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June 1815

The Battle of Ligny 

June 16, 2008. The Prussian army failed to stop Napoleon’s smaller army advancing into Belgium. Eighty-year-old Marshal Blucher was wounded in the fray. His Chiefs of Staff ordered the retreat. The remarkable Blucher refused. He reversed their order. Regrouped his battered army and came on to Waterloo. Bringing his ‘bloody minded Prussians’ into the battle late in the day. Had he failed to reach the field, Napoleon would have marched through Wellington’s shattered defences and on to Brussels and victory.  June 18. 1815. ‘At dusk 40,000 men and 15,000 horses lay dead or dying in the valley called Waterloo.’  Had he taken Brussels Napoleon's next campaign was the invasion of England.

Eighty-year-old Marshal Blucher & the Duke of Wellington congratulate each other on ‘a near run thing.’  

 For years after the battle Priny told his dinner guests he ‘personally planned and won,’ the Battle of Waterloo. Even in the company of the Iron Duke, Priny told people he had secretly sailed to France to beat the ‘froggy upstart Bony.’ Priny had the royal gift of believing his own lies. 

Priny's Regency:
The Bloody Reality

Countrywide hunger followed Priny’s introduction of the Corn Law. Not surprisingly Britain’s workforce were demanding Reform of Parliament, where only the spurious needs of the filthy-rich were catered for. Priny responded with increasingly violent attacks on public meetings.

above right. The Peterloo Massacre. St. Peters Fields. Manchester 1819.
A peaceful meeting of 30,000 poor people was ‘stampeded.’ Over 400 workers were trampled under horses hoofs. Hundreds of men, women and children were slashed or stabbed. Dozens died later of their injuries.
 Many of these men had fought for King & Country at the battle of Waterloo - 1815. Priny never hesitated to use the Riot Act. Whereby twelve or more workers meeting for any reason other than church could be shot dead if they refused to disperse! After the useless French royal Establishment were guillotined by the downtrodden workers (1792) Priny's Establishment had no intention of allowing British workers to meet to discuss their appalling pay & housing. Landowners, who owned most of the press, colluded to stop any news of workers unrest spreading. Protesters were quickly hung or transported
  (Priny’s equally vile ancestor George 1st had introduced the Riot Act 1715).

Priny’s seaside palace
 The Royal Pavilion Brighton

 Priny expected to sleep with everyone he invited into his ‘society.’ Local people still call his seaside palace ‘the Turkish brothel.’  The palace was built to Priny's precise instruction with nine designer kitchens - including two for pastry's and one dedicated to ice-cream. When in residence, Priny ordered 100 course banquets every single day!

Tollpuddle Martyrs: The Oath Law

Early in the Napoleonic Wars, 1803-15, unpaid British soldiers threatened to mutiny against their appalling conditions of service. They swore collective Oaths to down tools if months of back-pay did not arrive.
 In reply, George 3
rd's  Parliament passed a Law against Oaths! Anyone taking an Oath would be jailed or shot!! King George made no attempt to pay his soldiers the back-pay he owed. 

The Oath Law was used in 1834 against six farm labourers, who used Oath's to swear-in union members. This was the first call to workers to take part in a non-violent protest. The implications of which frightened the life out of landowners. Who had no sane arguments for purposely starving their workers.
All six farm labourers were sentenced to Seven Years Transportation!
Passing sentence at Dorchester Assizes Judge John Williams had the audacity to state. ‘I am not sentencing you for any crime you have committed, but as an example to the working classes!’

The labourers, who history records as the Tollpuddle Martyrs, were trying to form a union to fight the repulsive Corn Law. Laws designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer (The Corn Laws and the more recent Poll Tax Bill & Privatisation Bills are made, or not made, at the express will of the Head Of State. No forward looking Head of State would have flogged-off public assets. Unless she believes the British public have no future).

Empire Profits

 As the British Empire grew wider still and wider, royal profits from the slave trade, the opium trade, the arms trade, tea, cotton, sugar ect, ect, were banked abroad. Then as now, unctuous nominees were only to willing to do the royals bidding.  "Royal  historians" would have you believe the first four Georges and William 4th squandered their ill-gotten billions. In truth. From the reign of George 1st this family have needed to bank their loot offshore - in case the public get heir act together and hang the parasitic "royal" bastards. When the doddering King Silly Billy (William 4th) came to the Throne the family were immensely rich. Arguments over who-got-what led to rumours his bastard son’s were planning to bump-off the precocious, ten-year-old, heir presumptive Princess Victoria Saxe-Coburg.


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