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Georgian England

Sophia Pfalzgräfin von Simmern, Princess Of The Rhine and later Sophia Of Hanover was the daughter of the Protestant Queen Elizabeth Of Bohemia who was  a daughter of transgender King James 1st Of England. Under the contrived Act Of Settlement, which excludes Catholics from the British Throne, Sophia Of Hanover, right, or her descendants were to take-over the British Throne from the Protestant Queen Anne.
Sophia died before Anne
; leaving Sophia's ultra-depraved son and heir George to become King George 1st Of England. 

George had had his wife's lover murdered, his wife was kept as a common convict in a German castle. George spoke no English. He came to the British Throne accompanied by two German whores and a battalion of German minders.
George wasted no time introducing The Riot Act which gave his army the right to shoot-to-kill any group of over twelve people meeting for any purpose the King disagreed with.
And so began one hundred years of disgusting German George's…

King George IKing George IIKing George IIIKing George IV

George 1       George 2           George 3      George 4 (Priny)

                            Ruled     1714 - 27      1727 - 1760        1760 - 1820    1820 - 1830

The Germans

‘German George’ with his son, center,  who became ‘German George 2’ and his clever daughter-in-law Princess Caroline. George detested his son & heir.
The future George 2 had sworn to kill his father for imprisoning his mother. Hand picked royal minders made sure he never got the chance.

The astute German Princess, Caroline of Anspach, seated right became Queen of England.
Caroline's husband, George 2, inherited the Throne, 1727, Caroline and Prime Minister Walpole were often left in charge of Britain. Her husband was usually busy at home banking their Civil List and Duchy profits in Hanover. Her son, Frederick Prince of Wales, was a typical royal waster, as is the present
Prince of Wales. Fred was a great disappointment to Caroline. He died young leaving the throne to her grandson who became "Mad" King George 3rd. 

Crown Servants: The First (Prime) Minister (Mouthpiece)

Norfolk Whig MP. Robert Walpole. 'A coarse and noisy fellow, devoted to hunting and shooting.' Known as Cock Robin for his self professed 'knowledge of everything.' Served both George 1 & 2. Secured a generous Civil List of over £600,000 per-year for both his masters. British workers at this time were paid no more than £6. 5s. Per-year. (£6. 25p Per year.) Walpole endeared himself to the new German Monarchy by introducing no less than fifty new Capital Offences - including damaging Westminster Bridge and picking an apple! (Waltham Black Act –1723)
Walpole prided himself on his policy of ‘No Reforms.’ i.e. The poor stay poor.
Every Prime Mouthpiece has to swear allegiance to the monarch and the monarchs successors. Not to the people of Britain. Not to Education Not to the NHS or anything that Britain really needs. But to the orders of the richest parasite in the world.  Also see  http://www.sxolsout.org.uk/index.html

 Georgian Education

Oxford scholar James Woodforde became Rector of Weston Longville, a quite Norfolk parish ten miles northwest of Norwich. His diaries 1774 - 1800 illustrate the poverty most people were born into. Most parents could not afford to pay school fee's. Then as now the "royals" and their pals believed the poor should never be educated. Woodforde, being made of the right stuff, paid a tutor 18s (90p) per year to teach his under maid and his errand boy to read and write. After a year with the Parson, under maids and errand boys moved on to larger households. Children of the poor accepted into a life of domestic slavery were the lucky ones. Many youngsters were forced to leave the hard but healthy life of the farm to work in soul destroying mines or factories - where they were listed as ‘Works Equipment. To be bought or sold.’ Children who ran away, from slave labour, faced 2 years jail if caught.

Parson Woodforde.1740-1803.

James Woodforde’s diaries record his wage bill for his live-in staff.  1778-1785.

A farm manager  £10 per year.

A manservant   £5. 5s per year and tea twice daily.

An upper maid  £5. 5s per year and tea twice daily.

A middle maid  £3. 3s per year.

An under maid  £2. 10s per year.

An errand boy  £1. 1s. per year.

A skilled labourer 1s 6d per day. (when needed)

A washer-woman  6d per day and food.   (weekly)

Parson Woodforde also had to pay the Servant Tax, imposed by King George 3 to help pay for his War on his own subjects in America. The Servant Tax of £2 10s per year, for a male and 10s per year for a female, caused many servants to be sacked. The King taxes everything from newspapers to ships tonnage, to serving wenches, to tea, to wigs, wine & windows. The King's Civil List (money for nothing) averaged £700,000 per year every year of Woodforde's life 1740-1803.



An under maid, one of the lucky youngsters who avoided the mines and factories. Maids usually worked from 5 am - 9 pm. Sunday’s off were called ‘a holiday.’ The only other holidays were Saints Days. Maids were often sexually abused. Those who complained were instantly dismissed. Losing both job and home. 



                    The Woodforde Parsonage. Weston Longville, Norfolk. 

Parson Woodforde’s diary, 1777, records.
‘Smuggler Andrews 10s 6d for one pound of tea.’ Because of the King's outragous taxes. Tea bought on the Docks in China for 1s 00p per pound was sold in British and American shops for £1. per pound!    Church property, ‘which Revenue Officers respectfully did never search’ was often used to distribute smuggled goods. 





Parson Woodforde recorded his annual trips to his native Somerset.  The Norwich coach left at 9 pm, taking 17 hours to reach London – where he would spend a few days before taking the Bath coach, at 5 am for a 15 hour trip to Shepton Mallet.




The Norwich to Somerset (return) fare & accommodation, for one, cost £14. That was five-and-a-half years wages to an under maid!

Children who worked down coal and iron mines and in factories became the property of their employer.
When a mine or factory was sold the children were sold on to the next owner as
Works Equipment.
Everything the present Queen is doing illustrates how she longs to see children once again listed as
Works Equipment.



Norfolk Coast 1750-1850 Watch The Wall My Darlings As The Gentlemen Go By

The steady growth of smuggling, or the Owlers Trade, was due to the respectable rich who simply disagreed with increasingly unfair high taxes.
As one Georgian lady put it. 'The King tax's everything we can
not live without.'
In the reign of King George 2nd there were 800 Customs & Excise Acts (import and export taxes) designed to fill the King's coffers. King George 3rd added another 1,300!
In Devon, Kent, Essex and Norfolk Owlers out-numbered Revenue Officers by one-hundred to one. From 1723 just 299 (Revenue) Riding Officers were expected to guard England's coasts from illegal landings and exports! When they spotted gangs of smugglers and mule trains on the beach Riding Officers usually rode the other way.


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