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 Contemptible Notion



Queen Victoria was worried. Having married her eldest daughter, Vicky, to the future Emperor Of Germany. Victoria realized Vicky, as Empress, would outrank a mere Queen.
Tory lickspittle Benjamin Disraeli came up with the arse-licking idea of pleasing his boss by Crowning her Empress Of India.
Getting this contemptible notion through Parliament gives you some idea how the phony monarchy corrupts Parliament. What price the aim’s of honest men with Parliament stuffed with the "royals" placemen?  


Punch. 1906.


By the reign of King Edward 7th  (Dirty Bertie) 1901-1910. Most British newspaper owners were on the Palace pay-roll. It was left to truthful publications like the magazine Punch to remind the public of the royal family's core business - The Slave Trade.

memo. King George 2 perfected offshore banking.  George, who spent most of his time at home in Germany, made certain, even if they lose the throne the family fortune would be safe - off-shore. Recent shenanigans to exempt the monarch from inheritance tax show’s the Queen's utter contempt for the British public... 
In October 1987
, the stock-market crashed. City analysts reported the Queen lost £M200 overnight. June 1988, the FT reported the Queen’s teams of financial advisors had recovered all her 1987 losses. The Queen’s (known) fortune makes around £M4 Every 24 Hours in interest alone.
Heath, a carpenter’s son, Thatcher, a grocer’s daughter and Major, son of a circus worker, became multi-millionaires by doing absolutely nothing for state schools, hospitals or public transport. And doing absolutely everything for the obscenely rich royal family - who will abandon Britain the moment the lid comes-off the Queen's nuclear bomb factory at Sellafield. Brown & Blair continue to illustrate how sucking-up to the monarchy poisons any progress towards a fair & equal society.



Victorian Values. No longer subject to British Law. British slave-ships worked the Atlantic throughout Victoria’s reign. Slave traders had manipulated Parliament to award themselves £M20 compensation for ‘loss of earnings’ caused by the Abolition of slavery!  Royal bankers Rothschilds, (who else?), concocted ‘the outrageous compensation scheme’ by increasing the tax burden on the poor (£M20, then, is like as many billion now).  





Queen Victoria's useless heir Dirty Bertie  

The royal day still revolves around the depraved practice of killing dumb animals for "pleasure."

 right Dirty Bertie at Balmoral and left,  in India. Pursued by a half shot elephant. 





   A Drop In The Ocean   

John Camden Neild was the role model for the miser Scrooge.  Rain hail or snow he walked the highways & byways collecting his rents. He made his tenants provide bed and breakfast. September 1852, as Albert & Victoria ordered the best of everything for Balmoral and Osborne, a solicitor informed the Palace, Neild had died and left Victoria most of his fortune - equivalent £M6 now.* An inconceivable sum to most people in 1852. A mere drop in the royals unearned ocean. Writing to congratulate Victoria on having ‘such a loyal subject’ her favourite German uncle, Leo, suggests the miser’s money should join the family’s Swiss investment funds. Far from the prying eyes of her loyal subjects. ‘Dearest’ uncle Leo knew his ‘little Vicky’ really didn’t need an extra 6 mill. At this stage of her reign, her share of the family’s clandestine Empire trade investments already equalled her Civil List. To hide her obscene wealth, Victoria passed an Act of Parliament laying down royal wills need not be published. Some MP’s were outraged by the Queen’s criminal intent. Parliament eventually introduced a Disclosure Act. However, the entire royal family and their nominees have Diplomatic Immunity. Making any Act of Parliament powerless to prevent royal loot leaving Britain. When Queen Victoria died, 1901, ninety-percent of the family’s assets were held in off-shore Trusts.

1937. Using the mind-boggling excuse that one of her five brothers **had left money to a royal whore, who he shared with his father-in-law, German born Queen Mary, as Queen Victoria before her, made it possible to keep royal wills secret.

* Some deranged people (Royalists, Remainers) still  leave money to the royals. Liverpool Police searching the house of a deceased BNP organiser came across his will; bequeathing £10,000 to the Queen! Very few such wills ever make it into the public eye.
After it became known people were leaving money to Queen Victoria. The palace legal department, run by Royal Zombies like Sir Michael Peat, have made certain ‘bequeaths’ stay secret.
Prince Francis. One of many German born family nominee’s who ferried royal loot to Swiss banks. 


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