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The Nuclear Suitcase Bomb

Reporter Howard Morland wrote an article on how to make a nuclear bomb. 
The US Government took him to court for revealing state secrets.
Morland won the case by proving the knowledge was freely available to any intelligent person who cared to read Dr. Edward Teller’s contribution to Encyclopedia Americana!

right.  Morland with his model of a portable nuclear bomb outside the US Supreme Court.
He wrote the article as a warning that we were producing far too much Plutonium to control. 'It is inevitable' he warned 'terrorists will acquire the ultimate weapon to hit any one of our nuclear power plants.' 
Unfortunately Plutonium is the product of governments using an endless supply of taxpayers money cosily covered by a surfeit of (criminal) State Secrets Acts.
Heads Of State with their dirty little gloved hands in the nuclear till continue producing an insane surplus of plutonium
ad horrendum.

see. At Work In The Fields Of The Bomb. Harper & Row.  R. Del Tredici. &  Britain’s Nuclear Nightmare. Sphere Books.  R. Edwards.  1992. 



Memo. Plutonium is part of nuclear waste. We make Plutonium 239 by splitting uranium atoms in nuclear fuel rods, at nuclear power stations. When uranium atoms split, the flying particles collide and stick together, making different atoms. Plutonium 239 (239) is just one of many atoms made in this way. Used fuel rods are placed in acid baths to separate-out the 239 atoms for nuclear weapons. When an invisible atom of 239 splits, it releases enough heat and energy to fire a six-inch-bullet! Ten million 239 atoms will fit on one grain of sugar. Imagine the firepower of ten-million six-inch-bullets exploding in a space the size of a grain of sugar. Now times that thought by ten trillion. That’s what happened to Nagasaki... 



What Dad Never Knew


above (enlarged ten billion times) two atoms of Uranium.
U235 has 92 Protons and 143 Neutrons.
U238 has 92 Protons and 146 Neutrons.
Imagine the Protons as red snooker balls and the Neutrons as black snooker balls.

When a U235 atom re-acts the Protons and Neutrons fly apart at 8,000 miles-per-second!

Imagine a snooker ball moving at 8,000 miles-per-second smacking you in the chest. Warm. Innit :)
These re-actions make the fuel rods white hot - which boils tons of water into steam in seconds.
When a U235 atom re-acts (splits) it usually regroups into two smaller atoms, Strontium 90 and Xenon 143.
If you add 90 and 143 you can see we have lost two parts of the 235 atom. These are two Neutrons (the black ones). One of which will smash into another 235 atom and split it - producing more heat, and two more flying Neutrons to carry on the (chain) re-action. 

Neutrons are made by fission, and they stimulate fission, creating the chain reaction.

Incredible as it may seem, a Neutron hitting the slightly larger atom U238 at 8,000 miles-per-second doesn't always spilt it. It sticks to it. When this happens we call this atom Plutonium 239. While these chain reactions are smacking into each-other Neutrons and Protons will stick together in hundreds of different combinations. Strontium 90, Xenon 143, Caesium 137, and Plutonium 239 are just four of thousands of fatally poisonous atoms made by Chernobyl type risks like Sizewell B. When these invisible nuclear atoms leak out into our environment they are called Contamination, or Fall-out. People who promote nuclear power stations are called Fucking Lunatics. Every other type of power station is cheaper, infinitely cleaner and a million times safer.


L Plutonium L

Just eight kilograms of Plutonium 239 was used in the Nagasaki bomb (that’s the same weight as eight everyday bags of sugar), the blast turned the entire city into black dust. The dust climbed-up into the morning sky in a monumental ten-mile-high mushroom-cloud. Only five kilograms of the plutonium atoms actually exploded (spilt).  Atoms that did not spilt became part of the fall-out. Most of which fell in the East China Sea.
Six months after the bomb, the official body count was 74,000. Approximately 40,000 could not take part in the body-count. They had been vaporized in the heat of the blast. Or fried to soot in the white-hot-nuclear-firestorm, that raged for two days, under the mushroom cloud.
The remains of Nagasaki burnt for a month ‘like a charcoal pit’ until water could be piped-in from the sea (Piped-in, ironically, by US Navy Engineers).   



 Plutonium 239IPlutonium 239 

Fall Out Zones

Nov. 1989.  Panorama (BBC) visited some of the contaminated area’s around Chernobyl. In a town called Narodici, reporter Jane Corbin spoke to a District Nurse. The nurse was obviously angry and upset when she told Corbin.  "All our children have enlarged thyroids. What are we supposed to do now? Wait for every second child to die of cancer?"

 February 1990.  BBC reporter Bill Turnbull reported from Narodici for the Nine O’clock News. He found 'a gathering of young mothers crying with despair. They were waiting for a Faith Healer. They had given up on the doctors.' Doctors had run out of drugs to treat their dying children. The nurse's words were coming horribly true. Narodici, 40 miles South of Chernobyl, has since become a Nuclear Ghost Town. The fall-out poisoned 8,000 square miles. Countless farms in Western Russia, Northern Ukraine and Byelorussia, are now (2009) surrounded by concrete-posted razor-wire-fences and Fatal Radiation Keep Out signs.
April 1991. Horizon (BBC2) and This Week (ITN) visited the wrecked reactor. Both filmed the remains of the reactor hall, and confirmed 134 tons of the original 204 tons of fuel has now solidified, like lava from a volcano, in the ruins. The massive explosion that tossed the two-thousand-ton reactor lid up onto the rim; also, blasted the two-thousand-ton reactor base downwards; allowing tons of the melting fuel to leak into the foundations. This slight separation of the melting mass of fuel reduced the possibility of a nuclear (chain-reaction) explosion. Both programs made the point. Chernobyl could have been much, much, worse. 

   Chernobyl fallout applied to the UK « No2NuclearPower 

sad café keeping it from the troops


Nuclear Profits

   If the Prince Of Charlie's hasn’t got both hands in the nuclear till, why did he spend so much time criticizing the cost of the Millennium Dome, £M950, yet never say a bloody word against Sizewell B, which cost the taxpayer £2.9 bn? 
£M650 of the £M950 cost of the Dome came from the National Lottery!
Whatever you thought about the Dome, it cannot poison Great Britain!
If Murphy's Law pays a visit to Sellafield or Sizewell your arse is toast. 
If Charlie had a spine in his back he would have joined the Sizewell B protest. A nuclear end to British history could never worry Charlie. When one is born with multi-trillions in foreign banks it really doesn’t matter what part of the planet one happens to be killing dumb animals to pass the time of day. Do's it?



Ministers Of The Nuclear Crown 

Ordered in 1965 for £M90, the nuclear reactor at Dungeness B, South East Kent, should have opened in 1972. Fundamental design flaws made it obvious the project should be cancelled. But, like Sizewell B, it was built with taxpayer’s (your) money. The Queen’s ministers kept pouring your money into their nuclear companies until Dungeness B was finally declared open in 1989. Seventeen years late!!!  
Mrs Thatcher told Parliament the project had cost the taxpayer £M409. As with everything else that came out of Thatcher’s mouth, her statement on Dungeness was the opposite of the truth. Thatcher quoted the cost of building materials. The true figure, with labour costs, was well over £1 bn. A nice little earner for Crown controlled nuclear companies. And another royal insult to the honest taxpayer. 

From Jan. to Nov. 1995 Dungeness B was shut down due to faults which cost the taxpayer another £M200 to rectify. Another nuclear bonus for ministers handing out repair contracts under the Secrets Act. Ministers “say” their offshore accounts do not benefit from nuclear contracts - ministers administer under the Secrets Act. If that were true they would close down Britain’s potential Chernobyl’s in favour of offshore wind-farms, biogas power, solar power and water power stations. Actively denying Britain cheap electricity proves the Queen and her ministers are only concerned with stuffing their Swiss accounts before Murphy’s Law pays a visit to one of Lizzy's nuclear investments and closes the Bank Of England.


        Easy Targets Of Mass Destruction

 Sizewell above and Dungeness below are ten minutes flying time from dozens of private airstrips in France. They are also wide open from land and sea to any nutcase with a grudge and a shoulder launched missile.

November 27 2002. Two surface-to-air (SAM) missiles narrowly missed an Israeli charter jet carrying 261 tourists. The 757 had just taken-off from Mombassa airport. Queen Lizzy's (totally needless) nuclear waste stations are rather easier to hit. If you ever meet anyone who tells you we need nuclear power stations. Take the silly bastard bungee jumping and axe the rope.



Impotent Members

There never has been any questions in Her Majesty's Parliament probing the Queen's control of the Energy Market. Members of Parliament are not even allowed to think of how much the royals are making every single minute from their oil, gas and nuclear investments. Which gives you some idea how patently impotent Parliament and the members therein really are.



Her Majesty's Transmission Charges

Bonnie Scotland has wind and water power in perpetual abundance. HMG has no intention of using them. The Pentland Firth, described as "the Saudi Arabia of tidal power." Has been left gagging for development despite numerous appeals to Thatcher, Major,  Blair and Brown.
A proposed hydro station with a 100 year design life could be up running at Loch Ness. And more important could be the first of many in Scotland, were it not for HMG's contrived transmission charges, likewise, the Beatrice marine wind farm, out of sight in the Moray firth, will pay up to £20 million per year more in charges than a wind farm in the blue-belled fields of Merry England.

This is how Her Majesty's transmission charges stop our greatest natural resources being developed: Scots power stations now have to pay the government  £18 - £12 for every single kilowatt connected. The price drops to £5 in the North of England. But if you build a wind farm in Devon you will be given £5 per kilowatt!  Her Majesty's transmission charges (Energy Act 2004) were obviously designed to stop safe, cheap power-systems being developed.  
It is government policy to promote the building of Wind Farms in beauty spots to goad the gullible into accepting potential Chernobyl's -  tastefully landscaped with rows of conifers - of course. Denmark’s development of safe, renewable energy has led to a £4 billion a year export market employing 15,000 people. Scotland could do the same if we had an honest Head Of State.

The Danish Way - Safe, Clean & Cheap


Off-Shore Wind - Power Unlimited

 Half the American wind farms that ‘sprang-up like sunflower’s’ after Three Mile Island. (1979) Were built with Danish made turbines. Surprisingly  Danish offshore wind farms and turbine factories have created thousands of ancillary jobs by becoming popular tourist attractions. The Japanese are fascinated by these new windmills. The Danish government long-term energy plan, 1995, set a target of 20% of electricity consumption (6.8 TWh) from safe-clean-power-systems by 2003. This target was easily surpassed. Denmark now has 9.2 TWh of it’s electricity coming from safe renewable sources. Danish private investments in safe-power-systems are now 38% above the government suggested targets. By
the Danes will have 50% of their electricity from safe-clean-power-systems.
Her Majesty's "government" will have less than 10%!  Always providing a couple of embedded suicide squads haven't opened-up Thorp and Sizewell B and turned this green and pleasant land into a radioactive NO GO AREA.

When she ordered the totally needless Sizewell B in 1989 the Queen proved she couldn't care less if Britain is written-off in a nuclear accident. Keeping privatized nuclear reactors running on public money proves yet again how the Queen puts her nuclear profits before her subjects - who she will abandon to die of nuclear cancer the moment the lid comes-off one of her nuclear investments.   


Get One Outta Here!

From the start of her reign the Queen has had to plan for the possibility of Great Britain becoming a nuclear wasteland. The British public (you & yours) have never entered those plans. The royal family have escape planes standing by 24\7. If the lid comes-off Sellafield tomorrow the royals will be enjoying the sunshine on one of their palm fringed private islands the day after. It will be days or even weeks before you and yours learn from the cow-towing media that Britain has become unfit for Human Habitation.


The Queen's simple flag wavers will be left to die like Alexander Litvenenko, the Russian spy who took twenty-three-days to die of nuclear power station poison.
The former KGB agent died age of 43 after drinking tea laced with deadly polonium-210, a radioactive isotope made in nuclear facilities. Google  Litvenenko + News + Jan 2007



 Launch Pad For Sale: Handy For Nuclear Target

 photo's London Evening Standard April 8 2005.





“Now who would want to buy in a 143 foot high lighthouse overlooking a British Target Of Mass Destruction? Uhmm…”

photo AP.



 Understanding Her Majesty's 'Flog It' Policy

1979. The near-miss at Three Mile Island nearly wiped-out Pennsylvania. The British Head Of State had a very simple choice. She could direct her government to phase out nuclear waste stations. Or continue pouring taxpayers $Billions into nuclear waste companies owned, albeit indirectly, by the thieving royals Establishment. Her Majesty's Government continued pouring the taxpayers £Billions into nuclear waste.
Readers should bare in mind
, from the start of the Nuclear Age, the royal family have had escape planes standing by 24\7\365. If the lid comes-off a British nuclear reactor the royals will be enjoying the Pacific sunshine on one of their palm fringed private islands 10,000 miles away before the BBC are told to announce Britain has become unfit for Human Habitation.   

1986. The accident at Chernobyl permanently poisoned an area the size of Wales.
Once again the Head Of State could direct her government to phase out nuclear waste stations in favour of safe, cheap power systems. Or continue pouring the taxpayers £Billions taxpayers into nuclear waste companies owned by the thieving royals Establishment. Her Majesties Government continued pouring £Billions of public money into the most hideously dangerous, most expensive type of power station on earth.

And did you know? The stroke of the royal pen annually allocates £M4, taxpayers money, to nuclear advertising telling the public we need more Targets of Mass Destruction!
Had safe, cheap power systems been given the billions wasted on building the unwarranted Sizewell B and the unwarranted Mox plant at Sellafield. Britain would now be the leading exporter of biogas, wind and marine power technology and your electricity would be half the price it is now.

Safe, Cheap Power: Ignored

If the world ran out of uranium, coal, oil and oil-gas tomorrow. Wind-power, sun-power and sea-power systems would be up and running the day after. Britain would have dirt cheap, safe power now were it not for the royals energy cabal.  Virtually free electricity would reduce the royals obscene profits from oil, gas and nuclear pollution.
Royal profits, as you should have noticed, always come first.
Her Majesty's
Government has never made any serious investment in safe-clean-power-systems.
Or indeed in any type of society stabilizing heavy engineering industry since the near-catastrophe at Three Mile Island in 1979. May, Cameron, Brown, Blair, Major and Thatcher have proved beyond any doubt Her Majesty's Prime Mouthpieces have infinitely more love for their offshore accounts than they ever had for their country.


Servant of the Crown: Hiding Their Loot

Disgraced minister Tim Smith gave evidence to Sir Gordon Downing and the Nolan Committee on minister's illegal income. As Her Majesty's Trade Minister, Smith admitted he had taken bribes amounting to £25,000 from Harrods owner Al Fayed. Asked what he did with the money. Smith replied.   "I paid it into an account of one kind or another."   

None of Her Majesty's many and varied "Government Inquires" charged with rooting-out bent ministers made any attempt to find Smith's, or the Hamilton's, or the Aitken's or the Archer's off-shore accounts! Well One wouldn't want anyone finding One of One's own accounts. Would one?


September 12. 2001, A good day to hide royal plans.
While the Twin Towers were still burning The Queen, who could have ordered safe, cheap power systems 30 years ago, ordered her whipping boy, Tony Blair, to gave £1 Billion, taxpayers money, to her nuclear outfits involved in building a totally needless nuclear-fuel plant at Sellafield (MOX ) She then ordered the Buckingham P
alace band to play # God Bless America Draw your own conclusions.



The Public Money Burner 

 Between August 2004 and May 2005 twenty-odd-tons of dissolved nuclear fuel rods containing enough plutonium to make twenty Nagasaki size bombs was happily sloshing around the floor, unnoticed by the staff at the Sellafield, Thorp reprocessing plant! The liquid waste had escaped through a broken pipe. This latest accident to close the needless nuclear fuel plant is costing the taxpayer approx £1 million per-day. The close-down and the clean-up will cost the taxpayer around £180 million, this is on top of the £72 BILLION taxpayers money already allocated to cleaning-up the mess previous nuclear power waste production has made. added Dec. 2008 strike £180 million, above, the ongoing clean-up of the plute spill will cost the taxpayer more like £600 million!


          Crown Planning

The Head Of State, and she alone, decided to flog-off Britain's public assets to profiteers  (Privatising). Her decision followed the near miss at Three Mile Island. When only a drop in temperature averted a nuclear explosion that would have been far worse than Chernobyl.  

Risk Assessment

Who Cares If Britain Becomes A Nuclear Desert? Certainly not the nuclear-vested royals.
Only the Queen Establishment stand to profit from leasing out Britain as a nuclear dump.

Chernobyl            Sellafield

Ninety-percent of the British population opposed the building of Sellafield's reprocessing plants.
To please their boss Thatcher, Major and Blair totally ignored the public and poured £Billions of public money into these needless Targets Of Mass Destruction.
If the Queen didn't personally profit from nuclear risks run on taxpayers money she would have closed them down after Three Mile Island, and certainly after Chernobyl and Fukushima. Wouldn't She? 


Chernobyl where time has stopped

Radioactive helicopters, trucks and boats used in the attempted clean-up, abandoned along with the poisoned land - forever. Stories of foreign nuclear waste being dumped in the abandoned zones and weird science being conducted on mutant animals born in the area are at present being dismissed as gossip.



Safe Cheap Power Ignored

Oscillating water column (OWC) systems can use the perpetual tide to supply the National Grid. Her Majesty's "government" want nothing to do with virtually free electricity. Less than peanuts have been allocated to developing and harnessing the perpetual power of the sea. Which we all know we must do for the safety of the planet.  

The Way Forward Sea Power

Scotland 2001. The Wavegen "Limpet" Shoreline Power Station. Wavegen’s oscillating water column (OWC) system uses the perpetual tide to supply the National Grid. Her Majesty's Government want nothing to do with virtually free power from the perpetual motion of the sea.
London 2002. Her Majesty's Government allocated £
M2.3 for wave energy development. The same year Camden Council earmarked £M2.9 for refurbishing my local swimming pool, Parliament Hill Fields lido.



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