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Poisoning Kids For Profit


               Queen Elizabeth's Sellafield

 1997. Three thousand molars extracted from British 13 & 14 year-olds were checked for contamination. Every single tooth contained traces of Plutonium. Not surprisingly, children living over one-hundred-miles away from Sellafield had less than half the amount of Plutonium in their teeth as children in Cumbria on Sellafield's doorstep. 
Until November 2003 Her Majesty's Government managed to keep this evidence, for closing Sellafield, secret.


 April 7, 2009
Sellafield Nuclear Fuel Scam:
Call for Public Inquiry

The Queen ignored millions of sensible people who protested against the building of her Mixed Oxide (Mox) nuclear fuel plant at Sellafied. Public opinion was brushed aside by Her Majesty's loyal lackey’s in Parliament who stated that Mox would make money for the taxpayer. Thus far: February 2015. Mox has cost the taxpayer over £3 BILLION.  

Taxpayers were told Mox would produce and sell 120 tons of fuel rods per year. However, a long running investigation by The Independent recently revealed Mox has sold only 6.3 tons! Of fuel rods since it opened in 2001! Over 14 years the promised 1,680 became 6.3 tons!

The Mox plant has never once run smoothly. For eight years Ministers of the nuclear-vested Crown denied there was a serious problem.
The plant's losses were kept secret until Ex Environment Minister Michael Meacher used a written question to wheedle out the facts and figures. Mr Meacher called for a public inquiry into this outrageous waste of public funds at the Sellafield complex.

Mr Meacher said: "This waste of taxpayer's money is unforgivable. There should be a public inquiry into this scandal and those responsible should be held to account." Mr Meacher was sacked from Her Majesty's Government. added. Sadly no longer with us; Mr Michael Meacher was fired by nuclear Lizzy. Telling the truth about her majesty's little earners is not allowed in Her Majesty's Parliament. 3

Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes stated. "The Mox plant has proved yet another nuclear black hole for taxpayers' money. Building a new generation of nuclear power stations is throwing billions of pounds of good money after bad. They are never built on time or on budget and they will not solve the UK's energy needs."

Nathan Argent of Greenpeace said. "This is a staggering waste of taxpayers' money, and we doubt that these will be the full costs of this sorry saga. Just imagine what the safe energy sector could have done with a billion pound plus subsidy like that.”  

Nuclear Lizzy never listens


photo - Bulletin of the atomic scientists.

Mountain Girls

       The Urals
1953.  Fish suddenly disappeared from the river Techa. Children who played on the river bank and infants born near-by started dying of baffling organ failures.
It transpired nuclear waste was being pumped into the river.
The waste came from one of the Kremlin’s secret little Sellafield’s tucked away in the Ural mountains.
The Kremlin decided to evacuate the farming community, to clean land - 90 miles away. Most people in this pleasant valley were unable to understand the dangers of invisible nuclear atoms. A squad of Red Army commando's were sent in - to "explain things". 1,850 reluctant farmers were forcibly re-located. River dumping was drastically reduced. A n
uclear waste dump, with 20 one-hundred-ton-refrigerated-tanks, was built to store the worst elements of the fatal waste...
Sept. 1957
. One of the waste tanks, containing 80 tons of plutonium-contaminated-liquid-waste, overheated and exploded.
The fall-out contaminated over 2,000 square miles of the southern Urals. This time, the Red Army had to persuade over 10,000 people to leave their farms and villages. All maps of the area were recalled to Moscow. Truckloads of dynamite were used to blast 20 foot-deep by 1,000 yard-wide craters - permanently closing the main roads.
A Guard Post was then built at the head of an access road to the nuclear dump.
New maps would eventually show 2,000 square miles of forest and farmland had been emptied and written-off as a Forbidden Zone... 

1959-60. News of the waste tank accident, and rumours that 43 villages were demolished and buried as a result, reached the Pentagon. High-altitude spy planes, U2's and U2b's, equipped with infra-red cameras were sent to record the extent of the fatal fall-out. On one of these missions (Operation Deep Penetration. May 1st 1960) U2b pilot Garry Powers was lucky to survive when a Soviet missile sliced through his plane. He managed to bail-out as the plane broke-up. In February 1962, thanks to the efforts of his father who kept the story in the press and embarrassed the 'boneheads' in the  Pentagon, Powers was exchanged for a soviet spy...
December 1991. ITN's intrepid science reporter Andrew Vietch was the first Western reporter to cajole his way into the nuclear waste dump - where Tank No. 14 had exploded. Volunteer workers, who receive double wages for working in the Forbidden Zone, monitor the Tanks day and night. Vietch reported on the poor state of health of this group. He found evidence of 912 cases of radiation sickness in local hospitals and clinics...

1988-92. A 'high incidence of miscarriages and deformed births' around the Forbidden Zone led to Kremlin scientist's confirming nuclear poison is now moving out of the zone, with the water table, into the local reservoirs. The healthy looking girls above were advised, 'high radiation levels in their environment makes for unsafe pregnancies. They should not have children.'
 Greenpeace Report,  A 50-Year Tragedy

2009. Sellafield’s nuclear-dump, Drigg, now contains over 900,000 tons of plutonium-contaminated-nuclear-waste. The IRA never even dreamt of hitting Sellafield. Fall-out on the westerly winds would poison their wives & kids. Suicidal jihadist's have no such reservations. The Queen's Energy Cabal can afford to ignore the consequences of a British Nuclear 9/11. How about you?
Have you got billons off-shore? Or private palm fringed islands 10,000 miles away?  And escape planes standing-by 24/7?

Risk Assessment

Chernobyl                          Sellafield

Who Cares If Britain Becomes A Nuclear Desert?

Certainly not the royals and their cronies. Ninety-two-percent of the British population opposed the building of Sellafield's reprocessing plants Thorpe and Mox. To please their boss Thatcher, Major and Blair totally ignored the public protests and poured billions of public money into these totally needless Targets Of Mass Destruction. If the Queen didn't personally profit from needless nuclear risks she would have closed them down after Three Mile Island; and certainly after Chernobyl. Wouldn't She?
 April 2, 2009 The Sellafield Cesspit: Another Near Miss! click on Press Releases

                              Bottom Line
Solar, wind and sea-power-system's are not only a million times safer than nuclear power. They produce much cheaper electricity. The sun, wind and sea, however, can not be classed as secret and thereby provide Heads of State with billions of taxpayers money under criminally contrived State Secret Acts.



Learning Curve


Good schools teach our children the real reason nuclear power stations are built is to "cook" uranium. Some of which will turn into plutonium - as used in the Nagasaki bomb right.

Most teenagers know we have now produced more than enough plutonium to split the planet into a flying rockery if we start firing nuclear missiles at nuclear power stations. 

For every one hundred pound's worth of Nuclear Electricity you buy from so-called privatized nuclear outfits. The Queen has decreed the next twenty generations of taxpayers will have to pay £Trillions for handling and storing the nuclear waste, produced in the making of that one-hundred pounds-worth of electricity!
A never-ending and totally insane expense no other type of power station can incur.
As the nuclear waste piles up you the taxpayer by Law,
now have to pay the ever-increasing ever-lasting storage bill.
By passing the above Law in order to "privatize" nuclear power stations the Queen confirmed how she sees her subjects – stupid and in many cases the bitch is right.

In line with his claim that Iraq could mushroom London within 45 minutes. Toady Blair's swansong was the bizarre claim that we need more nuclear power stations to save the environment!? Only a royal arse-licking-cretin like Toady Blair could ignore the fact that increasing the production of everlasting nuclear waste automatically rules out any possibility that nuclear power can save future carbon dioxide emissions.

 Think about the carbon dioxide emissions that will be emitted by that one-thousand-year-building & re-building program to "keep safe" the fatal waste in this aging nuclear pool. And you can see why "government experts" who say nuclear power will curb global warming should be smacked on the head with a fifteen-pound-sledge-hammer - at least twice.


The Most Radioactive Place on Earth

This 50 year-old storage pool at Sellafield, above, will cost £50 BILLION to dismantle (decommission) and replace. An insane expense that no other power system can incur. But that's only for starters! The nuclear waste in this pool has to be kept like this for at least one-thousand-years. Which means building another hideously expensive storage pool every fifty-years, which means building more and more nuclear dumps, destroying even more of God's Earth to store the used nuclear plant - which like the waste stays fatally radioactive for centuries.
Now tell me here and tell me now. What kind of fucking lunatic would advocate building more Chernobyl's?

                                       MEMO.  April 2001
Not surprisingly, the United Nation's Sustainable Development Conference dismissed the nuclear apologists puerile claim that "nuclear power is a sustainable technology."

Only a royal idiot could fail to see producing everlasting nuclear waste demands a constant industrial chain of carbon dioxide emissions in the mining, washing, crushing and milling process before we get anywhere near the perpetual monitoring of the man-made-poison nuclear power stations produce. As you may have noticed, idiot do not come anymore profound than those employed as the Queen's passing Prime Mouthpiece.

     Blair: Nuclear poison stations 'must be on agenda'

The Latest Bankers Puppet Hits Town - Steve Bell


old stuff


Blair's Song


Here in the courthouse the whole town was there

I see the judge high up in his chair

explain to the courtroom what went through your mind

and we'll ask the jury what verdict they find

I felt the power of death over life

I orphaned his children I widowed his wife

I beg their forgiveness  I wish I was dead

I hung my head I hung my head

I hung my head I hung my head

Johnny Cash

The Trial of Tony Blair  Channel 4 TV June 2007.



The Death Of Innocence


 A bloodstained wall a frightened child and her murdered father. Just one of millions of young Iraqi's who will never forgive Queen Lizzy's warmongers.  'It is inexplicable why we are not demanding Her Majesty's Government mass resignation.'   The Lancet   

  November 2007

Pope Benny the Nazi is worried. Apparently he's not being invited out and adulated as much as he thinks she should be. The Vatican has employed Tea with Mussolini director Franco Zeffirelli as Benny's  “image consultant.” Jesus Wept. No seriously., Jesus Fucking Wept!  

Xmas 2007. Blair coverts to RC. Benny the Nazi should have said no and improved his image.


  Wave Power: Not Wanted By Nuclear Lizzy

Salter’s Duck is an electricity generator anchored to the seabed.
 The perpetual motion of the tide drives the turbines. Salter’s Ducks can create limitless safe, cheap, pollution-free power. Developed by Prof. Stephen Salter in the 1970’s - 1980s. Tested to extremes off Norway the Duck’s passed with flying colours. The system could have gone into mass production in 1986. At that point Her Majesty's
Government pulled all funding (trivial though it had been).
Given adequate funding in the 1970’s Slater’s Duck would now be a multi-billion-pound domestic & export business. Supplying much cheaper, cleaner power than we have today. Cheap, clean power is of course the opposite of the Queen’s oil, gas and nuclear policy to enhance the royal family fortune.

We now know the Queen’s placemen, directed by a passing Prime Mouthpiece, committing their usual treason against Britain. Salter’s Duck Cost Reports were fraudulently altered to make wave power seem as costly as nuclear waste station power!!! Which is at least 1000% more expensive. And that's assuming no accidents. 
Queen Shoots Duck     Open University 

Another Fine Mess @ Sellafield

Between August 2004 and May 2005 twenty-odd-tons of dissolved nuclear fuel rods containing enough plutonium to make twenty Nagasaki size bombs was happily sloshing around the floor, unnoticed by the staff, at the Sellafield Thorp reprocessing plant!
The liquid waste
had escaped through a broken pipe. This latest accident to close the nuclear fuel plant and the clean-up will cost appox.  £180 million on top of the £74 BILLION taxpayers money already allocated to cleaning-up the unholy mess previous nuclear waste power stations have made in Britain.
 A little research into the amount of taxpayers money the Queen has signed over to the needless nuclear waste industry in the last forty years explains why her pensioners are given a pittance. It also explains selling off all Her Majesty's
Government responsibilities like British Rail, water, gas and all the Public Services. Public Services will no longer be required when the lid comes-off Sellafield and no-one can live in Britain.

Did You Know?    

If the Martians landed tomorrow and took away all of Earth's coal, oil, gas and uranium. Wind-power, sun-power and sea-power would be up and running the day after. Britain would have dirt cheap, safe, clean power now were it not for Queen Lizzy's oil & nuclear cabal. Royal profits, as you should have noticed, always come first.

                                       Born To Rule Fool

 Anyone who listens to Mr  Bush will soon realize he has never lived in the real world (very difficult when you have no brain). His cousins above remain palpably untouched by real life. British Establishment leader, King George 5 (Queen Lizzy's granddad) hid his massive stakes in oil fields behind the usual nominees – Rothschilds, et al.
The royals will of course deny that King George 5th invested millions in the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. Which came into being to exploit the Iranian oil reserves (Anglo-Persian became British Petroleum (BP)). Nothing would please Queen Lizzy more than a re-run of the royal rape of Iranian oil fields.  

Chas & Clammy Cammy visit the Taliban
Ignoring common sense as usual
Charlie seeks meaningful dialogue in a Madrasa!

 September 30 2006. 
While wasting the taxpayers money on his Royal Tour of the Taliban stomping grounds in Pakistan, the self appointed Defender of All Faiths, Prince Charles, intended to take his surrogate granny to a Madrasa! 
The trip was cunningly called-off by that clever little man President Pervez Musharraf sending his gun-ships to flatten a Madrasa. Nice One Pervez. Sorted.  
Google   Charles +  BBC News 30 Sept. 2006


Snotty Liz wearing one of the fabled Romanov Tiara’s (made for the mother of Hitler's role model Zsar Nicholas 2) shares a joke with fellow multi-trillionaires.
At the time; Queen’s Privy Councillor Jonathan Jailbird Aitken, was working on Lizzy’s best ever arms deal with the Saudi regime (£30 bn with much more to follow).  This particular arms deal was riddled with multi-million-pound bribes paid to the despotic Saudi royal family. Who, incidentally, chop the heads off unruly Diana's.

Lizzy's pals: The Saudi's

January 2007.  The Attorney General directed the Serious Fraud Office to drop their investigation into the many bribes BAE Systems paid various Saudi Prince's to sweeten a £30 billion arms deal. Dropping Britain's biggest ever corruption case was, we were told, in the "Public Interest."  Whipping boy Blair was laughed at and jeered when he told the House of Commons the Saudi Royals (who get all their terrorist intelligence from CIA-MI5 stationed in Riyadh) could stop passing terrorist intelligence to us if the bribery case continued!. 

House of Lords Foreign Corruption Debate. Feb. 1st 2007.
Tory Lord Lyell of Markyate reminded the Lords.
"The Attorney General speaks for the Queen. Not for the prime minister."
The Queen will of course deny she is a major shareholder in BAE Systems. Years-ago to stop your inquiries in that direction the Queen told Her Government to set-up her own private bank. Bank of England Nominee's, also known as BoEN or Ben, which can only be used by Heads of State and their families. Saddam Hussein was one of the many Heads of State using this corrupt bank to hide his "commissions" (
multi-million-pound bribes) from outfits like BAE.

Note.  The Endtimers in the Pentagon are still, de facto, in charge of training the Saudi Army & Navy and Britain’s Royal Air Force are likewise, covertly entrenched, training the Saudi Royal Air Force.
Long term US and UK government contracts continue supplying aircraft, aircraft parts and military equipment to the Saudi Kingdom as before the illegal Iraq war.
Should the Saudi people rise-up against the Saudi "royals", as the CIA asset Osama bin Laden advocates, and the House Of Saud becomes a busted flush; the "powers that be" are already in place to occupy Saudi in a heartbeat. Saudi oilfields, coupled with the Iraqi booty, would give the warmongers frightening control of oil.
Cutting oil supplies to the  manufactured "axis of evil" would lead to a state of permanent global war. Left in place Bush and his cousin Lizzy will provoke the ultimate suicide attack on a Nuclear Target Of Mass Destruction i.e. Sellafield. Taking oil and nuclear profiteers out of the loop, by developing sea & solar power. Is the only way forward. The first step towards a safer world will not be made by greed-stricken inbreds like Snotty Liz and Dubya Bush. They Are The Problem.        




Welsh Contamination 21 Years On

Parliament. Friday, 27 April 2007.
Dai Davies,  Blaenau Gwent, Independent MP. To ask the Secretary of State for Wales.
How many farms, representing what total surface area, still have restrictions on (a) grazing and (b) other agricultural uses arising from the radioactive fallout from the
Chernobyl reactor incident in 1986.

Peter Hain, Secretary of State.

There are currently 359 holdings in Wales within the restricted area with 180,000 sheep under restriction arising from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  Hansard


  Miss-use of drugs and her ten-second-temper made her very popular with all the wrong people. "Screaming Mad Belinda" was arrested so often the media lost interest. Aged 25 she opened a photo agency in Camden Town.   Lady Belinda



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