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The Next In Line

 Along with 11 other bastards for the British taxpayers to pay for, George 3rd’s bigamous marriage to a German Princess begat.

George, Prince of Wales, ‘Priny,’ born 1762 died 1830          

Frederick, Duke of York.                 ;      1763     ;   1827.

William, Duke of Clarence.              ;      1765     ;  1837.  

Edward Duke of Kent.                     ;      1767     ;   1820.

The early deaths of Princess Charlotte and Frederick, Duke of York made William, Duke of Clarence, Priny’s successor. William (Billy) had married a German Princess, Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, for no other reason than producing an heir. Both their children died in infancy - which made Victoria the heir presumptive.

Victoria was allegedly the only child of George 3rd’s fourth son, Edward, Duke of Kent - who died shortly after Victoria’s birth. Edward, however, like the present Edward, was as camp as a row of tents. Many believed Victoria’s father was Sir John Conroy. One of her mother’s Household Staff. Young Vicky hated Conroy. Perhaps because she looked like Conroy. The same way the present Prince Andrew looks disturbingly like Queen Lizzy's one time stable boy Lord Porchester.

Young Vicky 

 When Silly Billy inherited the Throne, 1830, his ten-year-old niece Victoria was next in line. Her mother believed there was a plot to murder young Vicky - leaving the Throne open for one of William’s bastard sons. For the next seven years Vicky was kept within the confines of Kensington Palace. She slept with her mother, with the doors locked.

Fortunately for little Vicky, the richest "Noble Lords" who could easily arrange for her and her mother to "disappear," decided a virgin Queen was preferable to another potential Priny or Silly Billy.  

Named after her German mother, Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg, Victoria was crowned aged 18. Her Civil List and Duchy revenues (including her Corn sales) averaged at least £800,000 per year. In today’s values that’s £M8 + per-year.
Her profits from clandestine investments in every type of Empire trade made small beer of her take from public money. Most of Victoria's ill gotten billions made their way into the family's secret American, German and Swiss accounts. She reigned for 64 years. 1837-1901.


1838. Victoria aged 18

 Victoria holding her first "Drawing Room", where favoured money changers introduce the next generation of money changers to the Head Of State. 

Following the policy of keeping everything in the family. Victoria married her first cousin. Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.


right.  Victorian Values. Albert & Victoria, at the Haymarket Opera House, London.

Apart from bodyguards who stood outside the box and outside the theatre. Albert & Victoria needed an entourage of seven trusted servants, fan bearers, chocolate box holders, Master of the Robes, ect., to attend them. The entourage were not allowed to sit down throughout the two hour performance! 

Food Control

The Corn Law 1815-1846.  Trebled the price of bread by banning cheap grain from abroad. The poor starved to death! Decades of hunger riots persuaded Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel to end the Corn Law. However, the landowners’ had had years to collude with Jewish bankers importing Russian and American grain. Landowner's continued to enjoy high profits by price-fixing.

When Sir Robert Peel, who founded the Conservative Party to oppose his own greed-stricken-Tory-Party, retired from politics the next man in Lord John Russell, Whig Prime Minister 1846-52, did his utmost to curb corruption in Parliament.
But, as ever, the royals Establishment bribed bent-politicians to block any real progress towards a fair society. Forget the fairy tales you see on BBC TV, Queen Victoria held her subjects in utter contempt - as does the present Queen.  

   Profit From Misery

   ‘Victorian Values’ were widely applied in Ireland. Between 1840-52, Potato Blight caused famine. Cattle and Sheep grazing on un-affected land were exported to the English markets where meat prices were far higher than the starving Irish could possibly afford.

Victoria's landlords, who managed the blighted land, manipulated Parliament to secure £M10 public money for Famine Relief. Which went straight into their pockets.
British Army Records estimate two million Irish starved to death. Irish port records show two million emigrated. While banking her share of public money for Famine Relief.
Victoria, for history’s sake, wrote pious letters saying ‘how awful’ and ‘dreadful’ it all was.
Victoria’s values remain embedded in the royals. The present Queen turned the Paddington rail crash into a photo-opp. She had a special platform built at the taxpayer’s expense.
She then spent two minutes viewing the site, saying ‘how awful’ and ‘dreadful’ it all was.
In a sane world she would have been hung for selling British Rail to her asset stripping pals. 
Flogging-off everything the British really need. Transport, power, gas, water etc., tells you all you need to know about Queen Lizzy's plans for Britain's future.               

Albert & Victoria teaching their offspring how to slaughter dumb animals to pass the time of day.

While royal children learned how to waste time,
real children aged 6-10 often worked 14 hours a day for no wages but food.


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