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Heredity Peers

Nell Gwyn grew-up in a Drury Lane brothel.  Aged twelve Nell much preferred selling flowers and fruit in the street to turning tricks for dirty old men.
Aged thirteen she was selling oranges in Covent Garden when the so-called "Sporting King", Charles 2nd, happened to see her. She was in his bed hours later. 
hadn't noticed Nell's bubbling personality. "It was the sight of her young tits the King flew to." Charles used public money to finance Nell's career as an actress. Nell was one of sixteen "royal mattress's"
who gave birth to "The King’s Brigade Of Bastards".

Legend has it, little Charlie was playing on the floor when the King entered the room. "Come here you little bastard and say hello to your father." Shouted Nell.
The King scolded Nell. "Well." She retorted. "You haven't given me any other name to call him." 
Little Charlie was made the Earl Of Burford and given £1,000 per year public money to play with. He would later receive more unearned titles and more public money-for-nothing.

Little Charlie’s descendant (below right) has made his reputation as a harmless loony touring the US campus-lecture-circuit. Burford claims the Earl Of Oxford, Edward De Vere, wrote Shakespeare’s work. Not Bacon, not Marlowe, and certainly not William Shakespeare… 


October 27. 1999.
The House of Lords was in the process of "Reform"

The Bill under debate proposed to sack 597 born parasites (heredity peers) -saving the taxpayer millions per year. The Earl of Burford, suddenly leapt-up screaming.
"My Lords. My Lords. This bill is treason! Treason! Before us lies the wasteland. No Queen. No culture. No sovereignty."  
In-house bouncers led by Black Rod, General Sir Edward Jones, promptly ejected the berserking appellant. (Unlike most West End bouncers Black Rod can summon-up SAS Gun-ship’s should the appellant be armed).

Outside, on College Green, looking tired and emotional. Burford repeated his rant for the media circus.  " My Lords. My Lords. This bill is treason. Treason. Before us lies the wasteland. No Queen. No culture. No sovereignty. This bill drafted in Brussels is Treason! Blair’s bosses in Brussels now control our Parliament. What we are witnessing is the abolition of British sovereignty!"

Had Burford been born with any operational brain cells he would have realised it was the Sovereign. NOT her passing arse-licking-prime-ministers who took Britain into Europe.

Burford has been far to busy entertaining Cheer Leaders in Tinsel Town to notice nothing happens in Britain that is not conceived, directed and presented by Queen Lizzy Productions Plc.

Irrespective of any input from her cousins in Euro land, Queen Lizzy instructed her Privy Councillor, Lord John Wakeham, to draft the Bill to prune the second chamber of dead-heads. 
Like most  "noble" dead-heads Burford can not think straight. His good lady wife (who came to his attention whipping her kit off in a strip-a-gram) should take the time to explain to her fuddled husband;
Queen Lizzy had already written-off this pearl set in a silver sea, when she ordered Sizewell B - three years after Chernobyl permanently poisoned an area the size of Wales. 
She sealed the deal by signing the infamous, Nazi written, Maastricht Treaty designed to transfer the Bank Of England's Gold & Foreign Currency Reserve
* to her cousins running the Central Bank Of Europe with it’s nuclear-proof vaults under Frankfurt.  

* Maastricht Treaty: Clause 30. Protocol 3   and  see  The European Union is based on the Nazi plans published in Berlin in 1942 ...


Also see  The Queen's Establishment and Chernobyl Today and watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuinaIm-kd4


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