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July 28, 1945

New York Times photo showing the damage done to the 78th floor of the Empire State Building by a B25 Bomber that got lost in the fog and ploughed into the skyscraper at 300 mph. The accident killed fourteen. The damage cost $1 Million to repair.

Some people still think aluminum jet planes can knock down skyscrapers!

These people could be forgiven if we were still in September 2001. But they've had seven years to figure this out. An aircraft weighing One-Hundred-Tons can not knock down a skyscraper weighing Half-a-Million Tons and standing One-Quarter-Mile-High.
Thirteen Hundred Cubic Feet of jet fuel can not turn a steel and concrete skyscraper of Fifty Million Cubic Feet into dust.
These same none-thinking-people, best described as Zombies, support the genocidal policies of Mr Bush and his cousin the Queen. Zombies, tosspots and toadies blame the Queen's passing Prime Mouthpiece for the Queen's decision to join her cousin in waging illegal wars.


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   Building New York's
   Towers Of Strength

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wniGFm_jgRI&feature=related  Bowie



With God On Our Side?
One Mans War Against The Evangelist Coup In The American Military
Michael L. Weinstein @ Amazon.com 


Buzz Words To Watch For "Extremists" i.e. anyone who disagrees with the Bush Gang. This Means YOU. see The Patriot Act




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