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Priny's London

John Wilkes v John Montagu

The Queen's ancestor Mad King George 3rd blocked the Abolition Of Slavery for thirty-years.  Opening Parliament in 1763, King George 3rd made it clear the Slave Trade would carry on as-per-usual.  


John Wilkes called the King’s Speech "an effront to mankind."  The King, heavily invested in slaves and slavery, had Wilkes thrown in the Tower of London! Crowds gathering to support Wilkes threatened to riot in the name of Free Speech. Privy Councillors persuaded the King to release Wilkes...  
Wilkes' would become Lord Mayor of London, he famously shared high class whores with his old pal John Montagu.
Montagu is best remembered for his addiction to gambling. During endless hours at the card table he would order a grilled steak between two pieces of bread. Thus inventing the Sandwich. Montagu was the Fourth Earl Of Sandwich. Fondly remembered now he actually died friendless and despised. Montagu first came to public attention as an exceptionally corrupt First Lord Of The Admiralty. Sailor's starved while Montagu gambled and entertained noble whores on his "percentages" from the Admiralty Contracts he handed out to his mates.

When Wilkes took his famous stand against the Establishment's Slave Trade, Montagu, to please the King, sued Wilkes for libel! Montagu won the case; which resulted in the King outlawing Wilkes from his Parliament. The public were disgusted with Montagu for turning on his old pal. He was hissed in the street.
He later found it expedient to disappear altogether from public life when the actress Martha Ray was shot dead, by the Reverend James Hackman, as she left the theatre. It transpired Martha was Montagu's live-in lover. She had lived with him, and his wife and five kids, for the previous decade!
At the time of her murder she was 27, Montagu was 60. Reverend Hackman wanted to marry Martha. When she refused he loaded two pistols. One for her and one for himself. The second one failed to fire. He was sentenced to hang. Doctor Johnson's pal Boswell (always a curious man) attended the Old Bailey trail and rode with Hackman on his last journey to the Tyburn scaffold - Marble Arch.


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