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Priny's Regency 1811 - 1820

Royal Extortion April 1815. The army were put on Full Alert when Priny's Parliament passed the Corn Law. Protesters were attacked with merciless force. 

Noble Lords used Parliament to ban cheap corn coming into Britain from abroad. 
The Corn Law was the idea of landowning "Noble Lords". The law banned the import of cheap grain. This guaranteed the royals and their landed pals their usual profits when bad weather reduced the harvest. 
If the yield was one third of the expected harvest. Landowners simply trebled the price of grain. Which trebled the price of bread. The vulnerable poor, infants, the old and the lame, who could not work, starved to death!
London 1830, three unemployed farm labourers were found dead under a hedge. A post mortem found nothing but grass in their stomachs.
"Noble Lords" had their puppets in the pulpit preach starvation was the will of God and nothing to do with their inhuman Corn Laws!
Then as now
"Noble Lord's" believed by denying the poor any proper education the poor would remain stupid enough to breed like rabbits so there would never be a shortage of slave labour for the landowners.



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