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        The German Royal Family: Pocket Guide

The Princess Diana of the day:
Princess Sophia & the kids

Princess Sophia of Celle was sweet sixteen when she married a degenerate German thug, Prince George Lewis. 

Prince George was borrowing money from the Jewish money lenders the Rothschild's long before the Rothschild's opened their first bank in Frankfurt.

1694. George had Sophia's lover, Captain Königsmarck, murdered. He then ordered Sophia be taken prisoner, never to see her children again!  Sophia was held as a common convict in Ahlden Castle until the day she died - in 1726!
This same degenerate German thug, who slowly murdered his lovely wife, led to what is now laughingly known as 'The British Monarchy.'
In 1714
George's dying cousin, Good Queen Anne, decided to hand over the British Throne to the German Protestant branch of the family to keep the Catholic branch out.

George 1st  Ruled 1714 - 1727

Prince George Lewis was the son of Ernest Augustus Elector (King) Of Hanover who’s fortune, land and titles he inherited.
The coronation of ‘German George’ sparked riots across Britain. He wasted no time introducing the Riot Act (1715) giving his army license to shoot to kill any  gathering of over twelve people His Majesty's Government deemed unlawful!   The original King’s Own Regiment, like the new King, did not speak English. They were the same square-chinned, blue-eyed-blonde thugs Adolf Hitler would later use as his personal bodyguard. Having subjugated the British workforce ‘German George’ set about looting the British Treasury. In future, food to feed the military would be purchased (with public money) from royal farms. Duchy farm & Duchy coalmine profits joined the king's arms & ammo sales profits and his Civil List ‘savings’. Chests of gold coin annually left Greenwich on armed Hanoverian sloops bound for the family's German vaults.

Royal  Profits

Coastguard cannon
Made In England Under Crown Warrant

The Defence Of The Realm depends on the Head Of State controlling the production and sale of Arms & Ammo. Much of Britain’s cannon iron and coal to smelt the iron, came from royal mines. Ships timber for the Royal Dockyards and the Royal Navy came from royal forests. 


Duchy of Lancaster Ironworks for casting cannon circa 1790


Then as now arms manufactures needed to obtain written
Crown Approval.

Crown Licenses being secured by the usual 'commissions'
paid to the monarch via the usual offices of the royals principle bankers the Rothschild's - via the usual nominees.




    Royal Nominee’s / Palace Whores

Baroness Melusine Von Der Schulenburg, one of George the First’s collection of bed-warmers. Melusine had two of ‘German George’s’ illegitimate girls. 
When Parliament announced the South Sea Company was based on creative (Enron/Goodwin/Quadrilla) accounting. The shares collapsed. In what history records as 'The South Sea Bubble' London investors lost millions. The king himself protested even he had lost thousands. Nobody believed him. German George's off-shore bankers knew the South Sea Company was a small slave trading company that had been talked-up out of all proportion and the bubble was bound to burst. That did not stop royal insiders taking advantage of ill-informed speculators pouring their saving into South Sea shares. George's girlfriend Melusine gave the game away. Days before the collapse she sold her shares for £1,000 each. Six months earlier she had paid £128 each. Her insider knowledge confirmed Melusine as a royal nominee.
Despised by all but the German so-called "royals" Melusine, like Charlie's Clammy Cammy, needed 24\7 bodyguards. She was granted £7,500 per year - for life - taken from (where else) public money.

The First Minister

 The first German King of Britain, George 1, came to the Throne accompanied by two German whores and a battalion of German minders. He spoke no English. He appointed a bent politician, Robert Walpole, (below seated ) his First Minister to speak for him - thus creating the office of Prime Minister - or Prime Mouthpiece which is much nearer the mark.
Walpole was described as. ‘A coarse and noisy fellow, devoted to hunting and shooting.’ He endeared himself to the new German monarchy by introducing no less than fifty new Capital Offences - including and I kid yea not, picking an apple!  You would also be hung for damaging Westminster Bridge! (Waltham Black Act –1723) Walpole served both George 1  &  2. Securing a generous Civil List of over £600,000, per-year for both his masters. British workers at this time were paid no more than £6. 5s. Per year (£6. 25p Per-year). Working for the Germans, for 21 years, Walpole made sure 'pure gold' government arms and military supply contracts went to companies owned, indirectly of course, by
the royal family the Walpole's and their bankster cronies.

Walpole (Dodgy Bob)


Prime Mouthpiece Robert Walpole

An aging Walpole refusing to pay compensation to Captain Jenkins. Jenkins claimed his ear was cut-off by a Spanish customs officer who boarded his ship. Although Jenkins was a  wholesale smuggler, rightly suspected of bribing the King's Revenue Officers the Protestant King George 2nd, heavily invested in the arms trade, ordered a costly war on Catholic Spain.  'The War Of Jenkins's Ear. '



George 2nd  George 1st's eldest son to Sophia.  
Ruled  1727 - 1760

George 2 spent most of his life at home in Germany. He rarely spoke to his father. Coming to the Throne he planned to sack Prime Minister Walpole. He was soon to realize his power to rule over Britain depended mainly on the unspoken consent of the richest landlords  (The Establishment) and Walpole had more Establishment cronies than he did.
Walpole remained in place. George made certain, even if he did lose the throne, the family fortune would be safe offshore. During the Catholic invasion scare, 1743-1745, he had works of art, jewels & jewellery, and even unique Indian carpets and English oak furniture shipped home to Hanover.

In the process of hoarding gold & silver the first four George's forged the family links with Rothschild’s et al and perfected the criminal art of offshore banking. As the family's offshore fortune grew so did their ability to buy piss-poor-politicians by the chamber load.

‘German George’ with his son, who became ‘German George 2’ and his clever daughter-in-law,  Princess Caroline. George detested his son & heir. The future George 2 had sworn to kill his father for imprisoning his mother. Hand picked royal minders made sure he never got the chance.  
The astute Princess Caroline of Anspach - who became Queen of England.

After her husband, George 2, inherited the Throne, 1727, Caroline and Prime Minister Walpole were often left in charge of Britain. Her husband was usually busy at home banking their Civil List and Duchy profits in Hanover. Her son, Frederick Prince of Wales, was a typical royal waster and a great disappointment to Caroline. He died young leaving the throne to her grandson who became "Mad" King George 3rd.

George 3. George 1st's grandson.
           Ruled 1760 - 1820

In his book The Rights of Man Tom Paine explains how the fabulously wealthy King George 3rd  collected more than enough taxes to be able to pay his poor subjects family allowances, maternity grants and old age pensions. All of which were unheard of at the time. George 3rd Banned the book and issued a warrant for Tom Paine's arrest!

In 1759 George had secretly married an English girl, Hannah Lightfoot. He then committed bigamy with Charlotte, a German Princess - 1761. Bigamy disqualified their descendants (including the present so-called Queen) from the Throne. Then as now, this family had an ample supply of stolen public money to silence anyone who knows these irreligious fraudulent royal bastards for what they really are. Like many royals George was a born sex maniac. Known for screwing all his palace maids and all his female relatives. 
 Mad George: Note.  Porphyria or “Royal Madness” is a genetic fault caused by centuries of royal incest. George’s doctors noted the effects of Porphyria, stomach pain, skin-rashes and blue urine without knowing what they were observing. If George were alive today (as Prince Charles is said to be) modern drugs would enable him to lead an almost normal life. Providing he kept his royal gob shut. 

George 4th (Priny)
George 3
rd’s eldest son to Princess Charlotte.
 Ruled 1820-30

As Prince of Wales, Priny expected to sleep with everyone he invited into his ‘society.’
Aged 23 he had 300 suits!

Self appointed leader of the Dandy Establishment, Priny made dressing-up like toy soldiers to hunt the un-eatable fox with packs of purpose-starved hounds "the fashion."

His revolting lifestyle led to constant death threats. Priny secretly married a Roman Catholic, Mrs Maria Fitzherbert, then committed bigamy with a German Princess, Caroline of Brunswick. His second marriage, ordered by his bigamous father, was solely to increase the Civil List. It had nothing to do with love. Even so Priny was not amused to learn his father was shagging Caroline...
1811. Priny's father was finally declared insane. Which made Priny Regent (Acting Head Of State).
The Regency started with Priny trying to dump the energetic Caroline. His pals were told "buy the press." Journalist Thomas Ashe, accepted a brown envelope containing £1,100 to "abandon the cause of the comely Caroline."  Ashe was not alone in taking Priny’s bribes. Caroline, like our own dear departed Diana, found she had far more friends in the press than her patently pathetic husband would ever muster. The editor of the London Evening Star even made it publicly known he had refused Priny's offer of £300 per year for life, to rubbish Caroline! 
 Press & Politics. Aspinall.


"The Prince Of Whales."  Regent 1811-20, 
 King George 4th  1820-30

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Having slept with him the bisexual Duchess of Devonshire said young Priny was. ' More like a woman dressed as a man.'

As he sank into full time depravity the public grew to hate him. The House of Lord’s stopped Priny's Divorce Bill. Not just to placate his unfortunate Queen, Caroline, but to prevent her lawyer, Henry Brougham, presenting his evidence of Priny's pastimes. One of Priny's girlfriends, who kept a Weymouth 'boarding house,' was about to claim she had a child by Priny. An unlikely allegation as Priny had had hundreds of women and never a sign of offspring. But the 'Weymouth Allegation' was just for openers. Brougham had a gaggle of prostitutes, French and English, ready to tell the House of Lords appalling bed-time-stories concerning the 25-stone-blubber-mountain Priny (now King Priny). Brougham also had witnesses ready to testify Priny played three in a bed with the pre-teen daughters of a turnpike keeper, Robert Hyfield, who apparently hired the girls out to "gentlemen" at reasonable rates.
Far worse than exposing Priny's sex life, Brougham had obtained a copy of Priny's will. Which proved he had indeed married Mrs.
Fitzherbert, a banned Roman Catholic, before his official marriage to the obligatory German Protestant Princess. 
Had the Law Lords allowed the evidence of Priny's bigamy into the public arena. The divorce would have to be granted. In that case. The London mob, always on the brink of religious violence, would have run amok. Republican's would have used the unrest to circulate evidence of George 3
rd’s first, secret, marriage to a shoe-makers beautiful daughter, Hannah Lightfoot. Riots would have spread across the country as the public learnt Priny himself was a bastard born of bigamy and his father had taken the Throne against,  'All and every Church & State Law.' The London press would have driven the last nail in the royal coffin by making it known Priny's heir, Princess Charlotte, who had died in convulsions, was not Priny's child but far more likely the offspring of his deranged sex-mad father! The phony monarchy would have ended there and then. Noble Lords were protecting their own phony baloney jobs when they threw out Priny's Divorce Bill.

Priny married Mrs. Maria Fitzherbert, above, a banned Roman Catholic,

he later committed bigamy when he married the obligatory German Protestant Princess

 Royal Income

1769. The London Gazette describes the Slave Trade as ‘an inexhaustible source of wealth.’ The royals made sure it stayed that way. During his reign Mad King George effectively blocked the Abolition Bill for 30 years.  His descendants used nominees/placemen and foreign bankers to hide centuries of disgusting profits from slaves and slavery. The practice continues.


William 4th. 
George 3rd's third eldest son to Charlotte. Ruled 1830-1837  

Long before he became King, "Billy" had become the British Slave Traders spokesman.
n 1792 he told the House of Lords he "would never understand why anyone would want to end the slave trade." And. "William Wilberforce is a fanatic."  
Often accused of being short-planked. Billy was more sinister than silly.

Inspired by Billy, slave traders were able to manipulate Parliament to award themselves £M20 compensation for "loss of earnings" caused by the Abolition of Slavery! The compensation scheme was dreamt up by the hand-wringing
Rothschilds - who else?
British slave ships, of course, carried on as normal. Billy gets the credit for the jolly wheeze of putting one's slave-ships outside British Law by re-registering them abroad. In truth the practice began in his father’s reign. As the British Empire grew wider still and wider, royal family profits from the slave trade, the opium trade, the arms trade, tea, cotton and sugar plantations, were quietly banked abroad.
In later life, Billy like his brother Priny, ballooned-up and had to be carried everywhere. As opium and drink got the better of Billy, family arguments over who-got-what led to his bastard son’s plotting to bump-off the petulant ten-year-old heir presumptive, Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg.  




The young Queen Victoria (Vicky) at her studies.

 Her ability to study led to speculation she was not a "royal" at all.






George Fitzclarance Earl Of Munster

One of Dorothy Jordon’s ten bastard offspring to Silly Billy.
Fitzclarance had his eyes on the Throne. Fortunately for little Vicky the richest noble Lords, who could have easily arranged her murder, decided a virgin Queen would make a welcome change after three dismal decades of the depraved Priny & Silly Billy.



Actress Dorothea Jordon

Also called Dorothy, the Earl of Munster's mother,
‘Cast aside like an old French doll.’

Dorothy had lived with Silly Billy for twenty years. When two early deaths thrust Silly Billy in line for the Throne, Dorothy was given the royal wave. 




Queen Victoria.  George 3rd’s granddaughter?
 Ruled 1837-1901

 Victoria was allegedly the only child of George 3rd’s fourth son, Edward, Duke of Kent - who died shortly after Victoria’s birth. But Edward, like the present "royal" Edward, was as camp-as-a-row-of-tents.
Many believed Victoria’s real father was Sir John Conroy. One of her mother’s palace based play-mates. Young Vicky hated Conroy. Maybe because she looked like him.

'Young Vicky looked more like Conroy than Kent.' (The same way the present Prince Andy Peado looks disturbingly like Lord Porchester. Not the Grumpy Greek (Porchester was head lad at one of Lizzy’s racing stables)).
Aided and abetted by her German mother & her German husband [Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg
& Prince Albert] and then by her German uncle, Leopold King Of The Belgium's, Queen Vicky looted the present day equivalent of £M34 from the Civil List.
In the early 1850's Albert & Victoria established the royals Swiss Trusts. Which members of Parliament are still barred from ever speaking about in or out of Her Majesties Parliament!


Hiding the Loot. left  Queen Victoria, Checking the Red Boxes containing her percentages From The British Empire. In today’s money, Victoria’s unearned income equalled at least £M8 per year. For 64 years! Then as now, royal loot being quietly banked abroad. Civil List Select Committee Papers, now at Kew, prove Victoria stole the present day equivalent of £M34, from the Civil List. Peanuts compared to her profits from slaves & slavery - the opium trade, the arms trade, tea, cocoa, cotton, sugar, grain, sheep, coal, iron, rubber, rail & shipping shareholdings and similar anchors of the British Empire - where the sun never set. 
Select Committee Papers concerning Victoria’s descendants show similar discrepancies in public money received and never accounted for.
Creepy royal apologists, like Sir Michael Peat, say that Victoria was allowed to keep her Civil List surplus. This was never true. Hansard and Victorian newspapers record how Victoria simply refused to discuss the millions of public money she was stealing and banking off shore. 

By 1992 the present Queen has stolen £M30 from the British Treasury by illegally avoiding tax. Members of Parliament are still not allowed to ask why she isn't in jail for this theft of public money... Like all "royals" Queen Lizzy only keeps petty cash in British banks. Foreign banks have always held this German family’s real fortune. The £M30 stolen between 1952 - 1992, invested (even without Lizzy's unique insider knowledge) would have realized at least £M300 by now.

 Crown Control (Theft)

Prince George William Frederick Charles, Duke of Cambridge (1819 - 1904). Like his father the Duke was a meticulously military man. Educated in the royals hometown of Hanover he joined the Hanoverian army.  His total dedication to all things military would make him the longest serving Commander-In-Chief of the British Army - 1856-95.

Under a Victorian Order-In-Council, (OIC), issued in 1888, all responsibility for all military supplies and appointments was vested in the Duke's office of Commander-In-Chief.  
The Liberal Prime Minister, William Gladstone, forced the Duke to resign over his crony policy of promoting any chinless wonder from a rich royalist family.

Queen Victoria, who hated Gladstone, made certain military supply contracts remained in strict control of the royal cabal. Gladstone could not stop the Queen's foreign cousins acting as proxy investors in English, American, German and French arms manufacturers supplying the British Armed Services.
Crown Controlled theft continued as usual.
Gladstone's lifelong enemy and Victoria's favourite Prime Minister, Disraeli, had no intention of stopping Crown controlled corruption. Despicable Disraeli was, of course, a royal-arse-licking Tory.
Using Crown prerogatives (OIC's) covering energy supplies and nuclear weapons the present Queen's cabal are making the kind of money Queen Victoria could only dream of.



Royal Bankers

 Waddesdon Manor  Buckinghamshire

1888.  Victoria arriving at one of the homes of royal banker Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild. Ferdinand was a great-grandson of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the infamous Frankfurt banking house. The Frankfurt banks' first customers were the German "royal" family who would take-over England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and create the Empire. Like the royals the Rothschild's married their own to safeguard their lands & fortune. Ferdinand married his cousin Evelina, who's father, Baron Lionel de Rothschild, was the first Jewish member of Parliament.


  The Tory Party's Victorian Values

1886. One of the better type of English one room hovels. This one had a brick floor, most were plain earth. below, 1866 Kildare, Ireland. Irish hovels were made of mud and waffle. As in Queen Victoria’s British hovels, the occupants slept in their clothes on the floor. Between 1840-52, Potato Blight had caused famine the length and breadth of Ireland. Queen Victoria and her cronies, who owned the blighted land, manipulated Parliament to secure £M10 public money for Famine Relief. Which - you guessed - went straight into the landowners pockets.


     Victorian Values
No longer subject to British Law British slave-ships worked the Atlantic throughout Victoria’s reign.
Slave Traders (Victoria's Establishment) had manipulated Parliament to award themselves £M20 compensation for "loss of earnings" caused by the Abolition of slavery! 
Royal bankers Rothschild's, who else?, concocted "the outrageous compensation scheme" by increasing the tax burden on the poor.
20 then, is as many billion now.

                         The Germans: Part 2


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