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                                        Child Bride  

Elizabeth Vassal, became Lady Elizabeth Holland, one of England’s most influential hostess’s. 
Elizabeth inherited a small fortune from her forefathers, one of who had owned the pilgrim ship Mayflower. Aged 15 she was ‘married off’ to a Whig MP. Sir Godfrey Webster, 34 years her senior

Sir Godfrey was Master of East Sussex Foxhounds. His child bride soon grew tired of hooting & tooting. To her hearts delight she met Lord Holland, who became her second husband. They spent their long and happy marriage campaigning against the Slave Trade.


Holland House, London. In Georgian England Government policy was often steered by ‘radical’ politicians meeting privately at the Holland's London home.

Henry Fox, 3rd Baron Holland. Elizabeth’s second husband was an uncle of the anti Slave Trade MP, Charlie Fox.

Anti-slavery MP’s, like present day anti-globalization MP’s, were the royal family’s worst enemies.

'Globalization' is some sordid spin doctor's invention.  Spineless political pundits who enjoy pronouncing the word 'globalization' are as repugnant as the slave labour the word actually refers to.


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