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 Bush: Eight Years of Crash & Burn


Overture and Beginners

On perhaps the darkest day in modern history a few bent judges disregarded the wishes of the people in Florida and gave the White House to George W. Bush, a poor little rich boy and convicted drunken felon. The people of Florida had voted for Al Gore.
Bush family crony, Texas Senator, Phil Gramm wasted no time adding the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (CFMA) to Mr Bush's first budget bill.
The CFMA deregulated the energy trading market which enabled the $40 Billion Californian electricity-price-hike that nobody was ever charged with (the records of that particular Bush Gang swindle were conveniently "lost" in the World Trade Center on 9/11).
The CFMA also enabled money-grubbing-hedge-funds and investment banks to go to market with multi-billion "derivatives" or "Credit Swaps" unchecked by any and all government regulations.
So called "Credit Swaps" turned out to be bad debts and ficticous assets fraudulently sold as securities. From the moment it was introduced Senator Gramm's CFMA was blatantly giving the finger to honest market traders yet Congress did nothing to stop the obvious growth in "derivative" fraud.
Practically worthless "Credit Swaps" with a face value of some $54 TRILLION are now lying in the vaults of bent bankers who received hundreds of billions, in bonus's, for dealing in this obscene trade. The American economy may never recover from the "government" of George Bush - and that's without a Nuclear 9/11.

                The Bush Economy

 Mr Bush handed his crony, Henry Paulson, $700 BILLION TAX DOLLARS to bailout the crooks on Wall Street while doing nothing to punish the crooks. Mr bush has no plans to stop these known crooks looting the system  - as-per-usual - in the near future.
The only way to reveal the actual amount stolen in fraudulent asset trading and thereby reveal the true state of the US economy is to prosecute the money-grubbers. Instead; Mr Bush and the Congress are proceeding to whitewash Wall Street crime - the same way they whitewashed Mr Bush's 9/11.
Bush crony Henry Paulson used to run the infamous money-grubbing outfit Goldman Sachs - where he remains on the payroll. Paulson should be serving life for his part in the last decade of Wall Street embezzlement.


The Bush Doctrine

Mr Bush's illegal $700 Billion Tax Dollar hand-out to these despicable crooks was merely a Band-Aid.
As of October 16, 2008 stock markets continue to fall. 
In a year or so the taxpayer will learn the true extent of the “derivatives” fraud and the horrendous cost of the Bush administration. The Sub Prime scam being only the very tip of this toxic iceberg.

Sub Prime: Tip of the Iceberg

The four million bad mortgages that clever bastards in red braces at Goldman Sachs bungled-up in gift paper and sold on, to other clever bastards in red braces, at twice their real value, were then sold on, and on, and on again by international moneygrubbers who invented various criminal ways of increasing the price on every transaction.
Mr Bush was fully aware Wall Street criminals were banking the profits from fraudulent multi-billion-derivative-deals in their tax haven accounts. Mr Bush could have had the Wall Street moneygrubbers arrested five-years-ago when he was first informed the loan sharks were getting out of hand. Instead of arresting these criminals, Mr Bush, advised by one of them, Henry Paulson, altered the US banking laws to make it easier for loan sharks to sell even more sub-prime mortgages!
But sub prime mortgage selling is but a miniscule part of the Bush policy of looting the US public that allowed the banks to create fictional wealth - that is now, slowly, being exposed. Do not be surprised if Mr Bush nukes Iran to keep your mind off  things - like the failing stock market, the crashing banks and trying to pay your bills...


 Park Lane, London. October 12, 2008

Today the biggest ever crude oil sale takes place at the Park Lane Hotel.
The Iraqi (Quisling) Oil Minister, Hussein al-Shahristani, will flog-off forty-billion-barrels of his countries reserve. Saddam will be spinning in the grave. Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum and ExonMobile will carve up the spoils of occupied Iraq. The sale is a timely reminder that the Weapons of Mass Destruction excuse for invading Iraq was a despicable lie.
The horrendous, ongoing, cost to the British and American taxpayers of the illegal occupation pales into insignificance when you study the random slaughter of over one-million-innocent-Iraqi’s over the last five years.
The ghouls who started the slaughter with their Weapons of Mass Destruction lies; namely Bush, Cheney, Rice and the Queen's men Campbell & Blair are presently concocting more lies to take over the Iranian oilfields - with another bloody slaughter-fest of innocent men, women and kids



Bush: Politics of Fear
This latest Bush speech is as pathetic as politics can get.

Mr. Bush’s doom and gloom speech about the economy reminded Jon Stewart of the fraudulent Weapons of Mass Destruction speech Bush gave five years ago - which has cost the lives of one million Iraqi's, 4,175 US troops and trillions of Tax Dollars - thus far.
US troops killed in Iraq  2003 - Today    also see   Mr Bush's 9/11
        & Jon Stewart
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Mr Bush's America


The Bush Doctrine

Once the taxpayer has shelled out
 Congress will say 'Guess What? We need another

Mr Bush's America

Leave it while you can!


    "Hey. That's our pension fund!"


Cuckoos In the Nest

"You are a den of thieves and vipers, and I intend to rout you out,
and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out." 
President Andrew Jackson addressing the Rothchilds banking cartel.

Today's banking crisis is the third Wall Street meltdown in the last twenty years. First we had the Savings and Loan scam of the late 80s.
Then came the DotCom bubble that burst in the late 90s. 
Like today’s banking scam the first two were engineered by fat bastards over-valuing financial assets – aided and abetted by their stooges in the  so-called “government.” In all three cases fraudulently over-valued assets filled the fat bastards off-shore accounts until the fraud was exposed by the sheer size of it.  
see - Real Jew News

Also see McCain's Complicity in the Savings & Loan Scandal
 YouTube - John McCain and "The Keating Five"

    Bush, the Mafia, the CIA and the Savings and Loan Scandal
              "It’s no coincidence that Daddy Bush was involved the last time the US banking industry fell into a black hole because of White House-facilitated fraud. There's actually a lot of money to be made blowing up banks. Here's how President Bush Senior and his friends in the Mafia and CIA/Black Ops profited from it the last time." http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/411.html 
     This video was originally posted in March 2008.  




Journalistic Malpractice 

Elliot Spitzer The "Luv Gov"

The US news media failed to find one single jornalist intelligent enough to connect the government leaked sex life of New York Governor Elliot Spitzer and Spitzer's campaign to stop Bush helping the loan sharks.
As the credit mill ground to a halt, because of Wall Street organized crime,
CNN, ABC, CBS and the like made Spitzer's expensive hookers the top story for days-on-end. The same lapdog media failed to cover Spitzer's public charges against the thieving Bush White House... The Assassination of New York Governor Eliot


Did You Know?

The U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving at the U.S. Treasury is
instructed to print $100 million in Federal Reserve Notes, as currency for
the privately owned Federal Reserve. The privately owned Federal Reserve System (FED) then pays the U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving $20.60 per 1000 bills it prints!!! That is approximately two and a half cents for each bill, regardless of their face denomination, be it $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 bill. Not content with this contemptible rip-off the Jews running the FED then sit down and think of every other way possible to screw YOU - the honest taxpayer into Medieval servitude.
Bailout A Rothschild Trick - Real Jew News


Banking For Beginners

9/11 For Dummies


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