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  Mad King George's Heir & Worst Enemy

The Young King George 4th (Priny)


Riots & Royal Concerns 

1779:  King George 3rd’s Parliament relaxed Immigration Laws.
Lord George Gordon* warned 'the mob,' always half-starved and on the brink of rioting, would get out of control if the government imported cheap labour. His warnings were royally ignored. British workers were replaced by foreigners - who worked for half the already low wages the Georgian Establishment were paying.
In 1780, 50,000 unemployed Londoners took to the streets in protest. The King's troops were ordered to clear the Palace approaches. Over seven days more than 200 protesters were shot dead in the street. Many limped away to die later.

Seventeen year-old Priny, the Prince of Wales, was worried. Not, of course, about tens of thousands of people being thrown out of work by vile profiteers. Priny’s concern was a popular actress, Mrs Mary Robinson, who had a stack of his pornographic letters. Priny had promised Mary £20,000 if she became his mistress. Months after she gave up a promising career, he dumped her. Leaving her penniless. Mary, however, had kept his extremely explicit love letters, which could ruin him if the press got hold of them. George 3 did a deal with Mary for the safe return of his son’s letters. She received £5,000 plus a pension of £500 per year - for life. The money coming from the Secret Service Account, funded (of course) with public money. 

1781. The King was furious to learn Priny was sleeping with a free-loving fraulein, happily named Countess von Hardenburg, the wife of a German diplomat.
The King had the Hardenburg’s posted aboard. Priny was barred from leaving the country. Anyone assisting him would be hung for Treason. The King’s dislike of his heir was turning to pure hatred. 

* Religious explanations for the "Gordon Riots" are  false. The riots happened because the King's Establishment imported cheap labour to increase unemployment and thereby reduce wages.
Then as now the Monarch put
Profit First and People Last. Globalisation is nothing new. The recent case of 10,000 Romanians (cheap labourers) entering the country on forged papers is just the tip of the Queen's Establishment Organized Crimes. Keeping the poor poor is the only game in Queen Lizzy's book.
see  The Truth About Chips

Priny, The Prince of Wales: His First Wife

Mrs Maria Fitzherbert.

Priny was 22 and Maria Fitzherbert 28 when he stabbed himself and declared he would shoot himself if she refused to marry him!
Had Maria been immune to royal hysterics she would have called his bluff. However, worried that he may actually kill himself, she promised to marry him in the near future. Only then did he calm down and allow his servant to put him to bed. Maria was then persuaded by her best mate, Georgina the Duchess of Devonshire, to make haste for the next packet from Dover to France - Georgina believed that time would cool Priny's ardour.

However, over the next year royal messengers delivered Priny's 20 & 30 page love letters imploring her to return! Royal messengers pursued her though France to Holland, Italy and on to Switzerland.
In the land of royal banks she stayed with Priny's brother the Duke of Gloucester who was there on the usual nefarious royal business. By this time alarming letters from mutual friends in London spoke of Priny's increasingly degenerate behaviour. He was 'never seen sober' and 'society' had made Maria the villain of the peace. It was probably the Duke who persuaded Maria to return and marry Priny before he drank himself to death.
Being a Roman Catholic widow Maria consulted the Pope. In the hope he would veto the wedding. But the Pope had no objection.

Priny sprang the Reverend John Burt from the Fleet prison to perform the secret marriage ceremony. Burt was given
£500 to clear his debts and promised a job for life. Burt was also assured the spurious Royal Marriage Act,
* which made the marriage illegal, was just a malicious piece of paper which Priny would repeal as soon as he became King. Priny failed to keep his promises to Burt so Burt went public with the details of the secret wedding.

 * Mad King George invented the Royal Marriage Act which states no royal can marry without Sovereign permission. On becoming King. Priny forgot his promise to scrap the Act which remains in place - barring Charles, Wills & Harry ect, from marrying without Snotty Liz's consent! The earlier Act Of Settlement, barring all Catholics from the Throne likewise remains in place.  Palace pampered princes' can take comfort in the same-sex- marriage legislation (The Choirboys Charter) which will allow princes to marry the boy of their choice. Providing the boy gets Liz's approval and he claims to be a Protestant.


      The King's War

October 19th 1781. General Cornwallis surrounded by French & America forces, surrenders at Yorktown Virginia.
Yorktown made it clear. Continuing the war on America could bankrupt Britain.
George 3 had become Britain’s No 1 hate figure.
In his dying days Pitt the Elder cursed George for ‘waging war on our own brethren’ - who founded the American Colonies. Pitt had forecast the war would empty the Treasury and bleed the tax-payer dry.
George sent regiments of his brutal German mercenaries along with the British Army to regain control of America. They failed.

 The King's attempt to crush his own colonists, cost 60,000 lives and emptied the Treasury. At this time London stockbrokers were expecting to lose the Atlantic shipping trade. One third of Britain’s income. Faced with certain defeat "Mad George" prepared to abdicate and retire to his other kingdom, Hanover. He intended to leave the fate of Britain in the hands of his second son (to Charlotte) the Duke of York. Not Priny. However. To everyone’s surprise the triumphant Americans' did not switch their trade to Britain’s old enemies France and Spain. Independent America was soon doing more trade with Britain than Colonial America had done. George was able to end his hated war taxes and keep his specious throne. The Establishment’s Slave Trade was the first to recover from the American War Of Independence.  With business booming any dissenters were brutally battered into silence "Mad George" re-introduced the death sentence for anyone organizing a public meeting to discuss the King's Business (profits from trade)
As late as 1803 Edward Marcus Despard and six accomplices, were hung drawn and quartered for plotting Mad George’s death.

Royal Demands

On coming of age Priny was given the revenue’s of the Duchy of Cornwall and  a Parliament annuity of £50,000 from public money.  He complained. The taxpayer's gift of £50,000 per year was ‘not nearly enough.’  For his job, of occasional royal waving, he demanded £100,000 per year!  
Priny's gluttony earned him the hatred of the public. From the age of twenty-five he was known as and despised as the 'Prince Of Whales.'

1785, Priny again enraged his father by secretly marrying a twice widowed Roman Catholic, Mrs Maria Anne Fitzherbert. Marrying a Catholic meant forfeiting his right to the Throne. Priny's second marriage, to Caroline of Brunswick, was obviously bigamous. Then as now, the royals ignore the Laws of Church & State. Total deceit is this families way of life. In truth, Priny had no right what-so-ever to the Throne. Him being a bastard product of his father’s bigamous marriage to Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelizt. Those who knew of George's first legal marriage, to Hannah Lightfoot, which automatically disqualified Charlotte's bastards from the Throne, had long since been pensioned-off into silence - with, you guessed, public money.

In the twenty years following their secret wedding, Priny paid over £40,000 for new jewels to signify who Maria belonged to! In the same period he had dozens of other girlfriends.
Had it not been for his money she would never have gone near him in the first place.
Apart from her fabulous jewellery Maria was rewarded with a nice house far from the madding London crowd at Brighthelmstone-by-the-sea (now called Brighton) specially built to suit her every whim and £10,000 per year for life. All paid from, where else, public money.  

Priny's Brighton Pavilion Banqueting Hall then and now

'The Banqueting Room' from Nash's views

For Hire:  You too can feel like royalty in Priny’s magnificently restored banqueting hall with food from one of his nine designer kitchens. The hall seats 130.  £3,000 + per 8 hours  click on the left hand photo for latest prices




  Erskine May:  Civil List Loot King George III

While the King was engaged in increasing subserviency of the court (Tory) party. Parliamentary support was purchased with pensions and pecuniary corruption.
In February 1769 the arrears of the Civil List amounted to £513,511; and his Majesty applied to Parliament to discharge them.
This demand was made when the people were exasperated by the persecution of John Wilkes,- when the policy of the court was odious, and the King unpopular. But if the country was discontented, Parliament was held in safe subjection. Inquiry was demanded into the causes of the debt, and explanatory accounts were sought: but all investigation being resisted by ministers, the amount was granted without information. In the following year Lord Chatham avowed his conviction that the Civil List revenues were expended in corrupting members of Parliament. 
But the same causes of excessive expenditure continued without a check; and eight years later the King again applied to Parliament, not only to discharge a debt of £618,340, but to increase his annual Civil List to £900,000 a year. The large amount of secret-service money, and the increased pension list were noticed,- and insinuations made of corruption. But Parliament acceded to the demands of the King.
Erskine May. Civil List of King George III.
Chapter IV.

The speaker, Sir Fletcher Norton, commented.  "The Commons have not only granted to your Majesty a large present supply, but also a very great additional revenue; great beyond example; great beyond your Majesty's highest expense."  George 3 had Speaker Norton fired. Norton was the last House Of Commons Speaker to criticize the Civil List.  

The present Queen, Snotty Liz, gets a Civil List of £M7.9 per year to play with. Since 1992 when Labour MP's demanded a closer check on palace spending. The Queen has been unable to steal as much as she used to. Consequently between 1992 - 2005 she built up a £M37 Civil List surplus.
A half decent Head of State would have returned that money to the Treasury for use in our hospitals. Snotty Liz is holding on to it for shortfalls! In other words until she thinks of some way to steal it.




Mad George and Hannah Lightfoot, right, were secretly wed by the Reverend James Wilmot. April 7th, 1759.  Mad George's second, bigamous, marriage to Princess Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelizt, in 1761, was typical of this family's total deceit.  While Mad George's bigamous wife was shelling out fifteen children Hannah had at least three.  Sovereign Rule means illegitimate descendant's, (bastards) are forbidden to ascend the Throne.
Descendants of George and Charlotte's unholy union, including the present Queen, were crowned against all Laws of Church and State! 

And Did You Know? Henry Ford actually said. "History is bunk to them that can't fucking read." 


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