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 Raging Queen

The sudden death of a royal lackey, Tony Blair, could not distract public attention from the "royal revelations" going viral on the internet.
The Great British Public who the royals refer to as "the mob" were beginning to see the royals as the piss-taking-parasites they really are.
Within 24 hours of Palace Notes appearing
on the Internet all royal website's were closed down as millions e-mailed their thoughts to the "Queen of Parasites".
Royal eye-candy site's were set-up for children and the the childlike. Adults logging-on with their opinions did not amuse the phony Queen. She was described as 'bloody livid' when BBC News reported; 'Buckingham Place have issued gagging orders to stop the BBC repeating facts published on the Den website. But we can report thousands of internet cafés are handing out Palace Notes from the Den website. Free of charge.'
Peter Sissons smiled as he told viewers. 'Palace Notes should, at least, signal the end of the Civil List.'
The Master of the Royal Household threatened mass sackings if the leaks continued. The threat only served to increase the leaks. Lizzy went royal blue with rage when Fox TV, Australian Republicans and the Green Party posted most of the Den web pages on their websites.

The Den Website  Palace Notes

Sophia & The Kids

The Diana of the day. Princess Sophia of Celle was sweet sixteen when she married a degenerate German thug, Prince George Lewis.

In 1694 George had Sophia’s lover murdered. He then ordered she be taken prisoner, never to see her children again. Sophia was held as a common convict in Ahlden Castle until the day she died - in 1726! The same degenerate German thug led to what is now laughingly known as 'The British Monarchy.' In 1714 his dying cousin, Good Queen Annie, decided to hand over the British Throne to the German Protestant branch of the family to keep the Catholic branch (now exiled in France and Italy) out. Coming to the English Throne unable to speak English King George 1st had to employ a First Minister to speak for him – thus creating the office of Prime Minister.


Crown Servants

The First (Prime) Minister

Norfolk Whig MP. Robert Walpole. 'A coarse and noisy fellow, devoted to hunting and shooting.'
Known as Cock Robin for his self professed 'knowledge of everything.' Served both George 1 & 2. Walpole endeared himself to the new German Monarchy by introducing no less than fifty new Capital Offences - including damaging Westminster Bridge and picking an apple! (Waltham Black Act –1723) Walpole prided himself on his policy of ‘No Reforms.’ i.e. The poor stay poor. Walpole secured a generous Civil List of over £600,000 per-year for both his masters. British workers at this time were paid no more than £6. 5s. Per-year (£6. 25p Per year).

Every First Minister has to swear his allegiance to the un-elected monarch. Not to the people who voted for him. Not to hospitals. Not to schools, railways or anything that Britain actually needs. But to the orders of the richest, least deserving, person in the land. For no other reason than she descends from a homicidal German thug. 

The "royals" have employed fifty-two First Ministers. Eleven of them have worked for the present "Queen."

(1) Winston Churchill, (2) Anthony Eden, (3) Harold Macmillan, (4) Alec Douglas-Home, (5) Harold Wilson, (6) Edward Heath, (7) James Callaghan, (8) Margaret Thatcher, (9) John Major, (10) Tony Blair, (11) Gordon Brown.
 It is essential to remember. Nothing happens in this green and pleasant land that is not agreed between the Head of State and her First Minister. i.e.
Peanuts for pensioners but endless billions of the honest taxpayers money for producing needless nuclear waste and the totally illegal occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.


                         Palace Notes\ The Royal MentalityIn the Depression years, when many British kids were starving, the future Queen Lizzy was learning how to kill animals to pass the time of day.

1936. The future Queen aged ten and the future George 6th who drank himself to death. To keep the phony monarchy going George's wife, the Queen Mum, had to be artificially inseminated - twice. In the Depression years, when many British kids were starving, the future Queen Lizzy was learning how to kill animals to pass the time of day. She started killing animals for "pleasure" aged ten. Thus far Lizzy has spent more time with a tailor-made shotgun in her hands, shooting stag, pheasant, grouse, woodcock, hare, ect, than the average British family will ever spend on holiday.  

2009. Two million British pensioners are now living in Official Poverty because Queen Lizzy capped their pension's. That particular stroke of the royal pen has robbed every pensioner of £12. Every single week since 1981! Passing prime mouthpiece Margaret Thatcher gets the blame but no decent Head Of State would have ordered such a cowardly attack on the old.


Palace Notes/ Old LessonsQueen Lizzy's grandfather, George 5, persuaded Labour leader Ramsey MacDonald to lead a placeman government. [1931-35.] The Labour Party disowned MacDonald for taking the King’s Shilling. While Hitler put Germany back to work, the King's coalition, sat back and watched Britain's dole queues growing ever longer. Wages were halved.

The Unemployment Assistance Board created in 1934 was responsible for the long-term unemployed. The relief given, however, was totally inadequate. Lack of investment in manufacturing meant the unemployed were 'left stood on every corner.' By 1936 landowners were paying farm hands and live-in servants half the wages they paid in 1919.
"Something must be done." Said the new King, Edward 8th. Nothing ever was.



Palace Notes\ Royal Preparations for The Atomic Bomb

1953. The new Queen and her first Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, saw an Atomic War as inevitable.

1946. The British public had still to learn an 'Atomic War' would wipe Great Britain off the atlas. Churchill chose to make his chilling ‘Iron Curtain’ speech in America.
Along with his great Labour rival Clement Atlee, Winston Churchill was coming to the conclusion Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Russia with the ‘Atom Bomb’ would make Hitler’s Germany look like a Boy Scout’s summer camp. 
August 1948. Russia's Iron Curtain was now a fact of life. The Cold War dominated the headlines. Newspaper owner Lord Beaverbrook was looking for something other than gloom and doom to give his readers. He wrote to ex King Edward 8th asking him to write about the Abdication when he gave-up his crown 'for true love.' Edward replied. 'The war clouds which hang so heavily over us hardly create an atmosphere conducive to quiet thought and reminiscing.'
In September Churchill visited Edward & Wallis at their seaside villa in the south of France. After the visit Wallis wrote to her Aunt Bessie in America. 'What a mess everything is. Everyone here is quite resigned to war in a year or two.'
1952. The Home Guard (Dad’s Army) were reactivated to prepare for war with Russia. It was very soon realized Captain Mainwaring, Jonesey and the lads couldn't possibly help anyone after a nuclear hit on Windscale/ Sellafield as they themselves would be choking to death on fallout.
The Home Guard were disbanded again.

1953. The new Queen and her first Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, saw an Atomic War as inevitable. As they both agreed her reign would end in nuclear war, with Britain turned into a nuclear desert, neither the Queen nor Churchill saw any reason for her to pay tax.
The pair cooked the books. This fact came to light accidentally in 1991.* Cabinet Papers showing how Lizzy illegally banked £M30 are now in the Public Records Office, Kew. The stolen money (invested at the standard rate - now worth at least £M300) remains in the royal maze of offshore banks.
* see Royal Fortune. Bloomsbury. Philip Hall.


 Sea Change

Palace Notes\ Early Warning

                Trafalgar: Nelson's Last Battle

Early in 1804 Emperor Napoleon began assembling hundreds of barges to carry 140,000 men of his Imperial Army across the English Channel (see Trafalgar. David Howarth. 1969).

October 21st 1805 Britain was saved by Admiral Nelson destroying the warships coming to escort the invasion fleet. Nelson was shot by a sniper as he directed the battle from the Flagship Victory. Napoleon had planned to land, as William the Conquer had, on the south coast. Napoleon's mighty Imperial Army could have taken London within five days.

Within an hour of the French fleet appearing off the English coast, hill-top Beacon Fires & Telegraph Towers would have warned the King in London. Palace servants would have ample time to pack the royal family’s favourite things, for a trip to the safety of the heart of England. George 3 had spared no expense building himself an impregnable fortress far from the sea, at Weedon Bec, North Northamptonshire. The buildings, which are still in use, included a small Palace for the royals, mansions for the court, barracks for over 1,000 men and what was the largest arms dump in the country. The present royal family have no such plans to hang around in an Emergency.
    01:23:40.                 01:23:42.  


Reactor No 4
and flipped it's lid."

Chernobyl: Permanently poisoned
an area the size of

Even Russia could not afford to lose a piece of land the size of Wales. Chernobyl's fall-out bankrupted the Ukraine. Those who could afford to, were the first to leave. Most people have forgotten 7,000 British farmers were banned from going to market because their animals had eaten radioactive grass, due to the lighter nuclear fall-out from Chernobyl.
Queen Lizzy has not forgotten; the royals have American Air Force escape planes standing-by 24 \ 7.

Operating soft targets like the Sellafield nuclear bomb factory after Chernobyl tells you how much Queen Lizzy values her nuclear profits, more than Britain's future.
In the wake of a British Nuclear 9/11 the Queen's subjects will be abandoned and left to die like Sasha Litvenenko, the Russian spy who took twenty-three-days to die of nuclear reactor poison in a London hospital. Litvenenko BBC News Jan 2007. 
                                              God save the Queen? 

The Happy Fox page 11

Spreading The Word

After the London Evening Standard published sample pages from the Den website. Palace Injunctions prevented British newspaper’s printing anything from the Den. All kinds of activists countered the ban by distributing print-outs of the Den's web page's in student halls, shopping malls and at tourist attractions.  


The Den: Bristol \ Sabs \ Enemy Report\031
Making The Royal Fortune.

Brookes Slave Ship.  'Of the 600 souls, shackled to the deck, twenty-percent are expected to die.'

1679. As Duke of York, the future King James 2nd was a principle investor in the first House of Lords syndicate to build purpose-built-slave-ships in England...
A century later, enlightened MP’s led by Edmund Burke, Charles Fox and William Wilberforce demanded an end to the Slave Trade. George 3rd  followed by his bloated son's used every dirty-trick in the House Of Lords book to block the Abolition Bill. Silly Billy who became King William 4th told the House of Lords William Wilberforce was a "fanatic" for wanting to end the Slave Trade! By the time Parliament finally made slavery illegal, 1833, the royals and their loathsome cronies had re-registered their slave-ships offshore. Putting them outside British Law. 

1841, Hansard records, Lord Broom complained. 'Many London companies are still supplying African slave’s on demand, and slave-ships are still being built in England.' The good Lord was ignored. Slave-ships owned, or part-owned by the royals delivered slaves to South American mines and plantations owned, or part-owned by the royals, throughout the sixty-four-year reign of Queen Victoria.
 In King James 2nd's short reign slave’s sold at £11 - £14 per head. Prices for strong males in Queen Victoria’s reign reached £95 per head. 
From the reign of Victoria's grandfather, King George 3rd, when decent people began the anti-slave (Abolition) movement, the royals obscene profits from 'Black Gold' were carefully banked abroad.
Royal Navy records prove slave-ships used Royal Dockyards for running repairs until 1907! Questions in Parliament and press-reports on the Establishment’s illegal Slave Trade were royally ignored.
In 1936, when King George 5 kicked the freeloaders bucket, the royals obscene offshore fortune made from slaves and slavery was estimated at One Billion Sterling


              The Den: Palace Notes\  Local Arrangements 


The Maharajah's of Mysore & Scindiah.

These guys wore jewellery too heavy for women!

 What looks like bullets on the shoulder of the Maharajah of Scindiah is actually emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, pearls and rubies in heavy gold.
King Henry 8
th’s perceptive daughter Elizabeth 1st
granted the East India Company it's first Royal Charter in 1600. By 1770 the company was owned by just 2,000 share-holders, mainly, the phony King George 3rd, his bigamous German wife, their far flung families and their placemen in Parliament. As the British Empire grew wider still and wider, the royals shipping investments (managed by the usual hand-wringing foreign bankers - Rothschilds) likewise blossomed.

The Earl Balcarres under full sail

 India at this time was governed by over 600 local rulers like the Maharajah’s above. Over 400 traded with the East India Company. Local rulers were encouraged to use the company army to repress the local workforce. What the company couldn’t get by local trade agreements they took by force of arms.
The famous Koh-i-noor diamond is just one of thousands of large 'priceless' stones looted by the company army. High ranking British officers encouraged fabulously wealthy Princes, Maharajahs, and Nawabs to show their appreciation of ‘army protection’ by presenting chests of un-set jewels to the Crown. Reigning monarchs handed-out gongs and palace-ribbons to the said British officers. Everyone knows about the Crown Jewels. Few will ever see the royals centuries old private collections held in foreign vaults. The mighty East India Company was slowly but inevitably replaced by so-called free trade agreements. To hide the royals free trade arrangements in India, China, Africa, America, Canada and the Caribbean, profits were banked abroad. Add to this, two centuries of profits from the Slave Trade, arms & ammo deals controlled from the Throne and three centuries of looting the annual Civil List and you begin to see what "obscenely rich" really means.

                York Sabs\Enemy Report\001 Royal Bankers

Waddesden Manor Buckinghamshire,  the first English "counrty pile" built with centrel heating in every room. The Royal Bankers Waddesden Manor now houses the worlds finest collection of snuff boxes Queen Victoria arriving at Waddesdon Manor,  Buckinghamshire.
The newly built home of her favourite banker Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild.
Ferdinand's French style Waddesdon Manor was one of the first 'piles' built with electric light and central heating in every room, sixty-seven rooms in this case. Baron Ferdinand imported a thousand fully grown tree’s to surround his new home. In his words. 'I won't have time to watch them grow.'  
Imported timber, mainly from Canadian & Scandinavian forests, was but one of many investments the royals and their bankers were building into their ever growing maze of clandestine little earners. 
Baron Ferdinand was a great-grandson of the money lender Mayer Amschel Rothschild the founder of the infamous Frankfurt banking house
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes its laws." Meyer Amschel Rothschild... In short, money talks. Those with the most money buy the law makers).  
The Frankfurt banks' first customers were the German royal family. Who at that time were still using their real name - Saxe Coburg Gotha. Not the phony Windsor.
The Saxe Coburg Gotha's and the Rothschild's' married their own to safeguard their lands & fortune. Baron Ferdinand had married cousin Evelina, who's father, Baron Lionel de Rothschild, was the first Jewish Member of Parliament.

In today’s money Queen Victoria’s unearned income, discreetly managed by her Jewish bankers, equalled an average of £M8 per year. For 64 years! Most of which was banked offshore to be secretly inherited by her heir Dirty Bertie. In 1952 the present Queen secretly inherited the family's offshore fortune. Which she will secretly pass-on to Charlie or Willy depending on her last whim & testament. Rest assured she won't leave a fucking penny to Children In Need.    


York Sabs/ Enemy Report\042 Every Picture

The Prince of Wales (Dirty Bertie) attending Royal Ascot with his chief financial advisor Baron Leopold de Rothschild. Dirty Bertie’s unearned income bought him three Derby winners. The present Queen has spent untold millions, of her unearned income, trying to win big races. One of Lizzy’s stud farms is in the racehorse Mecca of the world, Kentucky.
As a young woman Lizzy and one of her boyfriends, Lord Porchester, spent many a dirty weekend at the Kentucky stud. Porchester was her stable manager. Lizzy's present American Ambassador is also her race horse trainer. In Empire days the royals used their Ambassador's and their off-shore bankers to acquire plots of land all over the globe.

Palace Notes/  The King In Waiting 1880

 Victoria and her gluttonous son, Dirty Bertie, as the press saw them 1880. In truth they were never even this close.
Even in death mutual hatred prevailed. One of Victoria's lovers, John Brown, had been in the habit of telling people what an arsehole Dirty Bertie really was. Queen Victoria's Ladies-in-Waiting enraged Bertie by making certain she was buried as per her precise instructions; with John Brown's photo in one hand and a lock of his hair in the other. Before her corpse was cold Bertie ordered Brown's life-size statue, made to Victoria's order, be smashed-up. Servants who thought more of Brown than they had ever thought of Dirty Bertie hid the statue in Balmoral's cellars.

 Palace Notes\
Civil List Abuse

The Civil List provides lavish expenditure for the monarch to spend on Palace entertaining, civic and ceremonial occasions. All of which are cancelled in the time of war. Six months into the First World War people were asking why the King needed so much money. The popular press wanted the Civil List, of £817,000 per year, suspended (Men fighting for King & Country were paid an average of £45 per year).
As usual the Palace refused to comment.  

May. 1916. Munitions Minister David Lloyd George insisted the King consider his critics. In June the Times announced the King was returning £100,000 (one eighth of his annual Civil List) to the Treasury. George would later use the Times to announce "donations" to war-time charities. £77,000 was given to soup-kitchens ect.. Royalist reporters made these contrived acts of charity sound as if the King was giving his own money away! The Great British public had no idea the Civil List is taken from the tax-payers pocket. War or no war!
State Papers released in 1978 reveal, between 1914 - 18, while millions were dying for King & Country, the King was busy diverting £220,000 from the Civil List into his pocket. He was also committing Treason by employing Swiss agents in secret negotiations with the Enemy. It took two years for the King (George 5) and his German first cousin, Kaiser Wilhelm 2, to agree a settlement.
By June 1917 most of the King’s and the Kaiser’s shared assets were incorporated into Swiss Trusts. Only then, two years into the bloodiest war ever, did the King drop the family's German name & titles and invent the totally phony "House of Windsor."
To fool the ignorant the King bribed newspaper owners to forget the royals' real name, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The family’s roots and the history of their obscene fortune made from insider skullduggery, slaves & slavery has been studiously ignored by the knee-bending media.



Lord Kitchener (graph missing)

"A Land Fit For Hero’s" 


Unemployment, pitiful wages and slum housing meant there was no shortage of volunteers to join the army when Lord Kitchener, above, started his recruiting campaign. Volunteer’s for "King and Country" were promised  "A Land Fit For Hero’s."  In reality the British working man fought to preserve the King’s pampered lifestyle. Their own appalling wages and living conditions continued after the war and actually got worse! It was only after the Second World War when the troops threw out the royal arse-licking Tories and Labour began rebuilding Britain (see the Khaki Vote)
While WW1 was culling the working class on an unprecedented scale the King's Establishment couldn't speak highly enough of the common soldier.
                                "It was Tommy this and Tommy that.
                                  After Tommy won the bloody war.
                                  Tommy was left to rot."  

Royal hypocrisy was spelt out in Royal Warrants sent to millions of grieving war widows, signed by King George 5th. (Snotty Liz's granddad)

  By Royal Warrant:
A pension or gratuity for the dependants of a deceased soldier shall not be granted as a right. It shall not be continued when the applicant is proved to be unworthy of the award in the opinion of the Army Council (i.e. if the widow found herself a boyfriend the pension ended!)

 By Royal Warrant: A pension or gratuity shall not be granted unless the soldiers services were worthy of the award (i.e. pensions were not granted if the dead soldier had previously been in the glasshouse for fighting!)  

State Papers released in 1986 prove, on top of his wartime profits, George 5, the present Queen's grandfather, stole a minimum of £22,000 from the Civil List every year of his 20 year reign. Most of which would have ended-up in Swiss Trusts. Started by his German grandfather Prince Albert.  
The Sabs believe Britain needs an elected Head Of State. Not another congenital parasite; born with billions in foreign banks, no concern for Britain's future and fit-for-nothing but toe-curling photo-shoots, buggering about with the servants & killing defenceless animals to pass the time of day. 

                   York Sabs/ Enemy Report\043 Every Picture

January 2007. Charles Prince of Parasites receives an award for his after freebie dinner waffles.
Surprised to hear he had been given the award. Charlie dropped his weekend fox-hunting to fly to a sumptuous self-serving piss-up. His private jet was being serviced and Mummy vetoed the very idea of using the Royal Airforce so Charlie bought all 62 Business and First Class seats on a British Airways scheduled flight! He took his surrogate granny, Clammy Cammy, four secretaries, four dressers and a dozen beefy bodyguards, leaving the other 40 seats empty for "security reasons."

(Until he speaks out against nuclear power it will remain patently obvious Charlie has his manicured claws in the nuclear till. Anything that comes out of his mouth in the meantime is royal fakery (in 2006, Charlie charged the taxpayer £1M "travelling expenses" to and from freebie piss-ups!)).

Apart from looting the Civil List, George 4, 1820-30, William 4, 1830-37, Victoria, 1837-1901, Edward 7, 1901-1910, George 5, 1910-1936. Edward 8 1936. George 6, 1936-52 and the present blasphemous occupant of the British Throne have banked an estimated £100 bn from illegal insider dealing in every kind of government contract. York sabs believe these born parasites should be sued for the return of £100 bn to the British Treasury.


The Happy Fox page 12

Something Different

 As the Den website became a run-a-way success and more people than ever before turned out to protest the hunt. Murphy called a Sunday lunch meeting to discuss their next move.

Maggie told the others. ‘Now’s the time to think of something the enemy won’t expect.’

‘What? You mean like shoot Charlie's mattress?’ Smiled Emma with glee.

‘We’d need a silver bullet.’ Observed Pete.

‘Don’t be daft,’ said Maggie, ‘I mean. We have them on the run. It's imperative we keep up the pressure.’ 

Mike Fletcher was the only Den member who had rode-out with the hunt. He often said.

‘You should see their eyes light-up as they get into the saddle. With their feet on the ground, the light go’s out.’  Mike suggested. ‘Threatening their bank balance may do the trick.’

‘How do mean?’ Asked Julie.

‘I was thinking we could destroy a hunt system and then tell the media we intend to wipe-out every computer used by a Toby Jug.’

‘That would be criminal damage,’ Murphy pointed out, ‘using someone’s system to convey a message is one thing. Wrecking system’s is asking for a jail sentence.’ 

‘That’s a great incentive not to get caught.’ Said Mike with a smile.

Looking round the others Murphy said. ‘It’s risky. Very, very risky.’

Mike expanded his idea.  ‘I can easily plant a bug at the stables where I’ll be working the holiday. If we can find someone to plant the same bug miles away. It would look like it came from the web.’

Murphy frowned.  ‘It would still be risky, we have to consider the conspiracy laws.’

‘To hell with those who conspire against us.’  Said Julie.

 'I'll second that.' Said Maggie banging her fist on the table.

‘Show of hands?’  Murphy asked.

His was the last one up. ‘O.K. I suppose prison food could help my diet.’

They got to work writing a virus that would render most systems useless. Murphy then hacked into Countryside Alliance, Horse & Hounds, and the Daily Telegraph to leave a warning.

 A Hunt Computer Will Shortly Be Reduced To Scrap

   After That Date All Who Hunt Can Expect The Same

 The Happy Fox 




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