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The Prince of Wales 1792.  Priny's Popularity  

 right   Priny as Huntsman

Animal Cruelty in "Blue Blood".
In Georgian England deer became scarce because as many as a hundred hunts hunted six days a week!
In the 1790's titled huntsmen led by the then Prince of Wales introduced a "Conservation Rule."  Hunts agreed to chase each deer at least fourteen-miles before the kill. Hounds were kept in coaches until the final few miles!

Hunts, and trotting back from the kill, usually took all day. Bacchanalian orgies that followed the hunt could last a week.
The shortage of deer to slaughter for “sport” led one titled lunatic, the Duke of Richmond, to come up with the idea of "hunting" the uneatable fox! He was the first pervert to breed and train foxhounds. Front Bench Tory Perverts, led by the unelected Prime Mouthpiece Ms. May, still call this Satanic practice “sport”.


The Pavilion as seen from his secret wife's windows.

Priny built Maria Fitzherbert's house in the grounds of his Brighton Palace

The house like the palace was paid for with the taxpayers money. 1714 and 1830 the first four George's increased their obscene wealth by imposing excessive taxes, import and export duties. 


Priny's Brighton Pavilion by night

This was but one of Priny's royal (free) residences.

He also had Carlton House in London where he spent £6,800 taxpayers money on authentic furniture for his China Room. He built Maria Fitzherbert’s elegant Brighton house for £6,400.



Royal London 1814 Hyde Park  

"Allies against Napoleon" 
The King Of Prussia, Priny and 
Zsar Alexander
review the troops in Hyde Park

 "The crowd cheered the King.

The crowd cheered the Zsar.

The crowd jeered and hissed at Priny."



right, Priny and another total waste of space. 

Charles, Prince of Hypocrite's pretends to worry about children eating McDonald's pig swill but does nothing to stop it.

Charles Prince of Clowns ignores the idiotic production of nuclear waste at totally needless nuclear power stations. A Nuclear 9/11 wiping out the present generation of British children wouldn't worry The Prince of Hypocrites one iota.

Nothing would please him more than the chance to disappear to one of the royals sun-kissed palm-fringe-private islands, 8,000 miles away where there is no age of consent and he could really enjoy his orf-shore £Trillions aided by the likes of Jimmy Saville.






 Not The King’s Man    

John Wesley 1703-1791

Wesley was barred from the pulpit for speaking the truth about inbred perverts who call themselves "royal."

Preacher John Wesley upset the Establishment by pointing out the simple truth. 'What is a Lord of the Manor? But a sinner born to die.' 

Those who considered themselves “royal” were outraged. The Duchess of Buckingham wrote.

'It is monstrous to be told one is the same as the common wretches that crawl the earth.' 

The Duchess of Buckingham was referring to the fact that poor people were the slaves of the rich.

Wesley found himself barred from the pulpit!

 He went on to found the Methodist Church by preaching the truth outdoors.

 (It was the second Duke of Buckingham who, having nothing better to do in life, set up the first kennels and stables dedicated to the imbecilic practice of 'hunting’ the un-eatable fox). 

 Thus far; Fifteen Prime Ministers employed by the "royal" family stem from James The First's disgusting cock-sucking-toy-boy George Villiers, First Duke of Buckingham. 

see  Uncommon People. Paul Bloomfield. Hamish Hamilton. 1955.  &  Anatomy Of Britain Anthony Sampson. Macmillan. 1966. 


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