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Georgian Gals

Emma Hamilton

Blacksmith’s daughter and Admiral Nelson’s true love.
In Georgian England poor parents often sold their eight & nine-year-old daughters into "service." The unfortunate child had no say in the matter. We know Emma was christened Emily Lyon, in the Cheshire village of Neston, but how she became Emma Hart and her mother became Mrs Cadogan? Has been lost in the mists of time.

Aged thirteen Emma emerges in London working as a servant, then as a singer, in Dr. Graham's "Temple." Graham was a high class quack and his Temple had nowt to do with religion. Aged sixteen Emma became the live-in-lover of a wealthy chinless wonder, Sir Harry Featherstonehaugh...  Sir Harry threw her out of his stately home, Up Park, Kent.  Probably because she got herself pregnant by one of his pheasant shooting guests - Sir Charles Greville. 
She then moved in with Greville who was twice her age.
When he found himself short of ready cash Greville sold-her-on to his uncle Sir William Hamilton. Nothing unusual in Establishment families.  

 left. Sir Harry "Silly Man"  Featherstonehaugh threw Emma out. Later married one of his milkmaids.

  below. Sir William Hamilton Knight of the Bath
Mad King George 3rd’s Envoy to the Court of Naples.


right. London's Edgeware Road where Emma lived  happy and content with Sir Charles Greville until he sent her to Naples to spend a six month holiday with his uncle, Sir William Hamilton. Greville then wrote and told her to “oblige” Sir William!
Emma was upset by her lovers letter.
She was even more upset by King Ferdinand of Naples pestering her to “oblige” him.
King Ferdinand was a typical royal oaf. His entire life wasted hunting and whoring. His wife, Queen Maria, ran the Kingdom.
Queen Maria persuaded Sir William to marry Emma.  Ferdinand could seduce any man's mistress but not the wife of a British Ambassador.
Emma signed the marriage register in her real name Emily Lyon. As Lady Emma Hamilton she moved in exalted circles. Mad King George 3rd was openly jealous of Sir William. The radiant Emma reminded the King of his first wife, another commoner, Hannah Lightfoot. Who George had to hide away in order to commit bigamy when he married the obligatory German Princess.

It was in Naples that Emma first met Horatio Nelson. The man many believe Britain's greatest hero.


Admiral Nelson, shared a house with Sir William & Lady Emma Hamilton. When Nelson was home from the sea Sir William was happy to sleep alone. In two of his surviving letters, Nelson warns Emma to stay away from The Prince of Wales (Priny) or she would be ‘considered a whore.’
 Priny’s depravity at this time was such that any woman seen in his company was immediately labeled "poxy rotten or plain mad". 






Georgian Gals

Mrs. Robinson

Actress Mrs Mary Robinson, fell for the royal promises of Priny. Priny’s father, George 3rd, gave Mary £5,000 for the return of Priny's pornographic letters. And £500 per year for life in exchange for her silence. Intriguingly, on Mary’s death, £250 per year for life went to her daughter - for her silence. Then as now, royal hush money coming out of the taxpayer's pocket.


Along with 12 other bastards, for the taxpayer to pay for Mad King George 3rd’s bigamous marriage begat.
George, Prince of Wales, ‘Priny,’ born 1762 died 1830.
Frederick, Duke of York.                    1763 ; 1827.
William, Duke of Clarence.                1765 ; 1837.   


Mary Clarke

Mary Clarke. Not the usual royal groupie. Being in line for the throne, Priny’s brother, the Duke of York, bedded countless airheads. Mary Clarke was the exception. York gave her a fine London house with 20 personal staff. In return she acted as his nominee, selling illegal commissions. To be an Army Major in those days all a man needed was £2,600 to buy his Commission Papers. Mary let it be known she could supply discreet persons with pucker Papers for £1,900. When the Duke of York dumped Mary; she did not go quietly. She told the press about the cut price commissions. The Duke was sacked from his post as Commander in Chief of the British Army. Had he not been a “royal” he would have been shot for Treason.

memo. Arms & The Royals.  Prince George William Frederick Charles, Duke of Cambridge (1819 - 1904)  became the longest serving Commander-In-Chief of the British Army - 1856-95. Under a Victorian Order-In-Council, (OIC) 1888, all responsibility for military appointments and supplies were vested in the Duke's office of Commander-In-Chief.  After many battles with Prime Minister Gladstone the Duke was forced to resign. Queen Victoria, who hated Gladstone, made certain military supplies remained in strict control of the royals cabal. Gladstone could not stop royal cousins acting as Victoria's proxy investors in English, American, German and French arms manufacturers supplying the British Armed Services.
(Using Crown prerogatives (OIC's covering energy supplies and nuclear weapons the present Queen Elizabeth The Useless, is making the kind of money Queen Victoria couldn't possibly dream of )).




Dorothy Jordon

 Popular actress Dorothy Jordon was royally dumped after living with Priny's brother William, Silly Billy, the Duke of Clarence for 20 years. Silly Billy was obliged to marry the obligatory German Princess - mainly to increase his unearned income (Civil List) from Parliament.     





 Jane Digby

Jane Digby, married one of Priny’s pals, Lord Ellenborough, 20 years her senior. A torrid affair with Prince von Schwarzenburg ended her marriage. One of Lord Ellenborough's servants spent hours on his knees watching Jane and the Prince through the keyhole in her bedchamber door. The saucy 'Keyhole Commentary' led to Jane leaving the country in search of true love. In Italy she lived with another Prince, moving on to the German King, then the Greek King, then several European noblemen before taking to the nomadic life in the Syrian desert. First with Sheikh Barrak and finally Sheikh Madjuel-el Mesrab. Go Girl!


Heir to the throne, young Priny had 'girlish good looks.' Between the age of 28 and 38 his waistline went from 34 inches to 58 inches.
From his mid twenties, Priny was hated by the public. He made no secret of the fact he was a glutton, an alcoholic and a junkie. All day-long he drank powerful liqueurs, mainly cherry brandy, which took away the taste of his favourite drug – liquid opium.
His gluttony was a constant source of public debate. In 1820 he refused to attend his father’s funeral. "Priny feared the publick would dig another grave." As drugs & drink took their toll he spent more on theatrical make-up than Barbara Cartland. Between 1825 - 1830 (as King George 4) Priny had to be carried everywhere. His brother, Silly Billy who became King William 4, would eat and drink himself into the same royal sorry state.


       Charlotte's Wedding

1816. Princess Charlotte marries a German Prince, Leopold of Saxony-Coburg-Saalfeld. Leopold would become King Of the Belgium's. During their early courtship Leo lived in a tiny room over a grocers shop in Marylebone High Street. Known for an utterly selfish approach to life, the universe and everything, Leo would become Queen Victoria’s ‘dearest uncle’ and most trusted offshore financial advisor. He was also a lifelong paedophile. Leo paid one London child procurer £800 for one month's supply of scrubbed virgins - at £15 each. Nothing unusual in the "royal" family. also see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Jeffries 



Harriette Wilson

Blackmailer to the 'gentry' Harriette Wilson kept a detailed diary of her lovers. Priny paid an unknown amount to keep his name out of her memoirs. The Duke of Wellington famously told her. ‘Publish and be dammed.’ Harriett's memoirs went into 31 editions. She records her bed times with the Iron Duke as more yawny than horny.




Mrs. Tresia Constantia Phillips

“Royals” were regular callers at Mrs. Philips' Sex Shop, Covent Garden. Where the "gentry" purchased mask’s, American bullwhips, Welsh condoms made of sheep’s bladders and Stroking Rods (don’t even go there).  In her memoirs she recalls being seduced by Lord Stanhope who became 4th Earl of Chesterfield. As she was only 12 at the time her memoirs sold rather well. Chesterfield married one of German George's illegitimate daughter’s purely for business reasons, marriages in money-grubbing Establishment families were made on a purely financial basis. The partners preferring to shag their servants and sleep around at will - as they do now.





1820. The Earl Of Sefton, The Duke Of Devonshire,
Lord Manners, 'Poodle' Byng and the Duke Of Beaufort.
Well Known Bond Street Loungers.
For Loungers read Tosspots now-a-days you'll find the "Landed Gentry" lounging around the House of Lords.


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