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Sarah Jennings : Good Queen Anne’s tempestuous lover.
Sarah was the Queen’s constant companion until 1710 when 'the petting pair' had a blazing row over politics. Legend has it Queen Annie screamed at Sarah. ‘Who’s running this fucking country? You or me!?’

Sarah married Winston Churchill’s ancestor John Churchill and became the Duchess of Marlborough. Sarah was notorious for placing people in high office. Her share of government business made her the richest of all Royal Favourites. In her old age she had no time at all for the new German Monarchy but that did not stop her trying to marry one of her grand-daughters,  Lady Diana Spencer, to the obnoxious German Prince of Wales. In her will she left William Pitt (the younger) a small estate and £10,000 for advocating war against France.
Much of her fabulous wealth had come from (insider) military contracts. She left one of her estates, Althorp, to one of her grandsons John Spencer. (Princess Di was allegedly buried at Althorp).
Sarah left the equivalent of £M80 in today's money! 

Good Queen Annie

left, Good Queen Annie, and above, with her Danish Protestant husband George.


                                                    John Churchill Winston Churchill’s illustrious ancestor.

Behind every "great" man there is always a really great woman. In John Churchill’s case it was his sexy sister, Arabella, left, who happened to be sleeping with James, Duke of York, the future King James 2nd.
James was in charge of the army when John
Churchill was seeking promotion. Arabella used her position to advance her brother’s case.

John Churchill, right, invented ‘shock tactics’ using massed Cavalry the way Hitler would later use his Nazi Stormtroopers.
In the Battle of Blenheim, 1704, John Churchill led the first English Army to beat the French on their own soil since Henry 5th wiped the floor with the frogs at Agincourt - 1415.


King James 2nd.

The 'devout' Catholic King James 2nd left, had two Queen's and still managed to give Arabella Churchill four kids.
When the Duke of Monmouth, tried to take-over King James's throne, 1685, John Churchill
above right, led the army that ended Monmouth's Rebellion. For his services to the Crown, James made John the Duke of Marlborough. 
In 1688, John deserted James. 'Dancing his troops over to the Protestant Dutch William' when Dutch William took James’s throne.
The Dutch King William and Anne's sister, Queen Mary, had left no heir. Which meant the Crown passed to Anne who had also gone against their Catholic father, James 2nd, and chosen the Protestant faith.
'Good Queen Anne' had seventeen pregnancies, sadly none of her children survived her reign.
To keep the Catholics out she arranged for her 54 year-old, German Protestant, cousin George, to become King George 1st  Of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales.


 Henry 8th - Prince Charlie's Hero

Rome 597 AD. Pope Gregory The Great gave an Italian missionary priest the daunting task of converting England’s Pagan tribes to Christianity.
The priest’s outstanding powers of persuasion turned Pagan Temples into Roman Churches.
He became Saint Augustine of Canterbury, establishing Rome’s highest office in England; the Archbishopric of Canterbury.

1066. After winning the Battle of Hastings, William, Duke of Normandy, became known as William the Conqueror.  William gave plots of land to his French pals who watched his back. He leased-out the rest of Britain in plots to the highest bidders.

Saint Augustine and every Roman priest who followed, taught the Anglo-Saxons leaving a plot of land to the Church Of Rome guaranteed a place in Heaven. Down the centuries land bequeathed to the Church helped the growing army of monks become Britain’s most productive farmers. Monastery farm profits bought more, and more, and more farmland. 
By 1530 the Church had legally acquired 25,000 square miles of Britain. Henry 8th stole it!

When the Papacy refused him a divorce Henry privatized the Church, I4,000 nuns and monks were violently evicted from 800 religious houses. Over 2,000 clerics who pointed out the King was acting illegally were silenced by sword, axe, fire or rope. Henry had no time for the simple truth. Hanging the Abbot of Glastonbury in his own chapel was typical of Henry’s Hitlerite atrocities. He named himself Supreme Head of the 'Church Of England,' appointing his own puppet Archbishop of Canterbury - to grant the divorce. 

Not content with the £millions he gained from stolen land & farm revenues, stolen church property & rents, and, all those farthings on the plate, Henry looted the oldest churches, cathedrals and abbeys. Three tons of jewel-encrusted gold and silver - in the shape of sacred alter plate, candlesticks, crucifixes, chalices, ect., was stolen to order, then delivered to Crown Appointed jewellers in London’s Bond Street. Henry’s thug’s stood guard while the precious stones were removed. The jewels went into the Kings Chests. Picked-clean gold and silver was minted into coin for the Kings Coffers.

Before privatization, monastic farms covered one quarter of England. The monks abundant produce stabilized food prices and curbed the antics of profiteering landlords. Cathedrals, churches, nunneries, priories, abbey’s, chantries and the monasteries treated the sick and gave shelter to the lame and unemployable. Henry’s privatizing threw centuries of human compassion down the Tudor water-closet. Naturally, as Head Of State, Henry made sure his pals became the new landlords of stolen church farms. Naturally they doubled food prices and left the lame to starve to death.  As you would expect from a "royal." Henry used some stolen church land for Hunting Parks. Then as now "royals" and their pals, having nothing else to do, spent their lives hunting to pass the time of day. Whereas the present Queen use’s her favourite German rifle. Henry used his trusty Austrian cross-bow to slaughter stags set-up by flunkies in front of the monarch. 

The Church never recovered from privatization. Churchmen in Parliament became nothing more than tool’s of the dissolute Crown. With England in decline many feared invasion from Catholic France. Henry outlawed football. On pain of death; every man and boy had to spend his spare time practicing military drills and archery for the Defence Of The Realm. Henry, of course, being Head Of State, monopolized the arms trade.  Anyone selling cannons, cross-bows, swords or bows & arrows without having purchased the Royal Warrant was hung drawn & quartered.

The next Head Of Church & State, Prince Charles, is probably the worlds only private collector of Henry 8th portraits.  September 3rd 2001, After dinner Prince Charles took his oily business pals, including a brother of Osama bin Laden, on his Highgrove tour of Henry 8th portraits and memorabilia. Charles tells his guests. ‘Henry 8th  was our greatest King.’
Only an imbecile, and an inbred royal imbecile at that, could make such a statement.

 h8 hitlers soul mate
As a young man weighing eighteen stone Henry was lifted clean off his horse by his opponents lance. He landed on his head.
He received the Last Rites before being carried off the field. Two days later, somehow, he woke-up. Royal conceit & foul temper noted in his youth was not improved by his brush with death. He became a violent, smelly, despicable ogre. Most people know he abused his first wife by sleeping with all six of her Ladies-in-Waiting. Including Anne Boyln. He also slept with and Anne’s elder sister. But his ‘connections’ with the Boyln’s started when the sisters were toddlers. Aged 17 Henry was sleeping with their mother. He also slept with their brother. When he beheaded Anne for incest his Court Circular neglected to mention he was in the same bed!
In his last decade ‘ranting Henry’ had to be carried from ‘bed to table, to stool, to bed, to stool, and back again.’  Anything you see on your TV concerning the "royal family" has been sanitized to the point of insult. see. The Six Wives of  Henry V111. P.Rival.  Heinemann 1971. & The Tudor Coinage. C.E.Challis Manchester Uni. Press 1978. 

At the moment Prince Charles has ninety staff including twenty-two personal servants, all paid for with money previously or presently being looted from the taxpayer. Charles needs two ‘dressers’ to get him and Po Face out of bed in the late morning. He is not expected to get any better. Recently Charles was reported as being ‘incandescent with rage’ when one royal parasite filmed another. Editor’s noted he didn’t feel any kind of rage when Privatization murdered 31 people at Paddington. Worthless prats like Charles profited from the illegal sale of British Rail; when four billion in excess profits promptly disappeared offshore (mummy loves signing Privatizing Bills)  King Henry’s privatizing thugs robbed the Church of it’s assets & revenue. Queen Lizzy’s Privatizing Bills continue robbing the public of their assets and banks the revenue from our stolen public services offshore. Lizzy’s cabinet of thugs will join Lizzy on the first plane out within minutes of Murphy's Law paying a visit to one of the royals nuclear investments



Henry The Ogre: Legacy

 Henry 8th had at least a dozen offspring, most died in childhood. Three took the Crown. 
Edward, son of wife No 3, Jane Seymour. Mary, daughter of wife No 1, Catherine of Aragon, and Elizabeth, daughter of wife No 2. Anne Bolyn. Henry’s sickly son, crowned Edward 6th in 1547, supported the still emerging Protestant Church. In 1553, knowing he was dying he arranged for his Protestant cousin, Lady Jane Grey, to succeed him. Sixteen-year-old Jane was Queen for nine days before the Catholic supporters of Mary arrested her, ousted the Protestant faction from the royal court and installed Mary on the throne. Queen Mary sent the innocent Jane to the chopping block. ‘Bloody Mary’ reigned for the next five years. In which time she burnt over 300 Protestant’s at the stake - in a failed attempt to convert the country back to Rome and the Pope.

Mary’s half sister Elizabeth 1st, who would rule 1558 - 1603, called for an end to religious conflict. Queen ‘Beth’ (below) united the country by stressing the very real danger of being invaded by the much stronger armies of Spain and France.
Foreign monarchs' accused Beth of financing what they called the ‘English Sea Dogs.’
In 1580 the Spanish Ambassador demanded the head of the Devon adventurer Francis Drake - for murder and theft on the high seas. Questioned about tons of South American gemstones, gold and silver stolen from Spanish treasure ships. Drake told the Queen’s Privy Council the treasure would be delivered to the Queen’s Coffers; if the Queen so desired. Not surprisingly, Beth knighted Drake and told the Spanish Ambassador to return to Madrid in short jerks.    

Like Mary before her, Beth left no heir. As she faded away, Beth’s Privy Council agreed to install the Presbyterian James Stuart, King of Scotland, on the English throne. James Stuart had been taken from his mum, Mary Queen of Scots, as an infant. Beth had reluctantly had his ambitious mum beheaded. Brought-up by a succession of grovelling servants James saw himself as the font from where all blessings flow.  In 1604 he told Parliament God called him God. Readers of the King James Bible should be aware James employed 54 scholars to re-write the Bible the way he wished to read it (Palace re-writers are nothing new). His first year on the Throne had convinced many Catholics they would always be the underdogs in government office. i.e. Unable to profit from insider deals. Conspiring with other Catholics, Guy Fawkes came up with the jolly idea of filling the cellars of Parliament with barrels of gun-powder. Had it not been for an informer; the plan to murder James and all his ministers, gathered at the State Opening of Parliament, November 5th 1605,  would have succeeded.


remember remember the 5th of november

Guy was the only men of his time who went to Parliament with the right intention. i.e. to blow the place to bits.

Guy Fawkes

King James 1st had the ‘Gunpowder Plotter’s’ horse-dragged through the streets of London, before they were hung, drawn and quartered. Their severed heads were publicly boiled in salt water, painted with a veneer of brown tar and then displayed on spikes at the city gates, Aldgate, Moorgate ect.,  as a warning to the King’s enemies. King James spent little time in London. Preferring to hunt, fornicate and with rent-boys in the style of his distant debauched uncle King Henry 8th. James was carried through the first half of his reign by able ministers, mainly Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury, who increased Crown revenue with his New Book of Rates and Crown Customs charges on the new breed of English Sea Dogs - the less piratical Merchant Adventurers. While his ministers filled the Kings Coffer’s James was entertaining his collection of ‘elegant’ young rent-boys, hunting deer and wild boar or writing his books on the dangers of witchcraft. He up-set the clergy by directing one of his books was to be read from every pulpit in the Realm. Critical Bishops were silenced by the King’s violent out-bursts in Parliament. James made it clear he was in charge of the Church. In his eyes Bishops were merely his pawns.


jimmy one -  bent as three pound note.

 James 1st 

King James 1st made a fortune illegally selling peerages and leasing-out royal land and royal office to the highest bidder. One royal piss-take he dreamt-up was the creation of so-called Baronets. In the words of one contemporary critic. 'False titles for false men.' Those who bought these totally  immoral, spurious titles paid James £1,000 cash - equivalent to paying £152,000 today! (The present Queen slings out Baronets the same way she throws bones to her four-legged dogs. Son-of-a-bitch Mark Thatcher caught one).
 Like the future King George 3rd  James 1st  probably suffered from the mind bending disease Porphyria. Slobbering over his boyfriends in Parliament, appearing drunk in public places and publicly pissing in the street, did not help his case. By 1614 his royal behaviour had alienated all his ministers and all his subjects. As he slipped into premature senility his disgusting boy-friends Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset, and later George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, took charge of Crown revenue. Before he died, March 1625, corruption in Parliament was endemic.
His son Charles Stuart was crowned Charles 1st.


an earlier totally worthless charlieCharles 1st

Henry 8th's rape of the Catholic Church led to the establishment of the Protestant Church and the ‘Church Divide.’
Which added religious complications to the usual power struggles between the landed "gentry".
In Charles 1st's  reign 1625 - 1648 the business of passing Parliamentary Bills, on which the landlords have to agree, ground to a halt. The King's inability to control his Parliament would lead to the English Civil Wars. Most MP’s had gained from the King’s obnoxious Enclosure Policy. Which meant taking common land by brute force - and leaving the poor to starve to death.

Civil Wars
Oliver Cromwell, Puritan MP for Huntingdon, despaired at the state of England. In 1638 Cromwell was preparing his family to emigrate to the Americas. Decent MP’s (then as now, pitifully few in number) persuaded him to stay and fight the Enclosure Policy.
Cromwell created the Parliamentary, New Model Army and took charge of London. His stated aim was to stamp out corruption where corruption starts - in Parliament. 
MP’s who supported the King, created the Cavalier Army and made Oxford their Capital Of England. The spilt in the Establishment meant cousins and even fathers and sons fought on opposite sides of the bloody battlefields of Edgehill 1642, Marston Moor 1645 and Naseby 1646.   

From 1647 Cromwell’s belief in sharing, what he coined, "The Commonwealth" attracted more recruits than King Charles could muster. Rich royalists saw the writing on the wall. Many made their way to Catholic France leaving their land in the hands of their lawyers. As the Cavalier Army collapsed the King’s eldest son, also called Charles, escaped to France. The King was captured and charged with Treason Against The State And The People. He refused to answer the charge. Fittingly it was arranged for Charles to get the chop outside the Banqueting Hall, Whitehall. Moments before his head rolled off the block. He told the crowd.  'A Subject and Sovereign were clear and different things.'  'All my decisions,' he said. 'came direct from God. Therefore they were God’s word. They could not be wrong.'   (Present day imbecilic royals hold the same opinion of themselves). 
The following day Cromwell abolished the Monarchy and the equally needless House Of Lords. 

During the Civil Wars England’s roads had become a string of pot-holes. Holes so big, men and horses often drowned in them. Even in broad daylight travellers were at the mercy of highway robbers. Cromwell had the roads repaired and patrolled. The average age of London prostitutes in 1649 was twelve. Cromwell closed brothels, gambling houses, nude theatre's and common bawdy houses. Surviving evidence of Cromwell’s Rule Of Law, 1649 - 58, bears witness to an expanding economy and an unprecedented drop in crime. In 1653, Cromwell was made Lord Protector Of The Commonwealth. Success went to his head. In Ireland he ordered the slaughter of any opposition. In Wexford and Drogheda Cromwell had all the priests murdered. In his words. ‘To shorten the war.’ Some of his troops nailed Irish babies to church doors. It was filthy-rich religious fanatics like the disgusting Charles 1st that instilled religious hatred (read fundamentalism) into Cromwell’s army. Not the poor bloody Irish.

Ollie, died too soon.


When Cromwell died of cancer, 1658, exiled royalists began creeping back into England and bribing their way back into Parliament. Had he lived another ten years the monarchy would have stayed in the woodwork - with the rest of the worms. By 1660 previously exiled royalist landlords had enough bent MP's back in Parliament to vote to reinstate the monarchy. The Rule Of Law went out of the Parliamentary window. Nude theatres, child brothels and bawdy house’s were back in business.  Pot holes, cut-throats and highwaymen returned to England’s roads. The new monarch believed public money should be spent on refurbishing and guarding palaces. Not public roads (you should  have noticed in the 63 year reign of Elizabeth The Useless nowt's changed)


chas 2 screwed anything with a hole in it

               Charles 2nd     

1660 Charles 1st’s eldest son returned from France to be crowned Charles 2nd.          

Charles 2nd, the so-called ‘sporting king,’ had Cromwell disinterred from his grave in Westminster Abbey, hung by the neck for a day and then beheaded.  Charles 2nd  was devoted to pornography. Acting out his fantasies, with his pimps selection of rich and penniless whore's gave birth to 'the King's brigade of bastards.' His unfortunate Queen, Catherine Of Braganza, could not supply a legitimate heir. Most of the Establishment were against the idea of his Catholic brother, James, Duke of York, succeeding him. The anti-Catholic’s in Parliament argued for a Bill to exclude the Duke. Despite the growing opposition, James came to the Throne when Charles died in 1685.
J2 not a good Catholic

James 2nd turned most of the country against him by giving all the top jobs to his Catholic pals. Parliament made it clear they were plotting to take his life.
In 1688 James fled to Catholic France. Parliament gave the Crown to his Protestant daughter, Mary, and her Dutch Protestant husband, William of Orange.

 In 1690 James tried to regain the Throne by attacking the King's forces in Ireland with an army of French & Irish troops. He was soundly beaten by William’s Dutch & English army at the Battle of the Boyne. William & Mary left no heir.
In 1701 the Crown went to James's other daughter, Anne. 'Good Queen Annie' would leave no surviving heir. To keep the Catholic branch of the royal family off the Throne, she arranged for an aging German Protestant cousin to take over when she died - 1714. And so began one-hundred-years of German King Georges.     


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