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Royal Cover-Ups

In 1759 George 3rd secretly married an English girl - Hannah Lightfoot. He then committed bigamy with Charlotte, a German Princess - 1761. Bigamy disqualified their descendants (including Victoria and the present vile "Queen") from the Throne.
Then as now, this family had an ample supply of stolen public money to silence anyone who knows these royal bastards for what they really are.

1866. Queen Victoria was horrified to hear George 3rd’s first marriage certificate had turned up in the Court of Probate and Divorce. In the same bundle, Treasury Documents signed by Prime Minister Pitt the Elder confirmed the marriage to Hannah Lightfoot was legally and canonically valid.
Victoria ordered the papers be impounded by the Lord Chief Justice - who delivered them hotfoot to the Royal Archives, Windsor Castle.
The Chief Librarian had orders to make crude copies. The copies could then be held up as obvious forgeries, implying there never was any original documents, ergo no marriage to the shoemakers lovely daughter. Total deceit remains the "royals" first principle. Google Descendants of Hannah Lightfoot.

           Hay Days Of Empire: Making The Royal Fortune   


Punch 1909



"Thousands Worked To Death"

Queen Victoria’s ‘dearest uncle Leo’, became Leopold 1st King of the Belgium’s.
His son, King Leopold 2nd, took-over the Congo.

right, Two of Leopold's Congolese slaves display their stumps. Their hands were hacked-off for failing to meet their quota!








     British Royal Family: No more British than they were ever "royal"

Queen Victoria’s ‘dearest uncle Leo’, son of Duke Francis Frederick of Saxony-Coburg-Saalfeld, became Leopold 1st King of the Belgium’s.
Leo's first wife, Queen Victoria’s aunt, Princess Charlotte died tragically in childbirth.
Leo’s second wife, Princess Louise, was the daughter of the French King, Louis-Philippe.
Always with an eye on royal fortune, Leo arranged for their daughter, Carlota, to marry a wealthy Austrian cousin, Maximilian, the future Emperor of Mexico. 
When Leo died,1865, Brussels press reported he left £600,000 to his son and heir. Only the royals know how much he left in the family’s Swiss Trusts.
Despite his inheritance, Leopold 2nd, was increasingly jealous of Victoria. To be precise, jealous of her ever-growing mountain of Empire profits. He yearned for a Colony of his own.  

1875, Leopold 2nd surprised the British Ambassador in Brussels. He confided his desire to turn New Guinea into a Belgium Colony. Ambassador Saville Lumley* told him to forget the idea. At this time, Victoria’s Establishment were busy stealing Australia from the natives. They had similar plans for New Guinea. Leopold’s dream was shot-down by Victoria’s all-powerful Empire.  * Ab Fab Joanna Lumley’s great grandfather (Joanna is a Loyalist!)

1877. New York Herald reporter Henry Morten Stanley** confirmed the Congo river ran from the heart of Africa to the Atlantic coast. The newly discovered interior was described as. ‘A promised land. Gold, silver, copper, ivory and fertile land in abundance wait for whoever gets there first.’ Leopold 2 offered Stanley a five-year contract to negotiate trading contracts with hundreds of native Chiefs.

Over the next five years Stanley and his private army, crossed and, re-crossed the Congo Plain and the jungles of the Congo Basin, establishing trade routes with warlike, totally uneducated, local Chiefs.
Stanley’s dubious deals gave Leopold a monopoly of all types of commerce in an area eighty times larger than Belgium. Leopold made African’s slaves in their own country. 
** For services to royal bank accounts Stanley was made a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath in 1899, becoming Sir Henry Morton Stanley.

By 1895, 1,480,000 natives were forced to man his cargo boats, build his roads and railways, work in his rubber industry, down his mines, in his ivory trade and man his storage-forts and way-stations. Their only pay was food. Thousands who failed to please Leopold’s overseers had their hands cut off! Thousands who tried to run away had their feet cut off! Leopold’s hired thugs worked hundreds of thousands of Africans to death!
Bloodstained Congo profits joined centuries of similar profits from slavery in the royal maze of undeclared foreign-bank-accounts. 

Royal Investments: Convict Ships

Transportation was a small part of the royals enormous stake in slavery. British convicts became slave overseers when they were sold (indented) to the royals plantation owning pals. Mostly petty thieves, the convicts, were Transported for fixed periods after which they were freemen and could return to Britain. Few made the trip back. Shortage of labour in the colonies meant better pay and living conditions than they would find in Britain. 

For over three-hundred-reprehensible-years there were no options for black slaves. They were worked to death, by the royals Establishment, most of them on the same plantations they were born on.




"Thousands Worked To Death"

Two of King Leopold's younger Congolese slaves after their right hands were hacked-off for failing to meet the King's standard.

As the royals grew obscenely rich on African slave labour they made industrial slaves of the British poor.




Victorian Values

Royal London 1871. The worst of London's slums were owned and left to stagnate by The Duchy Of Cornwall.
This family in Bow are making matchboxes. They were paid 2d. Per-hundred-boxes (2d. = less than 1p). Children started this type of work aged two. 
Starving families with no work sold their children into the sex trade. Pimps boasted they could supply a virgin on a day's notice. The Victorian "gentry" - who the pimp’s supplied - had no intention of changing anything.

"All that the procuress had told her was that if she consented to meet a rich gentleman she would get lots of money." 
William Stead. The Pall Mall Gazette, 1885

The Royal Establishment who invented breeding Foxes To Rip Apart
Ordered Virgins For Rape

"Pain became an essential ingredient for virgin sex and since the defloration of very young virgins can be excruciating the Royals Establishment were obsessed with 'defloration mania.' The screams of tortured virgins became indispensable. 'Shrill torture was the essence of delight and many gentleman would not silence a single note'".
There was never enough 'voluntary prostitutes' to meet the R
oyal Establishment's demand
Entrepreneurs (pimps) bought, or kidnapped children off the street, to satisfy the perverts demand for 'involuntary prostitutes.'

1883. Chelsea Police Inspector Jeremiah Minahan had irrefutable evidence Mary Jeffries, a high class brothel keeper, procured scrubbed virgins at £15 each, for the 'royals and nobility.’ Minahan’s investigation revealed Leopold, King of the Belgium's, had paid Jeffries £800 for one month’s ‘entertainment.’ Jeffries despicable "royal" perverted clients included the Prince of Wales (Dirty Bertie) and Lord Fife, who was engaged to Dirty Bertie’s eldest daughter, Princess Louise!

Her Majesty's Home Secretary, Sir William Harcourt, directed Minahan's superiors to drop the case. Being a man of principle Minahan resigned to take the case to court. Not surprisingly, the judge had received the Queen's Instructions (royal brown-envelope). Following his royal orders the judge had the audacity to warn the jury, only the brothel keeper was on trial and any mention of her clients outside the court would leave the jury open to prosecution!
Minahan proved Jeffries was running four child brothels in the better parts of London. Jeffries was fined £200.
The usual sentence for keeping one brothel was six months jail!
A squad of Jeffries "gentry" clients formed a guard of honour for her as she walked free from Westminster court. Then as now, there's one law for the rich and no justice for the poor. Her Majesty's judges are employed to protect royal-arse-lickers like Jimmy Saville. Not decent people.

Victorian Whistleblower William Stead.
Editor of the
Pall Mall Gazette. In 1885 Stead's factual articles, The Truth About The Navy, forced Her Majesty's Government to spend an extra £3.5 Million on Naval Defences.
The same year Stead was vilified by the loyal (Establishment) press for exposing organized child rape.
To prove it was common practice to buy a virgin in London – which lecherous Lord's and most MP’s denied. Stead bought a thirteen-year-old for £5 from her parents in the slum of Lisson Grove.
Stead was working with the Salvation Army and a reformed prostitute who were as keen as he was to expose the white slave trade. The girl was first taken to a midwife to confirm her virginity and then taken to Paris.
Unlike thousands of other girls who travelled this route she was escorted by the Salvationists and never came to any harm.
For his audacity in proving lecherous Lords and MP's wrong and how so-called "royal" and "noble gentlemen" spent some of their unearned income Stead was jailed for three months (for arranging a virginity test). Every year thereafter on the anniversary of his trial he travelled to and from work wearing a prison uniform.

Using his extremely popular Pall Mall Gazette, Stead threatened that if Parliament continued to refuse to raise the Age of Consent. He would publish a list of "royal" and "noble gentlemen" who spent their time raping kidnapped children. The very next day Parliament started the process to change the law. The age was changed to 16. 
The list of "royal" and "noble" perverts had been compiled by Inspector Minahan's police constables watching Mary Jeffries brothels. Either Stead or Minahan leaked the list to at least one Member of Parliament, Philip Callan. Mr Callan told the Commons. "Jeffrey's clients were of the highest order." And he could name those involved. scroll down this Hansard ink to, Mr Callan

Previously in the House of Lords; Lord Oranmore had argued against rising the age of consent because most Lords had sex with a partner below the proposed new limit. "Noble Lords" had also argued against raising the age because it could lead to the prosecution of themselves and their sons.

"The daughters of the poor are bought and sold like cattle".
Reynolds' Weekly Newspaper  July 11, 1885.

left, A contemporary cartoon of Queen Victoria's cousin and business partner King Leopold 2nd.

 As the sole owner and Chief Executioner of the Congo "Free" State Leopold ordered millions more brutal murders than Adolf Hitler had the time to. Like the present Queen's friend Jimmy Saville, Leopold was a life-long child rapist.

When he wasn't raping the Congo; King Leopold 2nd was a client of the notorious child procuress Mary Jeffries (also known as Mary Jefferies and Mary Jeffreys). For over twenty years Jeffries ran at least four child brothels in London, including "Rose Cottage",  especially for the likes of King Leopold 2nd and Queen Victoria's Heir Apparent, the Prince of Wales,  Dirty Bertie.  Like the present Queen Victoria ordered her puppets in Parliament to suppress any mention of her child-fucking friends in Her Majesties Parliament. 



1904. When King Leopold 2nd visited his cousin the Kaiser in Berlin the Kaiser's wife, right, hated every minute of his visit. She described him as "the Devil incarnate who raped a virgin every single night and ordered his thugs to chop the hands off his slaves children to make his slaves work harder." As soon as he left she had the palace chaplain exorcise the rooms he had stayed in!          Kaisarina Auguste Viktorie

In 1908 King Leopold 2nd personally supervised the illegal burning of tons of documents accumulated by his Congo Free State (CFS) officials over the previous twenty-odd-years. These documents contained more than enough evidence to hang Leopold 2nd for genocide. They also contained leads to the banks where an estimated £100 million of slave labour profits had been salted away. The burning of the CFS documents took eight days!
he royals principle bankers, the Rothschild's, are presently bankrolling the unctuous promoters of a "New World Order" - based on slave labour.

see   London: The Wicked City... By Fergus Linnane  2007,  ISBN 1861059906, 9781861059901

        A Throne in Brussels: By Paul Belien  2006,    ISBN 184540033X, 9781845400330

        The Victorian Underworld  By Donald Thomas, p122-126
  1999,  ISBN 0719557321


 Victorian Values: Contrived Low Wages

1874. Queen Victoria was regally enraged when a new book exposed her Establishment’s stranglehold on wages. Acre-Ocracy by John Bateman, published 1874-6. Proved most of Britain belonged to 2,225 super-rich families. Bateman's evidence illustrates how Victoria's cabal fixed wages so low, starving workers sold their half-starved children to factory & mine owners, chimney sweeps and brothel keepers. Victoria and her pals wasted no time hiding their ownership of mines, farms and factories in a lawyers maze of agents and nominees.

March 2009. Reservations of land have been placed by builders to a value of £37 Billion. The land reserved is almost wholly owned by “aristocrats”. Which means none of it on the land registry! This land is a small part of EU subsidized rural estates held by offshore “trusts” and “companies.” These outfits pay no tax due to Her Majesty's maze of tax loopholes for the rich and worthless, totally pointless people - like  the so-called "royals".                                             Rewriting History

The ingenuity of the British working man produced the machinery that inspired the Great Exhibition, 1851. The exhibition was the idea of Henry Cole, who had organized smaller Machine Exhibitions. Joseph Paxton visualized and built the ground-breaking iron & glass Crystal Palace to house the exhibition. Paxton, the son of a gardener, had designed and built glass-houses for his boss the Duke of Bedford.
Without Cole & Paxton there would have been no Great Exhibition. TV “historians” would have you believe the exhibition was Prince Albert’s idea! In truth Albert was the role-model for his freeloading descendants, he latched-on to anything that may make the royals remotely popular. Had GMO’s been around at the time. Albert would have been marching with the protester’s while secretly investing his unearned income in Monsanto. 

       The press saw Albert as he was - a total waste of space

 What the public thought of ‘that greedy German.’ as portrayed by Punch Magazine.  Albert loved killing dumb animals on a daily basis but hated going out in the rain. In this Punch cartoon his servants have tethered game to the furniture so he can enjoy himself without getting wet.

Forget the palace financed drivel you read about Prince Albert. Forget the infantile royal romantic fiction you see in the films and on BBC TV. Albert, like the present Queen's Consort, was a criminal waste of space.



Balmoral: Prince Albert's Schloss. Albert, who pined for his Fatherland, built his own Hansel & Gretel Schloss (above) and bred herds of deer to kill, to pass the time of day. All on unearned income - of course. These were the Hay Days of Victorian Values.



February 1852. The Chronicle records, Victoria commissioned Garrards  to fashion her a £20,000 suite of emeralds, a similar priced suite of very fine opals and two new diamond and ruby necklaces costing £15,000 each. In June 1852 as Victoria was paying Garrards £70,000 (unearned income) for the latest addition to her jewellery, already worth £Billions, Albert was again writing to Prime Minister Russell requesting another £50,000 public money be added to the Civil List (money for nothing) of £800,000 for his ‘sporting pursuits.’  Royal hypocrisy had become an art form.


 Victorian Values

Victoria with her first child, Vicky, and second child Bertie, who became Dirty Bertie, at Balmoral. Bertie is pointing at a deer shot by Albert. To give the royals ‘plenty of sport’  the Balmoral estate was extended from 17,000 acres to 50,000 acres (9 miles x 15 miles)




Victorian Values: Lancashire

1861 - 1900: Queen Victoria settled into her “grieving” and continued banking her £600,000 annual Civil List in the family vaults offshore.
In the same period Victoria and her Establishment pursued their usual profits from child slave labour with increasing brutality against the British workforce. This particular obscene pursuit made the Lancashire town of Bradford the unhealthiest place in Britain. Bradford had two-hundred textile mill and factory chimneys spewing out thick black & yellow smoke - laden with toxic chemicals. Workers who were forced to inhale these chemicals everyday had their lung and their immune systems wrecked. Public Records show seventy percent of Bradford’s children died before they reached the age of thirteen! During what royal arsehole lickers call “The Glorious reign of Victoria”. Life Expectancy of Bradford workers fell to eighteen-years-old! (yes 18-yrs-old!!!!)

Victorian Air Pollution 1853

Lord Palmerston told Parliament. ‘Just one hundred gentlemen own the coal furnaces choking two million Londoners.’ Lord Palmerston, wanted to stop more coal-fired factories being built in the capital. He was over-ruled by the rich and greedy who gobbled up London’s poor as factory slaves.

Friends of the money-grubbing-Rothschilds, like Benjamin Disraeli, right, outnumbered decent men in Victoria’s Parliament. New factories with more toxic smoke spewing furnaces multiplied unchecked. Factory waste damaged the overloaded sewers and turned the river Thames into a tidal cesspit. One noble lord entering the chamber of the House of Lords encountered ‘the noonday stench,’ a thick putrid river mist that sometimes ‘crawled through every portal of the Palace of Westminster.’ He was taken with a coughing fit and choked to death. 

Lord Palmerston, left, was hated by Albert & Victoria. He became a  public hero when he ordered the Navy to seize Greek ships until the Greek Government paid an Englishman a debt they had defaulted on.
After telling the press 'Englishmen always look after each other.' 
Crowds gathered outside Parliament to voice their approval. For the next few months Palmerston was cheered in the street.

Albert & Victoria, hated by the public, were seething with jealously. Victoria had Palmerston sacked from her cabinet. Much to her annoyance he become the first Liberal Prime Minister (1855-58 & 1859 - 65).
It was on Palmerton's second watch that Prince Albert unexpectedly snuffed it. Victoria was acutely aware she was the only person in Britain grieving 'that Greedy German.' She took to the bottle. She was too ill (read pissed) to attend Albert's funeral. She made no public appearance for the next twenty years. She was not in any way missed.

Royal Bankers

 Waddesdon Manor  Buckinghamshire

1888.  Victoria arriving at one of the homes of royal banker Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild. Ferdinand was a great-grandson of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the infamous Frankfurt banking house. The Frankfurt banks' first customers were the German "royal" family who would take-over England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Commonwealth. Like the incestuous royals the Rothschild's married their own to safeguard their lands & fortune. Ferdinand married his cousin Evelina, who's father, Baron Lionel de Rothschild, was the first Jewish member of Parliament.


The royals were customers of the septic money lender Mayer Amschel Rothschild long before the first Rothschild bank was opened in Frankfurt. The royals and the Rothschilds invented "Victorian Values".

Victoria's Family

Below. Two of Victoria's Grandsons.
King George 5  and Tsar Nicholas 2 and another worthless royal dickhead.


Start here then

chek out Kevin Cahill who spent ten years writing: Who Owns the World: The Hidden Facts Behind Landownership. Cahill discovered that Queen Elizabeth II is the legal owner of one sixth of the land on the Earth's surface, more than any other individual or nation.

Who Owns The World Kevin Cahill, 2006 ISBN-13: 9780446581219


The books below are Essential Reading if you wish to understand the enormity of the royals offshore fortune.

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Kevin Cahill spent ten years writing, Who Owns the World: The Hidden Facts Behind Landownership. Cahill discovered that Queen Elizabeth II is the legal owner of one sixth of the land on the Earth's surface, more than any other individual or nation.

Who Owns The World Kevin Cahill, 2006 ISBN-13: 9780446581219

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