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Queen Elizabeth The Useless calls Privy's to Scotland

October 2000. The Queen was blowing holes in Scots deer, bred for her ‘pleasure,’ when some bloody uppity peasants had the bloody cheek to protest the price of fuel. This meant the Privy Council had to meet at Balmoral. The Queen does not travel to the capital in a crisis. Her knee-benders have to travel to wherever she happens to be.
Toady Blair was ordered to use the army to ensure the delivery of criminally over priced fuel. At the time oil was $34 per barrel and the Queen's inherited (off-shore) investments in Arabian oilfields was earning an estimated $500,000 every twenty-four-hours. Imagine what she's raking in now - with oil well over $100 per-barrel (October 2000).

Off-Shore-Wind-Power: Ignored Again 

2006. The Performance and Innovation Unit, again, reported just eighteen offshore wind farms could provide ten times more electricity than Britain actually needs. If Britain used its natural wind resources to the full we could halve every British electricity bill and supply the French with far cheaper electricity than their nuclear program. Thus helping them to shut down their insanely dangerous nuclear plant.
Mr Blair was again reminded how nuclear power threatens our national security; and even without "the terrorist threat" a nuclear accident could ruin the British economy. He was also reminded how nuclear power production imposes horrendous financial costs on the taxpayer. On behalf of his boss, the Queen who couldn't give a fuck what happens to Britain, Mr Blair ignored the advice of his Performance and Innovation Unit. He refused to drop the Queen’s plan to build ten more Chernobyl’s in Britain.  


Pennsylvania USA 1979

Three weeks after a nuclear explosion was narrowly averted at Three Mile Island, '60 Minutes' illustrated how the prevailing wind pattern would have dispersed over 200 tons of fatal nuclear atoms.
Joe Public was not best pleased to learn the fall-out would have poisoned all the soil, and the water supply, in Pennsylvania and half of Ohio. Causing the permanent evacuation of fourteen million!
State Governors suddenly understood the stupidity of producing nuclear poison nobody wants, needs, or knows what to do with. Plans to build 40 nuclear reactors in 32 States were scrapped in favour of developing more efficient oil, coal, and gas-fired power stations.
In States where people had rejected Windfarms - saying they spoiled the view - Windfarms ‘sprang up like sunflowers.’  As was pointed-out at the time, a small country like Britain would be wiped-out by a serious nuclear accident. Looting Britain’s assets (Privatising) has been Her Majesty's
Government’s sole policy since Three Mile Island. Lizzy did not need her new Prime Mouthpiece, Margaret Thatcher, to tell her. Public services are not required in a nuclear desert.

                     Sizewell B aka Nagasaki-on-Sea
An Insulting Waste of Public Money

When the Head of State ordered Sizewell B, right, 1989, we were told it would cost £M950. It actually cost the taxpayer £2.9 Billion!   Sizewell B continues feasting off the taxpayer as one of eight  “privatized” nuclear waste stations under the banner of British Energy.
Unlike Mr. Blair's Weapons of Mass Destruction the Queen's
Targets Of Mass Destruction are very easy to find.

Minister's of the Crown never admit one nuclear power station is a million times more threatening to the future of the British than the next Saddam ever could be. That would be telling the truth. And the truth about nuclear power has never been on Queen Lizzy's menu.

By Janurary, 1990 the aftermath of the nuclear leak at Chernobyl, "loss of land, food and industrial production, ongoing mass relocation and medical treatment had cost the equivalent  of eight -hundred billion Sterling."
( £800 BILLION) At that point the Kremlin stopped collecting fiscal data. The human cost is still being counted. The photograph, left, was taken in 1991 in one of sixty-eight seriously over-crowded hospitals and clinic's where the younger victims of Chernobyl’s poison were packed like sardines, head-to-toe. These children were waiting for treatment that rarely saved their lives.
The ongoing 90% shortage of hospital beds is partly a consequence of losing the hospitals & clinics in abandoned towns and villages.
Two million people who are simply too poor to move are still living on contaminated land. In these area's miscarriages and abortions are now more common than normal births. From the day Russia exploded their first Atom Bomb in 1949 the royal family has been well prepared to abandon Britain at a moments notice - for one of their private islands ten-thousand-miles away. The parents of the children above could not afford a nuclear escape plan. How about you?

 Insane Risks

Unlike British reactors. Reactor No 4 Chernobyl was not contained in a big daft dome. A nuclear reactor fire inside a thick steel dome like Sizewell B, left, where the fire services can not reach, will mean the confined temperature will reach super-critical - causing a nuclear explosion. One million times worse than the steam explosion that caused the leak at Chernobyl.  




   Below. A small part of Chernobyl's backyard, the size of Wales, where time has stopped.

Radioactive helicopters, trucks and boats used in the attempted clean-up, 1986, abandoned along with the poisoned land - forever

Nuclear power stations murder God's Earth - and everything on it.
Ten years after Three Mile Island and three years after Chernobyl poisoned an area the size of Wales the Queen ordered Sizewell B

Another Fine Mess @ Sellafield

Between August 2004 and May 2005 twenty-odd-tons of dissolved nuclear fuel rods containing enough plutonium to make twenty Nagasaki size bombs was happily sloshing around the floor, unnoticed by the staff, at the Sellafield Thorp reprocessing plant!
The liquid waste
had escaped through a broken pipe.

This latest accident to close the nuclear fuel plant and the clean-up will cost appox £180 million on top of the £74 BILLION taxpayers money already allocated to cleaning-up the unholy mess previous nuclear power  production has made in Britain.
 A little research into the amount of taxpayers money the Queen has signed over to the needless nuclear waste industry in the last forty years explains why her pensioners are given a pittance.        



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