Queen Victoria's London

Charles Dickens described the stinking squalor Queen Victoria's workforce were forced to live in. Dickens only revealed the tip of the iceberg.
While the Queen's Establishment wallowed in unprecedented wealth from the obscene fruits of Empire, the slave trade and slave labour. Queen Victoria's  starving subjects were forced into selling their half-starved children into prepubescent prostitution. Mayfair's child brothel's (oyster houses) supplied the Queen's Establishment - the titled blood-sport-set - with children as young as six! 



 Royal London 1833 -  Hired & Fired

Money grubbing factory owners simply sacked the kids then re-hired them the following day so they never qualified for a pay rise.

The Industrial Revolution

The Factory Act, 1833, was impossible to enforce. Factory owners were not legally bound to register a child in their employ until the child had worked for twelve weeks. Hand-wringing-money- grubbing factory owners simply sacked the kids then re-hired them the following day so they never qualified for a pay rise. Let alone any kind of accident benefit.

Child-slave labour carried on as before. Factory children were never as clean and content as they appear here. In Victoria's reign London's working population died aged twenty-nine!





Royal London 1859

 Orphaned and abandoned children became factory slaves. The kids slept on the floor alongside the machines they operated. Queen Victoria, her family and her MP’s owned or part owned most of the factories they passed Laws to control. The poor had no chance.

              Royal London 1888

Victoria's London 1888. Bryant & May  Match Sellers. The first girls with the guts to say Enough’s Enough.

Bryant & May Match Sellers.  

The first girls with the guts to say "Enough’s Enough". Remarkably it wasn't the insulting wages that started the Bryant & May strike. Girls who made the matches were dying of cancer caused by the chemicals they worked with. A court case brought out the murderous working conditions and the insulting pittance Match Girls were paid.
Any lessons learned were long forgotten by the time it became apparent that similar chemicals (yellow phosphorus) were killing young women making ammo for their men fighting the First World War. 
Queen Victoria who profited from the Scandinavian timber Bryant & May imported - she owned Scandinavian forests - also had her grubby little hands in the Crown controlled yellow phosphorus market. Her placemen in Parliament refused to follow America’s lead and ban the use of  yellow phosphorus on the grounds of so- called "Free Trade." Decent people including Catherine Booth of the Salvation Army, the playwright George Bernard Shaw, William Stead editor of The Pall Mall Gazette and Annie Besant editor of The Link made it known the girls working with yellow phosphorus were condemned to a slow death from bone cancer.
When their skin turned yellow and their teeth started dropping out they were fired! 
It wasn't just Bryant & May who used the poor as lambs for slaughter. London workers who lived in Duchy owned, rat-infested slums and worked in chemical sweatshops like Bryant & May died before they reached 30!

Most Victorian factory workers worked 14 hours a day under a pernicious penalty system that made sure half the workforce never received a full weeks wages. Workers were fined half a days pay if they were a few minutes late or caught talking to each other!
Forget the palace financed royal romantic fiction churned out by the disgusting BBC. Victoria like the present Queen never once spared a thought for her brutalised half-starved subjects.

Victoria had more important "royal" things to think of. For instance she decided the Royal Mews should breed pure white horses and ponies for young royals to learn to ride on. Victoria pupped nine kids for the royal stables to cater for, all at the taxpayers expense of course. Before she disappeared from public view (for twenty-years) Victoria was booed by the crowds, even the Ascot crowd made it known they despised her.  One of the many people who tried to kill Victoria, but only succeeded in knocking her out, was an ex Guards officer, Robert Pate, who like many army officers, came to see the phony royals as the vile incestuous parasites they undoubtedly are. 

Victorian Values

House of Commons June 1894.  An address of congratulations was moved on the birth of a son to the Duchess of York. Independent Labour Party MP Keir Hardie was incensed. He cried out. “Over two hundred and fifty men and boys had been killed on the same day.” [in a mining disaster]  Hardy wanted the House to debate the mine owners disregard of safety rules and their callous treatment of dead and crippled miners family’s. Not another royal baby. Not for the first time he was shouted down by the coal owners placemen. His protest lost in the jeers of fat rich men.



 1886. One of the better type of English one room hovels. This one had a brick floor, most were plain earth.





right. 1890 Kildare, Ireland. A mud and waffle cabin. As in Victoria’s British hovels, the occupants slept in their clothes on the floor.




Duchy Investments

The Coal Mines Act. 1842. Stated no child under nine should be used down mines. Mine invested MP’s had no intention of enforcing the Act. Most mine owners (the royals and their slimy pals) ignored the Act for the next 60 years. Throughout Victoria’s reign, 1837-1901, children were worked to death chained to coal trucks, 12 hours-a-day, in tunnels to low for pit ponies. Two inquiry’s by the fair-minded Lord Shaftsbury, 1840-41, describe how little girls carried the coal from the coalface, on their backs, in sack-like baskets up the deeper tunnels. This meant walking almost a mile uphill, climbing five 18 ft. high ladders, to reach the railhead two hundred feet above the coal face. Exhausted coal-girls often died after falling off these ladders. At the railhead little boys worked the smaller coal trucks. Because of the stifling heat, boys & girls worked naked. The boys unloaded the small trucks into larger trucks worked by ponies and teenagers in the main tunnels. Tory scumbag MP Benjamin Disraeli, became the spokesman for coal-owners who ‘saw nothing wrong with mining practice’s used for centuries with no impediment from Parliament.’ The despicable, silver tongued-royal-arsehole-licker Disraeli became Queen Victoria’s favourite Prime Minister. 

Royal Syndicates

 April 1852, the Medway Revenue Patrol boarded Allusha, a fully-armed slave-ship bound for West Africa. ‘Bolted to the decks were 600 sets of man-manacles…’
Originally Bristol built for a House of Lords syndicate Allusha had been re-registered in Carolina, putting it outside British Law. Then as now; House of Lords syndicates invariably include the royal family. ‘Allusha was allowed to proceed.’
Parliament abolished the slave trade in 1807 and slavery itself in 1833. Coastguard & Naval records prove, slave-ships anchored in British waters to take on supplies and used Royal Dockyards for running repairs until 1907. The clandestine business of slaves & slavery, and every other royal syndicate, were run from Britain's finest "sporting" estates.
To mask their ever-growing fortune, not least from the Slave Trade, Albert & Victoria constantly pleaded poverty. June 1852. Albert wrote to Prime Minister Lord Russell demanding another £50,000 per year, public money, for his ‘sporting pursuits.’ Day’s later he bought the freehold of 17,400 virgin acres at Balmoral. Victoria had rented the Scots shoot. Albert, who missed his Fatherland, bought the land to indulge himself building his Hansel & Gretel Schloss and breeding herds of deer to shoot - to pass the time of day. 
Also in June 1852, the records show, Victoria decided to rebuild Osborne House, her marine residence on the Isle of Wight, in the Italian style. Agents were dispatched to Venice to bring back Italian builders.
The money for Osborne & Balmoral came from the Civil List and special building & refurbishing grants - all taken from public money.   ‘That greedy German,’ never stopped asking for more public money for his various hunting stables & kennels. Pheasant, grouse, duck, and stag shooting facilities. Victoria closed public roads and stopped any noisy railway development near the Balmoral estate. ‘Nothing must disturb our breeding game.’
Royal gamekeepers complained they worked more hours than Victoria’s plantation slaves. Each man had to rear an average of eight-hundred birds per season. Duties included cooking and preparing feed, up to five feeds per day, for eight types of bird in various stages of development. Day-old-chicks were fed on sieved custard and meal. Going on to pulped mixtures of hard-boiled eggs & artichoke; wheat & millet, boiled potatoes & buckwheat, dry dough & lettuce, rapeseed & barley mixed with finely minced rabbit. Horses that broke a leg out hunting, and ponies that broke a leg while carrying slain deer down the mountains, were shot and dragged-off to empty hovels. Hung and left to become a sea of writhing maggots. The maggots seriously over-fattened the birds to slow them down for royal shooting parties.  Some birds became so fat they could but run away having lost the ability to take-off. One German cousin wrote. ‘A blind man could not miss here.’  When the royal pantry’s were full; the bag was burnt to discourage [staff] theft. Each week, heaps of slain deer and hundreds of shot birds joined uneaten food from the royal table in sinful fires that burned for weeks. The Balmoral estate was extended to 50,000 acres. It now has four fully staffed hunting lodges where you will usually find the present Queen’s fellow billionaires doing nefarious deals and deciding which politicians to bribe, to guarantee the royal status quo. 24 \ 7 Security and entertaining costs at Balmoral, (15 miles long and 12 miles wide) presently costs the taxpayer around £M40 per year.  

Highland Clearances


In the reign George 3, Scots landowners, most of who sat in the House Of Lords, started village evictions.
Called the Highland Clearances it was terrorism pure and simple.  Evicted tenants who could not afford a passage to the colonies were left by the roadside, to starve to death. Clearances carried-on throughout Queen Victoria’s 64-year-reign. 
Tens of thousands of tenant farms were 'cleared.'  Villages burnt to the ground to make way for sheep farms, grouse moors, deer stalks & pheasant shoots. 
If the tenants refused to leave, old people, pregnant women, barefoot children and babes-in-arms had their homes demolished on top of them!

December, 1851. The Dumfries Courier records. ‘This last ten months has seen 21,000 displaced persons leaving Carsethorn Jetty.’  (below)                                           

 Carsethorn was one of the few minor ports that actually kept records. Records from major ports, 1850-99, show half-a-million, made jobless and homeless by ‘unholy landlords’ left Scotland. As with those forced to leave Ireland by Victoria’s landlords, tens of thousands were buried at sea. ‘Pox and Typhus travelled on the coffin ships.’ No reliable records survive to show how exactly many Scots starved to death. But we do know; to keep ‘starving gangs’ and ‘families of skeletons’ well away from the Balmoral estate, Victoria passed three Acts of Parliament to close public Highlands roads!

Coal Slaves: Scotland 1901

While the Clearances forced most poor Highlanders into the grave or onto the coffin ships. Landowners' kept many coalmining families like farmers kept animals. In living accommodation no better than pig sty's.

Victorian Values  


While the Highlands were being ‘cleared’ Albert & Victoria rebuilt Balmoral Castle, Scotland and rebuilt Osborne House, Isle of Wight.  The Swiss Cottage (above) in the gardens of Osborne House, was built for their noisy children to play in. Television’s prim & proper portrayal of  Victoria, is just the latest page of a century-old-book of palace-financed-lies. Victoria devoted her reign to looting the Civil List and ensuring her Empire profits were safely banked abroad - in case her subjects revolted and the royals had to flee. News reports of the day reveal the real Victoria & Albert.

Palace Pampered Parasites:
Prince Charles the Worthless Role Model.                      

The hated Prince Albert. 'That greedy German,' bagging gold Sovereigns from the Civil List for the royals foreign vaults. The royals British Bullshit Corporation, Sky et al would have you believe the royals ancestors cared for Britain and the British. Nothing could be further from the truth.


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