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 King Edward 7th 
(Better known as Dirty Bertie)  

1841. Dirty Bertie was welcomed into the world with a £200,000 Christening Party (£3 million. In today’s money). Dirty Bertie like the present Queen was related to royalty throughout Europe - now called the EU. Ships were hired, at the taxpayers expense, to bring his German cousins to the party. His christening cake was eight-foot-round!
His parents grew to hate him. Albert & Victoria could never understand why their nine offspring were not deliriously happy surrounded by armed guards and Palace walls.
Expert in-palace schooling did nothing for Bertie. He was by no means the only member of this family destined to hit the grave without ever feeling the need to read a book. Aged 12 he pleaded to be sent to military college, as most son’s of the idle rich were. His pleas were ignored. Royal tours quelled his violent temper tantrums.  As a teenager, he saw America, Canada, France, Italy and Gibraltar.

Aged 17, to reduce the tension between father and son, Bertie was given a fully staffed mansion of his own, the White Lodge, Richmond Park. His parents also decided he should attend university. But not mix with common students.
He was given a fully staffed manor house, Frewin Hall, a few miles outside Oxford. In both his new homes, he was as much a prisoner as at Balmoral, Windsor and Osborne. Colonel Robert Bruce, a favoured adviser of Prince Albert, was Bertie’s ‘chief jailer.’ Even in the lecture halls Bertie believed he was being watched. Oxford tutors very soon assessed Bertie’s none potential. They tactically concluded he would be best suited to Cambridge. Tutors at Cambridge would recommend he attend Edinburgh.

In late summer 1861 Bertie was finally allowed a course of military training, at the Curragh. The Camp Commandant had received Albert’s direct order to keep the heir apparent under 24-hour surveillance. The Commandant chose to ignore orders from ‘that greedy German.’ 

Bertie enjoyed every single minute at the Curragh. His fellow students found him a sexy actress by the name of Nellie Clifton (right). In November he returned to Cambridge as his parents dictated. Nellie Clifton’s letters to Bertie have been blamed for Albert’s death. To shield the royals from real life long-serving Palace flunky's open all royal family mail. One such flunky ratted on Bertie's passionate letters from Nellie. Victoria was ‘fuming.’ Albert was sent to remonstrate with his son. Bertie told him the affair was over. It wasn’t. But Albert wouldn’t live long enough to find out. During his vexed visit to Cambridge, Albert developed typhoid.
Three weeks later, 14 Dec. Albert expired at Windsor. Victoria blamed Bertie. In a letter to her eldest daughter Vicky, the Queen writes.  ‘Oh. That boy. I can never look at him without a shudder.’
Albert had been organizing a royal tour for Bertie. Bertie suggested he cancel the tour to stay with his distraught mother. Victoria insisted ‘that boy’ was packed off to the Near East.  

Two years earlier. Bertie’s big sister, Vicky introduced him to a shapely Dane, Princess Alexandra (Alex) After Albert died Bertie and Alex announced their intention to marry. The match did not please Victoria. Her German family, the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s, were in dispute with the Danes over 6,000 sq. miles of land - the Duchies of Swhleswig-Holstein. Victoria believed the dispute could lead to a German - Danish war.

 While Bertie was away on tour Victoria sent for his fiancée. She intended to put Alex off the marriage by explaining it would be seen as deliberate support for Denmark - and Victoria had to stay neutral. The interview Victoria had planned didn’t happen. She was bowled over by Alex’s charm. The Queen’s German advisor’s were not pleased to hear the ‘Danish Wedding’ would go ahead. They were however, pleased to hear Bertie would play no part in State Affairs. Like the present Prince Of Wales, he was condemned to a life of perpetual ribbon cutting and polo club piss-ups. And like the present pathetic Prince of Wales he lapped it up. Two months after Albert’s death, Sandringham sporting estate was purchased for Bertie. Victoria hoped stocking the estate (9 ml. long, 5 ml. wide) with woodcock, pheasants, hares, foxes  ect., would keep him out of the Scandal Sheets for a while. She hoped in vain. While Alex bore his children Bertie alternated between serving maids West End actress’s, Parisian Can Can dancers, street children and in-house-royal-whores.  As he grew older he was named in three divorce case’s. The Scandal Sheets doubled circulation reporting Dirty Bertie telling blatant lies in court. His sordid sex-life made him surprisingly popular with the public. Victoria, who always referred to the public as ‘the mob,’ grew ever more distant from her son and heir.   
Most of Queen Victoria’s male relative’s frequented Mayfair’s "oyster houses." Where they paid  £5 - £15 for the royal pleasure of "opening" illiterate children as young as six.
Dirty Bertie’s love of designer brothels, starlets, chorus, servant & street girls and titled whores made him oddly popular with the public.
Mummy - while sleeping with the hired help - was not amused.



Bertie and his mummy. As seen by the press in 1890

Victoria always referred to the public as ‘the mob.’ Her heir, Dirty Bertie, Prince of Wales made meaningless speeches to the mob promising to improve the appalling conditions of the workforce.  Present day royals talk even more bollocks than Bertie did.



Dirty Bertie, bottom left, at Sandringham 1892

Sandringham gamekeepers had the reputation of rearing more birds to shoot than any other estate. After local Game Dealers complained the Sandringham estate agreed not to supply local shops. The keepers and beater's were allowed a brace. They buried the rest in fallow fields. When the ground was frozen keepers were ordered to burn the bag. Fires of hundreds of plump pheasant were a regular sight. The same winter, thousands died of hunger. Frozen corpses of the homeless were a regular sight. The Palace propaganda office made sure the Prince Of Wales's public speeches, promising to improve the worker's lives, were widely reported. His speeches were the usual Palace-scripted-pernicious-lies. Even his Sandringham farm-workers cottages, described as ‘two hundred filthy crumbling hovels.’ Remained filthy crumbling hovels. As his promises to the poor fell by the wayside Bertie had two new, sixty-roomed mansions built at Sandringham to house his girlfriends . (A century later young Diana lived in one of them. Park House (Di’s dad, Earl ‘Johnny’ Spencer was a Palace Equerry. ‘Johnny’ was best-man at Phil & Lizzy’s wedding - 1947)). 


Every Picture/ English Slave Labour.

In 1892 most farm workers paid 1s 6d per week hovel rent out of their miserable wage of 16 shilling. per week.  In 1913 it came to light Dirty Bertie's son, King George 5, (Lizard Lizzy's grandfather) was still paying Sandringham workers 16s per week, out of which 1s 8d hovel rent was stopped!      16s = 80p





Can Can Dancer known as The Glutton for her ability to party.

Dirty Bertie's Can Can Dancers

La Goulue (The Glutton) So called for her never-ending party-life-style, modelled for the artist Henri Toulouse Lautrec's brilliant Moulin Rouge posters. She was also one of the line-up of Can Can dancers Dirty Bertie screwed.
Including Yvett Guilbert & Louise Vaber

                    Royal Tours\ Loot

1876, Parliament (the Taxpayer) paid for Bertie’s six-month-tour of India. Bertie lacked the brains to realize Victoria was sending him to test the water after the Indian Mutiny. His mother was planning to make herself Empress Of India but nobody told Bertie. He was packed-off with hundreds of commemorative medals and gold watches for the local rulers he would meet. Everywhere he went his press team reported ‘the Prince exchanged gifts.’ In truth, he handed over his paltry little mementoes. In exchange he was presented with fabulous suites of magnificent, uniquely crafted, jewels for himself, his wife, his five children and his mother.

New’s of  ‘Bertie’s Zoo’ brought the crowds out to see Bertie’s home-coming. Wide-eyed children pointed in amazement as a pair of elephants led the parade of floats carrying cages of roaring tigers, leopards, cheetahs, monkeys, spotted deer and a colourful aviary of Himalayan singing birds. The live show was followed by two dozen floats displaying stuffed animals, including eight tigers, Bertie had shot ‘colonial style’  from the back of an elephant. Crossing the subcontinent, meeting hundreds of staggeringly wealthy local rulers, Bertie was presented with far more amazing gifts than wild animals. His escort warship brought back priceless antique gold-inlaid suits of armour. Jewel encrusted daggers, swords and lances, jewelled rifles and pistols. Jewelled gold tea services. Plain, and jewelled, gold and silver plate. Gold bridles, gold laced saddles and reins. A ten-foot long tusk of ivory. Scores of gold and ivory statues. Blackwood and rosewood jewel-embellished furniture, and - would you believe - a solid-silver double-bedstead complete with red satin bed and matching canopy.  The royalist press did not report. Bertie had been given enough suites of opals, emeralds, rubies, diamonds, sapphire and pearl jewellery to fill three cabin trunks. The trunks were 2ft. high, 2ft. wide and 3ft. long. The pick of Bertie’s Indian jewellery would leave these shores in diplomatic creates, bound for family vaults on the Swiss-German border Following the well trodden path of his mother’s Empire loot.



 Sarah Bernhardt

Big breasted actress Sarah Bernhardt acted like the proverbial magnet to Dirty Bertie. The press lost count of ‘Dirty Bertie's bed warmers.’   



Stage Goddess 

Lily Langtry

The Jersey Lily. Oscar Wilde wrote Lady Windermere's Fan for Lily. 
Dirty Bertie used a fraction of his unearned income to build her a splendid house in Bournemouth.
Now the Langtry Manor Hotel. Extra's include four posters and Edwardian banquets for a "Bertie Weekend."


Under-the-counter-Peerages bribed owners of the Tory press to ignore Bertie's rampant sexlife. The popular press published the simple truth. i.e.  ‘There is nothing between Dirty Bertie and the much, much, younger Lily. Not even a sheet!’  

Documents now in the Public Records Office, Kew, prove Dirty Bertie, as King Edward 7th,  illegally sold titles to super-rich cronies daft enough to buy one. £Millions received for illegal titles was paid into foreign banks.
Daily Mail
owner Alfred Harmsworth, paid Bertie £100,000 (£M2 today) to become Baron Northcliffe. Harmsworth would later buy The Times. 
Edward Levy-Lawson, owner of the Daily Telegraph also admitted he paid 'the going rate for a Peerage.' 
Creating "Press Baron's" enabled the phony royals to promote the odious lie they are a worthy First Family.  

Memo. The royals Swiss £Billions stem from centuries of slavery and mass murder. Victoria’s great grandfather George 2 perfected offshore banking.  George, who spent most of his time at home in Germany, made certain, even if they lose the throne the family fortune would be safe - off-shore. Recent shenanigans to exempt the monarch from inheritance tax show’s the Queen's utter contempt for the British public. In October 1987, the stock-market crashed. City analysts reported the Queen lost £M200 overnight. June 1988, the FT reported the Queen’s teams of financial advisors had recovered all her 1987 losses. The Queen’s (known) fortune makes around £4 Million Every 24 Hours in interest alone. How long do you think it takes Lizzy to buy piss-poor-passing-politicians?


 Palace Secrets   

Empress Marie Zsar Nicky’s mum, & King George 5th’s aunt.

Canada 1960. Empress Marie's youngest daughter, Grand-Duchess Olga, died in a two-room flat, in a run-down district of Toronto’s east-side. As a child in the Winter Palace, Olga had helped her six personal servants hang the ‘smaller’ Christmas tree’s with real diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby ‘decorations’ fashioned by Faberge...  
Olga's death, led to the question.
‘What happened to Marie’s fabulous diamonds?’ Olga’s son’s claimed the phony Windsor's’ had stolen their inheritance. The Queen paid an undisclosed sum to settle out of court. Serious historians as opposed to TV “historians” have calculated at least half-a-ton of Queen Victoria's private jewel collection had been diplomatically moved to foreign vaults thirty-years before Marie’s fabled diamonds went missing.   

Lizzy wearing one of Marie's tiara's shares a joke with fellow multi-billionaires. At the time Queen's Privy Councillor and ocean-going-liar Jonathan Aitken was working-on Lizzy’s largest ever arms deal with the despotic Saudi royals. Despite the fact that Aitken was a bent arms dealer, Lizzy had ordered her adulterous arse-kisser John Major, to appoint Aitken Arms Procurement Minister.
Tory toss-pot Aitken went to jail for Perjury. Not for his infinitely worse crime of supplying arms to Iraq - via - his and Lizzy's pals the Saudi royal family, who, you may remember, chop the heads off unruly Diana's.

Public execution of Princess Mishaal bint Fahd bin Mohammed.


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