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Insider Speaks Out

Sometimes called the "Father of Star Wars" Colonel Robert Bowman, PhD, U.S. Air Force knows a hell of a lot about US Air Defence. He was the Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under Presidents Ford and Carter. He is also an ex fighter pilot with over 100 combat missions under his belt.
Colonel Bowman is one of thousands of serving and ex US military officers now demanding a proper inquiry into the Bush attack on America.
In the five-minute video clip below the Colonel states.
"The very kindest thing that we can say about George W. Bush and all his people is that they were aware of impending 9/11 attacks. Now some people will say that’s being much too kind, however, even that is High Treason and Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder."
also see   Bob Bowman    and  http://US military_exercises_scheduled_for_September 11, 2001  

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD, U.S. Air Force, was working at the Pentagon on 9/11. She was one of the first people to see that a 757 did NOT crash at the Pentagon.  "I saw no airplane metal or cargo debris on the lawn. The scene was what one would expect if a missile had struck the Pentagon."

David L. Griscom, PhD., Fellow of the American Physical Society and Professor of Engineering, worked at the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC, for thirty-three-years. On his website Professor Griscom sends out this message:  'I implore fellow physicists and engineers who have supercomputer access to work on the World Trade Center collapses and publish their findings in refereed journals like, the Journal of Applied Physics. The Bush version of what happened on 9/11 does not match the facts and led directly to the illegal war in Iraq, the deplorable Patriot Act, repudiation of the Geneva Conventions and the end of Habeas Corpus!' Google  David L. Griscom  &  watch   http://www.youtube.com/watch?

Captain Russ Wittenberg has been a Boeing pilot for thirty-five-years. He had often flown two of the jets allegedly hijacked on 9/11, (N591UA, Flight 93 and N612UA, Flight 175 (and incidentally N739PA, Flight 103 the Lockerbie jet)). In the audio interview below Captain Wittenberg dismisses the Bush Fairy Tale of hijackers being responsible for 9/11.   Russ_Wittenberg_Interview.MP3   



Mr Sheen's Embarrassing Questions 

Most Hollywood film stars lack the balls to question Mr Bush's 9/11. Charlie Most Hollywood film stars lack the balls to question Mr Bush's 9/11.
Charlie Sheen is
the honourable exception
He is now seen as a "truthspeaker" and therefore ignored by Hollywood producers and shunned by the equally spineless mainstream media.
When Mr Sheen challenged the Bush White House to debate him on 9/11, on any TV newscast, the Bush government failed to put up one single government spokesman.
Sheen continues spreading the truth by appearing on talk radio shows to ask the Bush administration
'If the official story of the Pentagon damage is true; just show us how Flight 77 pulled-off these previously unheard of manoeuvres for a 757? Airline pilots all over the world are really anxious to see this spectacular 400 miles per hour 330 degree turn - to target the Pentagon. There are eighty-four video's in Mr Bush's hands that could prove his case and disprove ours. So why? Is the President still refusing to release these eighty-four video's? I understand video's from the Pentagon cameras can be classed as secret but what about the Sheraton hotel cameras, what about the Pentagon gas station cameras and all the other video's the FBI confiscated from local private company cameras? How come these video's are secret? What is the President hiding? And what about the Department of Transportation freeway cameras? Anybody involved in a road crash has access to freeway video's. Why have these particular public films become the President's secret films?'


More Facts To Ponder

Number of days until an investigation was ordered into the sinking of the Titanic: 006

Days until an investigation was ordered into the Challenger disaster: 007

Days until an investigation was ordered into 9/11: 411

Amount of money allocated for the 1986 Challenger disaster investigation: $75 million

Amount of money allocated for Clinton-Lewinsky-nooky investigation: $40 million

Amount of money allocated for the 9/11 Commission Report: $14 million!!!


                   9/11 Hijacks were; "part of the script."
 "With or without pilots. It is impossible repeat impossible for an aircraft to fly in US airspace without being identified and tracked, from take-off to landing, by NORAD. It is also impossible to report a building’s collapse before it happened [as the BBC did on 9/11] unless it was part of the script like the so-called hijacks." 
Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer, MS, U.S. Air Force (ret)   Flew combat missions over Iraq. Former instructor at NATO’s Tactical Leadership Program. 

(BBC 24 Hour disinformation service reported the 47 floor WTC7, 610 feet tall, as having collapsed twenty- minutes before it was demolished!?) 
Building No. 7 wasn't even mentioned in The 9/11 Commission Report comically
sub-titled "A full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks")).

Sacking The Messenger

As Building No. 7 (WTC7) went down in a cloud of dust. CBS anchorman Dan Rather reporting live, said.
"It looks like one of those controlled demolitions." 
Which is exactly what it was. Dan Rather was later fired by CBS for telling the truth about the spineless President deserting from the Texas National Guard after refusing to serve in Vietnam. CBS is owned by Westinghouse who make nuclear waste (for waste read nuclear bombs & DU)



DU Coming Home

Children born to troops who are presently using DU in Iraq and Afghanistan are destined to pay the horrific price of Dad working for nuclear-vested war criminals. Soldiers who blame birth defects on DU are being ignored or dismissed as head-cases by the "pro-life" President and the Nuclear Queen Lizzy - who both refuse to recognize Gulf War Syndrome.  





Gulf War Syndrome

    The Guardian Weekly   July 4, 2006

                     Uranium Cancer Check For Returning UK Troops
"Troops will be offered tests on the levels of depleted uranium in their bodies to check if they are in danger of kidney damage and lung cancer as a result of exposure, the Ministry of Defence said this week. The ministry was responding to a warning from the Royal Society that challenged assurances from the [passing] Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, that depleted uranium was not a risk." Guardian   
The Guardian failed to inform readers the results of the above tests, like the previous five years of similar tests proving DU has thus far killed 600 British Gulf War One veterans, will be totally ignored by Her Majesty's
Covering-up horrifying DU deaths in the military has always been the norm because of it's connection to the Royal Family uranium business. Military spokesmen even deny using DU! From the Defence Minister down it's Deny. Deny. Deny.
Once they leave the armed services DU victims find the media and even British local radio stations are too busy to talk to them.
The latest scandal about the profound lies being told to recruit gullible British youngsters by advertising life in Armed Services as a butch version of Butlin's has yet to touch on DU. If the BBC / ITV employed reporters, instead of lie repeaters, they would be asking why recruits are not told they will be breathing nuclear waste in Afghanistan and Iraq?

 Warning: Nuclear Power


Nuclear IWaste

American and British troops suffering the fatal wasting disease named Gulf War Syndrome are either totally ignored or labelled 'head-cases' by Bush, Cheney, the Queen and her Ministers. Gulf War Syndrome is not a mental illness. It is the uranium induced destruction of the human body from the inside. Starting with the reproductive organs. You are looking at the physical proof.


Those who live in Palace’s on other peoples money have a twisted view of the public. From the start of her reign the Queen has had to plan for the possibility of Great Britain becoming a nuclear wasteland. The British public have never entered those plans. In the event of a suicide crew obtaining a nuclear device and rendering Her Majesty's
Realm unfit for human habitation, like the area the size of Wales around Chernobyl, the Queen's nuclear cartel actually stand to profit by leasing-out Great Britain as the planets nuclear dustbin. 
The Queen's subjects will be left to die like Alexander Litvenenko, the Russian spy who took twenty-three-days to die of nuclear power station poison.  Google  Litvenenko + BBC News + Jan 2007

This Is What Happens When Invisible Nuclear Waste Gets Into Your Water Supply



The United Nations High Commission for Refugees estimate 2.4 million Afghani's and 4.2 million Iraqi's have now been made homeless and destitute by the "pro-life" President's and the Queens response to 9/11. An attack that had absolutely and utterly nothing what-so-ever to do with the 900,000 Iraqi men, women and children slaughtered in cold blood, thus far, to increase the Queen's and the "pro-life" Presidents, personal oil, arms and uranium profits.

Nuclear IWaste

What Kind Of Scum Plan
To Do This To The Unborn?


 In the event of a nuclear accident or attack making Great Britain Unfit for Human Habitation the Queen's subjects will be abandoned without so much as a royal wave. The royal family will be enjoying a barbecue on one of their private palm-fringed Pacific islands The Day After the lid comes off one of the royals little earners i.e. the Nuclear Targets Of Mass Destruction at Sellafield, Hartlepool, Heysham, Sizewell B, Torness, Hinkley Point, Hunterston and Dungeness.
also see suitcase bomb

Nuclear IWaste
DU Baby photographs courtesy
Dr Jenan Hassan

 Nuclear IWaste




The Medical Disability rate for the Viet Nam War 1954 - 1975 was 05%. The use of nuclear waste ammunition (DU) made the Medical Disability rate for the two-month-long Gulf War - 1991 56%! You would think this would have stopped "the powers that be" using nuclear waste as ammunition (DU). Instead they increased DU production and distribution in the certain knowledge that it kills the troops who use it!?



The Nuclear Queen and the Pro Life President will deny they mostly own and totally control the all the nuclear companies running on an endless supply of the taxpayers money. They will also deny their mega stakes in the planet's largest military contractors, BAE Systems, Boeing, Grumman, Raytheon, Lockheed, Carlyle, Halliburton, Blackwater and Bechtel all of which are now wallowing in the taxpayers billions diverted into their sweaty little hands via the totally bogus war on terror - which Bush started with his Shock & Awe attack on America known as 9/11.

Memo April 2001. The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Conference dismissed the idiotic claim nuclear power is a "sustainable technology."   maths
July 4, 2007. Flying in the face of the UN, common sense and common decency the new Prime Mouthpiece confirmed the Head Of State's intention to continue looting the taxpayer, to increase the royals fortune via their nuclear investments, by building more hideously expensive nuclear waste stations. One of which could be near enough to poison your sperm.

In 2006, the Uranium Medical Research Centre calculated man-made-isotopes absorbed by Afghani's living near DU contaminated areas had increased by a factor of two-thousand since the October 2001 invasion. The infants on this page were conceived mortally damaged in the womb as a direct result of that contamination - deliberately caused by just two money grubbing ghouls; Nuclear Lizzy & Dubya Bush.


The pro-life President and the Nuclear Queen's favourite uranium ammo (DU or DIRTY AMMO) is now used on a daily basis. Afghan and Iraqi hospitals are seeing the results on a daily basis.


2006. Dr Abdul Kazimi, Director of Iraqi nuclear medicine, estimated. "Over 7,500 Iraqis will be infected with depleted uranium (DU) cancers every year for decades to come." This was a very conservative estimate.



2009 The deliberate nuclear contamination of Iraq and Afghanistan continues unabated

Gulf War Syndrome is not a mental illness. It is the uranium induced destruction of the human body

Following the hoof-prints of Margaret Thatcher & John Major the Queen's last lackey, Blah Blah Blair did absolutely nothing to stop the Queen's long term plan to starve safe energy systems of proper investment in order to build ten more Chernobyls in Britain. The latest passing Prime Mouthpiece, Blah Blah Brown, will follow royal orders to waste at least £200 BILLION taxpayers money on subsidizing totally needless brand new Nuclear Targets Of Mass Destruction and utterly futile Trident nuclear subs. Proof, as if we needed proof, the bloody loonies have taken over.

Safe Power: Sea Power

Illegally Stopped by Nuclear Lizzy

Salter’s Duck is an electricity generator anchored to the seabed. The perpetual motion of the tide makes the power. Tested to extremes off Norway the Duck’s passed with flying colours; proving they can create limitless safe, cheap, pollution-free power.
The system could have gone into mass production in 1986. At that point Her Majesty's
Government pulled all funding! Trivial though that funding had been (Professor Salter's students had walked the streets of Edinburgh finding small engineering firms - who having studied the brilliant design, willingly built the proto type for nothing)
Given proper government funding in the 1980’s Slater’s Duck would now be a multi-billion-pound domestic & export business. Supplying much safer, cheaper, cleaner power than we have today. Safe, cheap, clean power is of course the opposite of the Queen’s oil, gas and nuclear pollution policy - to increase the royal family orf-shore fortune. We now know the Queen’s placemen, directed by the passing Prime Mouthpiece, a thing called Thatcher, committed their usual royal treason against Britain. The cost of Salter’s Duck was fraudulently altered to make sea power seem as costly as nuclear power!!! Which is at least 1,000 times more expensive. And that's assuming no accidents...  

Nuclear Waste Queen's Business

Queen Will Ignore Greenpeace Victory

February 17,  2007. Greenpeace brought Her Majesty's
Government to the High Court for illegally declaring the Queen's decision to build new nuclear power stations regardless of what her taxpayers may think. 
The Court ruled in favour of Greenpeace - but court rulings and plain common sense will be ignored by the Queen, as it always has been, in favour of increasing the royals nuclear waste profits. The Queen's placemen will get nuclear power stations subsidized to the hilt - with the taxpayers (Your) money - no matter how many times Her Majesty's
Parliament is told how insane nuclear power stations really are.

                Her Majesty's
, April 19, 2007  
"A cap on liability is a massive subsidy to the whole nuclear industry. If the industry had to bear that liability itself, it would make the industry uneconomic. That fact cannot be denied. Nuclear plants are not as reliable as the Hon. Gentleman has implied.
Last year, four Swedish plants had to be turned off at the same time because of an accident in one of them. That is a warning to those who propose that a single design for the new nuclear fleet is brought forward. That is one of the biggest threats that one could imagine to security and continuity of supply.
Similarly last year,
a Spanish plant, which was responsible for 20 per cent of the country's electricity demand, had to be turned off because it overheated in the hot weather. Even the French had to turn off the Dampierre plant this month.
Members might remember an incident last year when the whole of northern France lost power for days on end. That happened because the connection between France and Germany was damaged.
The French electricity system is predominantly nuclear-powered. It is massively inflexible and cannot cope with having its connection with another country broken. The French grid exports and imports vast amounts of electricity. Therefore, the claim made by the hon. Member for Stroud that the French independent grid system is the best in the world is quite false. The French depend on import and export because nuclear power is so inflexible."

                           David Howarth, Cambridge, Liberal Democrat 

Hansard 19 April 2007.    David Howarth.  

Chernobyl where time has stopped

Abandoned radioactive helicopters, trucks and boats used in the attempted clean-up. The clean-up itself had to be abandoned because the clean-up workers became to sick to work. Hundreds of large collective farms, 2,000 towns and villages - and the nuclear poisoned land they now stand on - had to be abandoned forever.

Royal Ignorance
The £M17 Sizewell Public Inquiry, paid for by the taxpayer, produced mountains of horrific medical evidence against nuclear power. The Queen ignored the evidence and ordered Sizewell B
nuclear power station, in 1989, three years after Chernobyl had permanently poisoned an area the size of Wales!

Nadia. One of millions of Russian kids poisoned by one small nuclear accident.

In 1986 Nadia was a happy healthy 5-year-old living on a farm near Vetka, 65 miles from Chernobyl. Fall-out from the ten-day nuclear fire stopped her growing...
A leaked in-house Sellafield (BNFL) report forecasts 30,000 deaths from nuclear poisoning within 48 HOURS of a large passenger jet hitting a British Nuclear Target of Mass Destruction i.e., Sellafield, Sizewell, Hartlepool, Heysham, Torness, Hinkley Point,  Hunterston, or Dungeness.

The Sellafield report fails to mention; such an attack will cause at least one million collateral damage victims like Nadia Lapitskaya.
(above) Nadia's family was one of thousands evacuated from Vetka see map below  to Minsk after the accident. Like the thousands of families evacuated from Pripyat to Kiev they were not moved fast enough to save the children.  see The Chernobyl Disaster, Paul Dowell. 2003. 
'The World Health Organization prognosis for Chernobyl's "dwarfed children" like Nadia is "bleak."' 

Sizewell B, which Queen Lizzy ordered three years after the lid came-off Chernobyl, is 66 miles from London. In 1986, 130 people-per-square-mile used to live around Chernobyl (780 people-per-square-mile lived in Sizewell’s Fall-out-zone - which includes Greater London).
Nothing can be built at Chernobyl for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

  After the Chernobyl accident the KGB took charge of all hospital and clinic medical records!  In June 1990 the medical records of 670,000 people living in the fall-out-zones of Belarus were stolen from a medical facility in Minsk. Only the KGB knew where those vital records were being held. Google; The Bulletin Of Atomic The Scientists, Chernobyl Data Deleted Sept. 1990. Beware The Data Diddlers May 93 & Violating The Rules Of Research Sept. 1993.

Fall-out-zones the truth, see The  Chernobyl Disaster. 
V. Haynes.  Hogarth  Press.  1988.

Common Sense Ignored For Royal Profit

Tony Blair's Energy Performance & Innovation Unit considered growing public hostility to the needless production of cancer causing nuclear waste, the risk of accidents like Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, the terrorism threat that nuclear power stations invite and the fact that nuclear power is now recognized by the UN as patently unsustainable (i.e. a criminal waste of money - money that should be used to develop safe, cheap, clean power).  

The Performance & Innovation Unit report, which made headline news, December 13, 2001, pointed-out, in not so many words, that eighteen offshore wind farms would reverse Her Majesty's
policy of relying on her personal gas, oil and nuclear investments to supply Britain's (vastly-over-priced) electricity. On the occasion of his first appearance as the Queen's Prime Mouthpiece Gordon Brown announced the Queen's intention to ignore common sense and continue polluting the planet in pursuit of her normal, obscene, profits form her oil, gas and nuclear portfolio.


Nuclear PowerINuclear Power

One-hundred-and-thirty people per-square-mile used to live around Chernobyl nuclear power station. Hundreds of collective farms had to be abandoned. Anything that grows in this area now quickly turns to "vegetable rust".

Anybody living in the in the fall-out zones of Britain's Targets Of Mass Destruction, Sellafield, Hartlepool, Heysham, Sizewell, Torness, Hinkley Point, Hunterston and Dungeness should visit this link  www.chernobyl-ireland.com  

 If Prince Charles didn't have both claws in the nuclear till he would campaign against totally needless nuclear waste production. Only a born spineless hypocrite could bleat about McDonald's & GMO’s and stay silent on nuclear power in the certain knowledge that a nasty accident at one of mummy’s nuclear waste stations will end British food production. Period. 


Public Records

As far back as 1976 The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, made it abundantly clear. The Defence Of The Realm is best served by decreasing our nuclear risks. Not increasing them.
After the near catastrophe at Sellafield - 1957.
After her own Royal Commission - 1976.
After Three Mile Island - 1979.
After Chernobyl - 1986.  Who? Other than a greed-stricken satanic billionairess, could have ordered Sizewell B in 1989!?
Clearly, Sizewell B was ordered for no other reason than shovelling £Billions of taxpayers money into the Queen's nuclear cartel.

1979-1997 Public Records clearly show how Ministers Of The Crown fed your money into their nuclear outfits. Following their royal orders; for every £80,000 taxpayer’s money Mrs. Thatcher & John Major poured into “nuclear waste research.” They spent just £1 (one) on research into safe-cheap-energy! Blair's record will show similar thefts of Public Money.

Dounreay: Waste Upon Waste

1997, outgoing Prime Mouthpiece John Major finally admitted an explosion at Dounreay, in 1977, had scattered nuclear waste around Dounreay nuclear power station.
For 20 years Ministers of the Crown had consistently lied about the release of nuclear poison. The explosion happened in a 200 foot-deep nuclear waste dumping shaft. The shafts 12-ton concrete plug was blasted 16 foot to the side. ‘Nuclear waste drifted down [on the local coastline] like confetti.’ John Major continued to deny the nuclear fall-out had anything to do with the increase of childhood Leukaemia in the area. He did however admit at least  £3.2 bn, taxpayers money, will be taken from schools hospitals, ect., to ‘make safe’ the leaking nuclear shaft.  Nuclear clean-up contracts are cosily covered by Her Majesty's
Secrets Act. The royal family will deny their offshore accounts are the main beneficiaries of multi-billion nuclear contracts. Ministers will deny, their Cayman accounts benefit from these same contracts, only they can issue - with Lizzy's written permission. Only a bloody fool could believe the royals and their robots do not profit from producing totally needless nuclear waste.

1984-88 while getting used to riding the nuclear-gravy-train super-creepy Johnny "Underpants" Major was riding Edwina Currie a failed Pantomime Dame (occasionally dug-up to appear as the token Tory loony on daytime TV).  Around the same time Johnny Major was plotting to save pension’s by adding VAT to electricity bills. Thereby culling old age pensioners.
The proposed price hike caused an avalanche of complaints from senior citizens. True to Tory form Currie told the doomed pensioners. ‘Stop whinging and wear a woolly hat.’   

Since leaving Downing Street ultra-unctuous Major has been buying into arms manufactures which are then given juicy DU contracts, signed by Queen Lizzy, covered by Her Majesty's
Official Secret's Act and paid for by the taxpayer, to supply Her Majesty's
Armed Services with dirty ammo. Major is but one of the royals, truly repugnant, nominees.
After Princess Diana died Lizzy made Major, Chief Financial Advisor to Wills & Harry.

Carlyle adviser and Queen's Privy Councillor Johnny Underpants Major now spends his quality time in Washington DC (Toady Blair's smarmy son will shortly be joining him for "work experience"). Major is presently trying to stop the Freedom of Information Act releasing evidence of his part in Black Wednesday, 1992, when he gave £4 bn of our gold reserve to the merchant bankers little earner, the European Exchange Mechanism (ERM) Major worked at a merchant bank before entering politics.


Safe Cheap Power Ignored

Oscillating water column (OWC) systems can use the perpetual tide to supply the National Grid.
Her Majesty's
"government" want nothing to do with virtually free electricity.
Less than peanuts have been allocated to developing and harnessing the perpetual power of the sea. Which we all know we must do for the safety of the planet.     

Queen Lizzy's Slave Labour Profits

1949-89, South Africa illegally occupied, and plundered, mineral rich Namibia. Sadistic Apartheid troops protected the interests of the mining conglomerates. Nobody protected Namibian miners. Uranium miners were forced to work illegal 15 hour shifts. Over-exposure meant they rarely reached the age of 28! 

1988-89. The South West African Peoples Organization (SWAPO) accused Queen Lizzy of financing illegal uranium mining through Bank of England Nominees, (BoEN also known as Ben) Buckingham Palace, Margaret Thatcher and Chief Treasury Secretary John Major refused to comment on the Queen's illegal bank or the matter of obscene profits from Namibian slave labour.  Lizzy would have you forget she ordered her government to give billions of British taxpayers money to support Apartheid. No-one in her cabinets of 1979-90 wanted Nelson Mandela released from jail. Along with their boss, Ministers of the Crown had no desire to lose their personal profits from illegally mined uranium.

Sellafield White Elephant:
Shut Down Again!

Between August 2004 and May 2005 twenty-odd-tons of dissolved nuclear fuel rods containing enough plutonium to make twenty Nagasaki size bombs was nonchalantly sloshing around the floor, unnoticed by the 'highly trained' staff, at the Sellafield, Thorp reprocessing plant! The fatal liquid waste had escaped through a broken pipe.
This latest accident to close this particularly needless Nuclear Target Of Mass Destruction means a nuclear clean-up costing approximately  £180 million on top of the £74 BILLION TAXPAYERS MONEY already allocated to cleaning-up the unholy mess the royals nuclear waste stations have already made in Gt. Britain.  
A little research into the amount of taxpayers money the Queen has gleefully signed over to her nuclear waste industry in the last forty years will show you why her pensioners are given a pittance.   Duck Not Forgotten    also see Environmental Maths


Anti-War Slogans Illegal

The Degrading Of America

The Patriot Act is an Act of Treason against "We The People." The Founding Fathers and their Constitution have been comprehensively shredded by a gang of two-bit-thugs.

Wearing an anti war slogan now gets you arrested in Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma or Louisiana. This could become a ban on all items of anti-war clothing Nationwide!

 One fast selling T shirt upsetting the Bush Gestapo displays the names of 3,461 US troops - sent to die in Iraq on the back of Mr Bush's pernicious lies. In much lager print than the 3,461 names the T shirts read. "Bush Lied - They Died"  
An amendment to the Defence Act, passed last May, could now be used to outlaw anti-war statements on every item of clothing in every state!
The Bush Gestapo will then arrest anyone who criticizes Bush on suspicion of wearing banned underwear! Under the insultingly named Patriot Act, the suspect will be tortured & gang-banged Abu Ghraib style, shipped-off to Morocco or Gitmo and never seen again.

What Prince Willy Wants      more



Wreck Iraqi's Freedom"



Daily Results

 Innocent people are being wasted in Iraq for no other reason than making obscenely excessive profits for oil and arms conglomerates owned by the worlds richest thugs.


left., One of tens-of-thousand's  "left alive " innocent victims of the illegal war in Iraq. 

The Iraqi dead and wounded we see are only half the story. The spineless, mindless UK and US media neglect to report the spectacular rise in birth defects and cancers in young Iraqi's caused by British and American made DU (nuclear waste) embedded in the Iraqi environment - since the 1991 Gulf War.



New Wars For Old



Vultures Circle As Puppet Government
Flogs-Off What's Left Of Iraq

The Sunday Telegraph has learned Iraqi officials have recently held talks with banking and legal advisers in London. City sources said Iraq’s minister for industry, Fawzi Hariri, was looking to draw up a memorandum of understanding to sell-off the country’s non-oil assets, ranging from petrochemical plants to construction companies, hotels and airlines, as early as this month.  Raw Story Read more…   The Telegraph Via The Raw Story  - August 2007


Nuclear Facts: Ignored by Nuclear Lizzy

Fundamental Nuclear Facts Criminally Ignored
By Nuclear Lizzy & Pro Life Bush


"Dramatic declines in local infant death and childhood cancer rates occurred soon after the closing of nuclear power plants."

A study by the Radiation and Public Health Project and the STAR Foundation documents a 17.4% Decrease in infant mortality within 40 miles downwind of the nuclear plants two years after they were shut-down.
In three of the eight areas studied with earlier shut downs, cancer diagnosed in under 5-yr-olds declined 25.0% in the seven years after reactor shut-down.

New York State Assemblyman Richard Brodsky stated. "We finally have reliable peer-reviewed accurate data attaching US nuclear power plants to death and injury in their host communities. Nuclear apologists can no longer deny nuclear power production leaks fatal nuclear poison into the environment on a daily basis - without any accidents occurring."

Nuclear Power: A Failed Experiment
Scott Cullen, of STAR, said. "Nuclear power is a failed experiment. This study confirms the best of public health principles: that when you remove a known cause of illness, health improves. "

One Reactor Damages The Health of Millions

At a Westchester County Health Committee meeting, independent scientists testified that teeth from the area around Indian Point nuclear power plant have the highest concentrations of man-made isotopes found to date in America. The principal author of the study Joseph Mangano, MPH MBA, stated. "Children exposed to radiation risk cancer, its as simple as that."

This was by no means the first peer-reviewed, evidence proving nuclear power stations murder children in the womb.
The "pro-life" President and his cousin Nuclear Lizzy ghoulishly ignored it.  
  UPDATE  Spotlight  Press Releases   also see  Deadly Deceit, Low-Level- Radiation, High-Level-Cover-Up, 1991    

Six Years Ago Nuclear Lizzy Was Warned:
"Nuclear power is simply too dangerous and expensive.''

December 2001. In a draft nuclear power review, drawn up for Her Majesty's
Government, leaked to The New Scientist.
Tony Blair's Performance & Innovation Unit reported. "The very high illness rates for children and young adults" in the locality of nuclear power stations made nuclear power unacceptable."

Following similar nuclear review's which signalled the welcome end of nuclear power in German and Sweden. The Performance & Innovation Unit reported.  "The best way to cut carbon pollution is to replace oil and coal-fired power stations with renewable energy sources. "Nuclear power is simply too dangerous and expensive.''   

Nuclear Lizzy was not amused. She ordered her whipping boy to get Mandy Mandleson and Alley Cat Campbell to find some form of weasel words to sell nuclear power to the public...
Three years went-by but even the foulest pair of profound liars in Great Britain could not invent a strap-line to spin nuclear power to the British public.
Whipping boy Blair was then ordered to announce the Queen's intention to build "a fleet of new reactors" and ignore any public protests (the same way he was ordered to ignore the one million British people who turned-out to march in protest against the illegal war on Iraq the week before it was illegally started).
The whipping boy did as he was told. Greenpeace had expected this royal move. They took the case to court. The judge ruled that the whipping boy's ridiculous statement, that nuclear power "has a role to play ..." was unlawful.  Greenpeace, read the full story as explained in court  

This judgement will not stop the nuclear-gravy-train the royals have been riding-on since the late Queen Mum became the main investor, via the usual nominees, in the first British nuclear bomb factory, Windscale - now called Sellafield. When Nuclear Lizzy opened Britain's first reactor, 1953, Britain's infant nuclear industry was already set-up to make £Billions (from taxpayers money) for the totally criminal "royal family."

Given one tenth of the billions Nuclear Lizzy's last three governments have wasted on building the totally unwarranted Sizewell B, MOX at Sellafield and subsidizing so-called “privatised” British Energy. Britain would now be the leading exporter of sea-power-systems, land & marine wind-power technology. There has been no serious government investment in safe-clean-power-systems because the Head Of State couldn't care less about Britain.
From the start of her reign the Queen has had to plan for the possibility of Great Britain becoming a nuclear wasteland. The British public (you & yours) have never entered those plans.
Acting for the oil-gas and nuclear-vested Royal Establishment and against the interests of the British people the Queen's Prime Mouthpieces, Thatcher, Major and Blair told lies on a daily basis to stop Britain developing dirt cheap power from sun, sea and wind power systems. Brown is carrying-on in the same treasonous vein. Britain would be leading the world in safe energy technology were it not for the fact that cheap-safe-power is the opposite of the Queen's-greed-stricken-business-plan.

The Queen's Business


In 1990 Geoffrey Minter bought the idyllic Sandside Bay a few miles from Dounreay nuclear power plant. He made the purchase after receiving assurances from the government run United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) that rumours of nuclear waste contamination in the area were untrue...
After his dog dropped dead and was found to have died of tumours Mr Minter stopped walking on his beautiful beach. He advised local people, especially those with children, that he thought the beach was unsafe.

It transpired the UKAEA had found Sandside Bay irreversibly contaminated with fatal particles of uranium nuclear waste in 1984! 
As with all things connected to the royals uranium investments Her Majesty's
Government had made the fatal contamination Her Majesty's
Official Secret.

"The Quiet Man" Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) ex leader of Her Majesty's
Opposition is the last person you would expect to highlight the Queen’s vile nuclear waste business. IDS has been goaded into action by the long running Minter case, not just because of the fatal poison every nuclear waste station leaks out on a daily basis. But because Her Majesty's
Government intend to silence Minter by confiscating his land! Rewriting Britain's 800-year-old Land & Property Laws in the process!!

Mr Minter will be given the market price for Sandside Bay. Told to pack-up, piss-off and don't come back.
If Her Majesty's
Government get away with this. The precedence will apply to everyone who owns land or property anywhere near any type of nuclear plant.
Anyone who complains about contamination will be silenced by eviction! Coupled with Her Majesty's
contrived "anti-terror laws" this will double-strip all nuclear protesters of their human and property rights.
The current Chairperson of UKAEA, Lady Judge, who receives £60,000 per year plus expenses (taxpayers money) for her two-day-a-week-royal-arse-licking-job, has written to Minter saying 'UKAEA intend spending no more time on the case.' Like previous lackey's running this particular branch-line of the Queen's nuclear business Lady Judge has no intention of ordering a clean-up of Minter's land. Such a multi-billion operation would lead to people demanding an even more expensive clean-up of the Sellafield shoreline. Both these nuclear clean-up’s would prove utterly impossible to complete (without replacing the Irish Sea and it's bed) and show-up nuclear apologists as the Zombies they really are. Anyone promoting the absurd notion of building more nuclear waste stations to poison our land and seabed, even further, can only be described as dead from the neck upwards.  
Iain Duncan Smith Full Debate: 
Hansard Westminster Hall May 9, 2007.   http://www.theyworkforyou.com/whall/?id=2007-05-09a.69.0

    DU Specialist Blows The Whistle

Major Doug Rokke was ordered to lie about the Dirty Ammo (DU) the President and the Queen are killing their own troops with. He refused. He is now a target for Black Ops.           

 US Army Major Doug Rokke

photo Paul Goettlich 
Greg Szymanski

 Doug Rokke has been shot at, run off the road, threatened, harassed, black-balled and intimidated. Not by opposition forces in Iraq, but by his own government. The biggest scare of his life was when bullets rang through his son’s bedroom in what he calls “another near miss” by US government hit men.   Greg Szymanski     Google or Yahoo Search Doug Rokke's articles and his must see Movie - Betrayal 



Orwellian Orders

Public Law 109-364, or the "John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007" (H.R.5122) (2), signed by Bush in a private Oval Office ceremony, (Oct 17, 2006) allows the President to declare a "public emergency" and station troops or more likely Blackwater Robothugs "anywhere in America" to take control of state-based National Guard units without the consent of the Governor or local authorities, in order to "suppress public disorder." Everything the mass murderer Joe Stalin did to destroy regional and local Law & Order Officers is been copied by Bush. Update Google Halliburton + Building Concentration Camps

                  The Chemical Murderer's Club
Rummy Rumsfeld greeting Saddam Hussein. When George Bush Senior was Vice President, Rummy was Defense Secretary.

December 1983. Rummy Rumsfeld arriving for a pre-Christmas palace-piss-up in Iraq. Rummy gave Saddam a pair of solid gold spurs - a chrissy prezzy from the Cowboy President Ronnie Regan.
Rummy was in Iraq to cut an arms & intelligence for cheap oil deal. The satellite intelligence Rummy would provide told Saddam where Iran was massing their troops form an attack on Iraq. The arms Rummy supplied to Saddam included poison gas for Saddam to murder his own people
(dissenters) with. Her Majesty's
then Defence Minister, Michael Heseltine, gave Saddam arms & ammo worth £M6 which Saddam never paid for. The British taxpayer had to pay the
£M6 bill...  

Murdering Your Own For Profit

On the direct orders of these two power-mad-money-grubbing ghoul's over one million people, military personnel and civilians have, thus far, been needlessly & horribly murdered in Iraq.

Another 4.2 million Iraqi's have been made homeless. Two million have left Iraq. Most of the remaining homeless are living on DU contaminated bombsites in fear and squalor with no power supply or clean water. Academics all over the world are now using the Internet to remind people how this insane bloodbath was deliberately started with 9/11 by the same globalizing ghouls who installed a well dressed turd in the White House.







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