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Role Model Royal Wedding 

The future King George 4th, known to all as "Priny" thrived on flattery. Women who didn’t instantly kiss the royal feet were beneath his princely contempt. The thought of marrying a royal, who may well be as conceited as himself, appalled Priny.
On the rare occasions he spoke to his father, the King threatened to disinherit him for “secretly” marrying a Catholic. In 1794 Priny was told. Either he wed a German Protestant Princess or his unearned income (
£20,000 from the taxpayer) could disappear. From a list of first cousins Priny picked the he considered the least intelligent, Princess  Caroline of Brunswick.

Priny was footless drunk at his bigamous marriage to Caroline  (April 8 1795. Chapel Royal, St. James’s).
The Duke's of Bedford and Roxburghe all but carried him to the alter. Future Prime Minister Lord Melbourne records. ‘It was like watching Macbeth going to his execution.’
Archbishop of Canterbury, John Moore made Priny repeat ‘to love honour and obey’ twice, ‘in order that others may hear the vow.’ ‘Whereupon, Priny shed tears.’
Moore was anything but a Holy man. For preaching the gospel according to the slave trading Establishment, i.e. Negroes were unfit to receive Christian teaching! Moore received £11,000 per year. He used his office to secure similar criminally-overpaid-offices for his five sons. Yet even he despised Priny. 
According to the bride, on their wedding night. Priny collapsed on the  bedroom floor, where she left him. Over the following week, Caroline, who had lost her cherry as a child, found Priny completely inadequate. Legend has it she went to cry on her father-in-laws shoulder and came away pregnant. It was later said "her baby was more likely a Kings than a Princes". To the royal court it was obvious the newly weds had agreed to put on a united front in public - for the sake of the Civil List. Their loathing of each other, however, became "as plain as a dog-fight in the room". 
After another intimate one-to-one with her father-in-law Caroline was given her own household.
She rarely saw her husband.

  Princess Sophia’s Baby 

 Establishment daughters were shadowed on their walks by a trusted footman. Some girls became so frustrated they used the services of their servants, stable-boys, garden-boys ect, who wouldn’t dare open their mouths in fear of being hung for rape. Frustration often led to incest. In several letters Priny warns his sisters they must never be alone with their brothers.
At the same time George 3 never allowed his growing girls to stay with their big brother - Priny. Despite the warnings. Princess Sophia had a child
to her brother the Duke of Cumberland. Sophia was the King’s 5th daughter, (to Charlotte) Cumberland, his 5th son (to Charlotte) The Palace spin is: the child was sired by her chief minder, Major-General Garth. The child was named Thomas Garth. To misquote Mandy. He would be. Wouldn’t he?
Apart from shagging his sisters. Ernest, Duke of Cumberland, found the time to bump-off one of his boyfriends.
Google Wicked Ernest. Shelfmark Books. John Wardroper. 2002.

After The Hunt. George 3 returning to Windsor Castle through Eton. Ladies bored to tears with following the moronic hunt found it much more fun to stay home and play hunt the garden boy.


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