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  Royals, Mason's & Murder

Anyone doing any serious research will see why the Prince of Wales (Dirty Bertie) and his mother, Queen Victoria, should have been hung for murder.

One of Dirty Bertie's hottest "Bed Warmers" was Lady Harriet Mordaunt right. Harriet's rampant promiscuity was no secret from her husband, Sir Charles. On one occasion he returned early from a fishing trip to his country estate Walton Hall. He found Harriet and Dirty Bertie enjoying a boozy afternoon in bed. Dirty Bertie beat a hasty retreat in the royal coach & four. Sir Charles ordered his stable hands to fetch Harriet's pair of white ponies onto Walton Hall's manicured lawn. Harriet had acquired her white ponies as a "gift from the Royal Mews". Sir Charles had his half dressed wife dragged, kicking and screaming, onto the lawn and made to watch as two estate workers were given 20 bore shotguns. With which they blasted the brains out of her royal ponies.

Ten months later. Harriet was suffering from post natal depression when she told Sir Charles the baby was not his. It was probably Lord Cole's, or Lord Lucian's or Dirty Bertie's, she could not be sure! Sir Charles had had enough. He sued for divorce naming Dirty Bertie as his wife's lover.. Under Victorian Law, no person declared insane could be divorced.
Royal doctor Sir William Gull, persuaded other doctors to convince the divorce court Harriet was unfit to plead. Dirty Bertie walked.
Sir Charles took the case to the Appeal Court.
Only when he dropped Bertie's name from the Petition was he granted his divorce. Lady Harriet was royally abandoned and left to die in a lunatic asylum - like a bird with a broken wing.
The Mordaunt Case is a typical example of murder by "royal standards."

In the 49th year of Queen Victoria's reign the editor of the Times wrote:
"Immigrants have flooded into all our major cities especially our docklands where any passing Englishman now feels an Alien in his own country."  English Dockers and their families had been replaced in dockland areas by dirt cheap foreign labour. Sound Familiar?
The Times failed to mention the royals cabal profited most from cheap labour. Or the fact that the same establishment families were still making a fortune from the "banned" African Slave Trade.
also see The Great Abolition Sham. Michael Jordon. 2005
ISBN-10: 0750934905)

  The public were acutely aware of their part - slave labour - in Queen Victoria's business plan.
 Black Monday. February 8th, 1886. Thousands gathered in Trafalgar Square to express their discontent at the way Britain was being run for the rich at the expense of the poor.
Leaving the square they smashed windows of so-called "gentlemen's clubs" in Mayfair and Piccadilly. For the next two months West End shopkeepers boarded up their windows in fear of the "mob." The London Police Chief was forced to resign over his inability to control events. Queen Victoria, after consulting with her long dead husband, Albert, instructed her Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, to put a military man in charge of London. Salisbury appointed a fellow High Mason, General Charles Warren, who banned Public Meetings!

Bloody Sunday. November 13th 1887, to protest Warren's clampdown on free speech ninety-thousand-people converged on Trafalgar Square. Speakers included George Bernard Shaw. Shaw expressed the need for a long-term employment plan and an end to the "spurious monarchy".

While a possible Revolution was brewing in London, one of Victoria's forty-odd grandchildren, the transgender Prince Eddy, was calling himself Albert Sickert and living incognito near the Tottenham Court Road with the girl he would marry - Annie Elizabeth Crook. 
Eddy's mother Princess Alix disobeyed her husband's, Dirty Bertie, order to keep Eddy within palace precincts while Dirty Bertie was touring and whoring on the country-house-hunting-shooting & shagging-party-circuit.
Alix had asked her artist friend Walter Sickert to keep an eye on Eddy. Just four years older than Eddy, Sickert did his best to curb Eddy's bisexual lust. But Eddy was a "royal" and did whatever (and whoever) he liked. By the time Queen Victoria learned her heir, but one, had married; his girlfriend, Annie Crook was the proud mother of Eddy's little girl (Alice. Born April 1885).

News of Eddy's wedding sent Victoria through the palace roof. Victoria ordered her Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, to kidnap the happy couple and their baby and destroy all traces of the wedding!
The kidnappers Salisbury employed were undoubtedly fellow Mason's and most likely serving Guardsmen. Dirty Bertie was given extra guards to keep Eddy under lock and key. Annie Crook was held hostage in a lunatic asylum and given a lobotomy!

Somehow the kidnappers failed to find the baby.
Eddy's servant girl, Mary Kelly, managed to get the child to safety. The artist Walter Sickert took-on the child's upbringing. Mary Kelly however was anything but safe having no money she was reduced to working as "a shilling whore" on the mean streets of  Whitechapel. Either Mary or one of her new found friends, Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, or Catherine Eddowes decided to blackmail Prince Eddy by threatening to tell the press of his marriage and child. 
And so began the Jack The Ripper myth.

When the blackmail threat reached Queen Victoria's ears Prime Minister Salisbury was again ordered to obliterate all traces of Eddy's marriage. As before he passed the job over to his fellow Masons. The High Mason in charge of the elimination operation was Sir William Gull the Royal Physician who gave Annie Crook an illegal lobotomy, became her jailer and slowly starved her to death. 

Mary Ann Nichols was found butchered in Bucks Row August 31st 1888.
Annie Chapman was found butchered in Hanbury St. September  8th 1888.
Elizabeth Stride was found butchered in Berneri St. September 30th 1888 - the same night Catherine Eddowes was found butchered in Mitre Square. 

It now seems Elizabeth Stride had no knowledge of the blackmail plot but because she used the name of the man she lived with, Kelly, she was murdered by mistake! Four weeks later, the real target, Mary Kelly, (Prince Eddy's servant girl) was butchered on her own bed in Millers Court. Nov 9th 1888 also see

 This man fits the description of a man seen at two of the ripper killings. London's Masonic Police Force decided not to call two independent witnesses who could have identified him. The man is Walter Sickert. The artist Princess Alix trusted to keep an eye on her wayward son Prince Eddy, or Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward the Duke of Clarence, to give him his full phony royal title. Eddy was a regular at London's abundant child brothels.  A fact that would come to light in 1889 in the "Cleveland Street Scandal."
No 19 Cleveland Street, near the Tottenham Court Road, was a little boy's only brothel catering for the likes of Eddy and his titled chums. Opposite the brothel was the tobacconist where the 'boyish' Annie Crook was working when Eddy met her.  A petty theft led to an embarrassing police raid on the brothel. Embarrassing for the titled "gents" therein that is. London's Masonic Police Force kept Eddy's name out of the Cleveland Street frame but the public got the whiff of a cover-up when Eddy's gay pal Lord Somerset fled to France - never to return.

Diarist St John Terrapin "trained his ears" to pick-up gossip. In London's Café Royal he reported hearing the man in charge of the Ripper Murders, Inspector Fredrick Abberline, telling a friend "the bloody fools killed the wrong women. Mistress Kelly is still alive!" Terrapin recorded this conservation a month before Mary Kelly was murdered. 
see, Chapman Pincher, The Private World of St John Terrapin (London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1982), p. 39.

Note. The prime suspect, James Maybrick, had no surgical skills.  
Casebook: Jack the Ripper - James Maybrick - Index

   Sept. 1888. Illustrated Police News. Published days before the bestial murder of Mary Kelly.
   Mary's guts were carved out and placed around her room.


Every Picture: Her Majesty’s Yacht Osborne.

1880, eight years before the Ripper murders.
Eddy (centre) on one of the royal yachts.  

Left to right, sisters, Princesses Maud and Louise. Eddy, mother Princess Alexandra, (Alix) brother Prince George, (later George 5th) father Dirty Bertie (later Edward 7th) and sister Princess Victoria.




Lord Somerset, one of Eddy’s playmates. Better known as ‘Podge.’ When police stumbled into an aristocrats ‘little boy’s only’ brothel, in Cleveland Street, Podge went to live abroad. Eddy found himself doing the royal wave in India.






The Queen's Police 1889

Scotland Yard Inspector Frederick Abberline who handled the Ripper Case was also put in charge of the Cleveland Street scandal. Police investigating a petty theft stumbled upon regular’s at a ‘little boys only brothel.’ Clients included the Duke of Grafton’s son, the Earl of Euston. The Duke of Beaufort’s son, Lord Somerset and one of Queen Victoria’s grandson’s, Prince Eddy. Eddy was whisked off on a tour of India while royal lawyers insisted he'd gone to Cleveland Street expecting to see a striptease show (As if). There was no further police action against Eddy. His pals had their limp wrists smacked.
When Eddy died of "typhoid fever" in 1892 many believed his death was engineered before someone connected Eddy with the tobacconist's assistant, in Cleveland Street, her baby and the Ripper Murders. If the general public learned how the royals had treated Eddy's wife (Annie Crook) they would guess the rest and laid the Ripper Murders squarely at Queen Victoria's door. Riots and the end of the hated monarchy could have easily followed.


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