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Who’s Baby?

 Mad King George, allegedly, serviced his playfully promiscuous niece, Princess Caroline, at Windsor Castle within weeks of her wedding to his son & heir.
Caroline’s pregnancy, months later, led to rumours the baby was more likely a King’s than a Prince’s.
Priny's harem of maidservant's, street girls and titled whores had failed to produce any pregnancies. His forefathers had produced a crop of royal (Fitz) bastards. {His brother, William 4th, produced 11 bastards! The Queen's last Prime Mouthpiece, David Cameron, is a direct descendent of one of William 4th's bastards.}
Lady Glenbervie, one of Caroline’s Ladies of the Bedchamber, later recorded Caroline was loath to see her born-barmy uncle because 'he took the grossest advantage of her.'   
[Glenverbie Papers ii 55.]

Caroline, Princess of Wales, with Princess Charlotte 1798. 
Caroline never expected Priny to choose her for his wife. At home in Germany, Caroline had heard ‘Priny’s Palace’, Charlton House, London rivalled Versailles in splendour.
Priny had spent £6,800 on authentic furniture for his China Room!
(He built Maria Fitzherbert’s elegant Brighton house for £6,400) 

Weeks after Charlotte was born, Priny fell ill. In the drunken belief he was dying from some baby related disease, he made out his will.
To his first (legal) wife, Mrs Maria Fitzherbert, (Mrs F.) he left his worldly goods. ' To her who calls herself Princess of Wales. [Caroline] One shilling.'

 When Priny married Caroline he was sleeping with Lady Jersey. 
Mrs F," being temporarily out of the country. Caroline, like all Princess's of Wales, found it necessary to take lovers.
Priny had the insolence to try to charge her with Treason.
One of her footmen told an inquiry "the Princess is fond of fucking."
Most of her servants sang her praises and stood firmly by their Princess.
The public who despised Priny allied to ‘Caroline’s Cause.’ Public disgust with Priny reached new heights. Every time he ventured out of the Palace precincts he found a crowd waiting to jeer. His coach's and coachmen were spat at. On at least one occasion, while driving through Hyde Park, he was shot at.  Priny dismissed his critics by drinking himself into week-long stupors and "bleeding" himself with leeches.

Local people still call Priny's seaside palace, above, 'the Turkish brothel.'
Priny's seaside palace, The Brighton Pavilion, was built to Priny's precise instruction
with nine designer kitchens - including two for pastry's and one dedicated to ice-cream!
Priny ordered 100 course banquets every day he was in residence!


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