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The Bullingdon Pig Fuckers Club  

Bullingdon nancy boys idea of a good night-out is to book a  restaurant or a private room at a pub. Get pissed and throw the furniture through the windows.  When Bullingdon shirt-lifters get arrested their paedophile Daddy's bail them out and pay for the damage. Oxford landlords love booking a room for these disgusting little shits because they can redecorate the entire pub with the hush money they get off their Daddies. It should come as no surprise that Pig Fucker No 2 below  became the leader of the Queen's Tory Party and eventually her passing Prime Mouthpiece.

Ultimate Tory tosspot Boris "Bojo" Johnson, No 8 above, recalls this particular hen party, "ended-up with a number of us crawling on all fours to escape police dogs. Once we were in the cells we became pathetic namby-pambies."  As if they could ever have been anything other!? 

1. Sebastian Grigg, 41, son of Anthony Ulrick David Dundas Grigg, 3rd Baron Altrincham, and Eliane de Cassagne de Beaufort. Educated at Eton and Oriel College, Oxford.  Joined Lazards investment bank before joining Goldman Sachs.
2. Doris Cameron, 40, Educated at Eton and Brasenose College Oxford.  Became Tory MP for Witney in Oxfordshire in 2001. Married an heiress, became Tory leader in 2005. Lives in Notting Hill.
3. Ralph Perry-Robinson, 40, Educated at Bryanston in Dorset and Oriel College, Oxford. He had a role as a teenager in the film Another Country.
4. Ewen Fergusson, 41, Educated at Rugby and Oriel College, Oxford. He is a partner in the banking and finance division of the City law firm Herbert Smith. 
5. Matthew Benson, 40,  Grandson of the Earl of Wemyss and March.  Educated at Eton and Oriel College, Oxford. Spent three years in international finance with Morgan Stanley and later established a consultancy business.
6. Sebastian James, 40, son of Lord Northbourne, a Kentish landowner.  Educated at Eton School and Magdalen College, Oxford. 
7. Jonathan Ford, 41, Bullingdon club president. Educated at Westminster and Magdalen College, Oxford. Worked for investment bank Morgan Grenfell before joining the  Financial Times.
8. Born buffoon Boris "Bojo" Johnson, 42, Educated at Eton and Balliol College, Oxford where he studied classics. Elected Conservative MP for Henley in 2001. 
9. Harry Eastwood, 39, Educated at Eton and Oxford. 
10. Marc Rowlands, 39, Educated at Marlborough and Magdalen College Oxford. 

A Passing Prime Mouthpiece

David (Doris to his Eton chums) Cameron was born into the Her Majesty's Establishment. The Queen surrounds herself with kindred sprits. All of whom are worthless tosspots who spend their entire "lives" playing dress-up, watching Snuff Movies and murdering defenceless animals.  

Added: 26th September 2015.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO1kUcGkaaM

As the anointed leader of the fox hunter’s political wing Doris assured Prince Charles he will overturn Labour's foxhunting ban. Shortly after he took over from Gordon Brown, Doris planned to cut a dash on BBC News, mounted in hunting pink, trotting out of Downing Street to a Countryside Alliance party in Hyde Park - to celebrate ending the fox hunting ban. Much to the princes chagrin the Lib - Dem collation stopped that happening. Doris has a habit of making promises that fall by the wayside.


"Blue blood" and play-acting are in Doris's veins.  Popular Irish actress Mrs Dorothy Jordon shelled-out ten bastards to King Silly Billy. The leader of Her Majesty's Fox Ripping Party descends from one of those silly bastards. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Doris say's she's off Coke  

 Mrs Jordan                                                  


                                               William 4th "Silly Billy"

Doris Cameron: Mistress of the Mounted Hoodies

Passionate deer and foxhunter the Rt. Hon. David "Doris" Cameron has never had a proper job. Speaking on Hard Talk (BBC 24 Nov 6 2006) Tory Grumpy Norman Tebbit told Andrew Neild. 
"He comes from a totally artificial world. He needs seven or eight years in the army to wake him up."

At first glance you could take this effeminate spoon-faced-Eton-bum-boy for something in the theatre. A spear-carrier at Stratford perhaps.

Most political pundits see Doris as a typical-brainless-product of the Establishment but recognise; Doris being related to the Queen he will do everything for the tax-avoiding rich and fuck all for the voters.  Many Tories wanted the working class, un-palace-connected, David Davies as Tory Leader. Along with Norman Tebbit the rank & file simply can’t stomach the doped-up-Eton-bum-boy known to his playmates as "Doris".

Prior to 2010, as Leader Of Her Majesty's Opposition Doris handbaged over £250,000 taxpayers money per year for telling Her Majesty's Subjects to hug a hoodie. All very well if you are coke’d-up, doshed-up and born daft-as-Doris. Most people declined the invitation.
Hard to say what Doris is worth now after years in the top bribe-taking job in the land.

Pantomime politics comes naturally to silver-spoon-Doris, who has never needed to take anything seriously.
Doris's mission was handed down Mrs Theresa May. May continues to dismantle what's left of the welfare state. The Queen wants Doctor queues to dwarf today’s Dentists queues.
The Queen's Lisbon Treaty (EU Constitution) gave her bankers in Brussels the right to abolish the minimum wage. State pensions will follow. Anything that pushes those rowdy oik's, back into Medieval servitude and abject poverty is close to the Tories foxhunting heart. All this waffle about leaving the EU is bollocks. Last June when we voted to leave the EU the Queen could have Repealed the 1972 Act she signed to take us into the
Common Thieves Market.  
Also see  How Her Majesties Tory Government looks after you & yours.

 It should come as no surprise that pig-fucker No 2 below 
became "leader" of the Tory Queen's Tosspot Party.

Ultimate Tory tosspot Boris "Bojo" Johnson, No 8 above, recalls this particular hen party, "ended-up with a number of us crawling on all fours to escape police dogs. Once we were in the cells we became pathetic namby-pambies."  As if they could ever have been anything other!? 

 The Monarchy:  How Corruption Starts At The Top

 Tory Times: Royal Doris's Ideal England

"The peasants are given red flags to stop the dratted locomotives."  Lady Maltby's diary 1900
Train drivers were sacked if they failed to stop for the hunt! Tenant farmers had to pay the repair of any damage by the hunt. Tenants who complained about the hunt were evicted!

There were no hunt protesters until the bloody peasants Labour Party was born and started demanding the landowning Establishment pay the peasants enough to afford three meals a day! Passing Prime Mouthpiece Mrs May seeks to end all that expensive "socialism!"
And anything else that makes the bloody peasants feel comfortable. Recently May and her House of Lords playmates have been instructing their gangs of Mounted Hoodies to be extra nice to Mr Plod and any Hunt Saboteurs they happen across. These orders from their hallowed leaders keep the Mounted Hoodies out of Headline News - and what the public don’t see on the goggle box the public forget about. Keeping a low profile is vital to fox-rippers at this time.



old stuff

Doris & Her Majesty's Terror Laws

Thanks to the totally manufactured War on Terror Her Majesty's Government now define "terrorists" by their beliefs. Or, in the case of Jean Charles DeMenzes, suspected beliefs.
Suspects can now be murdered on tube trains by Her Majesty's Gunslingers or arbitrarily terrorized by Robothugs. As we saw at Forest Gate – where a 'suspect' was shot on his own staircase in his pyjamas, carted-off and held incommunicado without anyone being told why.
The 'suspects' were released weeks later with no charges and no explanation as to why a gang of armed
Robothugs came leaping into to their home through closed windows in the dead of night.
In practice Her Majesty's new anti-terrorist laws are saying: armed police can't tell an ordinary person from a suicide bomber - so get used to it!
Unfortunately that's just for starters.
These laws cover everyone, as we saw with the 82-year-old pensioner brutally bounced out of the Labour Party Conference by police quoting the "anti-terror laws!"  What had the
82-year-old done? He'd shouted. "Rubbish." As a royal-shit-licking-Minister-of-The-Crown was telling the audience the illegal invasion of Iraq was "justified." In short. Anyone or any group who believes anything Her Majesty's government don't want them to believe - is automatically a terror suspect.
 In Peter Hitchens Dispatches program, Cameron - Toff At The Top, Robin Harris, ex Head of Conservative Research, revealed it took a phone call from Buckingham Palace to get young Doris a job in the Tory Party Propaganda Department. Apparently his c.v. stating his royal linage, his heiress wife, his merchant banking mates and his inbred camp expertise in dressing-up as a pampered pounce had been over-looked. After the call from the Palace Doris was immediately given a "job."

Added.  Appearing on Desert Island Discs recently, Doris-Dope-head Cameron chose a bottle of Jura malt whisky as her luxury item. There was no mention of Doris’s perversion, murdering highland deer to pass the time of day.  At least once a year Doris visits a Scots “sporting” estate owned by another Tory pervert on the island of Jura.
Jura’s deer weigh up to 26 stone. Anyone setting out to murder one of these animals simply because they have nothing better to do with their time can only be described as sick.


A professional stalker accompanies Doris and her heiress wife on these sick “sporting” expeditions. Having murdered a deer the murderers enjoy disembowelling the animal and smearing the blood all-over themselves.

As the Tory Parties leading lady Doris has passed her shelf-life





Mounted Hoodie Told,
 "Get Off My Back Asshole!"

Concrete Blonde 





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