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 Pump & Circumstance

The Prince of Wales (Dirty Bertie) was welcomed into the world with a £200,000 Christening Party. Royal Navy ships were sent to Germany to bring his cousins to the Party. His mum, Queen Victoria, grew to hate him. Sandringham Estate was purchased (with taxpayers money) for Dirty Bertie. His mum hoped stocking the estate (9 mile long, 5 miles wide) with woodcock, pheasants, hares, foxes ect., would keep Dirty Bertie's orgasmic life-style and illegal gambling out of the 'Scandal Sheets' for a while. She hoped in vain. 

Dirty Bertie as seen by a French cartoonistDirty Bertie as portrayed by British newspapers

Like the present Prince of Wales Dirty Bertie, above, was Ridiculed all his "life" for his childish self absorption. Dirty Bertie, is still being reconstructed by false (TV) historians.

Like the present Prince Of Wales, Dirty Bertie's "life" was an endless, pointless, tour around the country-house-hunting-shooting-shagging-circuit.  
At a really big posh wedding the wedding cake comes on a three foot round solid silver tray with elaborate handles. Dirty Bertie’s gang used these trays for racing  down Sandringham's staircase's! Ladies removed their gowns, jewellery and tiaras. Sitting on the tray in their bodices and ankle length drawers. Race's took place after dinner when everyone was pleasantly pissed.
Dirty Bertie’s favourite game, Charades, followed the staircase races. Charades was played in a state of undress to warm everyone up for the main game of the evening - recreating Roman orgies.
Chatelaine's, (hostess’s) of the country-house-circuit, were no more than brothel managers.
Guests were "accidentally" sent to the wrong bedrooms. Leading to threesomes and mini-orgies. One of Bertie’s gang found himself climbing in bed with a Bishop. God alone knows what happened to the ten-year-old pageboy the Bishop had ordered.

Sandringham - Norfolk

Dirty Bertie preparing to waste another day on the uneatable

King Edward 7th (Dirty Bertie) bottom left.

Crowned at the age of sixty. Dirty Bertie was quick to complain when Parliament removed the Buckhounds Hunt from his annual Civil List of £700,000. He wrote to his Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury. 'Parliament [the taxpayer] should pay the purchase and keep of my hounds, horses, kennels and stables, the salary of the Master and the wages of hunt servants. Dirty Bertie had been royally upset to hear that 'base politicians' were speculating how many millions his mummy had left him in Swiss, German and American banks. Like every other member of this family Dirty Bertie constantly pleaded poverty while daily banking millions from insider arms & ammo deals and the Annual Civil List. 

Killing Animals to Pass the Time of Day

 After their servants have washed, dressed & fed them, then loaded their guns, "royals" still spend their "lives" killing dumb animals. left Dirty Bertie, with one of over 2,000 Stag he found the time to slaughter.  One of Bertie’s pheasant shooting pals, Prince Trautmansddorff, employed 400 beaters!  Bertie used the European shooting-shagging-party-circuit to tout for business for his principle bankers, Rothschilds. Bertie did absolutely nothing for the tenants of his slums. Grinding poverty meant most of his tenants (below) died before their 40th birthday.

Every Picture\ Royal London
"Without these pictures the very existence of these men and women, who created the wealth of the nation, would be denied by the Tory Establishment
who control the media."
 Tony Benn.

The Dockers' children, above, survived on discarded fish-heads & tails from Billingsgate Market. Thousands of these children lived in filthy-stinking-rat-infested slums owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. In 1910 their fathers went on strike for a minimum wage of 6d per hour (£1. 50p per week).
The same year, 1910, King George 5 secretly inherited around £1 Billion his grandmother Queen Victoria and his father Dirty Bertie had made from insider dealing and stolen from the Civil List and stashed away in Swiss Banks. George 5 also inherited centuries of clandestine profits from the Slave Trade which were never banked in Britain. As a result of centuries of similar royal thefts the present Queen has disposable  assets of between £17 - £20 TRILLION.

Dirty Bertie attending Royal Ascot with his chief financial advisor Baron Leopold de Rothschild. Bertie’s unearned income bought him three Derby winners.  The present Queen has spent untold millions, of her unearned income, trying to win big races. One of Queen Lizzy’s stud farms is in the racehorse Mecca of the world, Kentucky. As a young woman Lizzy and one of her boyfriends, Lord Porchester, spent many a dirty weekend at the Kentucky stud. Porchester was her stable manager. Lizzy's present American Ambassador is also her race horse trainer. In Empire days the royals used their Ambassador's and their off-shore bankers to acquire plots of land all over the globe.   

Dirty Bertie received free scotch, cigarettes and cigars all his adult life. Paris hotels and the Moulin Rouge welcomed him with open arms and often  waived his bill. Crowned at the age of 60. Bertie was quick to complain when Parliament removed the Buckhounds Hunt from his Civil List of £700,000 per year. He wrote to Prime Minister Salisbury. ‘Parliament should pay the purchase and keep of all my hounds, horses, kennels, stables, the salary of the Master and the wages of hunt servants.’

The Gay 90's.  Sandringham Palace & Sporting Estate 1890. 
Dirty Bertie attracted the same slimy cretins who surround the present worthless heir to the spurious throne. Bertie’s playmates had to leave their visiting cards with a stuffed bear.
Since Sandringham was acquired (1841) the royal family have spent a minimum of £50,000 every year, of their annual Household Expenses, (taxpayers  money) on rearing birds and animals to kill for ‘sport.’  Taxpayer’s money still pays for regular dinners & shoots on all royal estates. You also pay for the SAS to guard the royal playmates to and from these estates. The aftermath of the Burrell Case, Nov 2002, revealed Big Ears & Po Face recreate Dirty Bertie’s obscenely opulent Sandringham dinners. Po Face orders a truckload of giant ferns from hideously expensive specialists. The ferns go on the compost heap a few days after the dinner. In between foxripping and riding her broomstick Po Face found the time to "supervise" the redecorating of Clarence House, London and Birkhall, Scotland. Two of many properties Big Ears inherited tax free from his granny the Queen Mum. Who, incidentally, lived one-hundred and one years without ever learning how to dress herself, how to cook or how to draw the curtain's.

Chas & Clammy's London drum: Phil & Lizzy never visit

Priny's Palace 2004. Clarence House London.Clarence House. For reasons that can only be called criminal, Toady Blair made the taxpayer pay £M4.5 to refurbish Clarence House - where Big Ears and his playmates are now waited-on hand-and-foot surrounded 24 / 7 by armed security paid for, yet again, by YOU the taxpayer.  


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