the ‘masters’ beck and call. ‘Masters’ occasionally got their comeuppance. It was a housemaid who gave Lord Randolph Churchill (Winston’s father) his ‘great illness.’ Syphilis. Apparently the girl had been selling her favours to the boy's in the village to supplement her insulting wages. Maids slept two to a bed. Usually in damp cellars or draughty attics. Girls accepted into a life of domestic slavery considered themselves lucky. The alternatives were factory work; where the hours were shorter but the conditions dangerous and filthy. Or equally low paid shop work. In the larger department stores the girls slept in dormitories - minded by ‘men haters.’ Girls deemed unsuitable for employment had no other choice than prostitution.

 Poverty & Prostitution

1885. William Stead editor of the Pall Mall Gazette proved the ‘gentry’ were procuring the workers virgin daughters as easy as ordering a piece of meat.

1888. After the Ripper murders, the Bishop Of London estimated 80,000 semi-literate prostitutes were working London streets.

1900. The Salvation Army counted 120,000.

1907. The count was 200,000.

English girls were in high demand in continental brothels.  Some (as Stead proved) were bought from starving parents. Others were kidnapped off the streets. The King's cabinets' absurd denial of poverty enforced prostitution was one reason Mrs Pankhurst's Suffragettes were demanding the vote for women. Criticised as ‘mad as nails’ by Tory MP’s (royal placemen) the Suffragette’s responded by buying hammers. They then marched round the West End merrily smashing the windows of shops displaying ‘By Crown Appointment,’ signs.

Vicious Edwardian Media

Down With Toms
circa  1912

For decades the Tory press made fun of the Votes For Women campaign. One brave lady decided to stop the ridicule. After being imprisoned and force-fed for demanding the vote, Emily Wilding Davison would go to Epsom races and try to stop the kings horse.  

Death of a Suffragette Tattenham Corner

The Derby 1913

Emily Davison stopped one of the king's race horses to bring attention to the Suffragette’s long running campaign for  "Votes For Women." Queen Mary sent a 'Get well soon' telegram to the jockey who wasn't hurt!  Emily died of a crushed skull. Thousands turned out for her funeral. The tide of ridicule the King's supporters had created against Votes for Women began to turn.


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