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Priny As George 4
th 1820 - 30

During the Regency 1811 - 1820 the old King being banged-up 'as any other lunatic’ made people strangely fond of Mad King George. Even the Tory press blamed the palpably degenerate Priny, known as The Prince of Whales, for the old man’s torment.
On hearing George 3 had died, Jan 30 1820. Priny took to his bed with ‘chest pain.’ In truth he feared 'the publick would dig another grave' if he attended his father’s funeral. From his fake sick-bed the new King immediately began plotting to get rid of his second (bigamous) wife - who was now Queen Caroline.
Having contained Princess Charlotte in Windsor forest (1814) Priny had managed to bribe Caroline out of the country. Insanely jealous of her popularity he gave her  £50,000 per year to live abroad. He then spent 'thousands more publick mony paying spy’s to follow her across Europe.' For some time Caroline had been living with an ex soldier calling himself Baron Della Francina. Caroline had bought him a small estate near Milan. She originally employed him as a valet. Priny’s spy’s offered Caroline’s servants huge incentives to travel to London and testify against her. Priny believed he had enough evidence for a divorce. His Privy Council disagreed. Servants were never believed in English courts. Priny’s plan to bring foreign servants before the highest court in the land, the House of Lord’s, seemed childish - to say the least. Throwing light on Caroline’s sex-life, would only illuminate his own revolting lifestyle and remind the public of ‘poor Princess Charlotte.’ (Charlotte had died in convulsions nine hours after giving birth to a stillborn boy - 1817.
It was rumoured Priny had poisoned the poor girl. Charlotte’s death was more than likely due to royal incest or Porphyria - "Royal Madness".
Against all advice Priny insisted he wanted a divorce. Privy Councillor's reminded him, his standing with the public had never been lower. Deaf to reason, he threatened to go to his other Kingdom, Hanover, to get his divorce. Reluctantly, Parliament drafted a Divorce Bill.  At this time Priny was sleeping with Lady Maria Coyngham and her eldest daughter Lady Elizabeth. When Charlotte died Priny had ordered her husband Prince Leo to return all her jewels, [estimated then, to be worth £90,000] as they were Crown jewels - which was not true. Charlotte’s jewels were presently draped around the Coyngham duo...  


 ‘Caroline’s Cause’ packed the House of Lords  

1820 Queen Caroline came willingly to her ‘Trial’ in the Lords.

A military escort was sent to accompany the witnesses against Caroline. The good people of Dover ignored mounted soldiers and threw rocks at the witnesses coach as it raced from the docks. When Caroline  announced she was going for a pleasure trip on the Thames, 200,000 lined the river to cheer and wish her well. Priny didn’t dare show his face in public. As Priny had been warned. The Lords decided there would be no divorce.
The whole country celebrated ‘Caroline’s Victory.’ Bonfires were lit and dances held in every town and village. Troops were called-in to break-up some of the party’s which had lasted three days. Londoner’s dancing in the street drove Priny into a week long drunken sulk. 
As with the present pathetic Priny, when Caroline suddenly died, his wife’s death breathed new life into Priny. He was described as ‘gayer than might be proper to tell.’  




The Duke of Wellington in Hyde Park with his favourite mistress/mattress, Mrs Arbuthnot. The Duke wrote scores of revealing love letters to "Mrs A".
Lady Maria Coyngham was another mattress with who the Duke compared bedtime notes on Priny’s progress. As a young man Wellington had said. ‘Priny will make a good King.’ In 1828 he became Prime Minister. His high hopes for Priny however had long since disappeared. He came to see the royals in their true light. In his words.
"The damnedest millstones about the neck of any Government that can be imagined."






Priny made dressing-up like toy-soldiers to disembowel foxes with one's purpose starved hounds ‘the fashion.’  Hunting the uneatable fox merely confirmed the fact that Priny was a congenital idiot. 
The present Priny has stated he will live aboard if mummy's EU pals don't lift the foxhunting ban! Insanity runs deep in this family.





Empire Trade

 In Priny’s time Wapping on the river Thames
 became 'The Warehouse Of The World.'

Britain was becoming the world's undisputed sea power. London the world's richest port.
Lloyds Of London ‘names’ made enormous fortunes from shipping.
left, One of the countless warehouses on the Thames - which became 'the world's most congested river.'



Crown Land

King Henry 2nd's mum, Matilda, founded St. Katherine’s Hospital, by the Thames.
From 1165 that plot of land belonged to the reigning Queen. Down the centuries it grew into a residential area.  Weeks after Queen Caroline’s untimely death Priny leased the land to developers; 11,000 residents were forcibly evicted. Their homes demolished. The 
residents being rent payer's meant there was no compensation. Priny’s business pals built St. Katherine’s Dock. Priny’s manifest profiteering was fiercely criticized by the press and publicly denounced by the Duke of Wellington. As usual, critics were royally ignored.

1830. No-one mourned when Priny died. News of his death caused a nationwide outbreak of Goodbye Priny Party’s and Champaign Funeral Suppers. Some of which were still in full swing days after his funeral! The funeral itself was a joyous occasion. "More like a happy wedding."

King William 4. The Slave Trader's Royal Spokesman

Mad King George 3rd sent William’s brothers to Gotingen University.
‘Silly Billy’ was judged a slow learner and more fitted to the navy.
Visiting the family’s West Indian plantations Billy grew extremely fond of slave girls. 
who wouldn’t?]  After seven years at sea, his father insisted Billy was given his own ship. The Admiralty noted Captain Billy's skills of navigation were best suited to the safety of Jamaican brothels. For the sake of the navy his father was eventually persuaded to gave him a less challenging, money-for-nothing-none-job. He was beached as Ranger of Bushey Park. He lived with the actress Dorothy Jordon who bore him ten bastards.
When he became heir to the throne he was forced to marry the obligatory German Princess,
Adelaide of

Sometimes called Silly Billy, he was more sinister than silly. He never failed to voice his hatred of ‘reformers’ who wanted Votes for none landlords and an end to the Slave Trade. 
He was speaking for the entire royal family when he told the House of Lords. ‘William Wilberforce is a fanatic.’  And ‘I will never understand why anyone would want to end the Slave Trade’ 

1769. The London Gazette describes the Slave Trade as ‘an inexhaustible source of wealth.’ The royal family made sure it stayed that way. King George 3rd blocked the Abolition Bill for 30 years. His descendants registered their slave ships offshore. The usual nominees and foreign bankers hid the royals profits from slaves & slavery. 1834 - 1910 Hansard records how MP’s who questioned the continuing Slave Trade were royally ignored.


  William 4. Reigned 1830-37 

Priny’s successor,  William 4th.   Crowned aged 65.
Often accused of being short-planked Billy had a lifelong interest in shipping, i.e. profits from. On becoming King he asked his first Privy Council. "Who’s a Silly Billy now?"     





Reform of Parliament

Damaging a plough, which could happen by accident, was a Capital Offence! 

 Landowners selected Members of Parliament from their own ranks. The workers had no say what-so-ever in Parliament. No vote meant no chance of improving unjust laws, insulting wages, inadequate housing or anything else. In 1780, Edmund Burke MP started his campaign for Reform - which meant extending the vote to the less fortunate. Burke was facing over-whelming opposition.
Most of those born into landed families hated the very notion of Reform.
In 1789 placeman George Selwyn told Parliament.
"It is lamentable the King (George 3) is in a straightjacket while Burke is still at large." 
Selwyn's utter contempt for the poor was typical of most Georgian MP's. It was not until the start of  William's reign, 1830, that widespread riots brought Reform to the forefront of Parliamentary business.
1830-1831. As the newly invented Threshing Machines replaced manpower, landowners saw no need to find alternative employment. Workers were thrown out of work and hovel. Hovels were then burnt down.
Then as now, riots are caused by oppressors. Not the oppressed. 
During what became known as the Captain Swing Riots. At least 500 protesters were transported and as many hung without trial, or shot dead in clashes with the King’s troops. There was no such person, but the rumour 'Captain Swing is coming' became the rallying call to recruit men for raids on the ungodly.


Unable to accept they should have no say in Parliament, people made jobless and homeless by profit-mad landlords set fire to landlords property. 
King William 4, (Silly Billy) ponders the writing on the wall. 


In her diary for November 7th 1830. Harriet Arbuthnot wrote.  "We hear they are determined to make a riot.
The King (William 4
) gets quantities of letters every day telling him he will be murdered. The King is very much frightened and the Queen cries half the day with fright." 
Harriet was the Duke of Wellington's girlfriend and outgoing wife of Charles Arbuthnot, a typical Tory  scumbag MP. All the Tories, including the Duke of Wellington, believed the workers should never be given the vote. When the Duke became Prime Minister he realised he could not stop it happening. Then as now the poor were waking-up and getting their act together. 



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