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Three Little Maids 

Queen Alexander & Dirty Bertie’s daughters. Princess’s Victoria, Maud & Louise. Stunted by their palace upbringing all three would take to drink. Nothing unusual in this piss-up of a family.

  Victorian Values:   House of Commons, June 1894

An address of congratulations was moved on the birth of a son to the Duchess of York (below) Independent Labour Party MP Keir Hardie was incensed. He cried out. “Over two hundred and fifty men and boys were killed on the same day.” [in a mining disaster]  Hardy wanted the House to debate the coal owners total disregard of safety rules and their callous contempt for dead and crippled miners family’s. Not the pointless birth of another useless royal parasite. Not for the first time Keir Hardie was shouted down by the land-owners (coal owners) placemen. None of whom had ever done an honest day's work - nor ever would.


Infant King 1894

The future Queen Mary as Duchess of York.

King Edward 8th as an infant with his German mother (Princess May of Teck who became Duchess of York and later Queen Mary)
On the right his German grandmother, the Dowager Duchess of Teck. The hard drinking Dowager Duchess was one of George 3
rd’s born barmy grand-daughters prone to prolonged piss-up's, screaming hysterics and flinging plates at palace flunkies. Queen Mary, who is best  remembered for her kleptomania, was also one of Mad King George's great-grand-granddaughters. 

Thieving Royals

Like his mother Queen Victoria Dirty Bertie (King Edward 7th) enjoyed thieving from Royal Household accounts. Civil List Select Committee Papers now in the Public Records Office Kew, reveal, over his nine-year reign, Bertie transferred £261,592 into his personal accounts. Equivalent to stealing £M4 today.
The bulk of Bertie’s stolen money, like his mother's, was salted away abroad by royal bankers.

Every year for forty-years before becoming King, Bertie received an annual gift of £50,000 from the taxpayer, plus Duchy of Cornwall revenues of approx. £47,000 per-year. And from 1862, Sandringham revenues of approx. £5,000 per-year.  Not content with unearned income from Duchy Revenues, looting the Civil List and the Household accounts Bertie, illegally, sold titles to the super-rich. Daily Mail owner Alfred Harmsworth, paid Bertie £100,000 (£M2 today) to become Baron Northcliffe. Harmsworth would later buy the Times.  Edward Levy-Lawson. Owner of the Telegraph admitted he paid ‘the going rate’ for a Peerage. Creating Press Barons enabled the royals to promote the immoral lie Britain had a worthy first family.  In his official will, Bertie left the bulk of his petty cash, £M2, split between his wife and their three scary daughters (above)  He left his real fortune in Swiss banks to his heir George 5th.



left. Queen Victoria consulting her dead husband, Albert, through his marble bust.

Despite sleeping with the hired help Victoria wore black from the day Albert died in 1861 to the day she died in 1901!  



Lady Francis ‘Daisy’ Brookes

Daisy defied polite society and took up foxhunting. Daisy’s  "sporting" husband traded her carnal services for a regular shoot on the Sandringham estate.  Victoria's worthless son King Edward 7th, better known as 'Dirty Bertie,' bedded all his cronies beddable wives. If he couldn't have the wife he wouldn't have the crony. Lady Daisy Brookes persuaded him to start the Prince Of Wales Hospital Trust for London's poor. Daisy's "social work" became too much for Dirty Bertie. When she declared her support for the Suffragettes and 'Votes For Women.' She was booted out of bed. Her place was still warm when Camilla's great-granny, Alice, hopped into the royal four poster.
Essex Girl Historian talks about Daisy.

Mrs. Alice Frederica Kepple

"Alice had the sexual morals of an alley cat."
Victoria Glendinning. Royal Mistresses - Alice and Camilla.  BBC2.

Growing old and ignobly belligerent King Edward 7th (Dirty Bertie) was a pain-in-the-neck to live with. His saintly Danish Queen, Alex, was grateful to Alice for keeping him occupied and out of her hair. When he died Alex gave Alice one of his diamond studded Cartier cigarette cases - as a keepsake. Alice also gets a mention (£50k) in the King's official will. His official will, of course, had nothing to do with the royals real fortune. The King inherited centuries of clandestine profits from the Slave Trade, the Opium Trade and Crown controlled arm’s & ammo sales. How many billions (now Trillions) he left in Swiss, German & American banks is just a leaf on a tree in the endless forest of royal secrets.


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