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    The Long Road To Reform

                    Consternation in Parliament  

'Little Johnny Upsets The Cart!'

1832.  Lord John Russell causing consternation in Parliament by proposing to extend the vote beyond the King's landed cabal.
Lord Russell went on to serve as Prime Minister 1846 - 52 & 1865-66.  All of Russell's laudable efforts could not stop the landowner’s dominating Parliament. The King’s Establishment continued treating the poor as vermin. 

Lord John Russell was remarkably frank for an MP. And astonishingly honest for a Prime Minister.
When the amiable Lady Elizabeth Holland asked him, why her husband, Henry, had not been included in his cabinet? He replied. ‘Because everybody knows you open his letters.’ 
One of Lord John’s forefathers, William Russell, had plotted with the Duke of Monmouth to murder and take the Throne of the so-called sporting King - Charles 2. Monmouth planned to ambush the King’s party returning from Newmarket races. As it happened a fire in a stable fanned by strong winds burnt down half the town of Newmarket. Causing the King’s party to return to London before the ambush was in place. ‘Hanging Judge Jeffreys’ got to hear of the failed plot. Monmouth fled abroad. William Russell was arrested and charged with Treason. His father, the Puritan Duke of Bedford, offered "The sporting King" Charles 2nd,  £100,000 for William’s life. Charles 2nd (the antidote to the Puritan religion) preferred to have William beheaded.
  [At that time; the archetypal monarch Charles 2 was committing Treason by secretly accepting huge bribes from the French King to return England to Catholicism - The Treaty Of Dover.]  


Tory scumbag MP. Benjamin Disraeli, a typical royal placeman. Disraeli became the first Jewish Prime Minister (Michael Howard failed to become the second).

For two decades Disraeli spoke in favour of the immoral Corn Law. Like the royals he believed the poor were put on earth for the convenience of the rich. Disraeli believed the Corn Law was necessary to keep the uneducated in perpetual servitude. He also argued it was necessary to use five-year-olds in tunnels to low for pit ponies. He did a typically Tory U Turn on the Corn Laws to gain power. To no-ones surprise Disraeli would become Queen Victoria’s favourite grovelling Prime Mouthpiece. 


Convict Ships

Transportation was a small part of the royals enormous stake in slavery.


British convicts were sold (indented) to the royals plantation owning pals. Convicts, mostly petty thieves, were Transported for fixed periods after which they could return to Britain. Few made the trip back. Shortage of labour in the colonies meant better pay and living conditions than they would find anywhere in Britain.    




Wages in Lancashire in 1830

Age of Worker

Male Wages

Female Wages

under 11

2s 3d.

2s. 4d.

11 - 16

4s. 1d.

4s. 3d.

17 - 21

10s. 2d.

7s. 3d.

22 - 26

17s. 2d.

8s. 5d.

27 - 31

20s. 4d.

8s. 7d.

32 - 36

22s. 8d.

8s. 9d.

37 - 41

21s. 7d.

9s. 8d.

42 - 46

20s. 3d.

9s. 3d.

47 - 51

16s. 7d.

8s. 10d.

52 - 56

16s. 4d.

8s. 4d.

57 - 61

13s. 6d.

6s. 4d.

                       1s = 5p in today's money


  The Queen's Establishment             

While the Scots Highlands were being ‘cleared’ Albert & Victoria rebuilt Balmoral Castle, the original being 'far too small' and rebuilt Osborne House, Isle of Wight. Victoria had Osborne 'gutted and done in the Italian style.' Agent's were sent Venice to bring back Italian builders. The split-level ten-room Swiss Cottage, left, in the delightful gardens of Osborne was built for Victoria's noisy children to play in.   While many of her subjects were starving. Victoria found time to sue an artist who sold an etching of her dogsVictorian Values were also applied in Ireland. Between 1840-52, Potato Blight contributed to country-wide famine. Victoria and her cronies, who owned the blighted land, manipulated Parliament to secure £M10 public money for Famine Relief. Which went straight into Victoria's landlords pockets. The poor either emigrated or starved to death. Throughout the so called Potato Famine Irish landowners were exporting shiploads of beef and wheat to London where they got the kind of price the Irish could not pay. This is an early example of the thieving Tories "Market Forces".


                              A Drop In The Royal Ocean

Victorian landlord John Camden Neild was the role model for the miser Scrooge. 
No one ever saw him buy anything. Not even a coach ride. Rain hail or snow he walked the highways & byways between his London houses and Kentish farms collecting his rents. He made his tenants provide bed and breakfast.

In May 1852, Albert & Victoria ordered the best of everything for the re-building of Balmoral Castle, Scotland. The original castle being 'too small.' And the rebuilding of Osborne House, Isle of Wight. Victoria wanted it 'gutted and transformed in the Italian Style.'
An Italian contractor was told to scour Italy for the best craftsmen to rebuild Osborne. 
Agent's were sent to Venice to bring back Italian builders. In September the same year a solicitor informed the Palace. Neild had died and left Victoria most of his fortune, equivalent to £M6 now.
An inconceivable sum to most people in 1852. A mere drop in the royals unearned ocean. Writing to congratulate Victoria on having ‘such a loyal subject’ her favourite German uncle (and prolific paedophile) Leopold, (who became King Of The Belgium's) suggests the miser’s money should join the family’s foreign investment funds. Far from the prying eyes of her loyal subjects. ‘Dearest uncle Leo'  knew his ‘Dear little Vicky’ really didn’t need an extra £M6.  At this stage of her reign, her annual profits from Crown controlled Arms deals and countless clandestine Empire investments more than trebled her Civil List of £600,000 per year. To hide her obscene wealth Victoria had the audacity to pass an Act Of Parliament laying down royal wills need not be published 'Radical' (i.e honest) MP’s were outraged by Victoria making laws for herself. Parliament eventually introduced a Disclosure Act. However, the entire royal family and their nominees have Diplomatic Immunity. Making any Act Of Parliament powerless to prevent royal loot leaving Britain. When Victoria died, 1901, ninety-nine percent of her liquid assets, accumulated between 1837 - 1900, were in American, Swiss and German banks. Queen Lizzy will deny she inherited Victoria's loot. Ho. Ho. Ho.

In 1939, using the mindboggling excuse that one of her five brothers 2 had left money to an in-house-palace whore who he shared with his father-in-law. German born Queen Mary, as Victoria before her, made it possible to keep royal wills secret!  

Anyone reading about the Queen Mum’s published will (the £M50 estate Nuclear Lizzy refused to pay Death Duty on) should bare in mind the Queen Mum and her forefathers only kept petty cash in British banks. £M50 is less than peanuts to the "royals".
From Georgian times foreign banks have held the bulk of Establishment family fortunes founded on the Slave Trade and the Opium Trade.     

 1 People still leave money to the royals. Liverpool Police doing a routine search of the  house of a deceased British National Party (BNP) organiser came across his will bequeathing £10,000 to the Queen's Privy Purse. Very few such wills ever catch the public eye. After it became known royalists were leaving money and property to Queen Victoria the palace legal department, have made sure ‘bequeaths’ remain secret.
  2 German born Prince Francis. One of many family nominee’s who ferried royal loot to foreign banks.

As of 1992, Queen Lizzy has stolen £M30 from the Treasury by illegally avoiding tax prior to 1992. Like her German ancestors Lizzy only keeps petty cash in Britain. Foreign banks have always held this family's real fortune. Were it not for Phillip Hall's ground breaking book Royal Fortune, which led to independent scrutiny by none-arse-kissing Labour MP's, nobody would have known about the present Civil List surplus of £M37!  It would have joined Victoria's loot and the stolen £M30 mentioned above in Swiss banks.

Google Books:  Royal Fortune. Phillip Hall.


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