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The Special Relationship


Fylingdales and Menwith Hill satellite spy stations run on top secret, US made, short-life software.
Installed, maintained and operated by US personnel.
In the event of the Yanks leaving our shores. Britain's Air Defence System will slowly cease to be. The software will die within six weeks. No-one in Her Majesty's Armed Services knows how to code it - let alone replace it. Despite the usual denials in the House of Lords
(H of L Hansard. Deterrent Debate 24th Jan 2007).  If a British submarine fires a nuke without the American President's permission; US satellites will disarm the warhead the moment it breaks the surface. As explained by ex Environment Minister Michael Meacher Defence Debate H of C. Feb. 2 2007.

What Fake BBC "reporters" call "Britain's Independent Nuclear Deterrent" is no such thing.
We don't even own the (US made) nuclear missiles we have!
We lease them the same way we lease the US made Air Defence System.
Establishment (insider) investors, who profit from their stakes in the royals nuclear weapons companies, will of course say Britain has ultimate control of the US made Trident missile system. But common sense should tell you the American's would never in a million years rent out
nuclear weapons that could be fired back at them.
An accidental firing of a nuclear missile from a British submarine would be automatically disarmed by US Satellites. These missiles can not be legitimately fired without the US President personally authorising the 32 digit firing code, which changes every ten minutes. So what is the point in the British taxpayer being robbed of £Trillions to pay for Trident? A half decent Head of State would scrap Trident and spend the £Trillions saved on the NHS.

Any serious student of Modern History will tell you the only "Special Relationship" is the US Army Air Force plan to airlift the royal family to safety the moment the nuclear balloon go's up. In the wake of a British Nuclear 9/11 the royals will gleefully abandon Britain without so much as a royal wave. You and yours will be left to die like Sasha Litvenenko, the Russian spy who took twenty-three-days to die of nuclear power station poison....  Jan 2007.   


King George 6th With The Brains Of The Outfit

Long Standing Plans  

State Papers due for release 2052 will confirm the Queen Mum was Head Of State 1936-1952. Not her unfortunate, backward piss-artist husband. State Papers will not reveal how the canny Scots Queen Mum used her insider knowledge (Red Boxes) and the royal maze of nominees, Rothschilds et al, to gain control of companies involved in building, supplying and operating Windscale. Now called Sellafield (Bechtel are presently to be seen at Sellafield "consulting").  Every British monarch has necessarily been ‘into’ insider Arms dealing. No previous monarch could have envisaged the £Trillions waiting on the nuclear-gravy-train the Queen Mum jumped on. The Queen Mum was the original author of the Atomic Contingency Plan. By which the royal family will be safely air-lifted out of Britain, to join their offshore £Trillions, the moment the lid comes-off Sellafield.  more
Since 1974 the plan has been known as ‘The Lucan Agenda’ - i.e. the filthy-rich will get away with murder, as-per-usual. 


 George "Caligula" Bush Senior

" Watch My Lips
I'm A Compulsive Liar"


Ambassador to UN (1971 –1973) Chief of the U.S. China Office (1974 – 1975).
Director of the CIA (1976 – 1977).
Vice President (1981 – 1989).
President (1989 – 1993).
Appointed Knight Grand Cross by his cousin &  business partner Queen Lizzy.

 To get himself into the White House George Bush Senior promised he would not raise taxes. "Watch my lips," he told the voters, "I will not raise taxes."
In office, his grasp of economics gave the world's richest country
the worst growth rate since the 1930's Depression. He did, of course, raise taxes.

After ordering the invasion of Panama (1989) Bush Senior said he wanted "nothing to do with Arab politics." Meaning Saddam Hussein's claim that "Kuwait was historically an intrinsic part of Iraq."
As his presidency went down the toilet and Saddam invaded Kuwait
(Aug 1990)  Bush Senior changed his mind. Allegedly after Margaret Thatcher told him how she stayed in office, despite doubling unemployment, by virtue of the Falklands War (The Falklands Factor) Bush Senior led the 16 nation coalition Gulf War that drove Saddam out of Kuwait (Jan-Feb 1991)  but he was still thrown out of office. 


Bush Senior: Commie Cronies

Back in 1989, Jiang Zemin was promoted by commie leader Deng Xiaoping to Deputy Leader for his part in China-wide mass murders of pro-democracy protesters.
May - June 1989. Students and workers in every major Chinese city were protesting government corruption.
On May 20th Deng Xiaoping declared Martial Law in order to clear
pro-democracy protesters from Beijing's massive Tiananmen Square.
The first troops sent into the square sympathized with the students arguments and had to be pulled out.
Deng Xiaoping then sent in a regiment of Mongolian soldiers with orders to target the students with AK-47 fire. Thousands died. Hundreds escaped the square only to be grotesquely flattened by convoys of tanks rolling down the narrow side streets. 
Pro-democracy Student Leaders were rounded-up in every major city and executed by firing squad. Their families were then charged for the bullets.
July 1989. President George Herbert Bush (Caligula) sent a courier to the mass murderer, Deng Xiaoping, the courier told Deng Xiaoping not to worry about the Sanctions US citizens and some congressmen were demanding against China. Caligula assured his commie buddy the Sanctions would be short-lived.
The US branch of the Commie Secret Police had reported Chinese students studying in America who voiced support for the now executed Student Leaders. These students faced jail if they returned home. 
December 1989 Caligula stopped a Bill that would have allowed the students to stay in America. Hundreds were forced to return. Along with the famous Tank Man many disappeared without trace.

Tank Man: Never Seen Again

Beijing Organic Carvery
& Take Away

 Spring Specials
Eyes, Two For One

Refrigerated Chinese boxes of hearts, livers, kidneys, spleens and eyes yanked-out of executed "dissidents" are delivered weekly to Rockefeller Hospitals, Transplant Center, Chicago University USA.
Some of these fresh young organs are yanked-out while still twitching in the worlds first purpose built mobile Execution Chambers. "
Travelling Chop Shops" double as corpse operating theatres. The driver-operators of these super-sized military ambulances have been dubbed 'Beijing's best paid butchers.' Any reader in need of a cut price body part from a healthy young dissident should send their medical details to: 
Mr G. Bush Senior aka Caligula. c/o The White House,
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. USA.
As US Envoy to Communist China, Caligula hooked-up with the fresh organ farmers (the Commie Secret Police) thirty-odd-years ago.       

October 14th 2006. The Nuclear Aircraft Carrier 'USS George H. Bush' was commissioned. Rumours that Bush wanted to christen his nuke carrier 'USS Caligula' are probably just gossip but you never know 


                        Needless INSANE Waste

The Queen ignored six years of protests against the building of Torness nuclear power station. In 1985 she sent Mrs Thatcher up to Scotland to open Torness. The following paragraph and figures from British Energy.

 Nuclear Waste: Torness. The figures below do not include the used fuel but show the amounts of Intermediate Level Waste & Low Level Waste. These figures are from the UK Radioactive Waste Inventory 1994 and assume that the station is taken out of service in 2024. The figures are in cubic metres of waste as stored. Conditioning of waste will increase these amounts (Conditioning:  nuke-speak for quadruple)  


pre 1999




post 2060























No Honest Head Of State would have made the above waste. When Mrs Thatcher was sent up to Scotland to open Torness. British reactors had already produced enough nuclear waste to make enough nuclear weapons to suit our Defence Requirements for 400 years. However, the royals had grown used to their obscene profits from their nuclear investments funded by the stroke of the royal pen with endless billions of the taxpayers (your) money.

          Mr. & Mrs Chernobyl

 White Paper January 10, 2008. Her Majesty's Parliament has announced Her Majesty's plan to build new nuclear power stations. Her Majesty's cousin Mr Bush has already allocated $13 BILLION TAX DOLLARS for "new nuclear  build". The cousins will of course deny they mostly own and totally control all the nuclear companies receiving an endless supply of the taxpayers billions.  
When the lid comes of Sellafield or Sizewell the royals have a choice of private islands in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific to go. The royals also have long-standing-plans to lease out Great Britain as the worlds nuclear-waste-dump.  
Her Majesty's White Paper, January 10, 2008 confirms the government (that's you, the taxpayer) will pay the extra costs if private company estimates, for new nuclear power stations, are wrong.
Which means; when the Queen's business partners say. "Sorry. The cost for Sizewell C will be
£10 Billion and not the £2 Billion we said." The Public Purse, that should be used for better pensions ect., will be used instead to pay the Queen's cartel. The same private nuclear companies will also be able to cap their liabilities. Leaving the honest taxpayer to foot the multi-billion bill when present (palpably dishonest) estimates for future decommissioning and nuclear waste storage double, treble or quadruple.
Proof, as if we needed proof, nuclear power station's are a royal device to rob the honest taxpayer.

 Crown Servants

                        A Passing Prime Mouthpiece  February 27. 2003.

Fresh from a visit to the Pope, but still bereft of any understanding of Christ’s teachings, Mr Blair, came to Her Majesty's Parliament to prove war profits, not least from oil and dirty-uranium-ammo, mean more to Queen Lizzy than any consequence of waging an illegal war on Iraq. The royal family (indirectly of course) own or part own all the nuclear companies making and supplying Her Majesty's forces with Dirty Ammo (DU). Thousands of troops returned from the first Gulf War (1991) with cancer caused by exposure to Her Majesty's
Dirty Ammo and the cocktail of ‘preventative medicines’ the troops had to take. Her Majesty's Tory Defence Minister and grouse shooting partner, Nicholas Fatty Soames, denied there was any such thing as Gulf War Syndrome. Fatty owns the company supplying Her Majesty's troops with so-called ‘preventative medicines.’

Her Majesty's Blair Government like Her Majesty's Major Government refuses to admit Her Majesty's troops are being poisoned by Her Majesty's Dirty Ammo made from nuclear waste. 
By April 2004. Over six-hundred British veterans of the first Gulf War had died of Gulf War Syndrome.   If church-going Toady Blair had an ounce of common decency, let alone any religious beliefs, he would end the production of nuclear power and outlaw DU Dirty Ammo. The Queen's Prime Mouthpiece is presently, dutifully, following his orders to rubbish offshore Windfarms and compulsory solar panels and every other energy saving systems for new buildings. Blair has been ordered to starve safe energy systems of any reasonable funding in order that Lizzy can build more profitable Chernobyls.
Profitable for Queen Lizzy that is.  Photo above. London Evening Standard Feb 27. 2003.  

August 2004. Bush is taking his ninth holiday this year. Toady Blair is drinking cocktails on a Caribbean beach with Sir Catharine Richard. Queen Lizzy is shooting dumb animals to pass the time of day in Scotland. 
Our Boys are dying in a needless war that has already  quadrupled suicidal misfits who want to die killing British and American citizens. Thus far, invading Iraq has doubled Dubya's and Lizzy's annual profits from oil, arms and Dirty Ammo.

The Real War: Not For Bush-Royal Supporters

King George Bush

Toady Blair following the Queen's orders as-per usual

 It was Nelson Mandela who reminded the world. 
"America has a President with no brain."  Bush continues to demonstrate this fact by telling the media he is bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq.

Fire the Liar  

 Who Profits? March 2007. In the first two weeks of the "Surge" to cut down the daily death toll of Iraqi deaths. The "Surge" has produced a thirteen percent increase in the civilian population!

It must be comforting to Bush Supporters to know Bush is now paying $300 per-man per-month to the Iraqi Militia's - who have murdered thousands of US troops - in order to stop the Militia's "killing party's" for a few months so Bush can say the "Surge" is working. The "Pay The Enemy Policy" is costing taxpayers $24 million-per-month.

Bush Royal Profits

January 2008. In order to be able to say the "Bush Surge" is working British troops have now withdrawn to a "safe area" around Basra airport leaving the city in a state of anarchy where the daily death toll is conveniently not reported by ABC, BBC et al.

Militia's previously pursued for killing US and British troops are now being paid $300 per month and left alone to police their own area's!!!
(see Lord King & Lord Lamont, Iraq Debate 24 jan.2008) The drop in American and British casualties is a direct result of the Madhi Army Cease Fire ordered by
Muqtada al-Sadr (the next Saddam). It has little to do with the so-called "Surge." Nobody can say how many Trillions of Tax Dollars will be wasted on Iraq. What we do know is; twenty percent of the same Trillions is the profit taken by the Bush/Royal family via their investments in Carlyle, Bechtel, BAE Systems, Boeing, Blackwater, Grumman, Raytheon, Lockheed, Halliburton and the like. 



old stuff


 Trouble at'th plute mill 

Sellafield nuclear power station in Cumbria

 The proposed sale of British Nuclear Group (BNG) is raising the hackles of environmentalists and Sellafield unions alike. Amicus national officer Doug Rooney stated.  'The proposal to privatise British Nuclear Group will set up another Railtrack.'
Gary Smith, national officer at the GMB agreed.
'Like Railtrack it will be dependent on public money,  ...any corners cut could lead to a catastrophe.'

Apart from the inevitable accidents that cost cutting causes due to privatization; the billions of taxpayers money given to the rail industry, after Her Majesty's
Government sold it to asset strippers
, will pale into insignificance when Sellafield is sold to Halliburton & Bechtel, owned (through the usual nominees) by the royals and their cronies. These companies will receive the taxpayers money by the trainload.
The Queen's business partner Halliburton are already running Royal Naval Dockyards.

The Next Nuclear Vested Head Of State

The Prince of Parasites receives an award for his after-freebie-dinner-waffles.
As a would-be Head of State, Charles would be better thought of if he wrote an open letter to Messer's Brown and Campbell inviting them to accompany him on a weekend fact finding tour visiting Chernobyl's younger victims - born twenty years after the nuclear power accident. Only to live a short of pain dying from nuclear poisoning.
Until he faces the results of a nuclear power station accident it will remain obvious Charles has his manicured claws in the nuclear waste till. Anything that comes out of his mouth in the meantime is the usual "royal" waffle.

           January 26th 2007. BBC News 24 reported:
'When Prince Charles heard he'd been given an American award he decided to collect it himself.'
Charles could easily have sent one his American Foundation staff to pick up the trinket. But no. He dropped his weekend fox- ripping to fly to a sumptuous self serving piss-up. After Mummy vetoed the very idea of using the Royal Airforce he bought all 62 Business and First Class seats on a British Airways scheduled flight! He took his surrogate granny, four secretaries, four dressers and a dozen beefy bodyguards, leaving the other 40 seats empty for "security reasons."
Ex Vice President Al Gore arranged extra security for the royal entourage in New York.

If Charles had any ambition, other than being Camilla's sanitary towel he would admit the insanity of nuclear power and campaign for the closure of all nuclear stations. Charles constantly reminds us that what some people call 'blue blood' is actually dirty water.

                      Nuclear workers producing DU told “Don’t have children”.
                                     Troops using the DU are told "Its harmless."                                        


Greetings from the Queen's cousin

                    A Product of Dirty Water, Dope & Whiskey
1972, after three years part time reserve pilot training with the Texas Air Guard. George Bush Junior was never going to pass any flying test. He was excused flying instruction to work on Red Blount's Alabama election campaign. Junior spent most of his time in Alabama enjoying sour mash whiskey and Executive Fartburgers at the Cloverdale Grill - where he never once said no to a Lebanese joint, heroin or Colombian coke.
Campaign workers recall how Junior parked his $500 hi-lift-hand-made-boots on the office desk and told everyone how important he was and how he could get away with anything.
Red Blount's nephew, C. Murphy Archibald, recalls. "He would laugh uproariously as if there was something funny about drunk driving."
Female campaign workers dismissed the drunken Junior as  "a Texan soufflé." 
Campaign hands who had son's in the military resented how his father’s connections had ensured Junior stayed out of Vietnam by having him trained on the F-102. A plane that was coming out of military service. Even if he had the intelligence to acquire any flying skills Junior would not have been posted to Vietnam. Junior's campaign job, as the son of a US Ambassador, was canvassing voters. Unofficially he was distributing totally false information about Red Blount's opponent. A typical Bush dirty trick that backfired. The Democrat opponent, John Sparkman, won easily.

Before Junior ran for Governor (of Texas) his father had his military record "sanitized." What we do know is Junior was unfit to take a Flight Exam. He was posted as a Deserter months after he failed to turn-up for a mandatory drug test.
The fact that he was given an Honorable Discharge is irrelevant. Even the Washington Sniper, who had faced two Court Martial's for slugging officers, was given an Honorable Discharge. The Vietnam slaughterfest  (orchestrated by the same moneygrubbing swine who gave us 9/11 and carnage of Iraq) led to Honorable Discharges for Deserters. There were far too many Deserters for the Pentagon to want to record.
The few pages left in Junior's Service File show he was unable to comprehend flight instruments and refused further training in August 1972.


Skull & Bones - The Bush Family Club
Skull & Bones is the most nauseating club low life can join. Membership is restricted to the offspring of the world's richest white families. "Freshmen" lie in a mud filled coffin masturbating while "Moldy Men" masturbate around the coffin chanting verses from the Klu Klutz Klan handbook. George Bush Senior has been know as Caligula since his
initiation into this vile collection of born useless scum.  NOTE. Caligula was the emperor who married his sister got her pregnant then took a knife to rip the baby out of her belly.
Update Google Bush + Skull & Bones  but only if you really need to vomit 
also see  Bonesmen & The Crown

      The Queen's Little Earner - Sellafield

Sellafield nuclear power station in Cumbria

Another Fine Mess

Between August 2004 and May 2005 twenty-odd-tons of dissolved nuclear fuel rods containing enough plutonium to make twenty Nagasaki size bombs was happily sloshing around the floor, unnoticed by the staff at the Sellafield, Thorp, reprocessing plant!
The liquid waste
escaped through a broken pipe. This latest accident to close the nuclear fuel plant will cost the taxpayer approx £180 million - on top of the £74 BILLION taxpayers money already allocated to cleaning-up the unholy mess previous nuclear waste production has made.
Despite the chances of a British Chernobyl. Despite the financial insanity of building and running nuclear waste stations, the Queen wants ten more nuclear waste stations! One of which will be near enough to poison your school playground.

In line with the bizarre claim that Iraq could mushroom London within 45 minutes.
The Queen's Prime Mouthpiece is claiming nuclear power stations are good for the environment!!! Only an inbred moron could ignore the fact that Increasing the production of everlasting nuclear waste automatically rules out any possibility that nuclear power can save future carbon dioxide emissions, not least from Queen Lizzy's uranium mining operations.

 see Environmental Maths



n 2003. 


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