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King George 3,  1738 -1820.
Crowned 1760 Declared insane 1811

 Draining John Bulls Blood. German royals feasting on Britain

 The Whitewash Of King George 3    

Increasing bouts of insanity never dulled George’s appetite for his share of "the business of Parliament". (now called insider dealing)  

In April 1810, Sir Francis Burdett came to George’s attention. Burdett was publicly objecting that MP’s were not allowed to discuss their debates outside Parliament. Burdett believed the public had a right to know what happens to their money taken in taxes. Mad King George ordered his arrest!
Knowing the arrest would bring out large crowds of protesters, the following Marching Order from Burdett’s home, in Piccadilly, to the Tower of London was issued.  
Two squadrons 15th Light Dragoons 2 x 10 men.
Two troops Life Guards 2 x 30 men.
The carriage carrying Burdett and the Sergeant at Arms (Black Rod)
Two troops Life Guards  2 x 30 men.
Two battalions of Foot Guards flanking the carriage, 2 x 50 men.
One troop 15th Light Dragoons 30 men, as rearguard.

George’s intention to increase the family fortune with public money was apparent from 1762 when he made the Earl of Bute his Prime Minister. The Earl was not an Member of Parliament he was a royal nominee involved in the day to day management of the royal maze of investments.

                   The Tea Tax

Tea importers, mainly House of Lords syndicates, had cashed in on the growing ‘fashion’ of tea drinking by rising the price. King George 3, of course, added tax. 


 As Mad King George King added more and more import taxes, to pay for his war on his subjects in America, previously honest shipping merchants became wholesale smugglers. Their ships entering port only for repairs.

Excise Officer Tom Paine was fired for demanding a pay rise.
Paine’s knowledge of how much tax the King's government collected and what the King did with it, led to his famous book The Rights of Man
. The book called for the abolition of the totally corrupt monarchy and their House Of Placemen (so-called House of Lords) The book explained how the government could easily afford to pay the workers family allowances, maternity grants and old age pensions were it not for greedy royal bastards systematically stealing the wealth of the Nation.
King George 3 who had re-introduced the death sentence for anyone organizing a public meeting to discuss the King's Business - banned the book and issued a warrant for Paine's arrest!
Tom Paine fled to France.
The “royal” family who suppressed the truth then, are infinitely better at suppressing the truth about there insider dealing now. In Georgian times they had millions to bribe placemen. Now they have untold Trillions.


Royal Investments

"Glass beads & Brass buttons to Africa. Slaves to the Indies. Rum & sugar to England. One thousand percent profit! The Middle Passage (Slaves) being an inexhaustible source of wealth."

Ships owned or part owned by the royal family worked the Golden Triangle for three centuries.  Many plantations requiring tens of thousands of slaves were owned or part owned by the royals. British convicts were used to supervise (read subjugate) the slaves.  


Royal Profit From British Convicts

In the reign of James 2nd, the Duke of Monmouth, one of King Charles 2nd’s fourteen bastards, tried to take-over the Throne. ‘The Hanging Judge,’ (later Baron Jeffreys) sentenced  1,000 'Monmouth Rebels'  200 were strung-up by the roadside, 600 were Transported to West Indies or Australia to be indented - sold to the highest bidder. The average price of £15 per head going into the King's Privy Purse. James gave 100 convicts to his pal the Governor of the Leeward Islands.1  He made another present of 100 convicts to his sexy French Queen, Mary of Modena. Mary would later collect £1,500 when the convicts were sold (£1,500 then is equivalent to receiving £75,000 today).

1 Caribbean land acquired through nominees in days of old  remains in the royal portfolio - handled by the same unctuous banker/ nominees the royal family have used for centuries. 

Film makers can always find Establishment money for fairy-tales, i.e. The Madness Of King George. The Whitewash Of King George should have been the title. The pathetic Kings Speech was another foul whitewash of a typical royal drunk. The next cinematic royal fairy-tale will make an audience from Mars think Queen Elizabeth 11 has been good for Britain. Nobody from planet Earth could be that stupid.

Royal Deceit

To protect royal family profits from the Slave Trade George 3 blocked the Abolition Bill for thirty years. To hide his family's interests in trade & industry he barred the press from Parliament. Most film and TV portrayal's of the royals imply people should bow and curtsy to them. In truth the public owe the phony royals nothing. Other than a fucking good kicking.


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